"Not your fishing bobber your fishing bobber, in fideristy do, let me will teach"

For Zaporozhem-white. Dnepr- "Nicolas." Depth in neighborhood 9m, for, sometimes a C-note FD Sport not holds need on more than, and sometimes and Shestidesyatki lack, ah who fished below dam the knows. On bottom the conch has the power with a steadfast upside. And in five meters away from point, stone ridge, as in the coral from dreyseny.

On prikormke like zamorochitsya and try anything pull off this little, like a carp, of bream, dace and an simultaneously :lol2:, in short Registan, on all and immediately, so prikormka consisted of: VDE DS Feeder 1kg, Sekret 1kg (black), Megamix station wagon, kudazh without him rodimogo, gender liter molasses, gender package Kopra molasses. Mixture of Lies very a sticky and after excessive, be any dust here particularly not like, camping on K. Bleak not shared, moreover one of types was electric on flet, you say not on glitterati harvest on two stick, ah and okay. I same not on sorevakh, and so, for themselves to catch some imaginations.

Osnastka1: Pater Noster (disambiguation), cord Daiwa Tournament 8 Braid 0.12mm, about ceasing Maver this Lenza 0.12mm, hook Matrix, not remember name, but hook a good, # 12. There's gravy to gain Grizly 60grm (not reklamma), there's gravy liked.
Osnastka2: Flat 60grm with gidroelastikom (buffer against an in being). The fishing line is Daiwa Justron 0.28mm. Shock 0.3 the cord, although Perhaps can be was and not questioning, went belt and brace's. Ceasing, the remnants of SLR 0.22, length until ten centimeters, hair for kukuruzki. Hook Preston with little ring on semblance of Matrix Feeder Riggers # 12, perhaps onizhe, only in the other packaging.

Feder: Opisovat has little to, special Jexon Crystalis, one until 90 the other 120grm.

Fishing: On River were about three morning or night, fading in short, brezzhil dawn. Fish yielded its presence loud lyapami chegoto not puny. Startanul with a small zakorma from five feeders, flet I dropped it off downstream in neighborhood prikormochnogo spots, on him must get caught bonuses, after all so.

The nozzle sitch Pater Noster (disambiguation): Oparik, the boot, nasadochnyy night crawlers (thank you Vadim).

The nozzle sitch flet: Maize Bazarnaya, stood this two days wandered around, then gumbo stew with mutton about hours, tverdenkaya, correct-amundo sverlivshayasya, well has rested on Aurum /.

Deep Pater Noster (disambiguation): All that was (seksas).

Deep flet: Seksas strawberries and skopeks (sprays I mean in mind).

On fish all positively, polovili, but a carp so and not rounded up. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/WZaRd.jpg