Managed in environment (a bit belatedly, 29.05) to escape on a body of water together with my partner on team, Yevgeny Chertenkovym.
Goal of origin was beta test in combat conditions rods up and coils CS series of Korum and 7th series of Drennan, yes and exactly understand that this such and with than his eat, so as had forced carp for us always was more recreation than work, but on so favorite us rivers, now either a strong spill does and fish is smeared water, either very a strong for.
Loath like something more easy and fine, but and in, too, time to rival was a worthy.

Choice dam fell on Lake Mikhaylina, that in sec. Gorbovichi, so as and close highly, only 18 kilometers from of Kyiv, and there is fish, where's attacks I not poorly, holds on tuzikam in impose, loath better seats was and not devise, so as states on keenest wake sat across in same sector that and before, 26-27 or 25-26. Forever forget a, but not the crux of the it is important
Yes and a body of water highly a handsome, where there is no prazdnobukhayuschikh and screaming, such itself fidernyy vodoemchik in English-style.

Lent on Bank, I began to zamesu zakormochnoy prikormki, to workers should composition which well worked last time, this 2 packs Flagman sea Bass (oil-cake) + 2 packs Flagman carp (plum) and 2 packs Flagman carp (pineapple) + 2 packs Dynamite Baits Hemp & Sweetcorn Amino Groundbaits ah and classic 3 banks kukuruzki bondyuel.

Tactic was exactly simple, Marrying feeds on on closer and with hands 5322991, I have same point was away, but closer in Bank, but with very zailennym upside, loath I decided to feed with only does, in first and balloon less under their weight leaves in though, yes and strong lapses could to frighten off fish which there teetered.

Until I was a picker in prikormke Marrying been collected rods up, and've been doing Building tools, I personally not particularly love harvest on as such, perhaps due to lack of such taktilnosti as's on the cord, can of course this and not quite correctly under it comes to shagging carp, but as states mamo those, ui mamo (in anybody)

Exactly in as adopted rods up:

* Korum CS SERIES 10ft feeder
* Korum CS SERIES 11ft feeder

That can be said on udilischam? Ah in principle many what interesting things.
We immediately decided harvest thus, on one udilischu Corum and drennan ?????, Jeunet appealed 11futovye with President, and me same draka on psyche more 10futovye, on how and they iced, housing office but 11kami and I 10kami.

Of course the difference in my own rods tangibly felt immediately. If in drennane one senses ease, the beauty, and ??? supply ruggedness, then in CS series of Corum one senses even in 10futovoy Sjusj?en a good supply capacity, and its when and on the first impression that she able on more a major fish.

But not worth forget of course that CS a series of Corum ??? budgetary and any the special miracles from rods up no one expected.
On fish fishing pole proved highly kolovatoy, albeit predisposition of tugging fish, but a sense of from moreover that this 10futovaya wand quite somewhere gone out the window, of course not a small role played and itself here, which significantly thicker than say have rival Drennana.
Ah and of course same design, design our all, after all how many fishing brands seek to to please our eyes.
I have personal antipathy to udochkam which fulfilled combined congestion and Eva. Ah here is not likes and all.
But nevertheless, fishing pole in his classroom and price range highly not bad purchases of for industrialized fishing an / not a major carp in rags reservoirs.

* Drennan Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder 10ft
* Drennan Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder 11ft

Here of course with President me exhilarating to, hardened shimanista and already a bit dayvinista
In them there is in principle all. And highly an interesting design with use of several species congestion and English build. In goes on 2 shell done, on 10futovom this 1.5oz and 2oz, on the eleventh. Respectively 2oz and 3oz.
15 gram In-@-@ Line Flat from drennana, power zabrosom sent almost on the Bank and this order 90 meters, and in paired with coil Drennan Series 7 reel feeder 9-40! (About this slightly later)
25 gram same In-@-@ Line Flat quietly give a flying under kamyshik opposite Bank. But of course on this fishing, and this a reservoir this was not necessarily, but uh, check it out opportunities wand like.

From themselves still added would, that with President highly specific, in terms of that 10ft your cast I would not called deal on Picker and not called would Light, this something secondary between them, paverpiker for example So same and 11ft between Light and short a psychic.
In principle not afraid to this words, with President highly all-rounder, and foreclosing a quiet on 2 positions in their downsize, as Mr. Picker and Lite so and Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

Generally who wants to obtain indeed pleasure from industrialized fishing an / chopped the carp fish in rags reservoirs, I would have advised that unambiguously have in his arsenal either 10ft wand either 11ft.
Of course price segment not budget raze, but if want something for pleasure but there is no opportunities buy with President from more expensive TOP segments together, then this the that need.
Grandfather Dren ??? knows understood in this fact, and I personally might be certain in this!


* Korum CS3000 ReeL

Here of course, to speak has little to. Here I saw indeed fiscal a series of Corum. As this not regrettably to speak, but these not inadequate for industrialized fishing fiderom (can be drawings contest of course).
The commercial lesoukladyvatelya unambiguously not intended for industrialized fishing puffed, in the best case fishing line, shackle, too, not inspires confidence.
Friction clutch very not precise, hard with him work, ah and capacity. This separate conversation, 15 gram flet, with distances roughly 30 meters, vymatyvaesh so as impact something bailed on on all 100.
So that use its with fiderom, or deal on Picker I would not became.

* Drennan Series 7 reel feeder 9-40

Ah and here is this katushechka me highly . On first glance not Commonwealth. In hands, I cast their preferences korumovskoy a coil. But as has peaked deal until spin. All it became clear
In the hands of the coil creates the impression something a reliable and highly not ubivaemogo for their the money.
Demand from it visually something more as would cannot be. This highly a worthy-horse, which must to serve not short term faith and true to his strange host.
The coil has highly precise Friction clutch. Undeniable and enormous plus - this the depth of shpuli, where not need a podmotka bekinga, and 120-150metrov delicate twist are spaced or filament, quietly will be an increasingly until for cushions
Of course and here the commercial lesoukladyvatelya is not perfect, but on first glance should withstand work with thin with a cord.
And is worth discern very even powerful. The same 15 gram fletik, exhausted on gliss very vigorously.

Yes and karpik can on 2 can slightly more, forced sing Friction clutch.

Generally grandfather Dren ??? knows in this fact understood. If distance ourselves from various brands coils, then can be very even is identically use kit rods up Puddle chucker Carp 10ft-11ft posts this coil, and receive pleasure.

Well pitfalls fishing, then fish unfortunately klevala mostly until rain, which began with hours 10, and lasted a host day, as Chinese torture, yes poklevki and skhody were, but already not so until shone the sun, yes and we entrusted our and nenashim prognozeram, and toured on a body of water easily dressed and without umbrellas, and the rest part of our fishing was under forested and not have missile

In a whole as and usually karpik there favored various types of corn on a (that exactly and not surprising, so as its was many in the aft smese), but and several more large tuzikov pozarilis on sonubaits clauses boiles the 10mm that strange (ah me strange) on white chocolate.
But as and usually there he likes more a major the nozzle sitch.

For method used as in the pure Dynamite Baits GLM Fishmeal Method so and mixture of from Silver X Carp Method + sonubaits Tiger Fish so and their options.
I have same better worked mixture of 1K 1mu Silver X Carp Method + sonubaits Tiger Fish, and have Zhenki a net Dynamite Baits GLM Fishmeal Method.

In a whole not despite rain, we received Sea pleasure and information to last under it comes to shagging carp on reservoirs, so as for us this remains still highly new and unauthenticated unlike industrialized fishing other cyprinids kept
Hope our information will useful you, expensive friends.

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