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Ask "A1 Radio": "That such" work "and as not sweating at work?"
"Armenian authorities are Radio" podumalo and says: "That such" work "- we not know. But, if this the, about than we think, then not recommend be covered patchwork with head. "



Happened thank god not with me :D

"After, as me said, that my eggs
Remind on mind old this, I
Decided to do a decisive step and buy this
Gel, because previous attempts shaving
Not met special success, to the same I
Barely back itself not killed, trying to get until
Particularly difficult to access seats. I a bit
Romantic, so that decided to do this on day
Birth wife - type another gift.
I ordered his in advance. Because I serve on
The Northern Sea, I believed themselves steep man
And thought, that previous reviews wrote
Any a measly office rats. About, my
Brethren on-, as same wrong I was. I
Well cared for by, until my the second half of not will be borne
Sleep, and, candid obliqueness on the emphasis surprise, I
Went in toilet. First all resisted normally. I
Nighttime gel on the right seats and became wait. And
Very quickly well cared for by.
First I sensed warmth, which through
Several seconds has been replaced-strongest
Zhzheniem and sense of, which I can compare
Wasn that with greater, when on you sharply
Is cowards from tree wire,
Trying to under this they can simply put drugs you until ceiling.
Until this the evening I not was too falsehood,
But in the very moment I could hour in any God,
Only would he rid me from of horrifying burning
Around shithole and full destruction
Sausages and two eggs. Seeking to not bite down
Rotten the lower lip, I tried to continue to have gel
In sink, but me managed only a roII in
Tooth patch of hair.
Through veil of Tears I made it out from toilets and
Went to on cuisine. On kitchen go I already not
Could, so that recent meters until fridge door
I already however,. Vykativ the lower cell from
Fridge door, I found there wading pool with
Ice cream, earlier with it lid firmly and shoved
Under themselves. Relief was fantastic, but
Short-lived, because ice cream quickly
Melted away, and a hell of a burning returned.
- pool is was quite small, so that
Zhopnomu function of I help not was able. I began
Poking at the on box, hoping find modicum that
Any - in my the eyes of was already so much Tears,
That I little what saw. I grabbed package, in
Which, as I learned later, lay
Frozen shoots bean, and was broken briefly by his,
Seeking to do this as can be silent. I
Grabbed several sprouts and avail
Tried to to keep pressure on their between buttcheeks. This not
Helped - gel, in the process, other penetrated Israeli in direct
Into, and now there as if worked
A engine.
Hope, I more never d dream,
To in kitchen proved the snowman-gay - you
Realize, as low I ready was fall, to
Appease pain? The only decision, which
Coined my no better pain mad the brain -
Cautiously slowly and one sprout there, far
Still not prorastalo nor one thing a plant.
Unfortunately, having heard strange moans with
Cuisine, my spouse decided to stand up and to know, in
Than deal. Its met damaging kind of: I
Blood on gender, otklyachiv the ass, with which
Flows down strawberry ice cream, and sticking my dick in in themselves
Beans with words "Oh, as same well." This,
Undoubtedly, its shocked, and she in horror
Table. I not heard, as she enter, so that
And himself freaked out, my intestine squeezed spasm of, and
Rostock on no small speed flew in its
Side. Yes, I understand, that sprout bean,
Which the louder the burp in its side in twelve
Night - not quite the surprise, on which she
Had envisaged, yes and on next day children
Had to long to explain, that same happened with
Ice cream. In general, thanks to Immac can be
Be excluded not only hair on the body, but and
Dignity and self respect))



Break have one Fisherwoman are place it. Comes he to To he.
- the Take a, that there with pounder?
Toch looked.
- This is not me! This you to the ob-gyn need to was!
- How this?
Ah and further you themselves know :crazyfun:



Adam with Eva frisk in garden, descends to them God and says:
— Children my, I have there is you two gift to commemorate, only you must solve whom what. The first gift — write standing still.
Ah Adam louder all was yelling and fought head about trees, that he wants write standing still, that entire life that was. Eva him has given way to. And Adam ran on garden, was pleased, jumped out of one, yelled, had a lickle piss on all consecutive! On trees, on flowers, on every a bug and simply on land! Eva embraced alongside God. In silence watched they together on this madness.
And here Eva asked:
— my God my, and the second – the gift what.
And said God:
— they prepare, Eva. Brains! But brains, Eva, will have, too, give Adam, otherwise he here all obossyt!







In continuing previous office:
If would comrade Stalin was would now alive, then the term "hyperlink" him would very grassroots.



Not with the hand oils put petroleum on. :D



- Father ", and I correctly live?
- If, son my, but for good reason.

This version of lite. Fully sounds roughly so:

Goes to Nicolas and businessman in War, bored your patronymic, and businessman on noutu something there pickin '. Ah Nicolas and says - listen, son my, me fine cognac Armenian – brought, can, on 50, for to the appetite?

Businessman: Yes there is no, that you, I not drink, yes and at all, me work need to

Nicolas reaches returned, pours take a quick shot - beauty!

Go further, silently, only businessman on noutu klatsaet

Nicolas: Listen, son my, I have here cigars Cuban there is, – brought, can, AGROCOM, yes under fine cognac?

Businessman: Yes that, I and not smoke, and not drink, spoke same

Ah Nicolas fires up a smoke,, loves it

Passes still while,

Nicolas: Son my, here in neighboring War taakie of the maiden red, can, descend (go) to them with konyachkom in Visitors?

Bisnesmen: Yes that you, I is married, wife not'm cheating on, yes and at all, me work need to.

Nicolas shrug their shoulders, Takes bottle and goes in support of War to red gave it to women

Wake is returning, cassock tuck in, face quite frankly pretty, and businessman all on noutu klatsaet, bruises under eyes, heap couple drinks from-under coffee. Raises eyes on see my father and be and says: Here is tell, I not drink, not smoke, wife not'm cheating on, all time work, I that, not correctly live?

- If, son my, but for good reason!



Drove today in a route taxi, are trapped in accidents. On a route taxi only a scratch, but was dream just childhood: I has broken glass thereby 3200 a hammer and ran under threats and indignation passengers, which simply poured through the door. Rooted sense of. :yep:








Wrote child-optimist)

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Mood good :D





In continuation of themes hedgehog in fog. From hit wars.









From Web

Fables in prose.

One girl received in school constitute, and the other an "F". The first returned home a little skip then, has fallen and broke the pace. And the second commanded, downcast head and has found might with money.

Morality: All events, occurring in life, entail chain other events. So not worth to worry pabulum and prone in euphoria from minor victories.

Morality in short: • Yeesh his knows, where certainly, where gonna lose.

Two boy, be loved one girl. One wrote it poems and wore portfolio. And the other jerking for pigtails and'd been planting button. On are now with she gave the second.

Morality: Women on unconscious level choose more decisive and brave individuals opposite gender, capable of protect its and progeny.

Morality in short: • Yeesh these women you're gonna organize.

One a boy well given, and the other quite not knew how. Went they swim. The first has evidently swum far, have him distorted pace and he drowned. And the second. Alongside Bank and even not caught a cold.

Morality: In the modern civilized society, unlike the primeval, skill to do that-either not adds us chance survive, and contrary exposes the excess call at risk.

Morality in short: Not you • byvaysya,. Safer regulation.

Have one boy, parents strongly drinking, cigarette and nowhere not worked. And have another, parents were Dr. Sciences, language; not at and by the afternoon were changing. The first a boy grew, not sipping, not smokes, learns in aspіranturі. And the second went on the second khodke for gonna hop to-stop sign, lacked on dose.

Morality: Children, vospityvayuschiesya in troubled lands families, dreaming grow and change surrounding their be one-sided. Children, living in greenhouse conditions, often become unable to confront realities environmental their outside the home fact.

Morality in short: • Yeesh his knows, as these children nurse the.





16. The answer still as tacky as mysteries - (Bowling Club in tomato) :crazyfun:



Likerovodochnomu caaiao urgently requires loader without cavity.



Need to to lend real announcement! :D :D :D :cool:



Have psychiatrist.
- Doctor, deal in is, that I many'm shitting.
- So this you not me, and to gastroenterologist.
- No, I mean in mind, not the that would'm shitting, and podgazhivayu.
- Then why oh why, not losing time, go to go to the proctologist.
- Yes there is no, you not understood, I people do threats!
- Then why oh why go in Church, ispoveduyte sins.
- But, let, I podsirayu people and get from this pleasure! Far same me go?
- Go in the ass! Here is if would you all did threats, I would turned on treat you from mania prosecution, and so you utterly a normal man!

From orders on layoff
"In for weeks yielded on its workplace of interests fluff and set fire to his."

"Suddenly jumping out from wardrobe, frightened business partners firms."

"Planted on chair his colleagues light clerical button, and himself same sat on it, showing low result, level of, not an appropriate his deputy speakers's office."

"Had a chance from windows the smoking pods the second time in month."

"Lorre makes a bet with its immediate leadership on a hundred dollars, that his will not be able to fire."

"Jerking female half of collective for pirsingi."

"Was has been noted within in feminine toilet. From surplus feelings say that-either in its justification not was able. "

"The second year not goes from vacation."

"Should attest with a staple and adhesive tape money, designed to the Imperial salaries."

"Actually right on job table their initials."

"Constantly pours them out... unfinished tea in aquarium and there same washes wanting, using" Fae. "

"Exceeded pozvolennyy traffic, downloading from the internet joke nicely."

"Not sitting daily presence in office and regular obtaining wage, it turned out, that he not ranks nor in one subdivision firms. And in office constantly was hanging around because, that here works his girlfriend. "

"Squarely on workplace was smoking any malware likes. Foolish laughing, refused write explanatory, motivating this is all the, that not can take in hands leaf paper, so as hands not his. "

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