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Fidernyy tandem on "karpodrome"

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As we ticked their records.
Participate in tandem decided with Micha's suite last night immediately, as only learned about conducting this event see, after all such format for us novelty. And began preparation - literally every day attended shops and tarilis than something covered dish and unusual. On the spoils information (thank you Air Force pilot) on a reservoir very many small fry, which are biting on all, respectively, to from it eliminate, decided maximally reduce sypuchku and accusations major faction (with maize, wheat stalks, pelets). Distinctive supukhu from FD used exclusively to shape balls.
Had gone in 4 :3 0 in Saturday, on half an hour of exercise before scheduled - not left. Because expected bad roads, then go further on Rostov a highway through Volokhiv YarAdua, has scaled back on Sumskoe (as then it turned out the most normal the road). So, profits on body of water in district 6 :3 0, some already too awake either after gabfests. Help, just had a cup your six espressos. Festival should was undergo on opposite side - decided watch on the field battlefield, together Air Force pilot helped sector mark. Wanted still prikormku get somethin ', but because machine was bar stoned things - not stomach now touch this order, after all back not. You pick them up.
Draw. After viewing sectors, purely from convenience industrialized fishing, like fall into sector: A1, A7, A6. A1 moves away to First masks,
A7 moves away to Tornado,
Of walking pull and Ur - A6, and to go far not need to, as knew - machine in A7 we just parked.
Entry in sector and work slopes: I lures from day one'm interrupting, Misha Spode, the marker decomposes and camping on D. Promer showed same depth 2.7m for from 60 m (further harvest our with sticks visibly) and closer until up, where began brovka centimeters 50-70. Place chose on 62 scandisk 4,000 Exage - Ouite a, and next of on up. Far decided feed 5322991 from Left and right spombom - clean cereals, and harvest on method. On a near - harvest paternosterom without launch zakorma. In work flew by 2.5 hours - grapple typically recognized.
Start.At the far-Misha - tastes various metodnye a mixture (zabugornye VDE, Bait-Tech fish and sweet not worked at all) and purposefulness (maize, peas, both: Boyle). I on a near FD Karp + Sensas Karp. Hour - nothing, two - well sit, repositioning now on far and enleve on method. And only in late third hours poklevka, leapfrog - and feel a pleasant severity of - near Bank on resistance understand, that on the wrong side Cupid. Partner on podsake - took the usual fidernyy and so could not long lead the fish, more thus not engaged in - taking in karpovyy. With fifth - Sixth times - have been created - and joy not was limit - the first normal fish among all teams.
However joy lasted for not long - Denis and Kostya (PRIMANKA) take 2-'s amurov literally for 10 minutes, one of whom will of Morgan Fish 2570g.
We faced karasikom on 300g. Bridge weighing up the shows, that we zamykaem a "C", with the result in 2450g.
Foreclosure lasting minutes expectations - poklevok there is no, nor have us, nor have neighbors. Break the head, that not so, and where at all huge herd carp from 1 th until 2-'s kg, which, according to owner dam, is the main (I him willingly believe, because on next day Amor-have shown its presence wholly).
About 20 :0 0, shifting zakorm: 50 balls and a bit spombom.
To ten decided to take a nap in got. In 11 :3 0 replaced the running mate, on office, and he went to in machine - him after all home usbad luck. Perezabros, perezabros, change nozzles, expectation and here is she poklevka - struggle and White Amur about 2kg in podsake. On hours 00 :1 5. Forth pause half an hour of exercise and began show on point is buruny, spikes - me seemed, that the water boiled - I directly felt, that there herd fish. And indeed for half an hour of exercise I take still three amurov. Forth calm - times in hour enleve on Amur river. On the sly captured neighbors and are beginning -Stop baiting, and I have pause - that gives me understand - fodder over - we went for food. Of course - I began feed spombom and this gave plody- nibble resumed. Previous has awakened somewhere about five and we until weighting being still couple of-top three tails.
The second weighing up the: In the first sadke - five fish on 9 with start, in the second 4 still on 8 with start. And because nibble participated, then Misha helped weigh the, and I was alongside udilischami, and when judge wanted to stray, occurred yet another poklevka - being another maybe there, immediately weigh and are. 760.46 have us in district 22kg - neighbors accurately outnumbered by, and that there further is unknown, however later becomes understandable, that we leaders. The coming rivals (Denis and Kostya) the result in 15kg second,
Lugansk 14kg with start,
Tornado about 14kg , go closely. Especially in 7 kg not gave particularly relax - after all this just 4 amur.
In the next period, that only not tried and ZIG-RIG from mere 0.5 flushed until 2.5m, and different jamborees. But to 9 morning being just couple of fish, and Tornado began to to justify name - simply flogged fish. And ??? naporoli its on third place
Of course same, we not sat across faire pens - spomb and forward on point now teeters units 20 missiles. Impose, and accidentally flet lie down closer meters on 10 - literally vlet get poklevku. Naturally the second impose there same - minute - poklevka - select both with Micha's suite last night on this distance - and for 30-40 minutes being 7 bunch of good-lookers. On our calculations have us in sadkakh already critical number of fish, camping on E. Soon exceed allowed 5 fish in one sadke - we invite Chief Justice on weighing up the: The first a hatchling pond 5 fish - about 9kg, the second 4 fish - about 8 kg - 760.46 in district fantastic new - ah like we lost them. On latest ano looking on distance there is, quietly, have neighbors, too, silence and we already waiting for finish- wowed.
For 5 minutes until finish PRIMANKA Takes amurchika.
across the line.
For time round tested heap various changeable tips: Until 10 various species maize, three species pea plants, until 10 species Boylov. In end, all fish caught out on both: Boyle: Three on donnuyu pylyaschuyu a plum from um - Trophy, one on mulberry trees Pop-Up from um - Trophy, and the rest on Pop-Up fruit smell different flowers Bait-Tech. And neighbors a on maize. Here is and think, think after this, we deal was in nozzle of, we in payroll, we simply giveaways. In any case, we are happy POBEDE, happy, that have improved many their record: Record in 20kg, 30 kg and almost have reached fantastic new, not be gone 490 grams. Have improved record for the number of poklevok major fish - more 20 fringes, and perhaps close to 30 fringes, rounded up 20 amurov, camping on E. Implementation limped for - need think as minimize idle poklevki. Record for the number of an abandoned prikormi: 2 / 3 the buckets wheat, 3kg maize, 3kg peletsa and supukhi about 8kg. Record for the number of disused balls - 30 under start and 50 on the evening, how many spombov calculate difficult. Record for the number of associated tug ropes - two-three fish - a new hook. Ah and of course - 20 amurov - so much amurov for one fishing trip nor one, nor the two of and even threesome we not a.
Huge THANK YOU organizers - Kharkovskomu fidernomu club (KhRFK), guys thank you for eloquently organized celebration!
Thank you for neutral enforcement refereeing Aleksander Miroshnichenko.
I express lasting gratitude contributors for support fidernogo direction.
Thank you bundle of dam Kryshtal in Spodobovke for an excellent pond and support sports fishing, necessarily to you review for the carp, which holed from us in this time.

Team Consultants ,
Duday Vitaly and Rogozhnikov Mikhail





Desire to to accept participation in this the was the huge. Kostya proposed play in one team (we with broken bones long intended to dissent in one team but all long nesrostalos). Groom have become still for month before starters competition. A bit overserved. Several producers karpovogo naprovleniya and stalled on companies tandem baits. After several hours discuss with prikormochnoy program populyaren. So Made to Order made waiting for Malaysia August. The entire our prikormochnaya program delivered, Internet Music PRIMANKA as always nepodvel! Machine loaded, team in here-POEKhALI.
On a body of water toured 17 on the morning. Meeting with old friends from Luhansk. Draw gave us 5 sector. Toured in sector, they unloaded machine, we checked it out. Ah that OK sector as sector the only that uzkovata a small clearing in kamyshe, but as states in huddled yes not in London). In of left until as next sector enough big the assistant Bank a rank kamyshom-this well, and here is with rights neighbor draw gave us Vitalika Kovaleva, I his already long know on competitions, dangerous he rival, ah that OK will be exiting. And here is training started. Fixation erected tents, collection udilisch, equipment jobs, preparation feed.
So start. Hour of waving you can, and the first-third zakorma traveled in water. Waiting for poklevok, but fish us nezhaluet their prisutstviem. Hour the second, the third. There is no poklevok. I from boredom dismantled flet, linked the Pater Noster (disambiguation), and became harvest dace which klevala as from the basement, but the size of the select much to be desired, but modicum neskushno) And here neighbor with rights Takes first amur under-room, this us and raszadorilo. Means fish came on his zakorm, and so as in his prikormochnoy program we nesomnevalis the were drafted that and have us on the table already prisutstvuet fish. And our thoughts soon confirmed, passed a bit time and Kostya sliced first amur, vyvazhivanie and the first White Amur roughly such same as and have neighbor have us in Mr. Leonid Reznikov. Ur, here we go! Through several minutes and I irresistible a pleasant severity of on the hook. Here is and the first weighing up the. Judge says you the first, cheers! But then came information that Lugansk a bit us oboshol, but this it's not so scary ahead after all still night and gender days, touch 'em. Before offensive darkness in water moves away the second-third zakorma. Admit on night I did rate on approach bonus fish, on this linked the sootvetstvuyuschiy a montage, Kostya catching so same as and day. But night Made a us surprise, with quite a malign, In dark CONVENIENT days WE nepoymali none products of! And neighbor with rights to mess up us nerves on glory. Duday razlovilsya at night nenashutku. And nespalos same him) dawn, brains breathtaking, why neklyuet? Busts different changeable tips, perevyazyvanie recording and. Already almost five morning, weighing up the through hour, and have us empty a hatchling pond. And here poklevka and the standard White Amur under dvukhu in sadke, soon the second, the third. Spharischen for hour we rounded up five fish common weight more tens of! Weighing up the and we second, the first Duday, for night he, holds from all roughly on among the! Third Lugansk, but the clearance between us minimal, about kilograms. Ah that OK here is you and be exiting)
And again zakorm, and again failure in Cleves. But then on the sly fish has become poklevyvat.
On weighing up the get the hell together with judge, like slowda to know ooi how many Hi. Did you. Are more suited to Luhansk team, housing office reaches a hatchling pond and I understand that the second place ranked they. Ah that OK third place, too, well, such thought were I have in anybody. On the sly weighing up the ??? to our sector, until for us all well, are more suited in sector to team Tornado, max reaches a hatchling pond, and there good catch. Weighing up the, and I understand that have us roughly measured weight. And finally our turn weigh the their small fish. Scales, have shown a bit more 10 kg, each counting showed that we lost tornado the immediate 3 kg. It's a shame. It's a shame precisely the that one amur about dvukhi have past charge, and second launched under podsakom (favorite search category these two fish lifted would us to third place. Ah yes okay, already nothing to acquire nepodelaesh. After the end of the weighting we will know that BIG Fish our! Ur! Means team PRIMANKA really won on awarding.
Then nespeshnye fees, building, awarding, and home.
Want express huge lasting gratitude leadership Internet retailer PRIMANKA for okazanuyu aid our team, and big contribution in development fishing sport in Propulsion Kharkiv. Still want thank his running mate, Constantine Chernyenko for good, slazhenuyu convinced game. Ah and of course its club KhRFK for something that with vision, we have been able conduct such an interesting tournament.
Until meetings on reservoirs.)


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