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Open direct Donetsk area on fideru 6-7 July 2013.

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About conducting Open host Donetsk area on fideru
On it comes to shagging fish fiderom 6-7 July 2013.
1. Goal and tasks.
1.1. Contest ???? with goal:
- popularize fishing sport;
- raising sporting of excellence athletes;
2. Place and time conducting.
2.1. Contest ???? 6-7 July 2013. Place conducting: Donetsk area, rural-urban divide Konstantinovka (disambiguation)
3. The organizers. Refereeing.
3.1. Leading the competition Donetsk called Federation Fishing Sports.
3.2. Preparation and holding competition falls to major test immediately board. Chief judge competition ,, judges on lines -,.
4. Participants.
4.1. To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to. For participants is installing with start-up premium in the sum 200grn. With rights. Contest personally-command. Team consists of two people.
4.2. Participants competition owe know and fulfill rules competition on it comes to shagging fish fiderom. Abide by rules behavior on a reservoir. On their own pass medical examination. Not cannabis alcohol beverages.
5. Program competition.
5.1. Contest ???? in 2 round.
Until 06 :3 0 registering the participants;
06 :3 0 draw sectors;
06 :4 5 expressed a solemn opening the competition;
07 :0 0 08 :3 0 - preparation for competitions,
08 :3 0 13 :3 0 contest;
13 :3 0 14 :3 0 weighing up the fish,s.
06 :3 0 draw sectors;
07 :0 0 08 :3 0 - preparation for competitions,
08 :3 0 13 :3 0 contest;
13 :3 0 15 :0 0 weighing up the fish,s, awarding.
Play around in Friday 05.07.2013g. In zone competition convicts are until 18.00).
6. Rules and order conducting.
6.1. Contest on it comes to shagging fish fiderom ???? in 2 round efficiently 5 hours.
6.2. Draw sectors is conducted before rounds. The size of the sector for one athlete not less 10 forge the
6.3. Had forced fish produced one fidernym pounder, which can be before coils, leskami or sort of cords, fidernymi kormushkami or shipments. Rods up can be park on holders (supports). Forbidden use metal now string in as a stem and detection poklevok any type.
6.4. Participants permitted have under itself unlimited number of spare cordages. During competition some permitted enjoy platforms, top marginal size which 1-by-1 meter. Platforms must situated in one line outside water or partly in water. Alongside the main a platform can be set additional platforms, designed to auxiliary equipment and materials.
6.5. On training to competitions stands out 90 shadowing On preceding athlete to his sector he owes lay down their hire fishing riot gear in his sector and after this to leave sector. Any preparation cordages and other things arm forbidden until first signal.
6.6. On first signal Logon in zone athletes occupy their sector and are beginning training to it catching. After signal entry in sector and until signal weighing up the Radetzky , additional snap (only until signal start ), jamborees, prikormki and animal matter component (only to tested prikormki),: Fresh water, food, drugs and camping on P. Can be turned over to to an athlete in his sector only through member forensic collegium.
6.7. On signal FC Start athletes inmineaza to busting fish.
6.8. Time on with start-up zakorm not accorded. Forbidden use specifically formed balls prikormki. Forbidden enjoy slingshots ran amok and missiles. Zakorm points industrialized fishing resolved only with the help trough. Other ways prohibited. Number of points industrialized fishing within sector not limited.
6.9. To an athlete permitted apply prikormku and the pourer natural origin. Can be use attraktanty and dyes. Tineri purposefulness, containing living or dead fish, and also because the fish. Forbidden the use of narcotic and odurmanivayuschikh fish substances. An authorized span prikormki on one tour on one stakeholder - 12 liters. Moreover, number of survivors components not more 1.5 liters, in including very not more mere 0.5 liter.
6.10. Participants forbidden in as bait use on the hook artificial jamborees, the pop up jamborees (pop realization), such as foams, cork and camping on D., and also use follicle installation of.
6.11. Participants forbidden enjoy the electronic means for detection fish and measure depth.
6.12. Without resolution member forensic collegium after signal entry in sector and until signal weighing up the Radetzky athletes not have rights to accept from athletes and other faces any practical assistance in prepare seats competition, cordages, jamborees and prikormki, vyvazhivanii fish and exert aid other some.
6.13. To an athlete permitted go in water on depth not higher his its knees. Go on greater depth torchbearer can only with resolution member forensic collegium.
6.14. Here fish deposited in sadke, bycore in water. Length charge not less 2.5 meters. Capture will fish've counted and then, when she accidentally captured not for his mouth. Deliberate bagrenie fish prohibited from. Participants, not akess means for storage fish, to competition not are permitted.
6.15. On third signal OK, it's over athletes end the enleve and remain in their sectors until arrival judges-supervisor for catch of the day tonight. Weighing up the produced low--as scales for the entire zone. Outcome we get is input in Protocol and confirms signatures judges and stakeholder. After weighting fish remains in sadkakh before the end of weighting all participants. Field this fish released (let off) after signal Release.
6.16. After the end of the competition a participant owes to remove in his sector the entire garbage.
7.1.s is undertaken on the basis protocols forensic collegium.
7.2. Winner and Paralympic in command Monster are determined by on the last the sum seats engaged participants teams on serving 2-'s stages. A command place after every phase is determined by from sums seats, people employed participants one team in different zones. I.e., than less this sum, the higher a command place. Personal place athlete in zone is determined by weight capture of. Under equals ulovakh, place athlete is srednearifmeticheskim seats athletes with equal catches. Participants with zero the result occupy place, equal srednearifmeticheskoy the sum seats all participants with zero the result in zone. Under absolutely equals results of teams in attention drip irrigation overall major team catch, weight & chips that gets picked fish for two stages competition. Winner in personal Monster is determined by on the last the sum seats, people employed in zones for two stages.
8. Awarding.
8.1. Winner and Paralympic competition nagorodzhuyutsya medals, N.A. Brizgun and valuable prizes.
8.2. For members DonOFRS contest are rating.
9. The applications.
9.1. The applications are taken until 01.07.2013g. Inclusive.
9.2. Participants are arriving on contest on their own and for its expense.



Donetsk area, rural-urban divide Konstantinovka (disambiguation), as get there?



Watch on a map Google: 47.865062,37.438831



Very interestingly on what a reservoir in Konstantinovka (disambiguation) will battle (Molocharka) or the other a body of water?
81-88 kilometers from of Donetsk. The legendary Konstantinovka (disambiguation) so withered, not to know itself times. What steelmaking plant was, to why all toys New Year for the USSR did Konstantinovka (disambiguation) and Stars for pine trees.
Himself in Konstantinovka (disambiguation) spent most of childhood.
Wish all luck.



webbb wrote:

Sam in Konstantinovka (disambiguation) spent most of childhood.

Speech is faring about the other Konstantinovka (disambiguation). Not far from Ugledara, that in side Zaporizhia.



A small otchetik.

In short drove on this tournament to as something diversity its their fishing. Ah and to communicate coalition with few public places where as. On training not was. Father was one times. Without special effort slapped the hell out of kil 5 a white bream. Ah enjoyed and enjoyed. ????, that on dalnyake (60 meters), that under with their feet - enjoyed everywhere. In short as I love to speak, that coaching received this evil. So and broke a for many. :tired:

On expense feed created not I bred about 30 letters. So as goal were outline is clear had included regime a creepy austerity.

2.5 kg Traper bream spetsial
2 kg Rybolov a promise a dace
250 ml syrup Chocolate from um - Trophy (inscription in plotvinuyu mixture of)
1 liter very coarse
Couple) remain nasadochnogo very
1 Portia kicks
1 Portia oparika

Here is all that I where for two round.

Write only for himself, so as have father in the second day very nezaladilos. I know why, but out this.

First day. Sector B3. Middle of a common zone industrialized fishing. So as on 10 metres I not found there are vaunted "stones", decided to feed round 6 point on 20 metres. Start. From Left and right neighbors in very sour pace on 10 metres gets caught nanosran. Profoundly sad. I have nor trigger. Tried and on 10 meters away. The kind figs there - nor trigger. Lost hours and a half. Have all in "our edges" quiet. Yes to the same occurred popandos. On fidernye fishing on white puppies were born I already a long time not go and the coil with with a cord 8 librov which I took for blizhnyaka me did economics fail, indeed do cord on it. Two years I not yuzal its and it turned out, that the cord stupidly rotted. Two k 22 grams on zabrose. Think the mountains it fire. If on blizhnyake there is no fish, then the only place where she will emerge this dalnyak. All the more see, that on the edge of zone began to flash there podsaki. Understandably affairs, that fish, which, as I understood, feeds on along levees, stupidly "stopornuli" on extreme sectors. And until us she not converge. 'm leaving on 60 meters. 'm feeding half an hour of exercise and went podlesch in district 150 grams. Enleve 5 units. And here went unrealized poklevki. Remont, trigger # 12 on # 16 and immediately enleve 6 th a white bream. And here mega command. Likely garnyy Crucian. But a minor trigger leaked fish :( ah and can and I :) In general dolavlivayu until signal another the reprobate and with almost 1 kg weight storony 6 place in zone. Well this or poorly not me judge, but neighbors I their oblovil. In general outcome me, brought the under such other conditions will prevent. And podlesch became on Trapera.

In the second round sector exclusive race. Dad's, like, me gave coil with normal with a cord. I immediately same went on 10 meters. So as found "stones." The only miscalculation this the, that black prikormki was only 3 liter. First perch, and then and krasnoperka putevo so have become on zakorm. And nachalast mega droch :( bitch as same such a fishing zamakhivaet :( cannot get grounded if honestly attractive opportunity to close these worms. But deal honor prove, that the result I show can. I got it, and enleve in pace. Truth recent and a half hours, when ended black prikormka and the aft night crawlers, had to leschevoy yellow prikormkoy to seduce ukleyu. I simply has been taking in the top of layers water prikormku and normal you totally got me uklei major. Made a sauce would more black a mixture - likely took would zone (no bluster from - stupidly that sad fact. My on the door frame. And so what's on one yellow prikormki sea bass the entire like fun you are. In end the second place in zone and 5 place in lichke. A normal outcome. Exasperated.

Sorevy difficult above all in moral terms of. ARGUMENTY if honestly, that fidernye sorevy this stupidly droch nanoryby. What the the angry rock pursues fidernye sorevy. On training normal fish, and here tin such a. :( profoundly sad.

Is content not physically, and morally. :dontknow:

Between tours people was order "just reheated" and many blabbed to as and than they nutritious. I on good the fuck you talking to from number of 1- money. L sypyat Pinku. Prikormki want itself at what price have many, a silverback fucking heap Arom as of the dry so and liquid on insane money. In short. Indeed, which includes in fidernoe movement need to in advance understand on what guap they subsuming in end if will want draft competition those sportmenam, which on this moment participate in sorevakh.

I with their 150 Grzywna (. Wasted on zakorm for all sorevy feel anything like themselves somehow damaged :tomato: :crazyfun:

I congratulate winners and prizewinners. :flag:

P.S. As it turned out I worse for the wear order. Little moreover that the cord rotted, so still and in podsake was zdorovennya the hole that even 4000m2 as well as podleschik Stumbling out. Crisis. :crazyfun:



Romeo wrote:

in short. Indeed, which includes in fidernoe movement need to in advance understand on what guap they subsuming in end if will want draft competition those sportmenam, which on this moment participate in sorevakh.

So any hobby, Sent with sorevnovatelnym protsesom requires 69.38 good money.



ted wrote:

So any hobby, Sent with sorevnovatelnym protsesom requires 69.38 good money

You perhaps not quite understood, that I wanted to say. Still years 5 ago the cost of zakormochnykh programs have all was similar. Received on all than anywhere - only not on zakorme. Already now if have you no money, then often you initially in autsayderakh :flag:



Roma, I all understood correctly, sport and developing rybolvnyy market!



My report about championship area Southern in these weekend. Numerous coaching received have shown, that harvest a white bream I so and not learned. Steadily harvest broke a only bass. With lovilsya he precisely on notorious recent fragments about which wrote Romeo.
Steadily on training a white bream a only Max with Zhekoy, and DigSee in the past few training facilities.
Finish my poopoo in the first round in sector # 12. Extreme. Fat :cool: Kormlyu two point. One on fragments, second slightly further on soft bottom. 'm throwing up bricks here udilishche on round 6 point and have been arguing questioning ceasing on the second udilishche. See poklyovku. Think, Lesse shall put ceasing and'm gonna get fish. But fish tries to to drag away udilku o.o. Here goes increasingly and, I take it out bass under 200 grams. Is famously :cool: A then with kormlyonnoy point went fish hooking. With not the feeding trough, and crocheted. Obryvayus several times and'm on gender Dam stray further. As showed time stray need was closer. Enleve two a goby and silence. Tempuyu and on negotiate yet another perezabrose feel tyayazhest o.o. Fish not fight, and stupidly weighs heavily. Two times making the cord until clips, but after not sustained struggle, which me 6600m an eternity, I'm starting it up in podsak zander. Bagryonnogo for withers got a little trigger # 16 and on 0.11 tight leash. Weighing up the showed weight Edda. This was Big Fish these competition. For gender hours until finish freaking out, though,, uh, fall asleep in prikormku just coarse very and increasingly ??? vymuchivayu the reprobate grams on 150. Neighboring sector within semblance gets caught very loosely or not gets caught quite. On weighing I 4 th and on the results of first day we with format on 1 st in team. Incidentally, I have was 4 cliff tug ropes. Two the leash 0.11 and two the leash 0,18 o.o. Was in of shock, until Onyushkin with Pecherskim not heard a pro large amurov, which them managed in Sunday hold on the hook.
Day voroy. Sector # 9. Precisely in this sector we training of before sorevami. Rate despite again to do on its army,. On notorious recent fragments. But underst yesterdays precipices solve the put instead twist are spaced to let the line out in as a the main.
Pokidin with start 500m 7 meters or even less moves away in gap existed. I copiously'm feeding distance until 30 meters and'm stubbornly engage distance 15-18 meters. Unfortunately perch answered only after two hours fishing. Reacted only on potyazhku. Did get in trouble on movement bait several plotvits and krasnopyorok. But 80% in catch was precisely perch. With the bait robbers, dunking in zaglot. After this comp with hard laundered extractor from the speckles of blood. On latest hour's, when over the aft night crawlers, vysapayu in refrigerate prikormku two have a handful of kicks. From a trunkload of trough the boot sticks out, falls out, falls: Diving. And here began show. Poklyovki went immediately. Need not was no one provoking. A well nourished krasnopyorka commanded in these with bass. And last bass I I take simultaneously with signal OK, it's over. Weighing up the shows, that Dimas the second. Housing office took zone. Finally the function their with from Max expertize, and I with weight 1 565 dinars 5 th in zone and's got to go around some athletes lovivshikh podleschikov.
Announcement of the results and we with Romkoy second in team :disappointed: MA It 14 on first place. But Vovka Iiainaa, which I taught keep feeder in the hands of, is famously gave in the second day and this us a 10 on the second a command place.
As the so :dontknow:



And so my modest report.


Beats fighting


Not makin 'out First attempt to collapsed.

The second time drove, but hard. Thank you your partner with your, Novosadu Vladimir, that found opportunity modicum not so as like but work out jointly. Lasting gratitude him for give an information. Need harvest of bream, dry dace, karasisch. Ah and else , in raschet adults guys came not take. But need on the right prikormku, which steadily works on this a reservoir. ???? was marked by feature of was similar patterns local bream with plotvoy. Ah, rules rules, and play around training. 'm interrupting leschevyy Starobesheve Raion composition and plotvinyy (naturally Fish Dream. On the). Of bream will check and habits together. Vladimir prevents proven composition on the basis of Sensasa.

Are starting Since set all understandable. Transition with silt on the firm bottom and the border tectonics. But ironically distance there is dance even in neighboring sectors on 2-4 forge the Fishing bream. Bream not enjoyed. Tightened up and delights the their the emergence of familiar faces. Becomes more cheerfully. Bream not enjoyed, but we his fishing. It is time try dace. Gorge myself. Not fun. Vladimir on the sly with struck in half razlovilsya podleschikom. I, too, began harvest of bream, but with the same the result. Have Vladira poveselelo and began poklevyvat podleschik. I with the same the result. Vymuchal one. Have Vovy began El Dorado of investors. Are biting vlet and ironically only have him. Like all terminally becomes on their seats. The right prikormka and we in chocolate. But

Lasting gratitude mnogouvazhaemomu Judge, experienced to an athlete and simply good man activist Sergey all Klimentevu. He can contribute airy construction of even in retreatments. But on fact not all so unambiguously Trying to seek alternative its dynamic it comes to shagging bream. 't seek another point on the border supposedly the second plates of and have been arguing harvest anything. Anything enjoyed. Instructor intends to home and leaves me residue his the composition prikormki, to I, too, polovil a white bream. Fees pass under continuing have him El Dorado of investors. Say good-bye and'm harvest bream. Enleve with former success but already with correct prikormkoy. Importantly stability In, too, time after Check-Out Vladimir Maxim Goryainov from Left from us is beginning to simply is both impious harvest a white bream. Mood table. And I still couple of times in district half an hour is allowing its alternative. Anything in the composition of the ukleyki, bass, nanobychkov, nanosudakov, krasnoperki, small fry steadily enjoyed virtually with first feeders and mixture with one point. But when from Left gets caught podsachnykh podleschikov in pace ukleyki my alternative as something not looks the alternative. In general in some disarray despite home. Fish to publish it a worn-out wave of in sadke virtually the entire fell asleep. Had to take From. The road in reflecting

On arrival home'm weighing my and just countin 'fish. The average weight 31 with small start grams. 'm just mulling things over how many I can to capture for tour. Least 100 maximum 200 units. 'm just mulling things over weight. Mood rises. 'm calling Vladimir and discover how many can be caught a white bream for tour in conditions competition. Instructor betrays weight for 4 kg. Here is she my alternative. Fish I harvest not becomes. Because if she not will getting caught, i.e. path to retreat. D harvest, anything. Talk and we develop tactics. Fishing of bream, but if he enjoyed. In the rest of the fishing anything. Let not the first seats in zone but 4-3s and if lucky 2s can be nakovyryat. And if this to do steadily i.e. hope on similar bottom-line results.

Want express lasting gratitude team M-Plast for alluring, dynamic and stable enleve bream on training, which terminally all persuaded, that can and should be harvest bream Hua correct prikormki. And perishing for prikormkoy people not stood up and believed in its beacon star in.

And I believed. And previous knew composition. But so as I fish harvest not becomes, then their hands I with accounts, too, not dismissed the. And if not description with fish tank, then d harvest, that there is. And there consider who would overtake, and who there is no. Can and not prize seats, but not merged contest can be unambiguously. On how and offed a

Training for.

Dovyazal war--often reluctant for retreatments dog leashes but also on how technical part of and ended. Used for competition as usually the, that there is in Karsplatz availability of. Hooks as usually Ovner. I have their just and a half species. One trigger in two diameters wire. Customary filament in stores cities not it turned out. Here want express lasting gratitude contributors for provided by prizes for competition. This is not only pleased, but and helpful. Took out all from zakramov and exhorts court yard traffic went bonus the fishing line is Sanlayn Super Z still with cropped the tournament. Like's a little bit thinner but in and in diameter 0,104 traffic went incidentally. And after coaching received have fixed itself confidence, that dozen enough small, and ruggedness enough to its fish borrow without podsaka on thumping, that only running my chances.

Between work inregime negotiated for the have fucked the horse beforehand. Need was only have time its take From. With correct prikormkoy not request. Two failed Rambouillet trip in, Donetsk iai?i destroyed mood. But on insistent uveschevaniyam running mate, I fought for composition until the last and received desirable only with the second attempts in 8 p.m. before strong. Between affair brought together the necessary prikormku Fish Dream. On the for its fish in stores cities. Lasting gratitude shop RIO for adequate prices prikormu Fish Dream. On the, but range of can be was would and to expand. On the evening before strong brought together in together just of the ordered very. Such a terrible very in Gorlivka on my memory not was. Evening, and more precisely night before strong, the entire consisted of attempts to otkovyryat the, that is moving, buy, lake district, perekutat. With struck in half managed preserve nasadochnogo until first round of the, and prikormochnyy modicum with losses and in, drab able having and until second.

Still one lasting gratitude team M-Plast for aid in -owned create supports and separately for aid in -owned dimensional tare for the entire shevelyaschegosya.

To word about animals institutions. If have someone present confidence, that could be what either violations on its use of, I can unambiguously say, that in first day CAD capacious for very (0.5 are unaware) was a bit not is full, and roughly 800 ml living kicks have returned in camp in full. On the second day remained roughly 400 ml coarse very and roughly from the same volume of, but already scalded-kicks was used a bit on with start-up zakorm supposedly leschevoy point. All that was, need was simply of well-distribute and correctly set.

So, go Kinda late, but that on advices, night crawlers forced a hard time restoring it with a still about 2.5-3 hours sutra.

module before competitions.

Correct prikormki flat against. 'm interrupting roughly the, that need to from "bonus Sensasa still with cropped the tournament for the common bream (still times lasting gratitude contributors, your deal not deaf a gift, bears not only joy, but and favor of). Ah and for its fish'm interrupting already proven composition not only on last train, on the basis of Fish Dreama. Do all, that conceived. Zakarmlivayu border silt and steadfast trawling for so much awaited all bream and confidently steadily enleve with the same unchanged the result. All gets caught roughly so same. When already a bit podnalovilsya is allowing plan retreat. Zakarmlivayu point on plates and immediately went my fish. The same not spectacular size but the entire and stabilnenko. On tested took order 15-20 minutes. All quite clear, prognoziruemo and not requires additional adjustments could be made. The remaining time with all enleve bream. Outcome former. On how and graduated.

Camp, hospitality of, communication, positive emotions, memories, pozitiv. Coveted dream. Been switched off, enshrined morning before fight. Silence, utrennya the cool of, their surrounding appeasement and Storm within.

First tour.

Comes Vladimir. Yes? Yes. Do all the, that and're thinking about doing. Might inhibit proven Vladimir and with torments... 2.50 me leschevyy composition and for retreat 2.5 packs Fish Dreama its tried me. Retraced and preparing have fucked the horse beforehand. Exhortations, reminders, official part of and in battle.

All as always, sector where the in middle of his zone (7 th). Right Klimenko Vadim from main attractions Luhansk, from Left Gnezdilov Yevgeny (At the hook ). Lasting gratitude team luhan River-2 in personified by Vadim for accommodating mandate given to the axe for training seats fastening platforms, which managed to use me for and in the second day.

Preparation. Begin trouble about which I was warned partner still in a joint train,. A body of water copiously collects its tribute with willing swim. Am installing and kreplyu platform. The first affair'm throwing up bricks here a hatchling pond. Under an attempt his consolidate it holder of. Working hard'm all over the place, have been arguing, something do. Not is obtained. , I take it out an apple box, which has been built by always with me, but on fact not is used and simply block him in head, to not stagnated. Time goes. Nerves already and. Preparation turns into-compulsive. Collect rods up. Klipsuyus. Progress at variable judge (Ekaty, thank you for its labor, novels and nenazoylivoe and us to provide punctual refereeing) announce a five-minute willingness. Fish-sicles and animals components still in dimensional container inspection systems. Have been arguing all quickly you sprinkle and distribute on their jobs. All sypitsya, wrong-, but keep up until start. On my own rods still not one defence wakes up aggressivity. Have been arguing until signal start clothe modicum one ceasing. Pirated Masonic the second udilishche on fiderarm and both rods up with fiderarmom safely are falling: Diving. Fiderarm over. Start. To rush me already have nowhere. Have been arguing draw comfort from. And find adequate decision. Course! Always with me and always freed! Impasse to It already is propped up by a hatchling pond. Than can be to prop up a hatchling pond. crap ! Always with me with past since the. Not know why, but spiral from mosquitoes evenings on them are hanging well. Impasse In stove not you are going to stab. Recall, that when the in platform put an both duct tape. Not remember why, but she lies. , I take it out both duct tape,, I take it out tychku. 'm on this. Option one. 'm manage langet on the poker. To rush already have nowhere. Until queuing up am watching myself on sides. Who feeds on, who already but. The distance the right. All gets caught of bream or simply challenge there far need to. Wrapped, khlipkovato, but like from wind should not out cigars. Usazhivayus on Pandora. Try to grasp as now all what emerged put in right position. As the roughly put. Cachaca rather see to the right, to the left. That to do I know. Need simply this do, on opportunities has consistently. With belatedly include timer. I take in hands udilishche and do, too,, that and all. Zakarmlivayu point on stork. 10 zakormochnykh feeders, and there consider, that around gets caught. With a sense of iLand debt and obligatory programs otlazhivayu udilishche and turn to sinitsam. I put it right order seven standard 22-'s ounce feeders Vegas on plates of. And open povodochnitsu. Wear my wartime ceasing. Worm on trigger, trigger in water. With start-up pace of not presupposed be high because as need to was to equip another two rods up povodkami. Leave tighter the feeder. 'm throwing up bricks here, otlazhivayu place it and again povodochnitsa. , I take it out ceasing. The tip telepaetsya. , I take it out fish. Schet went. Continue to manipulation with povodkami. And between affair, I take it out fish. Particularly notm really really nervous and to workers should udilischu particularly not - Plunge forward, yes. My fish nowhere not denitsya and will my, and equipment should be is prepared. Matter with povodkami. All is prepared. Let not will need, but binding program must be carried out otherwise there is no in psyche of calm and confidence. On counter 4 or 5. Can be start

Leave feed in point. The same the feeding trough. Harvest not particularly comfortably, camping on K. The tip rods up for 14 one 420 grams trough. But kormoemkos in prioritize. Realizovyvayu only quick confident poklevki. On else not get distracted. Comes time and remont, crime as on standard 14 grams from entitle. 'm harvest all, that there is. Was perch. Ironically virtually not was the other fish. Was a bit ukleyki, several plotvin with krasnoperkami and couple of bulls. Further nothing interesting things. Timer, counter, sometimes extracurricular arrangements on reaction fish in the form of changes volume of and species applying feed. Hasn't might have stolen a peek on sides. Many major fish no one but. More cryptic not became. Start harvest, let catching up. Such a number of perch for times still never in life not catching. Very hit surprised virtually the absence of the other fish. But I not's being a worrywart. Launching, that give. A body of water took its tribute and returning the wholly its generosity. To the three hours on a timer markedly this category my half of from 2.5 command packs Fish Dreama on tour and I with little gun-shy began does he glimpse on proven leschevyy Sensas. But to do particularly was nothing to acquire. And I on the sly on three trough began to send his in point. Reaction with some belatedly (hard realistically assess time, during industrialized fishing it flowing not so as in reality) was. Fishs secular elite cringed. Had to contribute some readjustments in submission and periodicity and try to to respond to changes. But was confidence, that today fish nowhere from me should not avoid and ending the I capturing the the second composition. Plus some pristine confidence allows quietly to respond to discomfort, conceived falling sadkom, which times seven for tour accounted for Still Rise with platforms, To heat an in water and raising head with levees and constantly fix bobbling fiderarm.

Program least on tour was carried out. Quantity.The was realistically universalsecondary, and 10-15% overstepping bare minimum added the confidence in tomorrows bottom. Telltale scales, confirmed blue print calculation. The average weight fish in district 30 fringes grams and the result well Mission:.

A bit've upset previous after first round of the their the result. After all the were identical. Simply need was mechanically fulfilled, what planned. And he implicitly agreed with me, that need on perhaps clearly and has consistently fulfilled compulsory program. On how and ended 15 part of.

Want express lasting gratitude team At the hook for accommodating mandate given to magnificent didn under aid which was renovated and tyuningovan fiderarm for second days. With your skotchya was captured the entire fish second days.

Evening was slightly am puzzled common Assembly and mentally executed and over Fedey, an excellent video, tasty food and mental company.

Dream. Been switched off, enshrined models.

WWII day competition.

All much calmer. One prikormkoy hinder less. Typically recognized military cooked Pinku. Hot water even on tea remained. Thank you your partner with your for ensuring adolescent cuisine.

Leschevyy composition with first day it would be dumped until heap, I expected The Chechov atmosphere and even moisten not had to. Bisected on two parts of on how and ended. For moreover that would harvest anything well naturally was been decided increase volume of zameshivaemoy prikormki. Zameshali 5 packs Fish Dreama without any either tuning with adding particular homemade syrup. Have already moistened, to liked Vovkinym batty. Those same hands have interrupted through a sieve, 've spilled in two buckets and have closed subject prikorki.

Further I went for my supper. I express huge lasting gratitude teams House Rybak's , team the Canary and team luhan River-2 for accommodating spectrum provided nasadochnogo very for our team. We with a quiet soul of was postponed their trupikov and quietly have joined in the second a competitive day. In each caught fish there is your of the credit.

The second day suddenly for themselves finish my poopoo in the penultimate sector. Usually middle of the zone my all. With one hand a bit upset by. Sector the leschevyy, and bream I harvest quite not leader was coming. Ah and there, that would send, I not's being a worrywart. But with other hand one man in zone less will harvest bream and my chances are rising. Plus can be directly to respond to changing conditions during fishing.

Preparation began with already an over-familiar and oiiiyiooiai an axe, accommodating spectrum provided team luhan River-2 and has passed quite quietly and arising. A hatchling pond already routinely is propped up by tripod, fiderarm with a double langetom. Fish-sicles with zhivotinoy on places. Rods up zaklipsovany and even dog leashes but also managed prisosedit.

Start. Time matter. Program there is, only need its of well-and on opportunities has consistently fulfilled. With start'm enleve bream. With start wise paradigm 10 zakormochnykh komushek. On this enleve of bream matter before time as start his harvest. And judging by yesterdays story outcomes I this should d see in immediate neighborhood.

Turn on plates of and all the same. Timer, counter, hasn't adjustment in numbers and spin. Fish aren. As and it the entire mixture with one point. Find fun feature of. Bleak (fish), a dace, krasnoperka in point, and perch why the higher. There is no forecast poklevki with point, dobirayu perch higher. Pace of a good. Some problems with potyazhkoy. Arise problems with bass. Periodically, and sometimes constantly sticky with you for something. Trigger constantly comes without very account for every even an idle impose nazhivlyat on a new. Very quickly tupitsya. Is beginning to getting caught predominantly Bleak (fish), and bass gather additionally not arises from for problems with potyazhkoy. Several upset the average the size of the fish. But in principle, bringing together all data counter-and timer, particularly not let me draw your attention on problems. By the end of third hours pace of absolutely an. Predict 40% gains to program least on newly. The average weight particularly not aren, but of bream finally like particularly not gets caught. Sense something to change there is no.

And here is rising wind. Bleak enjoyed much worse. Hasn't okay plotvitsy and krasnoperki. Problems with potyazhkoy become critical. Pace of on crucial fish declines very significantly, and bass not give borrow permanent fish hooking. A body of water with the open palm soul of gave all, that he had and began to collect tribute. People on the sly razlovilsya. Pace of fell. Each fish in weight gold. Falls minnow, am entering a vast with platforms raise. Podskalzyvayus and'm coming sedalischnym optic chiasm on sink and fiderarm. Checkup opoy until water. Sink over. Fiderarm withstood. Didn that need to. Good phone lay on the little table and not went in expense Dani. Can . Back part of slightly aching but freshness from hemisphere performance sensitive. In such a heat. All profoundly sad. Slightly mold dries. And here the first time 15 zatsep. But something slowly and smoothly reaching got 3 they. Slowly, but particularly not'm in a hurry. Stick pity give in the form of Dani. Raise over water rope. First thought, that the cord with handling silicone, games I took out three pieces for time industrialized fishing on this levees. Then understand, that it is unrealistic fat,. Fish there is no and now I understood, who constantly tribes I have bait, I made hooks and not gave harvest perch. All of this close in water. Solve the dramatically reverse picture industrialized fishing perch and get the cord. T slightly in water, I take hands and have been arguing lift. A rope it is unrealistic robust, porosshaya and dead-bolted sits. Attempts not uvenchivayutsya success. To do nothing to acquire. Just sit down on platform and have been arguing but might shift from telepaemoy waves strings in the middle sector. Im taking picture right several small fish. Silence. Remont, the feeder with 14 fringes on 22-wa grams greater kormoemkosti. Have been arguing but might shift to the left. Enleve couple of plotvin taller though, right. Again silence. Right flag Zemeks, on which me very correctly point out, hinting on prize. Try to focus my mind. Have been arguing do all, that can. Who can let will try catch up with. Falling short until the finishing signal.

The last time'm on counter. Program least carried out. But the average weight should be quite small.

Weighing up the showed, that Maksimov Yevgeny (M Plast ) was able not only catch up with, but and substantially overtake. Handsome! My greetings and sincere respect. The average weight my fish substantially below planned (20 with start grams), respectively and the result below first day. But flag Zemeks began more vividly loom on the horizon and become that whether several own than the.

Telephoned previous. Outcome second days gave reason will be similarly encouraged for Vladimir. All ??? tactic and for team works. Even began racking my brain about command he, but as something quickly has kicked this thought. With the first Vovkinym day sum ever good at is very.

Was very pleased when had been approached recent rivals and was were congratulating with victory even before covetous results.

Fees. Camp. All a book of matches quickly.

Official part of. Awarding. Prizes. And here is most interesting and a bit exciting. Announcement of the command results. Stood and waited each time hear themselves. When not heard themselves even on 4 st place have become genuinely rejoice at as guys came and congratulate themselves. Already were willing to exits, but with the third place not request. And when and at the second themselves not heard, were several shocked. My greetings your partner with your and a huge gratitude to her for contribution in our victory. Vovan - Uh- - Not gonna! Otborolsya until the end of.

Want express lasting gratitude organizers for well organized contest. Judges for honest the discreet refereeing and support participants. All opponents for create an honest and an uncompromising fight. All brothers on designed for aid and support for all battles.

Separate lasting gratitude contributors for support sports ??????.

Kudos and uvazhuha permanent contributors companies Fish Dream. On the and Vegas for permanent support ??????, products which has become virtually native and hands touched its virtually under every zabrose for of competitive days, and their was Oh as not little.

Thank you companies Zemeks for mandate given to more than Regrettable chief prize competition.

A huge lasting gratitude new and not very contributors data ??????. Shop New dive , Company flagship, of Mercy Rybak's for support teams and competition. Errori if whom forgot. You commit very both noble, useful and very derive deal supporting, populyariziruya and by advancing sporting and simply the civilized catch. And I very hope, that this mutually.

Of course separate lasting gratitude those who in very. Who us feeds, wears, supports or simply undergoes a.

Errori for prostrannost. So



D! Flushed! Third! The, heartfelt otchyotets :cool:



And here is the commercial, Research and Doctored our forumchanin, fiderist and very a good man, Sergei Wolski (Serskii).

Video! The reference for download:


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