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Autumn feeder

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This article was published in magazine "Rybolov-Ukraine # 5 2007. On rights author believe possible posting et on this Forum.

Osinniy feeder

Feder is one of the most universal cordages, which allows, harvest fish the entire period open water - from early Spring, until late-fall, and in some reservoirs today year. Gets caught fiderom the most differing fish: Little slapping, dace, gusteru, Karpov, karasey, sintsov, golavley and another fish in the most various conditions - this may be much river, major created, a slight Lake, pond, the Gulf, Lithuania or AC with weak the passage. The use of trough allows muster fractured fish in one point and keep while,, and high sensitivity some tackle - see even the most with poklevku and on time respond to it.

Autumn often call gold time for spinningistov, but experience shows, that feeder, under the right approach to this cordage, better position not trails other kinds of industrialized fishing nor on ulovistosti, nor on promising. Autumn, virtually until the most ledostava, on feeder continues to getting caught the same fish, that and summer. Here is only with decline in temperature water a bit is changing behavior submarine dwellers. In this article we will view enleve a white fish on rivers and big 2008, so as precisely here the most successful accented fidernye fishing in this time year.

Consider this, that same need to know and be able for moreover, to autumn not to remain without capture of.

Unlike Summer fishing trips, when we had opportunity harvest fish on a small distance from Bank udilischami easy and middle actions, now we will need cordage... a lot bigger. Most often, providing a decoy will have bombarding on big distance there is plus secondary or even a strong for, means, trough will have apply enough heavy, weight from 60 until 120 grams. For zabrosa such osnastok not indispensable without udilisch class Heavy (until 120 grams), and in some cases and Extra Heavy (until 150 grams )-3.9-4.2 Dam.


So, place it you acquired, coil to him have picked up, that same still needed for successful and comfortable industrialized fishing.

First, a good’fishing chair or chair. Sometimes happens to fish a host day, so to less statute did, comfortable chair simply necessary, better with regulated on perform well was coming out feet. Such chair can be conveniently field even on very open Bank. Still important, to it was without podlokotnikov, to drawn nothing stopped implement rapid podsechku. If I have behind there is no Chavez, trees or other obstacles, cure zabrosu, then I virtually not'm getting up with chairs, except moments, when I take fish in podsak.

Second, vibration platform under fidernoe udilishche, which must respond well certain demands. For industrialized fishing on River will need enough high vibration platform, because place it should situated under angle about 45 ° to the surface water, with holder of on stand can be any forms, importantly, to he had elastic coverage, alarm the emergence of scratches on form rods up. High reception desk necessary to vershinka rods up has been degistirmek over water, and as can be smaller part of filament between the feeding trough and "a tulip" (release) adjoined with the flood of. Under low, trafficking vershinke a strong for, influencing the as such across length of his, will be very strongly casualties crime as. If had forced is happening in urban drying, where Bank rivers often entrance are paved granite, can arise difficulties with stop platforms. For such cases will need vibration platform in the form of the tripod, mandatory element of which is hook for forced weight. The heavier design will allow avoid overturning rods up.

Third, podsak with raczka not less two meters. Best to purchase podsak sporting class Maver, Trabucco or other firms. Such products differ from ordinary easily and sufficient durability, that will allow you keep podsak one hand, and you remove fish from water, not resorting to aid other anglers.

Fourth, To preserve fish throughout fishing you will need a good a hatchling pond. Not Koristuytes were sadkami, they very strongly so traumatizing fish, especially, when its many. The best option - requires (not less two meters) "sports" a hatchling pond from petty kapronovoy nets.

Fifth, needs have capacious for that they prikormki. This may be usual a plastic toy build on 6-10 liters, a volumatic Spaghetti or special gentle capacity for prikormki. Choose you. Personally I'm using two, buckets of it firms Acropolis and Flagman. In one'm kneading it prikormku for feeders, in another - for preliminary zakarmlivaniya 5322991.

Also not plus will adjusting for drawing the likely - extractor, powerful slingshot for zabrosa balls prikormki on large distance. Remained not forget homes bait, as such for tug ropes, supply likely, feeders and other details snap.

Believe me, that without Polish hyphenated had forced extremely're uncomfortable with.

Schnur or raskosami

The use of mono wood, "um, for as industrialized fishing extremely Undesirable, so recommend apply braided Building tools. In past issue magazine I mentioned about difference between a twist and fishing line, and loss of sensitivity when applying of last. On as such even a small diameter (0.22-0.25mm) very strongly affects the flow of water and decapitates a snap, and using the thin cord (0,08-0,12mm) under it catching on during, is declining pressure on him, that in turn permits the use of more lung feeders. This would spare your rods up from overstrain and prevent their suppose to, and also will add sensitivity your cordage, that very it is important.

Moreover, applying adopt one can be deliver to jamborees on still greater distance, than under using filament, so as is declining resistance and parusnost under zabrose.

When choosing cord give me back preference products known producers and beware of the receipts - in the last time their appeared very many. Is worth with the signature cord a bit more expensive, than “leftist ”, but includes he serve for you two-three season under 1949-1969 the field in a while Gone Fishin '(. I in the last time'm using Spayannym puffed FireLine Crystal, which can be buy in razmotku in many fishing stores. An excellent option for fidera, allows to do very long drives zabrosy, although and not round construction (I’d say you honestly, perfectly round cords not the case in nature).

And another couple councils beginners rybolovam, who decide use on feeder one.

The first: Careful when using reel with quality fitting the, otherwise under zabrose can occur breakdown hinges, in a result on pletenke will emerge knot, untying which virtually it is unrealistic.

The second: Take itself for rule before each zabrosom watch on vershinku fidera and test the free social filament. Pletenka, in force its promise, often zakhlestyvaetsya for tulip or other rings. Attempt to fulfill impose in such situation in the best case will lead to ??????? snap, and at worst - to break rods up. Before zabrosom I always podmatyvayu installation of to Tyulpanu, tossed place it before a, and if in this moment feel what something resistance, means, happened zakhlestyvanie cord for ring. In such situation needs neatly untying one, lead the place it for back, constantly observing vershinkoy and produce impose. If chase all to do closely, then cordage'd last you faith and true many years.


In the preceding issue magazine I mentioned about vsyakakvi “civil-line ” (in line) and services with tube-protivozakruchivatelem, but for fishing on reservoirs with the passage they not very suited. Of course, can be harvest and these montazhami, but there are more “mature ” snap, which often adopt experienced fly fishermen lovers and athletes. This Pater Noster (disambiguation), is noose and's asymmetrical noose. Some fly fishermen headgear of these snap directly on the main line they made or the cord, but I believe, that this is not very conveniently. Sometimes accented situation, when needs change Pater Noster (disambiguation) on any another snap, so I have the ready to montages on motovilakh in box.

So, start with paternostera. For this mounting will require hard qualitative mono raskosami diameter of 0.25-adds 0.3 mm, for example same Dual Band. Being the length fishing line of yours-1 meter, we put it so, to one the end of the was 40 centimeters, and the other - 60 see On the vertlyuzhok with fastening on a short the length and save what data in place bending filament node “8. ” Then from the butt both filament on 10 centimeters and’t going to tie another “financing. ” On this skrutku let us stowed, trough. On late LukOil short BSID thus same node’t going to tie a small wiggle for the leash. This directing should be-about 20 centimeters. Thanks to an already long shoulders and hard line they made being achieved minimal the percentage of mats the leash with elements snap under zabrose. On late long BSID needs link another wiggle-2-3 centimeter for joining the main a fishing line. All ganglia before protraction additionally confirms needs proactively to moisten water. If knitting on cool, the raskosami perezhigaetsya, and knot very strongly loses in ruggedness. This compulsory rule absolutely for all types of knots, as under designing osnastok, so and under tie likely. After assemble mounting need can decide excess distances might filament as can be in short.

For tug ropes'm applying as such same SLR diameter of 0.14-0.18 mm. The length of the tug ropes weaker IP in dependence from conditions industrialized fishing and forces tide from 40 centimeters until one Dam and even more. Hold - than stronger for, those longer than the need ceasing. For example, if for average forces, then distance between the feeding trough and crocheted should be about 80 centimeters. In this case need take ceasing-60 centimeters and spinning way noose in loop to 20 fringes santimetrovomu enhanced lateral be - get necessary us distance.

Hooks'm applying special fidernye, necessarily good quality, size of # 12-16. Among the most best believe hooks firms Gamakatsu a series of LS-1810B, and also email to the Owner series of 50922, 50286, 50344. From from low-cost very well have established themselves hooks firms Kamatsu a series of By-016. These hooks possess different zatsepistostyu and durability.

The next tooling - is noose. This the main tooling for use under it comes to shagging deal on Picker, i.e. without trough, with gruzilom, although can be use its and for Master with the feeding trough. Is made she a bit harder paternostera. On such same mono line they made really jibe loop “magic eight ball ” for connect the leash. Then two of the late filament are tied in knots with each other on length about 10 centimeters, and fixed the second node, thus same, as and noose for the leash. This coiling attaches rigidity s ambitious the leash with fishing line, that not gives perekruchivatsya them under zabrose. Forth, we dress on one the length vertlyuzhok with fastening, we put it both free of the late filament and, otmeriv the necessary length deal, usually centimeters 40-50, then we're out another “financing ”, and through 2-3 centimeter the latest knot, with the help which get wiggle for fastening to the main a fishing line. This tooling has greater sensitivity compared with paternosterom and tube-protivozakruchivatelem, however and more tends to to perekhlestam.

Now about asymmetrical a loop. Perhaps, this the most popular tooling in as it catching and can be used on reservoirs virtually with any the passage. Autumn, unlike summer, very often account for to change distance industrialized fishing. Bombarding account for the under the most Bank, then on maximum distance. In these cases touristy areas as times “asymmetry ”, well generating and on a near and on the far-distance there is.

Really jibe's asymmetrical noose so same, as and is, only one thing reduce leverage deal is done on 10-15 centimeters longer than the another, that protects ceasing from perekhlesta on strong during. In the rest of the same, no differences in technology knitting circle snap there is no. During zabrosa there's gravy flies ahead, distracting loop. Under this reduce leverage-coiling expense of rigidity filament sees in side ceasing, while discouraging perekhlestam. On osnastkakh, where are used mm, entanglement tug ropes virtually is missing.

There is still one important moment, concerning all above mentioned recording and - this technique zabrosa. Virtually all perekhlesty occur in moment zabrosa. In I might go there's gravy, as the most severe element of snap, flies ahead long the leash, which in turn plans to in parallel the main a fishing line. On of last stage by air tooling loses the speed and ceasing with a hook, can sully that with the main fishing line. As times in this moment, i.e. before the most privodneniem mounting, needs powerful brake on hand basic to let the line out, thereby, telling you, its, and after for splashdown immediately return in the original position it lesoukladyvatelya. Inhibiting necessarily. This technique zabrosa will allow to settle the number of perekhlestov to minimize.

We examined the most widespread and effective snap, assigning in as it catching. Of course, there are still other options recording and but, mastered the above snap, can be with certainty feel virtually on any a reservoir.


Transition fish on autumn a diet requires amending changes and in prikormku. On Cold water virtually not work a mixture, the groundwork which comprise vegetable components. Before winter virtually the entire fish Crosses on self a rich food. In this period good results brings adding in prikormku animals components, above all, very and moldy worm. Can be use in prikormke and highly protein-supplements.

Above all, autumn I'm applying in as a core a mixture FishDream “bream ” with betainom + FishDream“ a dace ” + 50 grams dry blood, which well attracts a major fish + 300-400 grams live or frozen very, prescribed for feed aquarium small fish. Before fishing his need defrost. Cool blood can be buy in fishing stores, and night crawlers in zoomagazinakh and on large numbers market.

For moreover, to mixture of Lies homogeneous, first needs mix all dry components, add in it water from dam, give garenlassen 5 minutes, then already in ready prikormku close very and carefully randomize still times. Under zameshivanii prikormki and under line trough, night crawlers razdavlivaetsya, his content mixed with feeds and attaches him which attracts fish smells, but under this significantly less its be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Animals supplements in prikormke autumn necessary, but with them account for abide by measure. Maggot - very’s nutritious fodder, he well improves fish, and here better not to report on, than offload, otherwise can be obtain opposite effect.

Under-fishing strong during in prikormku (for balls) can be add clay and scale gravel. Clay adds viscosity and discourages rapid blur the prikormki, stones make balls prikormki quickly sink and “keep ” bottom.


Mostly on rivers and 2008 on feeder enjoyed bream, Blicca bjoerkna, sea Bass, a dace, carp, perch. Universal the bait is maggot. This the bait not brings today year. Well held on the hook, not sky falls under zabrose. Under this moldy worm do the jimmying not for the tip, and'm missing hook through all body, leaving sting free. On a small the hook he looks very naturally. Autumn better apply moldy worm in a sandwich... with motylem or smallholder red by a worm.

On during is famously works the ball foam plastic combined with nobody on longest tight leash. Stream not gives penoplastu highly well up, owing to what the bait it acquires additional game - commit quick oscillatory movement from hand in side, upward-down. Fish from afar mocks the bait and avidly lack its, often samozasekayas. Especially likes “foam ” a dace and Blicca bjoerkna. If same for weak, then on tight leash in 8-10 centimeters from hook can be fix a small BB's, which not will give bait either, no highly well up.

Under it catching a white fish very often are outfitted with the ubiquitous 1500 meters. ???? poklevki sometimes follow one for the other. Bull, isn't he simply not gives chance a white fish to approach bait either, no. On one of fishing the Internet forums fly fishermen were supposed to answer question - as avoid poklevok annoying bulls? So here is the use of balls foam plastic in as bait and there is solution this problems. Bull, isn't he donnaya fish and nurtures exclusively with trawling, and if your the bait will lie a bit higher, then he its simply not reveal.

Where is harvest?

Before fishing try to know have local fishermen or sellers fishing stores about how, where and what fish now enjoyed. Can be also take a ride along of coastline rivers and determine “that's a cool ” place on accumulation fishermen. On rivers and 2008 there are several criteria, on which can be determine promising place. Very well, if you know, where is old direction rivers. Fish very likes to cling in such a place.

Further need seek vividly expressed powerful upswings as the depths. Their find enough simply. Can be towing cargo prostuchat bottom or (if for not a strong) using brick your fishing bobber promeryat depth and find brovku. In different times days and under different weather conditions fish likes to stay in different conceals. By pilot zabrosov find Zhemchuzhnikov place. It can prove and very far from Bank, and enough close.


After that they prikormki I Passoa its on two parts of. In the contestant part that is meant for preliminary prikarmlivaniya, leave the clay and gravel (if necessary), all of this mix them all together and talking ab 12-15 balls size of with orange. They must be crammed very densely. If they Anthony about the surface water under zabrose, means, something done not so. With the help only does'm throwing up bricks here balls in chair chosen place. Basic part of prikormki better continue to cast until during enough start-up zakorma, to then won’t need not frighten podoshedshuyu fish. Swoon a stage prikormku, get tamed by zone, in which and let us to fish.


Swoon tentative prikarmlivanie, can be start catch. Make ceasing. Nazhivite on hook the pourer. Fill crime as, slightly uplotniv prikormku large and index fingers. After zabrosa there's gravy must having lie on bottom, so need pick a the optimal weight and form of trough. Square and triangular better “hold ” bottom. Far and accurately send snap allows direct impose through head. In as a benchmark in advance select something obvious on the opposite Bank. From-for big length rods up, heavy trough and gossamer filament impose should be not a sharp, have several "protracted", seamless character.

After zabrosa neatly store carry-on udilishche on stand and pull. pull as such, until easy bending done. If had forced happening on strong during, then check a tick place it as can be higher, to stream less had on to let the line out, if same a strong trolley onto a side wind, then pull down fishing area to water, to reduce influence wind on tackle. In the second case need sited a bit through to of coastline, to create a corner between fishing line and vershinkoy not more 100 degrees.

Need now only expect approach fish to a hook. If through 10 “Golden poklevok not was followed by, needs old rope-a-tackle, fill crime as, test the pourer and again continue to cast until. Longer wait there is no sense, so as prikormka from trough for this time usually washed away and chance on poklevku with each min remains all less.

Poklevka on during different from poklevki in stagnant water, - often she abrupt and confident. In any case, under slightest podragivanii the tip of the rods up should do brief podsechku. Leapfrog must be soft, but broad. Not forget, that ceasing very the thin, and under sharp drive pounder he simply break. Can be try put ceasing a thicker, for example 0.2 mm, but often this reduces number of poklevok.

Usually, the first on prikormku suited triviality. Its poklevki - this petty jitters, after which very often the nozzle sitch with hook disappear table. When suited a major fish - poklevki small beer stop,. Here need be on guard. Classical poklevka of bream on feeder - this two-three gentle valley the jiggling done forward-ago, and then a sharp a nod forward. Here importantly not become puzzled and do London podsechku. Unattractiveness on the hook, large bream fiercely bucks, but if not try to emulated vyvazhivanie, is a long place it and-seemed consistent with carpet drag your reel will drive on there is no all chances fish assistance ceasing and shift away.

Importantly in such situations not to rush and not to lend take filament. Always hold tackle vnatyazhku. , I pulled out on hook fish better borrow podsachekom with a long handle. A major fish vyvazhivayut method place, using the form rods up, not sinister entire strain on coil …

This basic moments autumn industrialized fishing fiderom on rivers and 2008.

Not't forget about how, that fish stocks not are endless, and their needs secure. Not even though with fishing more needed number of fish and now, let him go property. Then she an and through couple of years will undoubtedly grimace at you all too memorable poklevkoy.

Luck you! :flag:



Grassroots your site! Respectful and concrete. Thank you!



Boev wrote:

High reception desk necessary to vershinka rods up has been degistirmek over water, and as can be smaller part of fishing line of yours between the feeding trough and "a tulip" (release) adjoined with the flood of. Under low, trafficking vershinke a strong for, influencing the as such across length of his, will be very strongly casualties crime as.

Oleg! This claim treats all types increased the or, sighs to dozens with the passage? Because many "fideraly" argue that "desirable, as can be less-in filament was perched over's surface dam", to not create parusnosti.



Âëàä76 wrote:

Oleg! This claim treats all types increased the or only to dozens with the passage?

Up on the below:

Boev wrote:

If had forced happening on strong during, then check a tick udilishche as can be higher, to stream less had on as such, if same a strong trolley onto a side wind, then pull down fishing area to water, to reduce influence wind on tackle.



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