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Even not know in what heading insert. I cried for meself)

Okay grandfather in age, but that for cute ladies' 's that little voice bears rambling a lot for shot and's that little voice quite born. :D



Hi,, and such many, and have them the right voices :canthearyou:
You forumchani good fellows. You have in country such! But on Forum murmured and silence. I been following a your stance, but frankly painful for interestingly to know you have all from pervvkh tailored. To Stimul-Cash for oftop.



Javadxan, murmured yes silence. Especially this been today in topic about Sensase. :D A if still speak out about politics as to drink give half of Forum in bath goes from heat. For policy there is other Internet resources.



Guys, propose a not raise our subject policy nor in what the form of on this a time. Until ban. Let us modicum here without this. There is "planta" resources where can be are sheltered argue with political opponents.



duffy333 wrote:

Children (Guys), propose a not raise our subject policy

Sergei, I and not leader was coming raising political questions. But for virgin stew and worthless bugger CHOL + 4O :D
But times so. Will pay attention :flag:

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duffy333 wrote:

Children (Guys), propose a not raise our subject policy nor in what the form of on this a time. Until ban.

This accurately, here have us its grains policy. Their Party: Shimanisty and dayvovtsy, platformisty and kreselniki, methodologists and paternosterschiki, drimfishniki and sensyatniki, and other, other, other.
Us there is, that to discuss and over than debate.



Vadkh wrote:

Svoi Party: Shimanisty and dayvovtsy, platformisty and kreselniki, methodologists and paternosterschiki, drimfishniki and sensyatniki, and other, other, other.

And still there is third convocation-stance :crazyfun: when nothing not helps



Incidentally. So as on chempirnate world sports snastyu adopted inlayn we Pater Noster (disambiguation) renamed in brakonerskuyu tackle.



Agreed whether you, Dmitri, take in wife Catherine?
Agreed whether you, Catherine, take in husbands Dmitri and establish "Yandex. Browser "and all his components?



Pickup la Russe

Hello, girl,re familiar, talk to you soon-go for a walk?
Hello. Ah, if answer on three my issue, goes?
Yes easily, don!
What such eksterritorialnost? Who such small the Dutch? That such horizon events?
Che? Type, test on intelligence, prikin, grey! In short, the first diplomatic the term, something like the diplomatic inviolability of, but not for faces, and for territories, facilities different, machines, formally, for example, car ambassador is considered territriey another state, ah, there, inspect cannot be, penetrate and anything. The same with building embassy, type moreover. Small the Dutch this seventeenth age, peyzazhiki, the portraits on the murky backdrop of, realism, naturally. Small ah, type, on backdrop of Rembrandov curiously they a little pale look, but at all on level.

Dimon, ah they for square draw, to hole in coud it to plug up, for practical use art. Purely business police forces, "off-anyone, ave lost in general, here is and small.

You not confused about that nothing? You, fuck, fine first modicum the glass, then pro for practical use art - [Both]Mmm. 'm paddling out, bro, in nature .lyublyu you.</p>
Look, baby, you exacerbate decided to that-whether? You not make it worse

Sorry, I

zhyttja, girl, sorry, sorry, this, yes, ah here is, the gravity guidance ranges, ah I not in topic for astrophysics especially there, can be I'll be in a minute one a wake-upall will make Siplomu, victory ,-what .NET.? That you're laughing at, ah I misconception mean, not quite dark, ah type the term clarify, and the'm laying down not so, and with me then your senior asked if?

Ale, guy! And who this? The Mary Semenna Hi, and Olezha homes? Sleeping? Oops, and strongly sleeping? Javadxan, understood, only farewells. Not noise from? The Mary Semenna, such question, you sorry, I Siplogo, sorry, wanted to Olega ask, can you know? Javadxan, you there not did you hear that accidentally, on radiation Hawking's raze theoretically / by experimentation, until there is no proof? Javadxan, aha, I-I-okeyday, ah okay thank you. And? Yes we only beer, the Mary Semenna, you same us know. Nots, not let us!

In general, horizon events this awesome is difficult, if in general tell, lie to not d, ah purely for skollapsirovavshego facility the gravity so a strong on exemplified, type, distance, that no information from facility on will already not comes, all in him wrong-, from him nothing. A quant of light and prochyaya elektromagnitnovolnovaya dose of bullshit not emitted.

pozhiznyak, a special regime, fuck. And only to the net licked VOKhRA runs out and wretchedly zataskivet on of those bunks and all, until the end of there oWn clothes.

Type yes, as grey says. Here is, gates and zapretka this and there is horizon events, and not letters resurfaced, nor newspapers all Kum under themselves got took over. But, there is such a pleasant thing radiation Hawking's, ah this all slovesa without obosnovy. For zapretkoy, type from nothing, from vacuum within zone suddenly are born couple maintained-kid , but from-for tunnel effect, type kid for fence is mired on the free air, and maintained in zone remains, ha-ha. Quantum mumbo-jumbo this, not believe I in it until the end of. Recognize it is difficult. But if truth this, yes and on all laws not case besprosvetki, will always shines this to the kid the no horizons events there is no physically, kollapsar exudes all same dolyanu a small. Ah here is, type all. Ah I loosely electronically minded in topic, I described immediately.

I got Lena name is. And you, Dmitri and Sergei? This Kuybyshev you have? Can be I have a swig of this?







I in Talyatti not wheel. :D



Contentious the





Feederals organs is 74, unfortunately, this not dubbed. This uzhOs!: '(



I agree



And made wonder. Have us this history long already not have been teaching. History Moldo - The staffers for pace and the like. Where them know pro Stalingrad.
And if whom and interested in - Internet will give response to any history. Me nothing not surprised this the commercial. Youth now on others values is growing :dontknow: Wu me shoes many - know that write - not're angry - such is reality :flag:



"Have the teacher, too, first class originated difficulties with one of pupils.

She asked: What with you, a boy?

A boy responded: "I too is a clever for first class. My sister in the third, and I smarter its! Think, I, too, should learn in the third!

For the teacher, too, this was already too.

She traced boy to Director and explained entire situation.

Director of thought and said boy:

I am about test, and if you not can answer any from issues, then you get back back in the first class, and regulation behave well.

A boy agreed.

- How many will 3 x 3?

- 9

- How many will 6 x 6?

- 36

And so was with every question, on which, in the view director, third-grader should know the answer.

Then director of turned to the therapist and said:

I think, a boy can go in the third class.

Then -A school teacher answered,

"I have, too, there is their questions

That there is have cows in numbers 4, and I have only 2?

A boy, after pause responded:

- Legs

- A that there is such a in your trousers, what there is no in my?

- Pockets

- What the firm and pink - when enters, and soft and, uh, sticky - when goes?

Director of just stood there, dazed with of revealed eyes, and not managed outperform the answer.

- Uh, gum!

- What makes a man - standing still, woman - sitting, and it is a watchdog - on three paws?

Now eyes director on fact vypuchilis widely, but above than he managed, something say, a boy responded:

- You are making hand

- Now I'm going to ask 7 issues from an CRT I? You you insert in me its water-heater And I feel like myself again wet before you:

- Palatka

- In me enters should sit. The best a man receives me the first?

- A wedding ring

- Wu me tight inherent stake. My the end of the opponent. In movement I shiver?

- ventures

- What is word in English language begins with F and ends on K and means many fever and unrest?

- Firetruck (pozharka)

- What is word begins with F and ends on K? If this there is no, you account for work hands?

Fork (Shrimp)

- This is there is have all men, have someone this longer than the, have someone in short. A man gives this his wife, after wedding?

- Lastname

- Wu no body there is no broken bones, there is muscle and many veins. He pulses and replies for classes love?

- Heart

Director of a sigh of relief cachaca and said therapist:

Send but @ kh4y his directly in university! On recent 7 issues I himself responded wrong! "



maury wrote:

Wu us this history long already not have been teaching. History Moldo - The staffers for pace and the like. Where them know pro Stalingrad.

Precisely in this propo is faring exam on subject which she studies and moreover - she is s Volgograd :tired:

maury wrote:

Youth now on others values is growing Wu me shoes many - know that write - not're angry - such is reality

I have, too, many shoes, but here would argue, except "Gibkikh" their nothing more not interest.
I quite recently neck off its daughter on the history, on the simplest a key deliberately Insured, 10-15 issues. In end not received the right answer nor on one question. I in school was troeshnikom and-kind its on those issues, which mind even with schools. The only than she themselves under, so this is all the, that these same questions she instead asked their girlfriends in school - reaction such a same, full stupor. Ask the etizhe questions and familiar the boys all (22-24 year), the outcome such same.
There is even one thing having indicative video on this about - A bit and not about how ah the crux of the sovmemennoy the young rasskryvaet.



Feederal_74 wrote:

In end not received the right answer nor on one question.

And can increasingly contrary, she questions were not the right? The contestant history, that us taught in Soviet school, far not the truth.

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margulis wrote:

TU history, that us taught in Soviet school, far not the truth

Not peredyorgivayte only! And not valsti.
Am confident, "to prove to" date starters the same Stalingrad battlefield not need to OK?!



:cool: TdT-55, even traveled on such a.



'd grown wild in the forest, on trelyovschiki being. Troynikom well treated.




troynikom well treated.

In sense - with a threefold cologne. :rofl:



Immediately in sight, who in topic :flag:



See us bridges and force :D



Girl buries out a hole under tree neighbors:
- What you're burying?
-My a hamster.
- What something fossa a little too big for for a hamster!
Girl has challenged the last handful land and got here, shouted,:
-Such a much fossa because, that my a hamster raining INSlDE your fucking Trivial KOTA!



Protection simply came with a swim. Roarin '



Who not was in Europe, beware of latrines, not on our for your brain they!

In Stuttgart small the need for forced go on the evening in street public chemical WC. Spare single not, very accurate, brilliant, net, designed about and
Is governed by computer. 're breaking up with in a slot doors a coin 2 the euro, doors automatically are opening, to your light, entering, doors are closed. Claustrophobic in elevators not medular syndrome, but so as entire life am electronics and computerized programs, a bit iai?yaaao. Ah made I their affairs, need exits, and button for discoveries doors no there is no. Instructions, too,. That dumb that whether, instruction on anyone with other plumbing you write?

Include its logic, as Germans program governance wrote, progressed - raised lid firmly toilet seats, leaked water, shut down lid firmly. Can the sensor what's jammed? Repeat process. The door not is a. Can on lid firmly sit down need to, then to stand up, then sewage water? Repeat process. The door not is a. So. That forgot? Can hands to wash it? Even times repeat process first. Plan to offer hand to's spigot, the sensor works, water flows to, then automatically turns off,
In the hope and with pessimism, 'm on the door not-is a. Prospect to spend the night in Pimped-out German the crapper me not has inspired hope. 'm yelling to his friends, remaining outside (a lucky guy):
"Marrying, this a disease me not rolls!" He tries to give palms the toilet training front, well, sticking a coin in a slot.
Machine gun not umolim, not harks back, and increasingly. On kicks and strikes, too, not reacts. Marrying shouts:
"Hold on, now police challenge!" From nothing to acquire to do, repeat process, 'm going to wash my hands, include hairdryer. Hairdryer turns off, the door is a. Then somewhere have read history, as Esquire Drink Database in such same
With a tricked-out toilet in France walking. Paying precedence santimy, our compatriot could not and suggest, that increasingly within 50 is the hygienic a net, and on this, as and been paved chistoplotnomu khomosapiensu, took refuge with their feet on lavatory pan.
In computer the Police toilets not docking: The sensor gender disconnected, means, man released, water not slit,, something not so, had included disinfection carried out. Esquire Drink Database on bowl sits, their affairs makes,
And here light he blanked, and on him souls from dezrastvora as livanyot! He with toilet seats jumped off, computer at all has turned into a brake: The door closed, and man emerged?! And further, pre of incorporating drying jets of hot air. Several hours rescuers are vandaloustoychivye doors avtogenom, pulling out obezumevshego
The poor man from prehensile paws Paris toilets. So that I even easily off.