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Article:’fishing sport, skill, have luck?

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“Sportivnaya fishing had forced: Skill, have luck or who deserved gold medal? ”

The introduction

So perishing request, that existence fishing sport in CIS countries long involves with motley kind of the discourse among ". Popular view, that elucidation who better in fishing it catching impossible, because if not “are biting ”, then fish not to capture, and from for fisherman already nothing not depends. In late all, fishing at all not sport. So whether this? And can be whether’fishing sport on somehow criteria at all compare with somehow either other sports. 's try deal, terms of global all point over “i. ”

For starters need, to every reader and preferably this article, for themselves in a whole gave response to one simple question. That for him means the notion of “sport ” as such? That precisely he invests far in this the notion of? And I not mudrstvuya cunningly, draw on my to affordable any Wikipedia. She us gives quite a simple, but well comprehensive definition of:

“Sport (persistent. Sport, reduction from initial disport - “game ”,“ entertainment ”) - organized on certain rules activities people, consisting in vs. their physical and intellectual abilities, and also preparation for this activities and interpersonal relations, emerging in its process. ”

I.e. all quite simply, any activities, organized on somehow rules in end can become guise of sport. And can and not become. But here there is questions, what same precisely “activities people, organized on certain rules ” becomes sports?

Not d original, if'm gonna hazard, that if what something concrete attractive opportunity, took a someone, other enhanced and it acquires popularity among ordinary people, then sooner or later, this attractive opportunity, if not contradicts social norms, is bound to become truly unordinary, and therefore attract to itself maximum attention.

Also it is difficult debate with those, that fishing - this focus on maintaining huge number of people in all countries world, history which moves away in times of the emergence of the most humanity. This not grand words, fishing already long stands aside. Language not firm Obama turns compare this attractive opportunity, say with game in peak-a-boo, or with collecting crap, brands, coins and camping on P. Occupational, expedited, too, greater the prevalence of. There is no same contest on pryatkam, or collecting hobby coins?

Direct dislike for comparing can be only bear, which also has its sports offshoot, modified in several individual disciplines. So, on all factors, fishing - this long worthwhile support attractive opportunity.

For education sport, enough was devise their rules, official organizations, for contest. In other words, except moral aspects of, already long there is and technical - i.e. the legalization and existence in the CIS countries structures, registered in State specificallyrequires that sport. This terminally defines all point over “i ” about how, has whether the right on existence the very sports fishing. Remained only hash out some details in contradictions already strictly sporting plan, namely influence external factors on success.

There is huge many species sport that are shared on such same a huge number of categories. The same Wikipedia, defines place sports fishing it catching in section “Prikladnye species sport ”, namely“ substantial the groundwork applied species sport determine military, predecessors for and other applied skills, on must want whom and ???? contest. ” And if, from falling in this the partition, can give someone reason for talk about how, that this “second-rate ” species sport, which not have due popularity and the proliferation of, then countries neighboring near, for example“ Sailing sport ” or “Konnyy sport ” already long included in program Summer contests.

Now talk about the impact external factors. Yes, in this respect sports fishing stripped opportunities compete “on cats ”, as, for example attractive opportunity-satellite - bear, which has several disciplines: Stendovaya, bullet, arbaletnaya and shootings from string. There is no physical opportunities replace the capture of a living fish it enters the in foreheads. The only criterion success - this number of or weight caught fish. It is difficult debate with those, that biological or other factors, so or otherwise, affect holding competition on fishing it catching. There is no large desires seek pitfalls in other types of sport, where also there is influence external factors. Under desire, their, too, can be nakovyryat with surplus.

Want only discern one thing, that body of water, on which ???? contest one for all, as well as and weather, and rules conducting contest in those or other disciplines with every year modifitsiruyutsya, trying to minimize influence those the most biological factors on results.

History development sporting fisheries concern not let us. Much more is important to realize what is same role in modern world this phenomenon? Commercialization, this is one of attributes, maintainer any professional sport. Firms, pollsters hire fishing riot gear, belonging and camping on P. Raze not can stand in side from sport, because all advanced, high-from such industries, in our time promote only through sport. Than remarkable country, those more advanced industry fishing, and, respectively and himself sport and his commercial component there. This says only about how, that’fishing sport now - this already long not simply it entertainment, this the, far increasingly pay gaze lovers the most fishing, with goal something to learn, to know something new.

Hold any analogy, with any other guise of sport, and you much immediately will become understandable. Professional’fishing sport already long realities, and people, which participate in tournaments, engage in only fishing, and all, that with it stems. Of course, all of this, mostly, applies to countries Western Europe, the US and Japan. Countries post-Soviet space, on known reasons, a long time were in isolation from just advanced conventional, that was in world fisheries, so psyche were formed maybe on-its own way, and this exactly and dynamic exemplified on sporting event fisheries. About this, as times now and talk.

Who comes in’fishing sport and who in it remains?

What same people have us come in sport, in other words participate in for competitions? Where the brink of, between an enthusiast for and the sportsman? Step, seemed would, quite simple. Cells organizations, which spend contest, revealing on healthy information channels invited to accept participation in for competitions. In Ukraine, any wishing can to accept participation in fishing bat-. Enough only to familiarize themselves with position on concrete tournament, pay organizing premium and you already a participant competition.

All, seemed would simply. But …, naturally, not all so simply. Lover of, which first time is mired on such venue, not always feels “in his plate ” on well understandable reasons. Him must deal with those who, as least, already not the first time “married. ” Here and looms the brink of, between an enthusiast for and the sportsman. Above all psychological. In other words, the sportsman have us can be considered already moreover, who adopted participation more than in 1 st Sally. He already knows, “that afield ”, not tushuetsya glee times, and the atmosphere his not scares.

But, there is still one a small paradox, which needs recognize. There is no guarantee, that lover of with its levels technical training and equipment, necessarily will take the last place. ????, can prove higher in spreadsheet, than yesterday lover of, which already 2 th times accepts participation in for competitions, and like as with the experience. And many “cut the chatter ” emerge precisely because of these facts. I.e. here is, Ivan Ivanovich, with 50-year-old experience fishing, forces routinely Artist any athlete, simply him this need not, so as his each Kohl, first time adopted participation in for competitions and policies--and 37’s place. That same this for athletes, if he their oblavlivaet?

Many may seem, that this clearly negative. But personally I in this see only pozitiv, although if only because the the, that on this stage we already not have talk about how, that “fishing - this not sport ”, here are condemned those athletes, which Kohl oblovil. And certainly on face only one thing, that someone, who was able not stushevatsya on first their for competitions, and take worthy place, unambiguously was better and more success, than those who are below.

Truth, tasking higher raze not can serve as cause for excessive pride. This signal those who proved below - deal in causes, and the, who stay higher - not abandon attempts become even higher. After all if Kohl critically watch on its sensationally, then can prove, that those who was higher his, rounded up make more fish. And if look narrowly to them, then can prove, that he still many not keeps managing, and him, too, there is over than tinker. Aspects of can prove mass, ranging from training, technology industrialized fishing, and ending dismissive to trial.

And if Kohl not will to think, out and tell their friends, that he so a steep fisherman, that, first time little competition in for competitions, policies--and, slightly whether not first place, and in this moment, is going to think precisely so, as described by abzatsem higher, the chances on self-development his as the fishing trainer-athlete, substantially will rise. After all sport gives unique opportunity improve their skills. Accepting participation even in for competitions regional (urban) level, can be for 1 year improve their skills, if of course Kohl applies to how but, with critical perspective, and not am confident, in is, that level of his knowledge and skills of more than is enough. One thing only all an unfortunate a nuisance with 37 st place - this is only accident, some fake guy Kohl on the place, where a those who proved with 1 on 36 place. Here is there would he, undoubtedly, was would in starsheklassnika. Of course, this joke, but on fact, all often precisely so and, consider world.

So in sports, as times and remain those “Koli ”, which want be able and know more, want quickly remedy the problems do arise with shipped in his technology, to know, that need him replace in his delivery-, yes and simply acquire acquaintances with new people, communication with which can give something greater, than have the Koli now. And than less Kohl-zaznaek, and more, Kohl willing even upgrade its, the higher level of iaeanoiuo competition, and respectively level of sporting fisheries in country (chain of can be continue to long).

Now beg a small an amendment, to aforementioned formulation “Sporto. ” Torchbearer - this not the, who accepts participation in two and more for competitions, as we figured out on ordinary examples from life, in for competitions can to participate who anywhere and how many anywhere times from utterly different Lukoil. Fisherman-torchbearer - this the, who wants through regular participation in for competitions seek maximal results, constantly boosting its prowess and stigmatizing itself this for basic goal, banishing all the rest prejudices.

How I fell in sport, why and as I in it remained?

I - spinningist. ????, in the last time chose its profile in sporting event spinninge with Bank. Not because, that believe price! A spinner worst discipline. Simply me more likes harvest precisely with Bank. But, when I began to accept participation in for competitions its Oblast federation fishing sport, then contest passed with boats. Was this 4 year ago. Fish witnessed on the very moment I catching already 2 year, with level of its training I were evaluated by highly highly. Had quite modern the boat, and like would, expensive cordage. Me simply became interestingly to accept participation in for competitions, watch, on that I capable, after all on ordinary church my results sometimes was pretty impressive not only me.

Naturally, to prepare to competition has rendered in best traditions, so say on obyvatelski, sponsoring whole 1 retreatments with Bank. Body of water, nourished German, me sign, and special hardship be should not. And here is he, day competition. Silhouette as definition there our team on preset point start. Here is and signal. All was smiling ear in different hand, and I, on in advance designed plan, became on, as me seemed, firepower point. 1 th impose, 2 th, 3 th … 10 th, 15 th. Poklevok there is no. Here is and wind was blown out by. And all, traits hell, goes not so as I planned. I have same there is plan “B ”, thought I? And if there is, then what he? Ah yes, there is the second point, with which I have was biting, with Bank. But there on identification swim against wind, why something longer, than on foot plodding. But nothing, now I there doplyvu and as I've collared fish … In general, to describe my, wandering journey on the pond long I not d. My outcome on for competitions impressed again not only me - 75 grams! Especially on backdrop of people, which bringing on bag gets fish. “(computers chime. ”, - it occurs to me.

In such moments want hide for tree, that would you no one saw. Truth, this was just 1 th phase those competition. 2 th result through 2 weeks at the other a reservoir. Faced definitive results, it turned out, that were people, which not rounded up nothing, and I was somewhere even not quite the last. Was whether this reason evah their, like would, not a disaster place? Don't count on it …

I sat, and profoundly thought over their mistakes. I not was ready tactically, I not was ready psychologically, and, in late all, my cordage several not matched the, with than me had to face. On ordinary its fishing, I would even attention on this not threatened both, so as in such cases, people most often or change body of water, or at all graduating from fishing trip turning its in something more derive.

Of course, for those 2 weeks, remaining until second phase, I hardly could to purchase suitable cordage, and moreover, hardly I strongly would made things better its technical prowess, but in tactical terms of I could unprepared for would and better idea. In a result, on 2 st stage thanks to the best commanders action, we in advance received achieve escape information about a reservoir and about how same precisely now are biting fish, I was able take 3’s place. Business investment - “0 ”, the outcome + 21 place. For these 2 days I was connected see those who always but and in any conditions. ???? but so, that directly a divo made by. Results as 1 th, so and 2 th days talked as times about this. “Razvivatsya and seek to ”, in my anybody slightly whether not's holed up this motto.

Itself emerges question - so as same can be develop, accepting participation in for competitions? Here deal as times in nuanced one the most fishing industrialized fishing and directly audience. The, that so rarely can be read on an amateur fishing, namely such a aggregations people, which are at harvest fish not only on nutshell and without excuses on weather, pressure and other factors. Sometimes obtaining answers on 2-3 issue, which not were are clear until this, simply open eyes. ????, if still amply this all will demonstrated. And this very of expensive is worth. This not witnessed nor in one journal article, after all their can be read dozen about one and same, different authors, but so and not understand, as same this all realize.

You can me argue, that such man can'aime in life not necessarily on for competitions. Of course, this perhaps. I would even could you congratulate, if on your European path proved any constantly a diplomatic fisherman-torchbearer, ready spend time for training, or telling those or other aspects of in a fishing trip. And moreover, 'm gonna hazard, that this man can and not to accept participation in for competitions, and indeed very well chasin 'his fish on different cordage, in different conditions. And this was would much luck, but such, unfortunately, happens not often. Most often the case, that already has emerged group anglers-places airshed its company on already known aquatoriums and is boiled in own juice. For those, whom more nothing need not - this, of course well enough. But speech is fought utterly about the opposite. So and emphasis dotted precisely thus.

Naturally, instead me the most no one will bombarding achieve escape providing a decoy, to do achieve escape the system, to tie a blood knot and vyvazhivat. To think and analyze, in late all, for me, too, no one will. But, I would could and further touring on its a favorite body of water even a few years, and harvest zander with one and the same seats fellow, under this, stavshego in any other conditions, tell about how, that today not the weather. In fact deal, consider world, as you realize, several otherwise.

After all of this, I have not was the other alternatives, as to remain, and to continue its development, through communication with sketches-compete, through participation in for competitions motley rank, through joint fishing. But, this not my Cemail, and just one episode from my life, so not d bore further umozaklyucheniyami, and'll concentrate on still one very interesting problem development sport, namely – problem communication places with compete.


As already mentioned higher, from-for difference in’dominant mindset our people and people with West Europe or at all on the other Bank Atlantic ocean, and several itself lodged development, as fishing, fishing industry, so and fishing sport, have us was incurred some pristine gap between those, who now tries to promote in masses ideas sports fishing, modern equipment, advanced methods fisheries.

Most often the problem looks thus, that all talk about fishing come down to nerazreshimomu controversy about the need for use those or other cordages motley price range, and also about right with perspective alone, and wrong with perspective other methods fisheries and issues ethics for fisherman. Often comes to open swearing or they, with not only in virtual space. Thank God, until without manhandling me (though who knows …).

Usually, lovers are protesting against what them impose very expensive tackle, and also sporting ethic rational relations to natural resources (and after all now already not for whom not secret, that most competition passes on the principle of “caught - release ”). Athletes are protesting against quaint, “dedovskikh ” methods in marlin fishing Mauritius, and want, that would lovers started go in pace over time. ???? some methods, which in entire use lovers virtually on every a reservoir, in open are called “brakonerskimi. ”

Another moment, which, too, often can be hear in discussions between sketches-emotsiyam and sketches-compete, this the, what fish account for harvest and those and other. Lovers motivates its behavior desire harvest only a major fish, and athletes, above all, narrowly on the outcome, so they gets caught the, that can be caught, and most often this fish scale caliber.

In other words, what now sells in most fishing stores, fully reflects the level of Amateur fisheries, which there is in our countries. After all once a shops, above all, need earn money, and they not can navigate only on requests anglers-athletes, so as main their consumers are precisely fly fishermen-lovers. Although, a certain progress there are already, not so now often can be meet networks, or any other proscribed tools industrialized fishing in open sale.

I this all mentioned not for good reason. Want these the most glee times attract attention, as fishermen-places, so and fishermen-athletes. This problem, thus, not agreement. Dismissive attitude to each other will lead only to deepen this situation. After all, as the saying goes, alone want and fish eat and … money many not spend, and others want to see on the banks of rivers people, sitting on, let and not expensive, but platforms has, and lovyaschikh on inexpensive, but already not on Chinese shuttles for 10 dollars and, as least, destinated rods up, and skladyvayuschikh fish not in Iron a hatchling pond, and let and not expensive, but longest and raggedy.

The problem lies utterly in the other a plane, namely in how is taught information low--as, and as she is perceived in other. And gradually, with changes in social sphere and level life, likely, goes content the the precipice in judgments, equipment and s views on fishing trip, which now situation in certain layers population. After all still 2 year ago, I don't think someone could count on the, that we have now, and I assure all, that through 2 year certainly all will be even better. After all importantly - this try to forge the right contact through social organizations, the creation fishing clubs, and at all popularize imposing, toward a, but under this flourishing nature of fishing!

But personally for me utterly obviously one thing, that fate sporting fisheries have us in country be “locomotive ” the entire fishing industry countries. And I believe in the, that our fly fishermen-athletes soon does about itself not only within his country, but and extract the contestant prominence, thanks to which fear of sharks fishing business will prolongation and in side Ukraine, and our specialists will to accept participation in designing series cordages, issued by specifically under conditions our fishing. And this, you should agree, will helpful all. Future depends on us! A gold medal awaits his owner!

Until meeting on a fishing trip!

Since respect,
Kupesok Dmitri



Not my.

Classification participants competition.

The first category - tourist. This the most often found on for competitions fisherman. For him contest simply the other way to fishing and leisure. Not seeks to win any price, but can sometimes win and even take high place. Tourist serves on for competitions not regularly. On’fishing sport looks from afar, but if decided to to participate, makes this with full women empowered and not violates rules competition. Is comprehensive sea-going fisherman, but rarely closing for all in mystery shackled that are needed at the highest level prowess. Contest for him - simply case swap experience, to communicate with colleagues, place, where can be learn to something a new, that can be use later under it catching normal.

The next category - poser. Has propensity all complicate the and on its way to regulate fishing trip. But all of this is happening in his rich imagination, and outcome - indicate them most complicated theoretical of building. Posers there is more, than us appears. Not very understand fishing trip, but includes, whatever are “experts ” on rybatskomu munitions! On Bank pulls dozen different boxes, always with those same bad blesnami, rotators and camping on P., which still a hundred have in store. Buckets are filled with the most different, expensive and Paisley prikormom. These the most is causing major joy producers prikormok. Posers very like fish, because tasty fed, but rarely gets caught. Posers like teach other its technology, but outcome always opposite. Betrays big money for differing Muscovites, concealing shortcomings in technology industrialized fishing.

A player or - rather are a dying breed kind of. This fisherman, who never has good results, but regularly is participating in for competitions. Never but for victory or profits. For him the greatest joy - lie in circle athletes. More likes to talk to the before and after competition with old among acquaintances, than lamented about yet occupied place. On 100 startuyuschikh participants there is always 10 left, which not have no chance take good place. Enough see for as a bit-player 10 minutes in stocks and known, that has greater opportunity win in a cheat-lottery, than win contest. Left like athletes-fly fishermen, because never them not threaten and not prevent.

A catcher rewards - this black character in environment athletes. Concentrated on one goal: Bring with competition as can be more. He will choose contest with weak composition participants, where will have more chance win. From-for black character virtually will always be violate rules competition. Deception - this daily weapons a catcher's rewards. Greater number of likely, use privady and prikorma higher of permissible norms - this his practice. “Dogruzka ”-fish had forced in place, prikormlennom neighbor, riot gear not in accordance with rules competition - nothing his not holding back. Always shows, that him would still, what place will take, that accidentally proved on for competitions. Often highlights, that not the sails to competitions, something forgot. Likes festivals, where can be easily disrupt rules. Desire to obtain an award so high, that can to come on contest with previously vylovlennymi ponds. Not can nothing do quite enough of it.

Professional - for him fishing only contest. Reference professional but only on for competitions. Even on train, tranquilizing argue with friends on beer, who more overborrow. Unlike a catcher's rewards, professional not attaches meaning rewards. For him importantly - win. Specialist the most pleased win tactical or technical way. Not important, were whether this super fish or ukleyki. Not important, was this one fish or 100. He valued the gain with 200 grams fish more, than the tenth place with 20 kg fish. He very well fabricating to the conditions dam and keeps managing brilliantly and quickly find decision. Ready many hours to train technically. Always respects rules, in respect other athletes - a gentleman. Even when but for leisure, never uses arm, not allowable on for competitions.

Often say, that’fishing sport bad and because not need.’fishing sport is thus, somehow his make people, and people accented very different.



This one path. … re=related

This the other, and he I like more :)



ČÍĹ wrote:

… and he I like more …

On American so and adopted fish not respect?

Skirduyut poor as hay, NOT :cool: NOT :cool: NOT :cool:

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Professional fisherman-torchbearer or simply professional torchbearer - man, which earns these on life. Have us such there is no, because and sport fishing professional there is no. Alas. Because and not real the separation between our compete and advanced emotsiyam. Indeed do, the difference only in feudalism. But to professional their sport this, alas, relations not has.



In times of Union have us, too, professional athletes not was - alone "lovers" and "labor reserves." Here is only the ass they have been kicking various pros why the and on regional olympiads and and on various championships :flag:



duffy333 wrote:

When times Union have us, too, professional athletes not was - alone "lovers" and "labor reserves." Here is only the ass they have been kicking various pros why the and on regional olympiads and and on various championships

Only these the most "labor reserves" compete not from press stopped working, and training of and, essentially, were precisely professional compete.


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