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Kharkvskiy fidernyy tandemnyy Marathon Gnilitsa 2013

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Kharkvskiy fidernyy tandemnyy Marathon Gnilitsa 2013

1. Common position
1.1. Open festival, in tandemnom Monster, on it catching fish fidernym pounder.

2. Goal and tasks.
2.1. Propaganda active healthy way of life, popularization sports industrialized fishing fish by snastyu
2.2. Raising fishing of excellence, exchange experience.
2.3. To attract new athletes in fidernoe movement.
2.4. Simply derive communication and recreation.

3. Leadership festival.
3.1. The organizers and judges festival - administration site Kharkvskiy feeder (

4. Time and place conducting.
4.1. Contest ???? 27-28 July 2013
Place conducting contest: Commercial a body of water alongside village of Malyshev Log A new Gnilitsa (near road) -
The species composition: Karp, White Amur, tolstolob, a dace, krasnoperka, perch, bream, Crucian, bleak and catfish.

5. Participants festival
5.1. Are permitted all wishing to reaching 16 year-old age, with satisfactory condition health, accurate with data Polozhennyam.
5.2. Festival open, major team tandem, composed of two people.
5.3. In tandem repeat for competitions participate 2 athlete.
5.4. Team (athletes), not 20.1 or arrive on start (to point signal start ), is deducted with competition.
5.5. Participants competition owe have documents, zasvdchu their personality, undertaken with and respectfully treat participants competition, not to permit cases the emergence of in time able on events, foreseen briefing of days competition.
5.6. Participants competition owe know and abide by rules Amateur and sporting fisheries, position and rules competition, not abandon on a reservoir garbage.
5.7. In damages must be identifies a: Name team, surname, name of and patronymic (fully), year birth athletes.
5.8. Team (athletes) owe attend on general building under open and closing competition.
5.9. Torchbearer, guy breaking demands position and rules competition, solution judges, supplementation delays or gets evasive from participation in Sally.

6. Rules conducting competition.
6.1. A competition is conducted in one tour, efficiently 24 hours.
6.2. Had forced fish is conducted by snastyu (feeder, Mr. Picker), equipped one a leash around with one single crocheted.
6.3. To application of resolved species mounting cordage
Fidernye montages, metodnye montages.
6.4. Nozzles only of plant and animal.
6.5. Number of Warranty prikormki, and also, nozzles and prikormki animal and of plant origin not limited.
6.6. Convicts are hair tooling.
6.7. Prikarmlivanie permitted to throughout industrialized fishing, using only only, fidernye trough or with hands.
6.8. Permitted to the use of Pruzhinki on Handguards hook for retaining test or porridge.
6.9. Any other objects, domiciled on the hook, except Warranty nozzles prohibited.
6.10. The size of the sector tandem, not less 15 meters.
6.11. Number of spare udilisch and cordages is not confined to.
6.12. Poklevka fish is determined by the sportsman only on vershinke rods up, method kvivertip.
6.13. Impose beyond own sector banned.
6.14. In the course competition torchbearer can situated in his sector for industrialized fishing, as believes please, however, objects, raspolagaemye in sector or their parts of should not reach beyond the sector.
6.15. In his sector athletes must move freely on opportunities's corridors.
6.16. For definitions terrain trawling permitted to use your fishing bobber-the marker on a special udilishche, not equipped the feeding trough and a leash around with crocheted. Pounder, armed connected float switch-Marker permitted to enjoy the, as until signal start , so and after him, your fishing bobber the marker permitted to leave in water as their shopping for zabrosa some tackle.
6.17. After signal start , tandemu permitted had forced fish only on two rods up.
6.18. Participants during industrialized fishing can to quit their sector with resolution judges, in including and vacation - on one, a participant remaining in sector has the right harvest on two fidera simultaneously, (in the nighttime time permitted to apply fireflies and nalobnye lights).
6.19. Is prohibited had forced fish outside limits own sector.
6.21. In the process competition athletes owe to store its catch in sadke, which maximally are immersed in water. Minimum the length of the charge ?? in water accounts for 1 meter. The mesh charge must be Produkowana from natural or an artificial threads lead. The use of metal charge prohibited from.
6.22. In apprehending fish above 3-'s kilograms roughly) torchbearer should trigger Chief Justice for weighting and immediate otpuskaniya fish.
6.23. Permitted to use radio stations, and mobile funds ties. Participants competition must use means ties so, to not hinder other some.
6.24. During competition some permitted enjoy platforms or armchairs (chairs). On moment start, although would one counseling must situated outside water, on Bank. During round realignment permitted only in side Bank.
6.25. In laps. Goes any fish, here and recovered from water until signal OK, it's over , so same after signal OK, it's over 10 minutes on vyvazhivanie fish.
6.26. Some that Spain remain have seats industrialized fishing (in sector) until signal weighing up the Radetzky. If torchbearer left its sector before the end of weighting, him forbidden to return back in sector without resolution judges. Responsibility for catch, left in sector, falls to athlete, who fled from sector.
6.27. Sector are distributed among fly very comfortable by drawing.
6.28. After weighting, torchbearer undersigns in Protocol for its outcome, catch is sent back in a body of water.
6.29. In tandem repeat for competitions results counted only team in a whole.
6.30. Winner in round recognized tandem (team), with the greatest weight capture of.
Under equal weight capture of, decisive will weight the largest fish tandem.
6.31. Athletes, remaining without capture of, receive number of points (seats), equal a recent community.

7. Financial conditions.
7.1. All spending athletes, associated with transiently until seats conducting competition, and also with address on for competitions, bear themselves athletes.
7.2. Premium on the right participation in Sally accounts for 150 UAH. With stakeholder (300 UAH. With team) and being conducted the sportsman or his representative, organizers to 25. 07. 2013., any convenient way.
7.3. Contest ????, Hua 10-fringes fly very comfortable oplativshikh Kiri premium until 20.07.2013g.
7.4. Part of funds moves away on lease dam, part of on organizational needs (clubs, medals, obtain, prizes and camping on P.

8. Regulations:
8.30 a.m. - 9.00 - collection participants.
9.00 9.30 - a toss-up.
10.00 - 12.00 - preparation (includes in themselves and equipment sectors and preparation to busting)
21.00 - bridge weighing up the fish
06.00 - bridge weighing up the fish
12.00 - weighing up the,s, awarding.

9. Awarding
Tandemnyy score, bro:
1s place: Clubs, medals, of ratification of, prizes
2s place: Medals, of ratification of, prizes
3s place: Medals, of ratification of, prizes
Nomination the largest fish: Prize from sponsor.

Ah and not forget, that in primarily this venue, goal which recreation in comfortable and friendly companies, so that if you arrive with his wife, children, girlfriend, we will only are happy.

Administration, leaves for a right partly to change position.

Registering the teams is undertaken in this the Frost Forum or on Forum organizers of.
About pay write in lichku or call on little below.

K. T. 0675403948 Vladimir
K. T. 0962040011 Alexey

Let us grateful, any sponsorship aid.



A little bit about a reservoir
And here

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Had registered had:

1. Team "sponsors Osmanovics":
Oliynyk Alexander Sergeevich, 1981
Ponomaryov Alexey Alexandrovich, 1977

Monich Sergei
Glukhman Alexander

Team "emergencies"
Yurchenko Alexander Sergeevich 066-475-97-77
Bondarenko Sergei Sergeevich


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