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Profoundly sad and notorious.

Train relocated were that engaged sex on ways of either
News one string 13 :2 2

28 September in Zaporozhye fleet of train relocated ?? and woman, which engaged in love on the rails in able alcohol intoxication. Woman rotted away on place, a man cut off its feet, he lost many blood and hospitalized.

Drunk couple analyzed sex under locomotive, told the in straight-line Decoupling militias on station Zaporozhye-1 Saratov Saratov, is handing news portal The events Ukraine. Woman rotted away on place, and casualtys ?? was going in a precarious able. On this fact usual criminal deal on h. 3 UF. 276 (Legal rules security movement or exploitation rail, water or air transport) CC Ukraine.

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Want smile? Call in a clean MTS and on question, as to you turn, tell: "My Madam / My Mister." Operator will slightly in of shock, however fear losing work gets the better of me voice of reason.)

Yesterday won Court have traffic policemen. My lawyer has proven, that with speed 250 kilometers / untangle mark 40 not in sight!

Sit in hell Hitler and a Colorado stag beetle.
A Colorado stag beetle:
- You for that here sitting?
- I wanted the whole world on its knees put. And you for that?
A Colorado stag beetle:
- A I the whole world cancer put.

You saw on Posad toy ticked?
For drivers - a special oaaei shows s the speed.
It is meant to reduce of accidents
Type driver sees its the speed and retards if exceeds. And all happy
But I and all my familiar tried to there put record
Especially unbelievable efforts drivers bus and trolley-buses, which there on 20 times for day accented. They all from their machines about to extract. And then Perhaps in park bragging about each other
The cops through week only understood that this oaaei not for our country and was removed.



If girl to you stick, its need chisel off.



El Amigo wrote:

If girl to you stick, its need chisel off.

Live human?! ( :D)



Yuri wrote:

the Alive human?! ()

And, that characteristically, alive. :D



About, yes! Tox yeah! :D



The biggest mistake 20 century: Have drowned instead Aurora.

Poverty not treated. Proven-free laborers Based Medicine

Bed this not since different, and, a pronoun.

The term < >Americans stupid nepolitkorrektnym and have proposed replace on <>

Walk, lie down - desirable on footing.

Comrades, keep same conscience! - A we that, what you want, with it do?

Inhabitants meteor with horror have observed bringing of Chelyabinsk

Never seen, as crying men, until not otformatirovala tight disk.

Ukrainian choked declared in Russia rise is non zhrata.

A chicken next came ??? in soup.

Was on seventh month from happiness.

, - hittin 'it not offer! But and not lose hope

Impossible translate on other languages, that "very is a clever" not necessarily a compliment, "is a clever very" outright six if you count klingon, and "too is a clever - the threat

Odyssey - vivid example of moreover, what stories can devise the guy, explaining his wife, where he the heII have you been recent fifteen years.

If on celebration 25 celebrations the end of the schools you decided muster schoolmates, you no need special their all. Search one - last dvoechnika and bully, and he on their Art.6. channels will find all rest.



- Unquestionably, colleagues, intergenerational accounts capable to change mood distantly!
- 30.
- That you comrade telephoned and said, that already bought bottle vodka. You have its even there is no, you not drank, but mood already etched!






AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! With gif meeting me ancien regime in tatters :hobo:



Ensured gifachok :flag:



duffy333 wrote:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! With gif meeting me ancien regime in tatters :hobo:

More in public bath not a dicker. :crazyfun:



In mark:
- Girl with give me 30 packs condoms.
- Package need?
- Dont-and. She I have the Beautiful.



Here is how need advertising to do in our days!



Until wedding the bridegroom oftentimes the called bride with the mouse or a bird. But then, with every year joint life animals became increasingly larger.

- ari Ziemassveku, and you someday grandmother changed?
- No, you that granddaughters!
- I no one not Id say!
- Nu okay. In 43 st this was. Getting sucked up to us as something in Trench Coat was originally designed nurse, ah I its and so and m kiddin.
- And orally, too,?
- Dont, she already without heads to us got knocked up.



Not perhaps themselves for elbow expect to and such see. :)



The bridegroom with your lie in bed.
He - Darling let can sex.
She - No you that, I until wedding virginity lose am not expected
He - Yes we be standing, I hand a member of'm gonna clamp that to slightly slightly, a, erm and on tikhonichku to exercised not break the'll poke, ah not removal of, too, hand vozbmis to I not overdid it. In general prevailed, ah and in the most responsible moment naturally walk right on most not go too easy on.
She cries he uspakaivaet.
- Yes figs with it with this virginity, 'll get married children narazhaem, agriculture keep let us.
From neighboring room full sorkazma voice father. - X the two hands keep failed to, agriculture they keep gathered.



with, and ice cream better than sausages?
Son, now even 15 useful, than sausages! :D



Men in 11 guys drink have a fire. All right on, the only problem mosquitoes, which simply a huge number of. Men...... do mosquitoes are weary, fire put out they's, to mosquitoes on light not flew, and zanykalis in tent. Through some time one, already quite drunk the guy, from erected tents looks out, and on the street fireflies fly the guy she looked freaked out even climbs back in tent and says:
unfond of men. Mosquitoes with puffed sleeves have returned! Us seek.

Somewhere in noon the guy comes with seat sofa with deep hangover, very long searching for
His slippers on, chooses a their, very medlennno, grapple raising its feet goes on cuisine. Passing past
Cells with a parrot absolves with it (with cells) cover, goes on cuisine reaches from
Fridge door beer, slowly with meat ALL Your needs sipping, goes back. Passing past cells
With a parrot nakidyvaet on it cover, is borne on sofa and falls asleep. Voice from cells:
Asswipe and a day has passed!

Ask sailor:
Was whether case, to you was realistically frightening?
Perevozili we as the cargo 10,000 dolls.
And are trapped in storm.
And here is when ship banked to the right, all these 10,000 dolls lack said "with!"
Here is here I and fucked.. Xia.

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