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Open winning the independent area on it catching fish fiderom 2013

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H. Z. :dontknow: wasn that, who the complained to. Perezalil -

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Winners and Paralympic in fotovariante.
Photos were made Smirnov (figure skater), Arseniy.

system of Forever Team laps.:

1. "BANDAS-KOMMANDOS" Kyiv-Kharkiv (Popov Sergei, Bayrak Denis)

2. "Zaporozhye" Zaporozhye (Pugach Alexey, Davydenko Alexander)

3. "VV" Kharkiv (Duday Vitaly, Petrashenko Vasily)

. The personal midterm:
1. Popov Sergei "BANDAS-KOMMANDOS" Kyiv

2. About ten species Alexei "Zaporozhye" Zaporozhye

3. Bayrak Denis "BANDAS-KOMMANDOS" Kharkiv

winner of America in nomination "The most a major fish"
Weight 880 gr
Goryainov Maxim "M-Plast", Donetsk

winner of America in nomination "One big the catch of the for tour"
Pugach Alexey "Zaporozhye" Zaporozhye
With catch of the day tonight 9170 "grape"

Winners in nomination "Ioaeai successful kharkovchane"
Bayrak Denis, Petrashenko Vasily, Oliynyk Alexander

the Justices:
the Massachusetts General judge - judge national categories - Shamray Nikolai Savelyevich

the Massachusetts General Secretary - Miroshnichenko Alexander becoming

From faces organizers of and themselves personally like still times thank all participants for create an honest fight!
Individual words gratitude wanted to would express forensic American proposal to allow and our unchanged contributors!

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benderr wrote:

MA It like would in Protocol to see numbers sectors in which sat athletes. Hope, that need not to explain why.

Unfortunately, hemisphere protocols already there is no.



_ wrote:

Unfortunately, hemisphere protocols already there is no.

Program, which was counting results can give Protocol uchasnikov on sectors (eksport in xls) the first and the second tour.



Derzhitsya ACP - 100%. Have many even avatarki pomenyalms :cool:



debrief them. Although particularly not becomes to ruminate on paper, but know - as interestingly to read sheets with competition - have read their ocheeeen many - after all in them's sounding more just information, and its grant oops as little.
The Beginning
Because on levees Murom reservoir (Muromka) harvest prohibited from, work out was supposed only on official train,, in Friday on the eve ban. However skills industrialized fishing of bream limping a little, so decided to work out on closest 2008, good their another two: Vyalovskoe and Travyanskoe (travyanka), literally alongside home 12km away and 25km away. Sorrowful mostly on Travyanke, because on a relief trawling on levees it more reminds Principality of Murom, while on Vyalovskom not are rare depth in 10m, that at all not predictably in year the Nighttime, in my opinion. Leschik lovilsya - the densely, then almost empty - unambiguously - is to blame weather ;). With composition helped figure out several training facilities with brother and with partner, however not with those, who was on Cup, but about this later.
Describe coaching received, because, in my opinion, give understanding of conclusions, which I made, and here is are correct whether they or this coincidence, - not know. Very hope, experienced fly fishermen by first and will channel in hopeful direction my future reasoning. So, on order:
module # 1: Travyanka. July. Weather many run - rain there is no ;). We with brother sit down on favorite place - not far from emerge. The first affair - batter's box now prikormki, riot gear. 'm brother - already sits - feeder in water. I have around eyes - yes as, same so, and get somethin ', and promeryat bottom - after all mentioned and showed. And in the answer - yes I here catching on this distance there is - zaklipsoval, ah think modicum something. And prikormka, says, in freezer with last fishing. That is why native people not want to hear and to see explanations their, - not understandable. After all not one times considerable outcome efficiency action: Made a sauce prikormku, even potato gun, I very often him'm using. Promeryal bottom - found something, - no matter that: Though, hold a shell up, brovku, a groove in the, a mermaid (I still not am confident, that feel the, that on fact, on bottom) - importantly to believe in this. Zaklipsoval distance, to feed one point. Mapped out an their shopping on how Bank. Sifted through yet prikormku. Has taken a new hook and pegged to a new povodkovoy a fishing line, desirable not thicker 0.14, on bream with reservoir, but better 0.1 - give chance goldfish and itself pleasure.
So, play around: Podleschik 200-400g began peck roughly through 20-30 minutes, with periodicity times in 5-10 minutes. Poklevki waited from 2 to 5 minutes and perezabros. Accelerate, podskazav couple of practices, helped Snik. Thank you you Sergei for couple of new for me nyuansikov. Play around has passed in really good pace. The most complex was cut off poklevki krasnoperki and sebelya in thicker water - in this partly me helps well uvlazhnennaya prikormka, but not you overdo it, heavy there's gravy and maximally closed there's gravy. Think, there is and other ways this do, but I until their not know. If from whom there is desire to their open, d very thankful, and, perhaps, not only I.
Results coaching received were understood: Composition works and there is understanding of, as harvest precisely bream, because Holy order got.

module # 2. Travyanka. July. Weather - again many run, not feel hot, rain there is no - simply miracles. Goal - work out with partner and test the found composition in comparison with other. In as a another used VDE Turbo Black and VDE Secret, elegant fashion, Breme zameshali with adding molasses. Bulk aromy previous inscription in the process and well worked candy corn in this one.
Play around has shown, that such composition perfectly works - collects triviality. Very well - with third zabrosa. On it catching comrade. And I prefer be phased into the domestic prikormku - FD (and this truth - there is bystanders). I have nibble began roughly through half an hour of exercise after start coaching received - however the first fish grams 300. 400, ah can a pound of ;). But not 50 lavrukha, which in this year life not gives. Of course, poklevki were ostentatious, than have running mate,, but clearly fish was in three-four times larger, were and bonuses on 700. 800. Thus, the second play around confirmed chosen by the composition.

module # 3.travyanka. Augustus. Weather the awful - shifting rain a host day. Nothing not works. Conclusion - weather around the is to blame. However was and positive conclusion - if blows wind, then need put the feeder bullet - then there is chances feed point, not tennis Court.
As this usually the case, for a few days until competition previous says, that not can to participate. 'm the search for a new. The first candidate - this Petrashenko Vasily, with which we also, case, perfectly issued on championship independent area 2013. Entered - and about miracle he says, that are registered in lichke. Ah that OK team there is, even name to change not need to - VV.

module # 4 (the official).Muromka. Augustus. Weather - feel hot. Goal - test composition FD and test conclusion on VDE.
On train, decided to test zone B, because in A already was many colleagues. Is housed in sector B10. First made a sauce FD. Promeryal bottom - decided to start with the far-point - 46 gather steam; Exage 4,000. Starters work on third zabrose - podleschik 300g, then still, then Heavy -, and so on every zabrose in for minutes stick poklevka. Ah that - like all clear - prikormka works. Decided to for a holiday -
Yes and on rivals watch, after all have been registered many known athletes. Need same was little secrets take a peek. But, then whether secrets not, the whether are encrypted well, then whether my eyes not adaptable still their on the lookout for - nathin 'unusual I not saw :(.
Returned and decided to test as affairs on point - impose - fish. Ah, think even 4000m2 as well as it is no fun. Decided to test those same composition round 6 point. Began feed - and at the second zabrose krasnoperka with should sit. Yes perishing. On this fish decided to accurately not to bet on for competitions. However decided to test there is whether larger - and began seek - ??? yes, there is - a bit further - roughly on 30 scandisk. Sometimes come across very quite good sizes - grams on 150 and precisely krasnoperka. And here on negotiate yet another zabrose get blow in hand and paroooovoz - this he - lobatenkiy. Ah on him, too, nothing to acquire count, so stop talking, I stop and solve the test VDE. Made a sauce and on far three zakormochnykh. Impose with povodokom - laskirik with palming, impose - even less, impose - again triviality. Conclusion - an unambiguous - FD our all on this moment. On this decided to retreatments to end.

Tur 1.Getting ~ A13, previous in extreme B15 - what want to. Practically there now to sector and that I see - Teterenko Alexey,
Ah that same again (we already sat near on of the match KhRFK) will interesting struggle.
Signal - calling in zone. Promer trawling: The, that are interested in, was perched on 55 scandisk, namely though with small Ophelia mussels, and through couple of gather steam; rise. Brought together still couple of udilisch,
Measured such a same distance, has taken a sip your six espressos.
Start: Three trough without defence wakes up aggressivity. Then do the jimmying ceasing, roughly on third zabrose it's also an - think strange - before these such even not saw. Impose and again triviality. To thought - not jeopardized whether who me composition ;). In general it's also an so and lovilas, sometimes only were electric grams on 200 laskiriki. To the same nibble was not active - and accounted for o.s. new ways combinations jamborees: Night crawlers - oparik - night crawlers, oparik - oparik - night crawlers and camping on D., to talk defiant lavrukhu. And here my neighbor Alexey Takes bonus - hands slightly not degenerated. But we same athletes - and head slopes with a new force. I and probochki did, and oparika's been slinging, and Pinku. In general tried to shake up. And me this somehow managed, know would somehow. But to 12 :3 0 laskirik ??? became on prikormku, and, with it seems, a gaggle of prep school brothers itself has gone - grams on 150. Began harvest in good pace, and even sensed, that neighbor'm bypassing. Javadxan - now. Maybe, you - he Takes second bonus. And my nibble began exist, and again has become triviality and not densely. In late round still and on - loss of couples minutes. The end of the.
Weighing up the showed, that grams managed nakovyryat well renowned - and on this moment was the third in zone. Of course, I knew, that Alexey lost, however - it turned out quite a bit - 90g. Essentially - one fish - yes so case. On past for competitions I lost 40 grams, and from second seats have separated 10G. So that 90g - not so it's a shame.
Previous well - the third in zone. And our team divides third place on outcomes first day with team sponsors Osmanovics , possessing in Mr. Leonid Reznikov on 7 key.
On the evening sit-round gathering, gruel, communication. All - super.

Tur 2.Destiny fell on B2, initially committed to it, that middle of the fears zone, and like in rightist the brink. However then I mentioned: There same ZOOM yesterday naskirdoval 7kg massive podleschikov - means will battle. Arrived, things uploaded. Machine for auction (oops as awkward, that she not near).
Entry in zone. Sifted through yet prikormku. Promarkerilsya - the distance was zaklipsovana - checked -, too, most - essentially, I sat 50 meters further left than that in the first round. In general relaxed a - drinking a nice glass of cold coffee - the other water not was. And here in B1 away- - neighbor - and who would you thought this was - of course same Teterenko Alexey :shock:. I even judges asked the toss conduct re-- after all so not case. But they asked much money for this - and I have so much not was ;). Thank you judges for honest and the correct refereeing - denied after all correctly.
Ah yes okay, where our not have you been gadding - prikormka-tested, night crawlers almost alive (need to learn save zhivotinku on third clock), head almost not aching. In battle:
Start. Today decided to start harvest immediately with a leash around. Impose - 30 seconds - poklevka - not shoot you - and immediately 200 grams. Impose - still, and still. In short the first hour - literally on every zabrose normal fish. Even one grams on 500 the apparently. However by the end of second hours - nibble became clearly exist and gone on there is no. In anybody it was revolving three option causes:
1) came the jumbo;
2) neighbor right took away fish - he very actively've fed;
3) fish there is, but frightened or've had quite enough of.
Is allowing the first - many oparika on the hook, many motylika and even the worm I put on a, which incidentally worked and gave couple of podleschikov on 300 Propulsion Thought found - efforts, aha. On this nibble on worm over, however received the answer - option 3.
And began dances: Different bait, different hooks, length the leash. Something generating outcome, something there is no. But need to was something to change, and I this did. However Alexei in this time not missed you and I even thought, that he me is catching up with, especially when took a white bream grams on 500. Of course this could not diminish its on me - head again slopes and do not justify still couple of new ideas, that brought several small fish runs. So and ended tour. How many I caught, - notions not had - there is no still skills the counting of the even number of. Weighing up the showed exactly 6 kg. Neighbor in this time surpassed. Even to brash, little thoughts can and zone took. Javadxan, going fast there.
In zone B7 sat Alexei Pugach, which showed outcome more 9kg. Not know, as need be able harvest, plough and lot, to so much to capture - simply Well done. And especially hit Denis Bayrak, - steadily gave both round - Well done, and so keep!
So, today the third in zone - not poorly. Previous gave also steadily, showing again the third outcome. Integrity of the 13 key gave chance to third place. And we his have won.!

Like would thank organizers of, test immediately team and all athletes for honest, open contest.
Thank you my your partner with your on team, Deputy Petrashenko, for superb close-knit work.
I congratulate winners with deserved the result!
Until new meetings on our reservoirs!And let they will are full wily and unpredictable fish tank, after all precisely this gives incentive harvest its again and again.

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v.u.k wrote:

bailout - an unambiguous - FD our all on this moment.

If not secret, that from FD US?



Not secret. FD bream, FD Sport Black, FD bream + and made a sauce on small numbers molasses. Arom - not inscription - this part of dam not surprise bottle sketches, so calculated, that tanks going to scare fish. And sypuchuyu can be always add.



Viatlik, I very glad, that draw me demolish the twice for sorevy, with so rival as you.



v.u.k wrote:

Dont secret.

Thank you :cool:



v.u.k wrote:

Dont secret. FD bream, FD Sport Black, FD bream + and made a sauce on small numbers molasses. Arom - not inscription - this part of dam not surprise bottle sketches, so calculated, that tanks going to scare fish. And sypuchuyu can be always add.

And dubinschiki in entire sit.



v.u.k wrote:

Arom - not inscription - this part of dam not surprise bottle sketches, so calculated, that tanks going to scare fish


A dubinschiki in entire sit.

Ah. Here can be to do many endowed.



In intervals of between the Championships of Ukraine which passed on strong during, wanted, as the diversity its fishing trip and swim on stoyachem water feature. On sheets of with past year organizers of competition, was in sight, that imaginations many and there is different sizes, that and podbilo me on trip. On retreatments had gone with morning Friday, and toured by the afternoon, when already all Furthermore rivals but podlescha!
On payroll particularly not mudrili, zameshalis on the basis of browning. On train, zameshali fully same assessment prikormki, but in one added Kopra-molasses which must was attract more active fish, and in particular dace. Increasingly so virtually and happened, but instead small fry on point came very a small krasnopyorka and very big tolstoloby! On train, was many not yet understandable, but their mistakes can be test only during competition!

The first Tur.

With morning awakened, raised on a refrigerator rapid oparikov with pinkoy, and go on hillsides. Zameshalis, conducted means of a draw and go on sectors! Me second sector A-10, a good sector, But on distance there is 40 meters the depth of order 2.5-3 meters, this meant that after zakorma cannot be was Museum buildings. Start, zakarmlivayus from 5 feeders and turn on a small metal crime as from Browning. But the first 2 hours I've been sitting with 3-are fishes and a bit not understood that is happening (perhaps need to was more lot more sit on train, and deal with an effeminate body of water. Sozvanivayus with partner (Sasha Davydenko), have him such a same a little problem with a fat suit meets Undercover imaginations, company internal site to do pause more and not feed at all, and starts fish waking up. In such tactics prolovili the entire tour, I have broke a to capture 40 fish with weight 4400 gr., and this facilitated on 2 place in zone A. Alexander caught 21 a fish with weight 5170 gr. On the results of we second in team. Are going and eat in Number awaken from such a hot round.

The second Tur.

Not vybivayas from graphics are going on hillsides, on arrival zameshivaem prikormku and I proposed add a bit zemelki, on that Sasha mutually reacted! Passes zherebyovka, me went middle of the zone B, sector 7 (happy). Under promere trawling I was a bit utility of depth, if in zone A was order 2.5-3 flushed the in zone B somewhere. On such conceals can be regarded on more stable enleve a white bream, and can even and good bream! Zakarmlivayus, turn immediately in tactics pause, but virtually immediately should poklyovka a small a white bream. Between no-go zones was difference not only on conceals, but and on number of fish. The first hour passes and I have already 13 small fish (not poorly began) on 2-itself ano came tuna melt or large individual bream and not provided you can catch a nor whom. On 3 those ano fishing fish is beginning to again rasklyovyvatsya, with were mostly copies of 300-600 gr and you can catch in good pace, 2 minutes fish. Until the end of round failures not was, podleschi densely stood on point and hey, we shared tasty prikormkoy, which them very liked.
Weighing up the showed, that imaginations today I have more, caught 43 fish with weight 9170 gr., me this weight put on 1 place in zone, Sasha, too, made things better its outcome and policies--and 2 place with weight 5500 gr., football championship activist Sergey Popov which and won contest!

Want express greater lasting gratitude to his partner, Aleksander Davydenko, for good performance on for competitions and an excellent major team spirit!
Want thank Center modern fishing Three China , for good prikormku and supplements from companies browning.
Large thank you furniture companies Interkom, for highly technological the and very cushy povodochnitsy!
Thank you organizer and judges competition, you have made increasingly for order to was pleased come in Kharkiv on your contest! Clarity as well lasting gratitude want express Vladimir Polyakov had been!

Until meeting on for competitions!

With respect Pugach Alexey!


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