Toured're baby in lunch. Were on the ground. Zakormilis. Generally nibble as on black stones :) Even as the not interestingly! At night virtually not eiaee, but very strongly 2000 there :( Contrast temperature simply afflicts :( At night, in sweater and in jacket a tooth on a tooth not worthy, and day received heat blow :( got laid up for then a host day with temperature :(

On the morning on reason "frostbite" and obtain air strike not eiaee :( That that managed to capture for day and evening:

And such imaginations there is :)

And here is and catch. UZhOS, but had to use all our marketing that lay in machine :)

A hatchling pond # 1
A hatchling pond # 2
A hatchling pond # 3

A dace Angelin and Crucian with the carp were of excellent size, under vyvazhivanii on thin povodkakh were forced nervous :)

Overall plan

Part of fish have receded, part of [. In the last time me feeder interested in only as sports tackle. For conventional fishing nothing new, simply heap fish :(