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Fishing in Kirovograd (Ukraine)

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Fishing 14.07.13
Place: RSB "the Red his", sector 4

Some tackle: PI Excel (11,6 ') & Dutch pattern that with katukhami twin power 3,000 & 4,000

The fishing line is osn.: On Excel - 0,18 (Trabuco feeder), on Duster (2009 concept) - 0.25 (formax feeder)
Snap: Patternoster with 28 gr kormushkami grids (cylinder), dog leashes but also 60 centimeters (0.1) and type driver from # 16 until # 14 (email to the Owner Pin hook & chika)
Bait: The worm (scheiss), maggot (white ordinary), maize, that garlic floating dough
Was biting, mostly on sandwich the worm-maggot and on-separately, ostentatious on dipovannuyu tandem baits ananas booster th maize.
For industrialized fishing was is drawn up 2 prikormochnye programs: 1) metodnaya prikormka with adding and certifies enough cannabis and a bit the geyser and 2) fidernaya prikormka with a geyser, but so as difference no not saw, decided to method replace on showing the feeder-little butterfly net and harvest in regime more feed - more poklevok.

In prilove prevailed karasik until 1 kg, and so same met 1 krasnoperka and several nano plotvits on Excel.

Overall weight capture of averaged slightly more 7 kg for time industrialized fishing with 5.00 until 14.00.

The entire fish was not in native element do.

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And where carp? This same sports karpovyy body of water o.o.



Karp've been busted only near the main levees and the only have some people, and I baited in the melyake for "rozmytoy." My familiar got caught trying at night on both: Boyle a couple on 2.5 and 1.5 karpikov, and on the opposite Bank guys a karpikov on maize and both: Boyle, where and was caught the modern on 9 with start karpusha, and have other only karasiki.

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Profoundly sad with cool.



Romeo wrote:

Sad with cool.

The last time (weeks 2) such nibble on all reservoirs. Perhaps from-for heat?!
Fishing with 12 on 13.07.13
Place: S. Bukvarka

The cost of 40 Grzywna (, with a-a sleepover 50.
For the entire day was spoymano several karasikov, krasnoperki, 2 nano amurchika and 2 okushka - overall weight averaged slightly more 1 kg. Have neighbors with catch of the day tonight, too, not the best drawer.
Fish, however, preferred floating dough with the smell, is garlic with 1 oparikom and a worm as in impeccable, so and PB & J combination.

Karp at this a reservoir there is and quite substantial, but in this day refused peck on all the proposed him bait.

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gandikap wrote:

North Korea’s latest time (weeks 2) such nibble on all reservoirs. Perhaps from-for heat?!

The kind yes. I in Saturday, too, as a ponapryagalsya and naeksperimentirovalsya to talk adjacent and your heelbone Treshnikov. Long I have not was such labor fishing to feeder :(

???? almost entire fishing between zakormami, I've been sitting in machine with rakrytymi doors. + 35.37 this tin. Even under umbrella provided by ah raze not comfortable experience :('d come running out only when heard breath beytranera.



Tonight's the best go with mate (head Kirovograd OFRS the Kuban Vitaly) on a body of water "Central" in farms Elisavetgradka (Igradkovka).
1) carp - under line reed on maize under constant podbrose corn (all karpiki were caught out Vitalikom 4 ?o-obsch. Weight 4 with start)

2) krasnoperka - in all "layers atmosphere" and virtually on all, even for maize have doubled)) (come across imaginations paved with a tick - in black tochechku).
3) a dace - in polvody on floating dough and maggot.
4) karasik- with trawling on the worm and maize, but very small copies of.
With my seats fling under cane not i?aanoaaeyeinu possible, and catch with point, on which I eiaee averaged slightly more 500 grams raznorybitsy (can from-for smell razmorozhennoy prikormki or because, that simply the entire a major fish has become on the wind under kamysh on our side.). For hour until the end of fishing has relocated on that didn't fall tree before a dam and, after several krasnoperok, solve the put the other ceasing with others. With the connecting hook and, only use a eyes from povodochnitsy, discover the the tip fidera already under 90 degrees to the - leapfrog and. Here is she - long awaited tyzhest on other end fishing line of yours and this not zatsep); brief've been wrestling with it old, and to me, in metres 5, miracle-fish's diving under tree, on which I sat, and, nerves together with a leash around implode. Around the the pond is dealt there peasant matt. We are going home after photo sessions and otpuskaniya fish ago in native element do.
- I Processors PLUS'LL! (Plan on the next Monday, take their)
• MA – It the Beautiful nature around bath: Many birds and curiously waterfowl, and here is such a guest two chaps to us on sandwiches after first minutes zakorma.

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Novoandreevka 26.07.13
The Bolshaya fishing - 70 UAH. (Without restrictions)
Was launched somewhere hours in 10 :0 0. Eiaee on 2 rods up: 1 - on a carp, 2’s for active melkorybitsy. As in end it turned out melkorybitsa absent at all (yet on water a loaf of bread remained intact throughout the time, yes and no other activity melkorybitsa, too, not appeared).

The entire carp and Crucian teach those on the surface and raze not leader was coming climb down sink. Climate musculaire the leash or size hook together with Auftragserteilung bait on it (flet and classic) not provided results. 've tried all, that was in store and upon themselfes all-all (under the end of the fishing) was been seized 2 fish common weight 2040 grams (Crucian and carp) on maids Whoever snap and foam on the hook (floating dough Bistro rastvoryalos), which reared hook to the surface.
Think was would as relevant use the feeder type nuclear and industrial safety agency Chummers or floating feeder coils.
• If who knows, where in Ukraine can be buy Shummers could you tell me, please.

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There is still one option industrialized fishing, when fish the entire on the surface dam is worth. Had forced on the crust bread, with samonalivnym connected float switch. Very amusing fishing. In Morshyn me have taught, when was for leisure.



In Monday, d jurisprudence as geyzernye prikormki for shallow imaginations and floating nozzles. Hope enter the the Red his.


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