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Championship Ukraine 2013 (I th phase). Chernigiv

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The kind yes :blush: It revised :flag:



And still a bit "the images" ^ ^

"Table progress":

And separately such a same the seedling, but on our instruction:

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I congratulate aleek Terranova with beautiful victory! Brilliant!:cool:
Of and uncle Vovu with low and bronzed in lichke! :flag:
I congratulate guys from team "Three China-Kyiv" with the golden medals! With steeply! :cool:
And Yves-Frankovtsev from "Fidersport" with low! :flag:
And also their fighters from team "Shimano" with incredibly complex the third place in command 80 of. :flag:

. Desna river in this year very has changed. As on a relief trawling, so and on fish. This had on results of.
Report will later.



Thank you all opponents for abrupt fight!
Huge thank you organizers and judges, all was on level! Progress Chernihiv federation clear, in sight that guys very sought.
I congratulate winners and prizewinners! Tournament was incredibly complex, but he worked on glory, until rapid meetings, friends!



I congratulate winners and participants! With look forward your promoting true reports!!
Catches is impressive! JUlja at all ass!



A small photo collage from Chernigov.



The good selection of. :cool:



It God, thought Steve Ringer (disambiguation)



Y.Osipov wrote:

Yes simply what brought back pro secret fluid in the magic bullets come, after all need to as the same championships win!

. :) not all are encrypted





tedand Y.Osipov.All right, stop it fludit and to heat things up environment. :canthearyou: location one a taunt or incitement - arrive at the first ban. On month. The second - on two months. The third - life-long patterns. :canthearyou:

Nycolas wrote:

Rome with Badardinova dispatched in bath on six months.

Roma was besieged on two months for more serious remarks. This already not the first his ban. The first was on week. The second on month. Then on two.

P. S. Subject brushed my.



Phase past. All left. We try reconstitute leave. But! Life NOT STOPS! - hear child workers voice - "I of the earlier zherekha praised!". Run out with fotikom and here is :cool:



Guys, I congratulate! Think, that Pidlubnyy now will be very closely treat the autograph in documents :flag:



IgorV wrote:

Guys, I congratulate! Think, that Pidlubnyy now will be very closely treat the autograph in documents

This yes)



. And know, that prikolno? Me surprised the answer athlete on question:, what you signed for it, if not saw?
- so all OK sign.
Spharischen, thank god, that well ended :glasses:



First retreatments in Thursday conducted Terrace which with Taranovym on right Bank. Sat across there, where found free seats, as then it turned out, slightly below zone W. Chopped, a strong for, in 40 metres from Bank on the sidelines with hard has ever managed as something place 140-grammovuyu the feeder with gruntozatsepami. In the course coaching received actively klevala raznokalibernaya Blicca bjoerkna in pace from 1 until 2 kg in hour. Higher downstream on gustery was less and she was punier when one realizes. Apparently, competitors lack severity of feed, upper was feeding fish experience.

Second retreatments conducted the entire team ranks at zone A, far have been able reach. In the process - thank you colleagues, vytaschivshim our transport from dirt. Team sela in neighboring sectors and spell out the potestirovala different options prikormok and different distance there is. Initially all small a property gusteru, Alik with Roma on the far-the sidelines, I on a near, Oleg on 50 meters away. Thenstrange effect, in paired meters from small beer can be was detect gusteru profit sizes. Alik scanned distance there is from depth to Bank, I - from Bank to conceals and the good fish to shag it, have us on distance there is without special unmarked signs, somewhere on the table between..... shapely eyebrows. Did and in round will have seek such place method tyka? Oleg raskormil fish on 50 metres but this it took much time. Roma, too, found fish, him had to change prikormku. With feeds populyaren, and here is with set - neponyatka.

The first tour, sector about 10, meters on fifty higher the first coaching received. Find a on train, brovku on 35 metres, a bit closer another brovka, 'll release on the far-, all neighbors - much closer. Almost hour in pace enleve property lavrushku, then I'm just trying a seek fish further from Bank - there the same triviality. Neighbor right, lovivshiy triviality meters away on 20-25, began wave the podsakoy. Red line of being able coaches - the entire zone but much closer, than I, many gets caught a good fish. Smeschayus to Bank, among small beer is beginning to vletat big Blicca bjoerkna but very unsustainably, one-two imaginations and again triviality. Sometimes gets the catch up with a good fish svalivayuschuyu from the table zabrosami below point. I'm just trying a seek fish, scanning distance there is in side Bank but on really are place increasingly the same history - many small beer and increase zaladoshechnaya Blicca bjoerkna. Weighing up the, 4900, sign my name,, raise eyes on list, neighbor from Left oblovil, next, too,,, I could even watch even higher and about - there weight in two times more. The ninth. That need to was in round do, not understand until now. On outcomes first round of the team go we wrapped., chances fall into prizes still there is, despite my you knocked up.

The second tour, sector S12, meters on a hundred below the second coaching received. Brovka on 32 meters away, transition the conch has the power - clay on 23 meters away, brovka on 17 meters away. Solve the start between..... shapely eyebrows slightly further borders clams and if place proves unfortunate but might shift to couple of meters on the clay. Deja vu, with start again enleve triviality, then neighbor right dangles podsachekom, smeschayus closer to Bank, fish ukrupnyaetsya but many small beer. Only in mid-round emerges a new theme - neighbor from Left, peacefully "kurivshiy" until this, is gone with my distance there is under round 6 brovku and raskormil there a major gusteru. Some time I endured this "also", trying to as something field a major fish on point. Then not weathered and half an hour of exercise consecrated a near the sidelines. Find or field fish not broke a, returned ondistance and until the end of round eiaee, that your visitors - one-two large, nine-ten small. Weighing up the, 5200, neighbor from Left me so and not overtaken - 70 fringes grams lacked. But the rest of the neighbors I lost. Picture oils "again 2." Enleve run through a trainer with records weighting, believe my place, is obtained seven, profoundly sad announce on the telephone Lyokhe, which the entire tour was on right Bank. Lech and until this was sad - Roma, too, flew into my. The only joy - Alik its zone now broken and something would step in in lichke. And Alik looked in my a hatchling pond and churchgoers upset, Garak. Building, Alik the first - cheers! Then's being read team, as usually, since the late. Us not called fifth, as we 14, not called fourth, in. Are starting scream, that us missed! Name is receive ints, grumble, that need to would recalculate but with medalkami got my picture. Lech ran look Protocols - and Roma something it turns out not tenth and the ninth, I something not seventh and the fourth! And that we with an count up?

Interestingly, in my sectors in both were utterly same assessment weight, in about 10 - 4900 and 4930, in s12 - 5170 and 5200)

Saddest history in the final has become much business but question remained. As same harvest this gusteru? Very like would even a couple tours catch and deal)



The first BTR play around in Thursday has passed as then it turned out in zone D, so as zone Since was not perhaps take (who sooner embarked moreover and slippers) from-for impossibility of Owl on machine in the end of the zone D, yes and all sought smaller strain and pull on itself things.

We in 4 ranked roughly center zone D.
Still in Kyiv was developed the first version of tactics:
2 human are probing, composition prikormki, cooked still with the evening, the other two are probing active compositions.

Something excitement realizing the, that in this time we will harvest utterly a new and experimental version of the sports prikormki from companies Flagman, that we tested even before competition, and she has shown themselves on right on, but in tough competitive conditions, still not applied.
So same, all likvidy, and dry supplements were, too, companies Flagman.

After promera trawling, and from experience fishing trips on gums, I adopted decision harvest on the first, ilistoy the sidelines, find and put on point of bream, after all July, highly leschevyy month on Desna (disambiguation).
Partners on team, zaklipsovalis at different made it, but, too,, until 40 meters.

After first gender hours, was clear, that active feed harvest perishing very property fish, and more major virtually there is no, modicum in stern and major faction, liquid aromy bream and Fancy molasses, work virtually negatively.

After first hours, I find that on my point, occur strange things, like and are biting, like and there is no, failures strictures per se there is no, but something strange is happening. Fish too izmelchilas, 'm try toying with increase jamborees, the worm, maggot, the boot, - and it virtually not is changing. Solve the dokormit 3 zakormochnymi with adding kicks cork, and about miracle, failure in Cleves. But all was not so simply, I understood that licked bream, but peck he stubbornly not wanted to, about half an hour I tried to his seduce different spreyami and combinations changeable tips, but sought in vain. In late all solve the cut them up ceasing until 10 centimeters, do the jimmying one oparika and 1 Pinku, impose, and about miracle, on 3rd, old Pudge on done - yes, the first about kilushnyy leschik. Again impose - is worth on point not are biting. Solve the cut worm in crime as, but not simply, and in bag for together with oparikom. And it begins to work, for first retreatments 12 poklevok of bream, and with slope down tug ropes and with Arsenal building was given over, and all of this for 3 hours. But implementation limping, just 4 bream in sadke.
Have guys melkovataya fish, and not pulling at all on outcome. Issues more than answers. On this set off on base.

The second play around - Friday:
A bit obmozgovav, I prevailed guys that leschu should receive more attention. And that a passive prikormka all ??? is leading themselves better, at least on Kivskomu Bank. So same, very well has shown themselves and completely fluid aroma Flagman plovta.
Decide what's with the evening repeat all batter's box now my feed:
3kg flagship (call his Sport)
3 banks liquid aromy flagship a dace
500 ml water.
On the morning - still 250 ml water.
On a reservoir - still 1 bank liquid aromy flagship a dace.
After screening - 1 cover slips flagship Pastonchino.

Decided that Marrying and Sasha, go on's efficiency Bank, and as it turned out occupy seats somewhere in Seredine zone W.

I and Igor, scratch on Kivskomu Bank, test yesterday's bream, but already in zone Since, was whether this accident or all same a near certainty yes and at all as there the case with fish tank.
But as usually worked principle - who sooner embarked moreover and slippers.
Here ripping things in the most the brink zone D.
Have Igor D14, I have D13, in D12 Marrying Buglak. That highly very happy about it.

On reflection on the evening, over number of skhodov, decided to use hooks 12 numbers Drennan I feeder and Preston riflo 0.15 - 0.17 diameter. So same not shape events under the first zhimakh bream, here he very is. Ah and each 4 and 5 the feeder want me to put with minced in bag for red by a worm with oparikom.
Already through minutes 30 on point densely became bream, pace of on the passage of time bream was until 2kh minutes. But bream would still was capricious, more than 2-4 of bream in hour fish them not worked. But and this was in principle enough, importantly implementation poklevok.
But were and such krakens, which were tearing dog leashes but also 0.18 on turret until-3m who can bench-, the straight Antares A psychic simply in ancient until his pridela. For 4 days, I have was roughly 10 such here is breakages.

Outcome 4-hour coaching received.

The first tour:
Right off the bat not bad luck immediately Larissa in team. A1 - Chertenkov, number - Vladimir Sorokin. Immediately understandable that about any something results of strong in these sectors and not worth dream.
Viacheslav Leschuk is mired in D1, that not can not inspiring so as in zone D he there is everywhere.
Me accrues v-8, that, too, aren, so as here can be to do results.
But the that in this zone, there is no such style of as there is on the opposite Bank I knew, and that with leschem can be forces routinely overshoot -, too,. For themselves gave facility harvest, all that enjoyed. On a relief the most interesting me it looked the distance in 20 meters, on it and decided to harvest.
But something immediately in this day went wrong, kinuv a small balloon prikormki in water, I observed as triviality reacts on work prikormki, sletaetsya on it, but here same in horror from it your.
This plunged me a bit in shock. As same so, composition which worked 2 days at the other Bank, here raspugivaet fish?
The first 10 feeders, and 1 tychek, the first hour, and in Mr. Leonid Reznikov couple poklevok.
I have easy stupor.
But at the second ano, ostrel done - and this he, a good bream, but 4 zhima and social. Heap curses.
Further to point podeshl nano podlesch, until hands, and slightly above hands, MORE the other fish there is no, many poklevok, implementation on podsechke - 100%, but couple of gather steam; and social, social, social, in a hatchling pond'm starting it up only 25-30% fish that sliced.
'm break head and something invent the with povodkami, hooks, thickness., thinner, longer than the, in short, more, less - all sought in vain. Here is like picked up by the key, 2-3 fish, and all anew, skhody, skhody.
Through while, large bream is returning on point - poklevka, 3 zhima, 0.15 - again mats.
Through 15 minutes dokorma, still one poklevka bream, miracle, this'm starting it up in podsaku, not are until engine bed a disease.
Impose, ostrel done, keep again a major bream, clearly for 2 engine bed. 4 obrota reel - social.
In end vymuchivayu another podlescha until 600 grams.
And further all - 2 hours I enleve micro transparent podleschikov, the other fish simply there is no, yes and enleve - loudly said, fish constantly are getting away.

In end I 12, the angry, tired and the entire in neponyatkakh, why, why so much skhodov. And fish there is no on point so as it must be. I have not remained kicks, worm and oparika under the end of the round, all was pumped on point, but nothing not brought.
But JUlja brilliant - 1st in zone, 13 + kg fish, this was with steeply.
So that pinyat on such its outcome can be only on himself, although me until now and it is unclear why was so much skhodov.

Guys'd, too, poorly. A1 - this is understandable and so was, modicum hope on miracle bonus what was. Number - mistake, began punch on distance in search of larger fish, in end lost pace of on small beer. But D1 brilliant, 1st in zone. On the evening received nastanovku slightly whether not as on time harvest bream, all repeated, and brilliant, helped team be not in really late.

Tour the second:
Ah here already with luck became better idea. Marrying in D6 truth on the edges of the and Ivan Taranov (footballer), but nothing, so after all more interesting.
I in Since 14, extreme sector to zone D, and this could not not inspiring, so as 2 human can now harvest bream.
Vladimir Sorokin is mired in A6, that, too, well, there can be to do outcome, Viacheslav Leschuk in B3 where, too, can be to do outcome.
Ah like would, today certainly should be all better.
The only that changed, this for zones A and In have made active fodder.

?????? shot, are starting harvest.
Solve the immediately questioning more a long ceasing, order 30sm, lest under tempovom zakorme, harvest all that will peck.
1 there's gravy, something podybalo. 30 sec, vymatyvayu.
2 there's gravy - silence. 30 sec, vymatyvayu.
3 there's gravy - silence. Raise place it - zatsep, ah think, gut only start, and there Thresh, and can even be , 'm give it a gentle pull tsepu, Derg (disambiguation), Derg (disambiguation), and here Thresh, revives, and starts stray against crosscurrents, making 3 powerful zhima, social.
This was simply pzdts. With the first trough bream became on point, bastard 3rd you dig that trigger, and stood not in the chair, and I having found his tsepoy decided to quail. This was wildly. On first-minute start, yamog cutting an not bad slayers. Ekhkhkhkhkhkh.
Ah that the way the mop flops. 'm in pace quickly feed, rublennyy the worm is melting away on the eyes of, but of bream all there is no and there is no, petty Blicca bjoerkna not haunted. Leave Tyres Pinku, only briefly helps, and Blicca bjoerknafrom bait on the hook, but bream all there is no.
Cheerez hour industrialized fishing in pace all that you can catch a, .of this surprising negadano and out the window on point bream - on done, 3-4 gentle valley zhima. Thought - there is retained, now can be to pump, and here 5th - GUUUUUUUUUP, Anaters a bagel even 4000m2 as well as in water is gone. the leash 0 .15. This simply tin. It's my nerves are beginning naughty, 2 bream nibble part and 2 the vanishing, and he clearly not wants becomes on point, but this bastard gone still and on point.
Again rapid raskorm point, at LukOil worm, and coveted failure in Cleves, ah think, finally. And ??? yes, on uh, 30th, old Pudge are biting dokilushnyy bream, almost not contending, 'm starting it up in podsaku.
Rapid perezabros on point - but there me awaits again Blicca bjoerkna.
Freaking out, though,, uh, fall asleep the entire oparik and Pinku in the pelvis with feeds, on point is becoming more less a major Blicca bjoerkna and a dace, enleve in pace, with good fulfillment. Remains hour until finish - on point breaks in another the kraken to catch - 2 zhima and 0.17 in Remy-. Ah here already simply not was words. Tempuyu gusteru and dace, for 5 minutes until finish, on point failure, understand that there is worth another the kraken to catch, but there is no worm to his engage, in end keep up still do 2 zabrosa, but he so and not took the bait.
In end in zone I 3, 'm losing Dvorchuku (as during instructor, with steeply you there all in N1!) 400 + grams, not, 3 gusterki, or the kraken to catch. Was would all options
But, that do about it, on mistakes learn.

Marrying Chertenkov 6, Vladimir Sorokin 12, Viacheslav Leschuk sky falls - 14.
Mood nor to hell, I not was able take little slapping, and take 1, have Chertenkova with leschami was the same picture that and I have.

On building were strongly surprised, our team 11, not 14.
But would still, we could act better, crafting such klyuchische to leschu.
Team the Young, and still not played by, and I think that still in front of the other!

I congratulate all prizewinners with victory!
Thank you all participants for alluring and honest fight!
Thank you organizers, all passed clearly and well. Idea with the checkboxes sectors, and starters and of the late zones - super.

Huge thank you our sponsor - companies Flagman for financial support, highlighted prikormku and components Flagman, and also 97 individual support, without which participation was would impossible!

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Not want mister Pecorari, but you has tried to float Friction clutch? This same tin any! So much skhodov!




Dont want mister Pecorari, but you has tried to float Friction clutch? This same tin any! So much skhodov!

Friktsionom can be was would toying if would with fish tank was struggle, and so, dances on klipse. Here let go not let go. All specificity industrialized fishing in the sidelines, on podmotke 30 centimeters twist are spaced.
And udilishche should was be maximally mild, but in, too, time with large endowments ruggedness.
Can be the fishing line is on the main helped would.
But alas.
How many fishing, now and again on gums, and catching and 3shek little slapping and 3.5 even were, but such of steam engines not was. Some a strong bream there, although and on 7-10cm dog leashes but also I particularly large little slapping not eiaee.



Is holy, I have such a sense of after reading the report request, that leschi lining up to you in turn and tried to themselves for its feet with platforms ;)



duffy333 wrote:

Holy, I have such a sense of after reading the report request, that leschi lining up to you in turn and tried to themselves for its feet with platforms

Ah made here, themselves not tried to. But klevali yes. I think and video, and people on training saw. Yes and in round in first day D1 thanks to lescham 1st, yes and who near me sat - mats heard)
Alexey in the second day on the idea of could to see skhody little slapping have Chertenkova)
In general leschi not were zaletnymi.

Bream was, and his was many, but not succeeded with his fulfillment in round.

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Svyatoslav wrote:

Perhaps be the fishing line is on the main helped would.

I, too, mister Pecorari not want, but you, perhaps, and rights. Only not the whole the fishing line is as the main, and meters 7 benign lesochnogo shock could would improve the situation. Ah and about fidergame nor words - why not has tried?



Carlos wrote:

I, too, mister Pecorari not want, but you, perhaps, and rights. Only not the whole raskosami as the main, and meters 7 benign lesochnogo shock could would improve the situation. Ah and about fidergame nor words - why not has tried?

6, 8-54, too, vomited :mad:
With more long one a piece of - already not the overcoat was. Scratch on it not the, and he simply ascents of. And poklevok less - labor long, lvy the entire snap - 15 see Than longer than the was tooling, the less poklevok.

Carlos wrote:

I, too, mister Pecorari not want, but you, perhaps, and rights. Only not the whole the fishing line is as the main, and meters 7 benign lesochnogo shock could would improve the situation.

Not know. Simply large bream, which I could not lift, clearly were for 2kg. But the entire the problem is, that Antares a medium would bend until maximal his opportunities, and the form already simply not worked. And under an attempt distract the from trawling fish, most often and was occurring aggressivelydead lift in bottom + acceleration on devices up.
Under using more a powerful rods up, skhodov and breakages was more.

And it, I for a revenge to them return on weekends :flag: :crazy:

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A endurance FDERSPORT great podyaka organzatoram etapu EO 2013 r. Organization aoea on nayvischomu a rate, aoei zamtno, ui until data zmagan priklali hand aoaea vdpovdaln ? kompetentn individual. all ui not robilos robilos on favor of the ? comfort some.
Vtannya peremozhtsyam ? prizeram zmagan, JUlja simply latter ? temperaturoyu ? so vistupiti after neymovrna resources. Not in obdu Alku but enabled coming has won its welsh corgi Pembroke puppy, shkoda ui not gold peg :cool:
, by other some podyaka for chesnu the kind bezkompromsnu borotbu. For mene after aoee first the so, ui experience of other nabravsya kolosalnogo. A specific hello Korenyaku Vktoru :playful: 1930 ua povoyum :tomato: Everyone proyshlo on nayvischomu a rate. Vibachamos for sumburnu poyavu on nagorodzhen, through specification i?e ? eie not zmogli quickly zbratis.
, vtannya ? until this meeting in Ternopol!



Pleased look on careful attitude to fish.
I congratulate with poshedshim stage. Very grassroots body of water and level of athletes. Judging by outcomes also there was even the kind. Ukrainian feeder is growing is growing is growing! Love you!

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Svyatoslav wrote:

some a strong bream there, although and on 7-10cm dog leashes but also I particularly large little slapping not eiaee.

If ceasing a short and thereby devoid of good cushioning, thanks deaf (as like, paternostera) and there's gravy heavy (from 80 grams and more) the fish can quietly distract the ceasing or shift away only expense of resistance weight trough and the fishers or udilishche nothing here do not can. In such situations always Israels right to-layn and Treat about depreciation (fidergam, the main mono).



Is holy I have suspicion that this is not bream. Not saw I little slapping which could to break ceasing 0,17.
I have on train, was CRT-MOVIE whom I were. Feder khevik in ancient. In 10m from Bank polomanyy trigger 50340 # 8. But this was not bream. Fish immediately goes haulin 'ass down down downstream on, and then zhimy-zhimy-zhimy. Btdubs I have was 0,17 ceasing.

This could be sazanchik, catfish or realistically large pike perch.

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Pash, bass forgot or chub. Although have chub more a sharp behavior.



Malyshh wrote:

Fish immediately goes haulin 'ass down down downstream on, and then zhimy-zhimy-zhimy.

Yes, on chub it seems. Truth I personally more 500gr not eiaee.
Although and pike perch on feeder it seems themselves is leading. And when kilushnogo. Read, then seems, that there bream-twofers so least. But with on the Caspian from-for kostistoy Pernod skhodov many precisely in the process vyvazhivaniya if hook not monopoly Hard tissue.



Ah kilushnykh Sudakov on feeder we tyagali and were removed while victims were, and weigh the chain. did you. This was, I.M.H.O.,, not pike perch. (I now pro Pashin have participated nedoulov). Me it seems on zherekha was, but not less 2 pounds. I personally in sports a fishing trip mean experience slightly less zero, but on parts of random vletov on feeder any sign the strange ingredients (to example golavl 800 and far 2 kg, under than all this was precisely on Desna (disambiguation)) mean ??? experience :D

And here is have Holy long well could be sudaki, if he well put gusteru on point - they there come and often hang themselves on hook.

Although pro Pashkinogo the frogman first I on a carp thought: What but heavyweight a pearl those edges said, that a hundred years here a carp not was.


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