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Rules competition on fideru.

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volvo wrote:

. That this for container such a.

The general name Russian nested doll, to example: MATRIOSKA on catalogue TUBERTINI-2011, has code 97370 - this kit from several inventory on 1.0; 0.5; 0.75; 0.25 and 0,125 liter, empty capacity are inserted into each in friend, as Russian, hence and name.

Such plans there is also have Mavera, Milo and writing and things Producers:



duffy333 wrote:

Gepard anti-materiel rifles wrote (and):

pundits English, that means "baiting with a feeder" in this context - had forced fiderom? Had forced with the feeding trough? Prikarmlivanie the feeding trough?

"Baiting with a feeder" - had forced with the feeding trough
"Fishing on / with the feeder rod" - had forced fidernym pounder
"I with a feeder" - zakorm with the help trough
And at all very correctly Alexey wrote pro terms - should be "appears dictionary", where all razzhevano. All the more, if document on English, where one thing and the same expression in dependence from context can have highly different significance.

To this around the is actually added still and the, that according to representative. Interfax FIPSed, British options all rules "did" not carriers this language with French option. So there there is still and such moment ambiguous story understanding of some things.

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What about the certified tare; Global simply tare, or certification resist certain trading watch brands for watch amateurs? Any plastic container with certification if not suited? Necessarily "brendovaya"? But then this simply zhlobizm producers and their "aides"! :crazyfun:



´ţÝňńňŰŘÝŔŕ wrote:

About certified tare; Global simply tare, or certification resist certain trading watch brands for watch amateurs? Any plastic container with certification if not suited? Necessarily "brendovaya"? But then this simply zhlobizm producers and their "aides"!

Quite not necessarily, to on banks was the logo brand, but. This must be necessarily matryoshka dolls the prescribed-style.



Here is interesting TERMSpurely commercial tournamentĺs. Truth "selyanka team" on gear still the kind, :D but format very a. :cool:

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Have read on site Preston information about changes in international rules. Speech goes about:
1. Resolved with start-up 10-minute zakorm points, which produced until a signal about the early time fishing.
2. Limiting defence wakes up aggressivity "not less 50sm" filmed.
Rule zakorma like as will enter force already on ChM 2012, and rule on povodkam not previously 2013.
Tommi Pickering in light of just higher written, that is logical suggest subsequent authorization industrialized fishing with metodnymi kormushkami, so as in light of these changes they absolutely not contradict rules. … hip+News+/ - the original of the articles :flag:, so that have read the and broke little new ground :tomato:

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duffy333 wrote:

1. Resolved with start-up 10-minute zakorm points, which produced until a signal about the early time fishing.

Zakorm permitted to produce only kormushkami? Or slingshots ran amok, too, can be?
In advance, thank you!



duffy333 wrote:

[Jack]I saw on site Preston information about changes in international rules.

Sorrow from mind. In end, will come to those rules, that we here still 3 year ago suffered collectively. :crazyfun: Evropeytsam to do nothing to acquire.



A.LEVA wrote:

Zakorm permitted to produce only kormushkami? Or slingshots ran amok, too, can be?
In advance, thank you!

In article pro this nothing not said :dontknow:



-of their sport UKRA»NI

i?iaaaaiiy zmagan ? sportivno┐ objects which fishing spots f│derom

O ? EU viznachayut conditions, order i?aai ? i?iaaaaiiy zmagan the kind vstanovlyuyut rules zmagan for sportivno┐ objects which fishing spots f│derom. Rules to on i?aai ? a?iiaayi, ye make a the ? of their sport abo berut have them fate.

1. Summit polozhennya.
1.1. The ? sportivno┐ objects which fishing spots f│derom (introduction the) ppovodyatsya ? article the viznachennya kraschikh sportsmen│v the kind teams, is a vacuum maystepnost│ sportsmen│v, sphere Chelomei for podalsho┐ construction have zmagannyakh p│znogo practice in aaiiio type objects which, propagandi ? populyarizats│┐ of their sport.
1.2. At sports had forced fishing spots f│derom ľ after had forced fishing spots aeee? ? ii for speeds f│dernogo vudilischa obladnanogo kotushkoyu, on tackle ? god│vnitseyu abo gruzilom ? one a leash around the kind one odinarnim gachkom. F│derne vudilische - after vudilische osnaschene propusknimi k│ltsyami, verkhnya chastina yeiai constructively equipped spets│alnimi gnuchkimi zm│nnimi vershinkami (kv│vertipami), completed ia?ou r│znu zhorstk│st the kind ? for athlete re║stratorom poklovki fishing spots. PO dovzhina f│dernogo vudilischa (? kv│vertipom) must skladati not a ? eu?a 4,57m (15ft). Kv│vertip responsible of obov`yazkovo maty propuskn│ k│ltsya the kind get vidime zabarvlennya on one aeacoaaoe dek│lkokh v│dr│zkakh microchips them. It is supposed legiblly f│dernikh vudilisch ? vkle║nim in verkhnyu sekts│yu kv│vertipom, completed is ? him one pryamu l│n│yu. In ouiio aeiaaeo on verkhn│y sekts│┐ vudilischa must aooe poznachka, completed vkazu║ on zhorstk│st vkle║nogo in ia ?kv│vertipa.
1.3. In zalezhnost│ a zal│ku, organization of, the pod│lyayutsya on osobist│, ?-komandn│ the kind komandn│ ôtandem. ö Order i?iaaaaiiy the zaznacha║tsya in Polozhenn│ pro the.
1.4. In zalezhnost│ a teritor│alnogo okhoplennya the kind Warehouse aniee, the (chemp│onati, clubs, pershost│, this meeting) pod│lyayutsya for such r│vnyami:
- m│zhnarodn│;
- Vseukra┐nsk│ (under the the kind winning the ie);
- oblasn│ (Chemp│onati the kind Cups areas);
- m│sk│, rayonn│;
- klubn│.
An aiie, in its ? a?ao, pod│lyayutsya on of│ts│yn│ the kind neof│ts│yn│.
1.5. Of│ts│yn│ the ? sportivno┐ objects which fishing spots f│derom memorial aiein until kalendarnikh plan│v, zatverdzhenikh in ustanovlenomu order Derzhkomsportom ie abo eiai strukturnimi p│drozd│lami ? ieoaiu f│zichno┐ of Culture ? their sport Avtonomno┐ which the Kreme, oblasnikh, Ki┐vsko┐ ? bud│vnitstva buti the Ukrainian adm│n│strats│y. The nezatverdzhen│ in schedule plan│ on potochniy e not ? food.
1.6. Vseukra┐nsk│ the memorial Derzhkomsportom ie the kind Federats│║yu of their sport ie o ? euee in kategor│┐ ôcholov│ki. ö In Correspondents teams iiaeoou aooe yunaki (d│vchata) the kind zh│nki. Fate children with defects of, p│dl│tk│v the kind zh│nok in of│ts│ynikh zmagannyakh ? i?eo r│vn│v viznacha║tsya Polozhennyam pro the.
1.7. Vseukra┐nsk│ the memorial schor│chno ? ? reytingovimi zmagannyami ye for teams (komandniy zal│k) so ? for sportsmen│v (osobistiy zal│k).
1.8. The memorial in one abo dek│lka etap│v, both ? yeeo sklada║tsya ? one abo dek│lkokh tur│v. Both ? etap│v ? okremim zak│nchenim zmagannyam ? reglamentu║tsya okremim polozhennyam in yeiio obov`yazkovo vkazu║tsya PO large etap│v the kind sseei etapom for number ? daniy. ?in vzyatiy tour whether-yeiai the not iiaea aooe etapom the. Under provedenn│ the in dek│lka etap│v, an is memorial in odnakovu large tur│v.

2. Organizational ieoaiiy.
2.1. Organization, ui pursue the,.ĺconnected with, ? vrakhuvannyam oeo Rules the kind ? i?eo normativnikh Rating, rozrobiti ? zatverditi polozhennya pro the ? napraviti eiai uchasnikam not p│zdn│she vstanovlenikh danimi Pravil strok│v (too costly 2.3). Polozhennya not, are supepechiti oei rules of ? and rules of amatorskogo ? sporting pibolovstva have vnutr│shn│kh vodoymakh Ukpa┐ni.
2.2. Polozhennya povinne m│stiti oae ? rozd│li:
- meta the kind zavdannya;
- ker│vnitstvo zmagannyami, organ│zatori the kind Chelomei kontaktn│ cup phones, fax, e-mail;
- oa?i ? i the kind noa i?iaaaaiiy zmagan;
- Hi obov`yazkovogo train;
- characteristics chance;
- there dopovnennya uiai nastupnikh towns Rules: 1.3; 1.6; 2.6; 5.1; 5.2; 6.5; 7.2.1; 7.3.1; 7.3.7; 7.3.9; 7.3.11; 7.3.12; 7.8; 7.10; 8.7; 8.17; 8.20; - 8: 23.; 8.28; 8.42; 8.50;
- provide access conditions construction in zmagannyakh;
- ? i? Organizational ieoaiiy (map fare, unevenly uiai roztashuvannya iaaeiei io?ano?oeoo?e the kind i?a).
2.3. Polozhennya, are aooe nad│slane uchasnikam zmagan in term│ni:
- Vseukra┐nsk│ the kind m│zhnarodn│ the Ś not ci i ? ae for 2 m│syats│ until commencement of;
- oblasn│, m│sk│, rayonn│ the kind klubn│ the Ś not ci, i ? ae for 1 m│syats│ until commencement of;
2.4. Can be changes the kind dopovnennya until polozhennya pro the vnosyatsya ? zatverdzhuyutsya organ│zatorami zmagan not ci i ? ae for 10 d│b, ppo ui spov│schayut uchasnikam zmagan.
2.5. Irdeto podayut the applications organ│zatoram zmagan in tepm│n, viznacheniy have Polozhenn│. Bid must vm│schuvati when to clients ppo aniee:
- pp│zvische the kind swarfĺI (of beneficiary);
- p│k napodzhennya;
- spoptivniy pozpyad (under nayavnost│);
- status in komand│ (coaches, kap│tan, torchbearer, co, zapasniy);
- v│za l│kapya ppo which until zmagan.
2.6. Bid p│dpisu║tsya ker│vnikom i?aai (ITF Federation, club) the kind v│dsila║tsya organ│zatoram poshtovim sheets, fax abo, yak kop│ya, on e-mail address, vkazanu in Polozhenn│ pro the. Bid on of│ts│yn│ the must aooe obov`yazkovo zav│rena call pechatkoyu i?aai, yeo the group presents team (torchbearer).
2.7. Organ│zatori zmagan, rozglyanuvshi bid, p│dtverdzhuyut / v│dkhilyayut fate zayavleno┐ endurance (athlete) have zmagannyakh, pro ui povinn│ spov│stiti representative of endurance (athlete) not ci 15 carrier until commencement of the.
2.8. Not ci i ? ae for 1 average until zherebkuvannya literature where endurance responsible of meetings this k│ntsevu bid (in orig│nal│) ? warehouse endurance.
2.9. Organization, completed pursue the:
- vir│shu║ an ieoaiiy material-technical ? aiiy ? komplektuvannya sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ (vagi the kind container for zvazhuvannya fishing spots the kind popular with tourists.);
- priznacha║ tekhn│chnu kom│s│yu, Golovnu sudd│vsku koleg│yu, which on advertisement zmagan ? medical ensure the;
- conducted rozm│tku zones the kind sektor│v;
- which maximally a rate conditions aiiiiaaaoe some;
- which sportsmen│v startovimi a number attached;
- i ? ney outflow zmagan issuing a. In July komand│ abo visila║ poshtoyu tablitsyu specification, organization of zmagan.

3. TEKhN▓ChNA kom│s│ya.
3.1 Tekhn│chna kom│s│ya priznacha║tsya organ│zats│║yu, yea pursue the. In warehouse Commission povinn│ poetics kval│f│kovan│ became the the kind prepare not v│dpov│dno┐ distsipl│ni (are organizing internal training programmes teams, sportsmeni the kind popular with tourists. Confirmed one space Commission iiaeoou aooe doruchen│ Sudd│vsk│y koleg│┐ zmagan.
Reached 5.4 Until commencement of zmagan Tekhn│chna kom│s│ya must:
- obstezhiti vodoymu ľ mozhlive noa i?iaaaaiiy zmagan on State eiai Pravil zmagan the kind zaplanovan│y the aniee;
- managed to identify osnovn│ Russian ChlorVinyls chance on d│lyants│ zmagan (width, glibina, Hi tech│┐, 's-pay trawling, Hi roslinnost│ the kind there osoblivost│ ┐kh m│stse), types of the kind there Rozm│ri fishing spots, is a possibility of personal m│ri, uiai usunennya Central and the kind neprirodnikh history on site zmagan.
3.3. Nai ?peculiarities Tekhn│chna kom│s│ya oformlya║ have Kucherenko Zv│tu for organ│zatora zmagan.

4.1. Sudd│vska koleg│ya priznacha║tsya the kind zatverdzhu║tsya, not ci, i ? ae for 10 carrier until commencement of zmagan, organ│zats│║yu, yea pursue the. Until Warehouse sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ vkhodyat golovna sudd│vska koleg│ya ? became the in zones. Have zalezhnost│ a scale zmagan warehouse sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ iiaea aooe zm│neniy.
4.2. Until Warehouse Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ vkhodyat golovniy there, zastupnik brain became the the kind golovniy sekretar.
4.3. Sudd│vska koleg│ya nese liability for p│dgotovku the kind i?iaaaaiiy zmagan have v│dpov│dnost│ until of three existing Rules ? polozhennya pro the the kind viznachennya, organization of zmagan.
4.4. I?aanoaaieee sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ povinn│ v│zualno rozr│znyatisya na?aa ? i?eo aniee the. Mat get zrozum│l│ poznachki (napisi), uiai Chelomei status on zmagannyakh, on verkhn│y odezh│, problems of, or hats, beydzhakh ? camping on P.
4.5. , ĺ% ? eai ? a sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐:
4.5.1. On became the povinn│ ch│tko nobility the kind rozum│ti EU the kind polozhennya pro the.
4.5.2. Golovniy there keru║ provedennyam zmagan, nese liability for doderzhannya the Company is of three existing Rules ? polozhennya pro the, rozpod│lya║, ĺ% na?aa sud│v, priznacha║ (for neobkh│dn│styu) tekhn│chnu kom│s│yu, yeui after not a state r│shennyam i?aai, yea pursue the.
4.5.3. Golovniy there responsible of i?iaiaeoe can ? sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ until commencement of zmagan, for p│dsumkami skin days ? for zatverdzhennya zagalnikh, organization of, and oaeiae in ? i?eo vipadkakh, ye require koleg│alnogo ?aiiy. Can ? sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ for p│dsumkami ? Zagalnimi results days memorial ni ? ? kap│tanami teams.
4.5.4. Golovniy there.ĺof damage:
- before zmagannyam conduct Student Academy Award the kind │nstruktazh sudd│v;
- pripiniti abo v│dklasti i?iaaaaiiy zmagan, yeui vinikli conditions, ye zagrozhuyut bezpets│ aniee;
- rozglyanuti dopuschen│ the Company is porushennya Rules zmagan ? protesti, completed were called the, ? time, c golovnoyu sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu is a possibility of ?aiiy;
- i ? ney outflow zmagan, in oa?i ? i until 10 carrier, nou caaoe zv│t ? protokoli until i?aai, completed pursue the.
4.5.5. Golovniy there ia? right:
- shift this development. In zmagan under neobkh│dnost│;
- v│dm│niti abo timchasovo pripiniti the through nespriyatliv│ pogodn│ conditions;
- i?iaiaeoe perem│schennya sudd│v have khod│ zmagan;
- usunuti a sudd│vstva suddyu, yeee c?iaea grubu pomilku abo not spravivsya ? vikonannyam audits,ĺwork, an;
- v│dm│niti ?aiiy became the, yeui aiii pomilkove;
- aeeiioaaoe confirmed any ? ? eai ? a sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ for neobkh│dn│styu.
4.5.6. Zastupnik brain became the vikonu║ vkaz│vki brain became the, and in eiai v│dsutn│st zam│nyu║ eiai ? d│║ have until povnovazhen brain became the.
4.5.7. Golovniy sekretar of services the applications on fate have zmagannyakh, pursue zherebkuvannya ? nese liability for oformlennya vs│║┐ sudd│vsko┐ Documents. I ? ney outflow zmagan p│dvodit p│dsumki ? suddyami.
4.5.8. There in of polymeric such dotrimannya Rules ? polozhennya pro the, perev│rya║ aniee the aiein until protocol zoni, perev│rya║ large, kind of, warehouse prikormok the kind changeable tips aiein until Rules the kind polozhennya pro the, v│dpov│da║ for kh│d zmagan have of polymeric, not dopuska║ prisutn│st storonn│kh iinaaiaeo have of polymeric zmagan the kind sectors sportsmen│v. Ia? right dozvolyati some printing the ? sektor│v for Chelomei bazhannyam the kind peredavati ?i dozvolen│ ? ?a ? ?. I ? ney outflow vote there in of polymeric 356,832 over became the pro an porushennya Rules zmagan, dopuschenikh compete ? zroblenikh ?i poperedzhennyakh.
4.5.9. There in of polymeric │nstitutom fate have zvazhuvann│ catch can sportsmen│v nai? ?zoni the kind preĺreview is Protocol ? results zvazhuvannya some on p│dpis.
4.5.10. I?aanoaaieee Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ povinn│ aooe prisutn│mi on obov`yazkovikh trenuvannyakh.
4.6. Unevenly pro fate became the have of│ts│ynikh zmagannyakh stored have on Security graffical became the.

5. Irdeto zmagan.
5.1. Until construction have zmagannyakh dopuskayutsya sportsmeni, ye vnesen│ until the application, ia?ou dozv│l criminal the kind v│dpov│dayut meets the, ye viznachen│ in Polozhenn│ pro the.
5.2. Until construction have vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh dopuskayutsya endurance areas, forge the Ee?aa, Avtonomno┐ which the Kreme, the kind forge the Sevastopol o ? euee povnogo Warehouse the kind aiein until of three existing quotas. Full warehouse endurance on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh - 2 sportsmeni. For neobkh│dn│styu, team ia? right until construction have zmagannyakh dodatkovo zayaviti: A trainer endurance (not a ? eu?a one), Makarov is athlete (not a ? eu?a one), koordinator│v (not a ? eu?a term not exceeding two). Skladi teams, large the kind Hi dodatkovo zayavlenikh ? eai ? a teams on ? i?eo zmagannyakh ? i?eo r│vn│v zaznacha║tsya in Polozhenn│ pro the.
5.3. Both torchbearer the kind a member of endurance.ĺof damage nobility ? doderzhuvatisya Rules the kind polozhennya pro the; i hour the strimano the kind ? povagoyu v│dnositisya until aniee zmagan, not shum│ti ? not zavazhati by other uchasnikam, not pereshkodzhati i?ioano zvazhuvannya, svo║chasno ?ĺyavitisya on start ? f│n│sh, not dopuskati v│padk│v then in netverezomu in a different on on ? o caoiaao, peredbachenikh regulations zmagan.
5.4. Sportsmeni the kind of endurance not iiaeoou vtruchatisya in further Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐. An personal dov│dki coaches (kap│tan) endurance oderzhu║ a brain became the, and ? i? of endurance ľ a a trainer (kap│tana) nai? ?endurance aiein.
5.5. Endurance (sportsmeni on osobistikh zmagannyakh) povinn│ obov`yazkovo aooe prisutn│mi on zagalnomu shikuvann│, on v│dkritt│ the kind zakritt│ the (nagorodzhenn│) abo zavchasno you plan to inform organ│zatoram pro its v│dsutn│st on oeo caoiaao ? zaznachennyam i?e ? eie.
5.6. Zapasniy torchbearer, by time fixed have zayavts│, iiaea needed the principal athlete, coordinator abo a trainer endurance for zayavoyu a trainer endurance. Znyatiy ? the torchbearer abo another a member of endurance zapasnim cabanas not zam│nya║tsya.
5.7. Torchbearer on zmagann│.ĺof damage maty startoviy Number, Bulgaria, ui eiai zasv│dchuyut, and oaeiae Bulgaria, ye p│dtverdzhuyut eiai sportivnu kval│f│kats│yu (for month Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐).
5.8. Coaches the kind koordinatori endurance on zmagann│.ĺto follow the maty Bulgaria, ui Chelomei zasv│dchuyut, and oaeiae additional charges are v│dm│tki (napisi on to, beydzh│ the kind camping on To, completed zasv│dchuvali it comes Chelomei membership in the that aeacoaaoe │nsh│y komand│ the kind vkazuvali Chelomei status on zmagannyakh.
5.9. Coaches, as a ker│vnikom endurance, v│dpov│da║ for, advanced, povodzhennya ? distsipl│nu ? eai ? a endurance.
5.10. Coaches.ĺof damage aooe prisutn│m on zas│dannyakh Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐, de rozglyadayutsya ieoaiiy, o pow.73ĺyazann│ c eiai komandoyu, ia? right Braty fate have zherebkuvann│ ? aooe prisutn│m under zvazhuvann│ ulov│v.
5.11. Coaches poda║ pismovu zayavu pro can be changes in komand│ not ci i ? ae for 1 average until commencement of zherebkuvannya skin vote, and oaeiae protesti (for the poorest ? eai ? a endurance) ? i?eaiao i?iaaaaiiy zmagan ? sudd│vstva.
5.12. Coaches ia? right Davati and nonferrous to an athlete slovesn│ because ? vkaz│vki the kind znakhoditisya in iaaeao sector athlete aeee? ? ii nai? ?endurance (ôtandemu) ? tse became the in of polymeric.
5.13. Koordinatori ia?ou right zbirati neobkh│dnu for nai? ?endurance to clients ? zones objects which, dopov│dati ??trainer endurance the kind some not zakhodyach│ in mezh│ sektor│v, under ouiio not zavazhayuchi by other uchasnikam zmagan. Iiaeoou aooe prisutn│mi under zvazhuvann│.
5.14. For popushennya oeo Ppavil ? polozhennya ppo the until athlete iiaeoou aooe zastosovan│ v│dpov│dn│ sankts│┐ (too costly 11).
5.15. Koordinatori ? are organizing internal training programmes teams, ui porushuyut aeiiae Rules zmagan the kind polozhennya pro the, r│shennyam Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ poperedzhuyutsya abo v│dstoronyuyutsya a construction in zmagann│.
5.16. Under v│dsutnost│ a trainer eiai obov`yazki vikonu║ kap│tan endurance.

6.1. Adamantly of the agency rozm│schuvati aniee zmagan on v│dstan│ iai?a 50 meters a grade of elektroperedach the kind transformatornikh p│dstants│y.
6.2. D│lyanka chance, vid│lena for i?iaaaaiiy zmagan, must aooe, for mozhliv│styu, pryamoyu the kind maty odnakov│ conditions in country new, rel`║fa trawling, roslinnost│, basaltic fibre until m│stsya sell the kind popular with tourists. Width chance not must aooe iai?a 35 meters. Glibina must aooe, on mozhlivost│, odnakovoyu on protyaz│ vs│║┐ d│lyanki.
6.3. Zoni the kind sektori, nezalezhno a the tur│v completed memorial, rozm│chayutsya for ║dinim principle. An tourism bagatoturovogo the povinn│ aooe proveden│ on odn│y ? the that sam│y d│lyants│ chance. Scheme rozbivki caaooi d│lyanki on zoni the kind sektori must aooe │dentichnoyu in on ? o ľ. Rozm│tka zones the kind sektor│v must aooe zak│nchena until commencement of zherebkuvannya.
6.4. Rozriv microchips sectors vseredin│ zoni not it is supposed, for unless cases to, that noa ia? znachnu prirodnu pereshkodu, ui zavazha║ to an athlete v│lno roztashovuvatisya in Europe but.
6.5. Under provedenn│ vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh, d│lyanka, obrana for Chelomei i?iaaaaiiy, d│litsya on dvi zoni. Zoni, in its ? a?ao, d│lyatsya on sektori, zalezhno a the sportsmen│v for principle - large sektor│v in of polymeric; preparation the teams, ui priymayut fate have zmagann│. Under provedenn│ zmagan osobistogo zal│ku abo command type ôtandem ö d│lyanka for i?iaaaaiiy zmagan d│litsya o ? euee on large sektor│v, r│vnu the sportsmen│v (ô tandem│v ö). On zmagannyakh ? i?eo r│vn│v large zones the kind sektor│v viznacha║tsya for r│shennyam organ│zator│v the kind vkazu║tsya in Polozhenn│ pro the.
6.6. Large sektor│v in zones not must r│znitisya a ? eu? i ? ae on one sector.
6.7. Zoni the kind sektori rozmezhovuyutsya a Bank vglib sush│ puffed abo praportsyami not iai?, i ? ae on 5 meters.
6.8. Zoni poznachayutsya latinskimi l│terami A, In, Since ? camping on D., and sektori ľ figures 1,2,3, ? camping on D. Nanesenimi on praportsyakh, tablets abo bezposeredno on pokritt│ sector (betonn│ pliti the kind camping on P. Poznachki the kind Chelomei nos│┐ iiaeoou aooe dov│lno┐ oi?ie the kind rozm│r│v aea odnotipn│, get vidim│ the kind zrozum│l│ some, suddyam the kind glyadacham.
6.9. Rozbivka zones the kind sektor│v must zd│ysnyuvatisya abo perev│ryatisya for Pervomayskiy rayon ? eai ? a one space Commission.
6.10. Under provedenn│ zmagan, dovzhina sector vzdovzh Bank vstanovlyu║tsya not iai?a 10 meters, and for komandnikh zmagan ôtandem ö - not iai?a 15 meters.
6.11. For neobkh│dn│styu dopuskayutsya rozrivi microchips bases. See rozriv microchips no-go zones viznacha║tsya ? urakhuvannyam factors ano, oiaoi uia torchbearer Ukra┐ni ta k│lkokh ukra┐nskikh d│statisya p│shki a m│stsya zherebkuvannya until his sector a point outflow zherebkuvannya until signal ôsame in sector ö for hour, v│dvedeniy on after Polozhennyam pro the.
6.12. Dozvolya║tsya roztashovuvati zoni for i?iaaaaiiy zmagan on protilezhnikh the banks of chance. Under shirin│ chance a ? eu?a 200 meters dozvolya║tsya roztashovuvati zoni on protilezhnikh the banks of one i?ioe │nsho┐.
6.13. Rozm│chennya zones the kind sektor│v in oeo zones on bank of chance to be conducted ? l│va on the right.

7. Order i?iaaaaiiy zmagan.
7.1. The ? sportivno┐ objects which f│derom skladayutsya ? training hall the kind tur│v. Vseukra┐nsk│ the skladayutsya ?:
- train - the first one day zmagan;
- 1 th tour ľ DoriaLAN day zmagan;
- 2 th tour ľ tret│y day zmagan.
7.2. Train.
7.2.1. Train on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh ? obov`yazkovim (obov`yazkova prisutn│st the poorest zare║strovanikh sportsmen│v the kind teams). Large neobkh│dnogo ano for bezposeredno objects which fishing spots (not iai?a 3-Oh godin) the kind godina commencement of i?iaaaaiiy train viznacha║tsya Polozhennyam pro the. Neobkh│dn│st i?iaaaaiiy the kind potr│bniy hour for train on zmagannyakh ? i?eo r│vn│v zaznacha║tsya in Polozhenn│ pro the.
7.2.2. Train held in zones the kind sectors rozm│chenikh for i?iaaaaiiy tur│v oeo zmagan.
7.2.3. Train sklada║tsya ? zherebkuvannya, sphere the kind objects which. Large ano neobkh│dnogo for sphere (hour microchips k│ntsem zherebkuvannya the kind signal ôstart ö) on trenuvann│ viznacha║tsya members of Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ prisutn│mi on trenuvann│ bezposeredno i ? ney outflow zherebkuvannya.
7.2.4. Formerly train in osnovniy Protocol zmagan not vnosyatsya.
7.3. Tourism.
7.3.1. Large carrier i?iaaaaiiy vseukra┐nskikh zmagan -3. Large tur│v on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh ľ 2. Large tur│v on ? i?eo zmagannyakh ? i?eo r│vn│v zaznacha║tsya in Polozhenn│ pro the.
7.3.2. Both tour zmagan ? sportivno┐ objects which f│derom sklada║tsya ? such chastin, completed vikonu║tsya in nastupn│y sequence:
And) zherebkuvannya;
It comes) p│dgotovka;
In) had forced;
G) zvazhuvannya;
Afghan) p│dvedennya, organization of;
ĺ s) nagorodzhennya;
7.3.3. Zoni the kind sektori rozpod│lyayutsya na?aa sportsmen│v crime zherebkuvannya. Order chergi, for sseei v│dbuva║tsya zherebkuvannya, vstanovlyu║tsya r│shennyam Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ bezposeredno before eiai corn cob. Under provedenn│ programmed command-osobistikh zmagan, in. In July of polymeric, are aooe on one to an athlete ? kozhno┐ endurance.
7.3.4. On protyaz│ skin ? tur│v ?-command the zhodna ? teams not ia? rights leaders otrimati krayn│y sector zoni. I hour zherebkuvannya sektor│v sportsmeni teams, ui otrimali krayn│ sektori in odn│y c zones, oyaioou zhereb sector nastupnikh zones in ia??o ? a?ao for t│║┐ conditions, uia not dopustiti popadannya sportsmen│v odn│║┐ endurance in krayn│ sektori in dek│lkokh zones iaii ? anii.
7.3.5. Zhoden torchbearer not ia? rights a ? eu?a one never for etap the opinitisya in kraynomu Europe but zoni. Sportsmeni, completed vistupav in kraynomu Europe but in one ? poperedn│kh tur│v etapu, oyaioou zhereb in potochnomu tur│ the kind the poorest nastupnikh, in ia??o ? a?ao for t│║┐ conditions, uia not dopustiti re-popadannya for etap the in krayn│y sector zoni.
7.3.6. Zherebkuvannya sportsmen│v on zones on zmagannyakh ?-command zal│ku to be conducted aeee? ? ii before corn cob ia??iai vote zmagan. Zherebkuvannya sportsmen│v on sectors to be conducted before corn cob skin vote zmagan ?in on. In July of polymeric. Under provedenn│ zmagan in osobistomu zal│ku aeacoaaoe command ôtandem ö zherebkuvannya to be conducted on zagaln│y the sektor│v. In zherebkuvann│ iiaeoou o fate sportsmeni endurance the kind coaches. Godina, Spain commencement of i?iaaaaiiy zherebkuvannya zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the (regulations) ? ? godinoyu commencement of vote.
7.3.7. Large ano until signal ôsame in sector ö zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the ? urakhuvannyam too costly 6.11.
7.3.8. Signal ôsame in sector ö ? signal commencement of sphere.
7.3.9. Hour, v│dvedeniy on p│dgotovku, on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh is 120 khvilin. Sudd│vska koleg│ya ia? right skorotiti hour sphere until 60 khvilin (beruch│ until uvagi pogodn│ conditions the kind ? i? of holiday by) abo zgodoyu eu?ino sportsmen│v (crime golosuvannya trener│v teams i ? ney outflow zherebkuvannya). Hour sphere on ? i?eo zmagannyakh zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
7.3.10. Signal ôstart ö ? signal for commencement of bezposeredno vilovu fishing spots compete.
7.3.11. Okremiy hour on poperedn│y zakorm on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh not vid│lya║tsya. Dozvolenim corn cob zakormu vvazha║tsya signal ôstart. ö Hour on poperedn│y zakorm before corn cob objects which iiaea aooe vid│leniy on ? i?eo zmagannyakh, pro ui zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
7.3.12. Large ano for objects which fishing spots on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh ľ 5 godin. Had forced fishing spots pochina║tsya signal ôstart ö the kind zavershu║tsya signalô f│n│sh. ö On ? i?eo zmagannyakh, hour for objects which fishing spots iiaea aooe zmensheniy abo zb│lsheniy, pro completed zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
7.3.13. Signal ôf│n│sh ö ? signal, ui pripinya║ enleve fishing spots compete.
7.3.14. I ? ney signal ôf│n│sh ö catch sportsmen│v (ô tandem│v ö) zvazhu║tsya. Torchbearer, i ? ney zvazhuvannya eiai catch can, responsible of obov`yazkovo rozpisatisya have protokol│ zvazhuvannya zoni, completed there have became the zoni, for his outcome. I ? ney zvazhuvannya catch ciiao poverta║tsya have sazh athlete. An zauvazhennya the kind zaperechennya on rakhunok i?ioano zvazhuvannya the kind eiai, organization of document copy a trener│v the kind sportsmen│v o ? euee until point, that torchbearer rozpisavsya for his outcome in protokol│ zvazhuvannya zoni.
7.3.15. Pro outflow zvazhuvannya ulov│v sportsmen│v spov│scha║ signal ôzvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö, completed enables some v│dpustiti catch. Oae signal aaoiiaoe rozpochina║ vitamin p│dvedennya, organization of zmagan Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu the kind p│dgotovku until tailored treatment package nagorodzhennya.
7.3.16. I ? ney outflow p│dvedennya, organization of luna║ signal ônagorodzhennya. ö
7.4. An signal i hour i?iaaaaiiy zmagan podayutsya property suddeyu zmagan get vidimim (sv│tlovim), chutnim (zvukovim) way, dublyuyutsya voice suddyami zoni in on ? o zones.
7.5. The iiaea aooe pripinene abo v│dm│nene r│shennyam brain became the have aeiaaeo nespriyatlivikh pogodnikh minds, abo for nayavn│styu ? i?eo neperedbachenikh ianoaaei, completed iiaeoou zagrozhuvati zhittyu aniee the.
7.6. Have aeiaaeo commencement of threatening to put the forthwith i?eieiy?ouny, podacheyu pro signal ôperervati enleve. ö I ? ney signal torchbearer responsible of vimotati rigging, Leave ? sector zalishivshi all ribolovne sporyadzhennya the kind catch in iaaeao his sector. Under ouiio torchbearer responsible of samost│yno zabezpechiti-FNE, completed zalishilos in eiai Europe but. Liability for-of beneficiary iaeeaaa?ouny on athlete.
7.7. Yeui conditions dozvolyayut i?iaiaaeoaaoe the i ? ney perervi in iaaeao rozporyadku days, the iiaeoou aooe prodovzhen│.
7.8. Under provedenn│ vseukra┐nskikh zmagan, pererva not iiaea prodovzhuvatisya a ? eu?a polovini string, v│dvedenogo bezposeredno on enleve fishing spots (a ? eu?a 2.5 godin). Hour oaei perervi not doda║tsya until ano vilovu fishing spots. On ? i?eo zmagannyakh hour prodovzhennya mozhlivo┐ perervi viznacha║tsya organ│zatorami zmagan.
7.9. I ? ney outflow perervi, at the d signal, completed enables some or nai ?m│stsya, i ? ney x iai, through 5 khvilin, d signal ôponoviti enleve ö on prodovzhennya objects which.
7.10. Yeui atmosfern│ conditions not pol│pshuyutsya, abo rozporyadok not enables i?iaiaaeoaaoe the, then on vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh tour iiaea vvazhatisya d│ysnim, yeui eiai dovgotrival│st sklala not iai?a polovini ano, v│dvedenogo bezposeredno on enleve fishing spots (not iai?a 2.5 godin). On ? i?eo zmagannyakh d│ysnim / ned│ysnim tour iiaea vvazhatisya under ? i?eo umovakh, pro ui zaznachayut organ│zatori the.

8. Rules i?iaaaaiiy zmagan.
8.1. In osobistikh the kind ?-komandnikh zmagannyakh in kozhnomu Europe but there is one torchbearer, the kind basis that is fishing spots cabanas v│dbuva║tsya for speeds o ? euee odn│║┐ snast│ (one vudlischa), US vudlische osnaschene for in of this objects which abo zakormu, osnastkoyu ? one a leash around the kind one odinarnim gachkom. I ? ney signal ôstart ö zaboronene odnochasne znakhodzhennya in Ukraine osnastok term not exceeding two abo a ? eu?a vudlisch, nezalezhno a Chelomei type the kind osnaschennya (ceasing ? gachkom, my weight, god│vnitsya).
8.2. In komandnikh zmagannyakh type ôtandem ö in kozhnomu Europe but there two athlete the kind had forced fishing spots v│dbuva║tsya for speeds term not exceeding two cordages. I ? ney signal ôstart ö zaboronene odnochasne znakhodzhennya in Ukraine a ? eu? i ? ae term not exceeding two vudlisch, nezalezhno a Chelomei type the kind osnaschennya (ceasing ? gachkom, my weight, god│vnitsya).
8.3. Dozvolya║tsya% of lyub│ varieties of mounting snap for conditions, ui tooling, yea zastosovu║tsya i hour sell (an ??elementi in zbor│, US god│vnitsyu without prikormki) must maty negativnu plavuch│st. Of the agency legiblly on whether-yeeo chastinakh snap dodatkovikh activating of ? pozitivnoyu plavuch│styu (the cork, p│noplast the kind ? i? iia ? ai in the made abo natural pokhodzhennya).
8.4. Bezposeredno i hour objects which fishing spots, vudlische iiaea znakhoditisya in the hands of athlete abo on p│dstavts│ whether-yako┐ condition of the kind r│znovidu.
8.5. To an athlete dozvolya║tsya% of prikormku the kind the pourer o ? euee natural pokhodzhennya. The nozzle sitch the kind prikormka iiaeoou aooe pofarbovan│ the kind zmochen│ netoksichnimi aromatichnimi rechovinami.
8.6. Zaboronyayutsya purposefulness the kind prikormi, ui passenger during in not pereroblenomu Kucherenko live abo mertvu Ribu, Alive the kind mertvikh murakh, murashin│ yaytsya the kind │kru fish. Of the agency zastosuvannya narkotichnikh the kind durmanyachikh Ribu, Specialist, Master. Of the agency nasadzhuvati on gachok the kind ceasing snap time, (abo cai ?) ? nasadkoyu gazonapovnenikh plastmas aeaeoi?aeuieo forms of the kind of (p│noplasti the kind camping on To, the cork the kind sertsevin Cabinet on mind loom has been arranged.
8.7. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh large dozvoleno┐ prikormki on one tour the on one athlete is: 12l zvolozheno┐ sum│sh│ + 1,5l tvarinno┐ skladovo┐ (de motilya not a ? eu?a 0,5l capacity). Large prikormki on komandnikh zmagannyakh ôtandem ö aiein: 24l + 3kg (de motilya not a ? eu?a 1kg) onô tandem. ö Large the kind sp│vv│dnoshennya dozvoleno┐ prikormki on ? i?eo zmagannyakh iiaea aooe zm│neno, pro completed zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.8. Tvarinna Skladova prikormki sklada║tsya ? Alive organ│zm│v in zhivomu aeacoaaoe un-dead (term│chno abo kh│m│chno obroblenomu) in a different abo the kind, completed wanton ch│tko rozr│znen│ chastini Alive organ│zm│v (iai?eeeaa motilya, oparisha, cherv`yak│v the kind popular with tourists.
8.9. Large changeable tips the kind of the dry aromatizator│v obov`yazkovo enter until the dozvoleno┐ prikormki. R│dk│ aromatizatori the kind d│pi for changeable tips using on protyaz│ vote the in neobmezhen│y the.
8.10. Perev│rka prikormki the kind nozzles Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu must aooe rozpochata not osobisto "i ? ae for p│v years i ? ney signalô same in zone ö the kind been accomplished not ci i ? ae for p│v years until signal ôstart. ö Fish-sicles the kind the nozzle sitch povinn│ aooe pred`yavlen│ cabanas for authorized to have m│rn│y tar│. M│rna container must maty ch│tko times ob`║m vm│stu, naneseniy promislovim crime. ¬mn│st m│rno┐ Taree must aooe maximally nablizhena until dozvolenogo ob`║mu changeable tips the kind prikormki, ui approximately US tsimi Rules aeacoaaoe Polozhennyam pro the.
8.11. Until authorized to prikormki Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu, zm│shuvannya tvarinno┐ skladovo┐ prikormki ? │nshimi species dozvoleno┐ prikormki adamantly of the agency. I ? ney authorized to an elements prikormki dozvolya║tsya zm│shuvati in lyubiy manner, ye vruchnu, so ? for speeds mekhan│chnikh 37 (dril, shurupovert). Legiblly mekhan│chnikh 37 for zm│shuvannya prikormki i ? ney signal ôstart ö zaboroneno.
8.12. Aboutĺ║m prikormki, in which i hour authorized to viyavleno elements tvarinno┐ skladovo┐, vrakhovu║tsya in zagalnomu ye tvarinna Skladova prikormki.
8.13. In Europe but, i ? ney authorized to, dozvolya║tsya zber│gati o ? euee the contestant large prikormki the kind tvarinno┐ skladovo┐ prikormki, yea aIlowed to use tsimi Rules abo Polozhennyam pro the.
8.14. Additional charges are zam│shuvannya prikormki until the kind p│dchas objects which dozvolyayutsya, vikhodyachi ? the prikormki dozvoleno┐ on oeo zmagannyakh. Legiblly material (i ? ney authorized to of the agency.
8.15. Additional zvolozhennya prikormki dozvolene o ? euee for speeds will be doing, ? zastosuvannyam the, ob`║m yako┐ not vkhodiv until Warehouse ob`║mu prikormki completed processes are i hour authorized to. An ? i? sposobi dodatkovogo zvolozhennya i ? ney authorized to zaboronen│.
8.16. Zakorm of this sell dozvoleniy o ? euee for speeds god│vnits│. ? i? sposobi zaboronen│. Large of this sell in iaaeao sector not obmezhena.
8.17. Under provedenn│ vseukra┐nskikh zmagan the nozzle sitch must znakhoditisya bezposeredno on gachku. Not dozvolya║tsya% of ôvolosyanu ö rigging, sil│konov│ kembriki abo k│ltsya for technologies jamborees (pelleta, puchk│v motilya the kind iia ? ai jamborees). Not dozvolya║tsya% of ôPruzhinki ö on t│l│ gachka for utrimannya nozzles, gruziki (mormishki) the kind i?a. On ? i?eo zmagannyakh legiblly dozvolenikh osnastok the kind dopom│zhnikh predmet│v osnastok zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.18. Large dodatkovikh vudlisch the kind osnastok on zmagannyakh not normu║tsya.
8.19. Poklovka fishing spots viznacha║tsya cabanas o ? euee on zm│nn│y vershints│ f│dernogo vudlischa. Dopom│zhn│ signal│zatori klovu zaboronen│.
8.20. Zakidannya snap (zavedennya snap) in noa objects which vikonu║tsya o ? euee vudlischem, aeee? ? ii for speeds m`yazovo┐ neee athlete. Daln│st zabrosu not approximately US. Yak exclusion,. Using the iiaea aooe o ? euee blizhnya distants│ya zabrosu (iai?eeeaa: Not blizhche 10m a Bank, on yeiio there sector athlete), pro ui obov`yazkovo zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.21. Zaboroneno aeeiioaaoe bokoviy impose the kind ? i? types of zabros│v, except zabrosu c-for golovi (?-for spini). Zabrosi cordages (nezalezhno a Chelomei type), in of this sell the kind zakorm for mezhami his sector adamantly zaboronen│.
8.22. I hour zmagan some dozvolya║tsya koristuvatisya platforms, boxes are, st│lts│ the kind camping on P. Took osnovno┐ platformi (mailbox, st│ltsya) iiaea aooe, to the user dopom│zhne equipment for the performance dodatkovikh funkts│y.
8.23. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh on moment signal ôstart ö, dvi oporn│ n│zhki platformi (mailbox, st│ltsya) povinn│ roztashovuvatisya zovn│ the, on bank of. I hour vote realignment platformi (mailbox, st│ltsya) dozvolya║tsya o ? euee in side Bank. On komandnikh zmagannyakh ôtandem ö platformi (boxes are, st│lts│) sportsmen│v odn│║┐ endurance in Europe but povinn│ aooe by the on v│dstan│ not iai?a 1 Dam one a odno┐. Under provedenn│ ? i?eo zmagan roztashuvannya platformi (mailbox, st│ltsya) in Europe but the kind is more microchips them (hallo not iai?a 1 meters) zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.24. I ? ney pributtya athlete until his sector, a responsible of sklasti to love sporyadzhennya in and nonferrous Europe but, i ? ney x iai zalishiti eiai. After OK noino?ouny iinaaiaeo, completed dopomagayut to an athlete. Whether-yea p│dgotovka sporyadzhennya in iaaeao sector athlete until signal ôsame in sector ö of the agency, except gotuvannya prikormki (posture mezhami sector).
8.25. To an athlete is permitted dov│lno rozm│schuvati vudlische i hour objects which, aea chastini vudlischa under ouiio, not povinn│ printing the for mezh│ sector athlete.
8.26. In khod│ zmagan torchbearer iiaea roztashovuvatis in Europe but for objects which, ye vvazha║ for potr│bne, hallo ? ?a ? ?, ui roztashovuyutsya in Europe but abo Chelomei chastini, not povinn│ printing the for mezh│ sector.
8.27. In and nonferrous Europe but torchbearer responsible of peresuvatisya on mozhlivost│ bezshumno the kind svo┐mi d│yami not zavazhati by other uchasnikam zmagan.
8.28. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh prom│ri what depths the kind ? i? in of this objects which is permitted aeeiioaaoe o ? euee for speeds gruzika abo porozhno┐ god│vnits│ i ? ney signal ôsame in sector ö the kind until signalô f│n│sh. ö An ? i? sposobi prom│ru new the kind in of this objects which zaboronen│. Under provedenn│ ? i?eo zmagan additional charges are sposobi in of this objects which zaznachayutsya in Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.29. For month became the, i hour objects which fishing spots (in the period of microchips signals ôstart ö the kindô f│n│sh ö), torchbearer zobov`yazaniy pred`yaviti its snap, prikormu, nozzles the kind whether-ssea i?a sporyadzhennya, completed on the moment there in Europe but, for authorized to, iaa ? ou yeui for ouiai potr│bnoĺpripiniti enleve on hour authorized to.
8.30. Dozvolya║tsya the exit athlete for mezh│ sector for vir│vnyuvannya dovzhin leaf (? tse member Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ o ? euee until signal ôstart. ö
8.31. To an athlete dozvolya║tsya zakhoditi in water on glibinu not nii aeuo eiai kol│n. Zakhoditi on majority glibinu torchbearer iiaea o ? euee ? tse member Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐.
8.32. I ? ney signal ôsame in sector ö ? until signalô zvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö torchbearer ia? right Leave for mezh│ his sector for prichinoyu krayno┐ neobkh│dnost│ ? o ? euee ? tse member Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐. Under ouiio an snap athlete on the period of eiai v│dsutnost│ povinn│ znakhoditisya not in Ukraine.
8.33. Without tse member Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ i ? ney signal ôsame in sector ö the until signalô zvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö sportsmeni not ia?ou rights o a sportsmen│v the kind ? i?eo iinaaiaeo whether-yeo praktichnu will have p│dgotuvann│ m│stsya zmagan, cordages, nozzles ? prikormki, vivedenn│ fishing spots the kind administer the will by other some.
8.34. P│dsakoyu in Civil vivazhuvannya, on zmagannyakh osobistogo the kind ?-command zal│ku, iiaea koristuvatisya ee?a himself torchbearer.
8.35. In komandnikh zmagannyakh ôtandem ö p│dgotovku sporyadzhennya, prikormki, vitamin vivazhuvannya (support is p│dsakoyu) sportsmeni odn│║┐ endurance iiaeoou aeeiioaaoe time,.
8.36. I ? ney signal ôsame in sector ö the until signalô zvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö, additional charges are snap (o ? euee until signal ôstart ö), nozzles, prikormki the kind tvarinna Skladova (o ? euee until authorized to prikormki), Pitna water, ┐zha, medicines the kind camping on P. Iiaeoou aooe peredan│ to an athlete in eiai sector o ? euee through member Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐.
8.37. I hour zmagan sportsmeni.ĺto follow the zber│gati Ribu thus Yasuo, uia enabled zalishalasya The Living (on mozhlivost│) on moment zvazhuvannya. Sazh ? village is responsible of aooe maximally zanureniy have water. S│tka black carbon must aooe vigotovlena ? example natural abo made pokhodzhennya.
8.38. M│n│malna aIlowed to use dovzhina black carbon - 3m. Legiblly black carbon ? metalevoyu s│tkoyu zaboroneno.
8.39. On komandnikh zmagannyakh ôtandem ö riba iiaea kept in sazh│ skin athlete endurance ?in, abo in sp│lnomu sazh│.
8.40. Vinositi Ribu for mezh│ sector until signal ôzvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö zaboroneno.
8.41. For month vlasnik│v chance abo organ│zator│v zmagan sp│ymana compete riba, zaznachenogo in Polozhenn│ pro the mind abo rozm│ru, iiaea aooe zvazhena once i ? ney ??vilovu the kind v│dpuschena. In such a aeiaaeo, i ? ney zvazhuvannya fishing spots members of Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐, torchbearer responsible of rozpisatisya in protokol│ zvazhuvannya zoni for love you skin vilovlenogo ekzemplyara.
8.42. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh until zal│ku priyma║tsya the entire vilovlena riba (except t│║┐, ui is registred until Chervono┐ books ie). Under provedenn│ ? i?eo zmagan, dozvolya║tsya not o until zal│ku one abo dek│lka of fish pro completed zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.43. Until zal│ku priyma║tsya riba, yea casual. Aren't vilovlena not for his mouth. Navmisne bagr│nnya fishing spots the kind pristro┐ avtomatichnogo zas│kannya zaboronyayutsya.
8.44. Of riba, sp│ymana sum│sno ? ? i?i? osnastkoyu (ob│rvanoyu), oaae priyma║tsya until zal│ku. Yeui under ouiio sp│ymano a ? eu?a i ? ae one riba, until zal│ku priyma║tsya o ? euee one (on rozsud athlete), an ? i? povinn│ aooe forthwith v│dpuschen│.
8.45. Of riba, completed not talking until zal│ku forthwith v│dpuska║tsya have vodoymu.
8.46. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh, i ? ney signal ôf│n│sh ö in zal│k talking riba, yea there in sazh│ abo, on moment podach│ signal, viluchena ? the aeacoaaoe there in p│dsaku. Dodatkoviy hour on vivazhuvannya fishing spots i ? ney signal ôf│n│sh ö not given. Under provedenn│ ? i?eo zmagan dodatkoviy hour on vivazhuvannya iiaea aooe dodaniy, pro completed zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.47. Of riba, yea aoea vilovlena i hour train the kind podalshikh tur│v the must aooe forthwith v│dpuschena i ? ney signal became the zoni ôzvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö ? nalezhnoyu oberezhn│styu.
8.48. Of riba, yea aoea vilovlena i hour the the zaginula, abo riba, yeo not is permitted vlasnikami chance aeacoaaoe organ│zatorami v│dpuskati in vodoymu, wants to help members of Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ the kind v│dda║tsya in rozporyadzhennya vlasnik│v chance abo brain became the.
8.49. Is permitted legiblly radio the kind mob│lnikh 37 zv`yazku, aea not zavazhayuchi oei by other uchasnikam the.
8.50. On zmagannyakh, completed where in two aeacoaaoe a ? eu?a carrier, i ? ney outflow skin ? tur│v (signal ôzvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö), kr│m ostannogo vote, sportsmeni zobov`yazan│ zalishiti sector zmagan on protyaz│ 120 khvilin, yeui i?a not in in Polozhenn│ pro the.
8.51. , uchasnikam zmagan adamantly of the agency zavazhati procedure of zvazhuvannya, v│dvol│kati judges the kind zavazhati Chelomei st│nakh.
8.52. I ? ney outflow train the kind skin ? tur│v torchbearer obov`yazkovo responsible of pribrati i ? ney itself truck in Europe but. For month vlasnik│v chance abo organ│zator│v zmagan, vikidannya in water prikormki, nozzles, tvarinno┐ skladovo┐ prikormki completed zalishilasya have athlete (ôtandemu ö) i ? ney vote zmagan, iiaea aooe zabaronene, pro completed zaznacha║tsya have Polozhenn│ pro the.

9. ZVAZhUVANN▀, P▓DVEDENN▀, organization of TA NAGORODZhENN▀.
9.1. Until zvazhuvannya priyma║tsya riba, aIlowed to use until vilovu Polozhennyam pro the.
9.2. The result zvazhuvannya ? record became the in of polymeric in protokol│ zvazhuvannya zoni for obov`yazkovoyu nayavn│styu p│dpisu athlete.
9.3. Until Atiku in sector sudd│vsko┐, a free of (became the in of polymeric), yea pursue zvazhuvannya, torchbearer responsible of trimati his sazh have Ukraine. Ribu c black carbon of services literature where sudd│vsko┐, a free of. Catch zvazhu║tsya, aea not p│drakhovu║tsya.
9.4. Zvazhuvannya fishing spots to be conducted rozsipom in tar│ s│tchatogo type abo ? perforovanim upside, completed not zavazha║ v│lnomu st│kannyu the. Vitamin zvazhuvannya fishing spots, p│ymano┐ cabanas, held in iaaeao eiai sector. Of riba zvazhu║tsya in means Kucherenko, in ║dinopod│bn│y tar│.
9.5. Zvazhuvannya catch can vikonu║tsya ? maksimalnoyu tochn│styu in iaaeao technical dopusku vag│v, hallo ? pokhibkoyu not a ? eu?a 10 gram│v. Have aeiaaeo, yeui the memorial have term not exceeding two abo a ? eu?a zones, zvazhuvannya to be conducted iaii ? anii dvoma Red Brigades for speeds vag│v odnakovo┐ model│. Vaga River, ui using for zvazhuvannya fishing spots, before corn cob zvazhuvannya obov`yazkovo perev│ryayutsya property suddeyu zmagan. Of the agency% of vagi without obnul│nnya Taree.
9.6. I hour tailored treatment package zvazhuvannya, vagi povinn│ obov`yazkovo roztashovuvatisya on spets│alnomu shtativ│ (tripod), of the agency trimati a tripod in ruts│ i hour zvazhuvannya. Of the agency% of vagi without obnul│nnya Taree the kind whether-sseei Yasuo koreguvati love you, vkazanu vagami.
9.7. Torchbearer povinniy aooe prisutn│m under zvazhuvann│, for moreover, uia sposter│gati zvazhuvannya ? p│dpisati Protocol zvazhuvannya zoni, have yeiio vkazu║tsya boo wagga eiai catch can. I ? ney sell any information protocol zvazhuvannya zoni n│yak│ with a uiai vagi catch can a sportsmen│v abo representative of endurance not document copy.
9.8. Under viznachenn│, organization of on komandnikh zmagannyakh ôtandem ö zvazhuvannya fishing spots to be conducted have vs│║┐ endurance in ts│lomu.
9.9. In osobistikh zmagannyakh formerly zarakhovuyutsya kozhnomu to an athlete ?in. In ?-komandnikh zmagannyakh ľ kozhnomu to an athlete ?in the kind komand│ in ts│lomu. In komandnikh zmagannyakh ôtandem ö o ? euee komand│.
9.10. Catch athlete (ôtandemu ö) iiaea aooe re-zvazheniy o ? euee have aeiaaeo zam│ni vag have aeiaaeo Chelomei one space nespravnost│.
9.11. For preĺyavlenu Ribu to an athlete narakhovu║tsya on 1 Balu for kozhniy gram it vagi.
9.12. On zmagannyakh, ui memorial in dek│lka tur│v, for io?eiaiiy k│ntsevogo zal│kovogo outcome, sportsmeni (endurance, ôtandemi ö) povinn│ vzyati fate in on ? o ľ the the kind not aooe znyatimi ? zmagan.
9.13. Viznachennya komandnikh, organization of zd│ysnyu║tsya for'a m│sts, zaynyatikh compete odn│║┐ endurance have audits zones.
9.14. Viznachennya osobistikh, organization of, the kind komandnikh ôtandem ö, zd│ysnyu║tsya for'a m│sts, zaynyatikh cabanas /ô in tandem ö on zmagann│.
9.15. Peremozhtsem in tur│ priznacha║tsya torchbearer (ôtandem ö) abo team, completed ia? nayb│lshu large bal│v. Under r│vn│y the bal│v have odn│y of polymeric some, zarakhovu║tsya noa, ssea viznacha║tsya ye seredn║ arifmetichne a sumi m│sts, ui aiie povinn│ aoee it comes pod│liti.
Stock 1: Two athlete, ui pretenduyut on 5ĺs noa, oderzhuyut (5 + 6) / 2 = 5.5 ochok (m│sts) kozhniy;
Stock 2: Three athlete, completed pretenduyut on 8ĺs noa, oderzhuyut (8 + 9 + 10) / 3 =9 ochok (m│sts) kozhniy.
9.16. Sportsmeni, ui caee?eeeny without catch can, improved noa, ui r│vne maximize m│stsyu, plus odne.
9.17. Under znyatt│ athlete (n│v) abo teams ? zmagan i ? ney zvazhuvannya Chelomei ulov│v, sportsmeni (endurance), ui zaymayut m│stsya nastupn│ for him (and), aiein, zm│schuyutsya on turn│rne noa (I) znyatogo (their) athlete (n│v) aeacoaaoe teams.
9.18. Peremozhtsem the in osobistomu zal│ku bagatoturovikh zmagan ? torchbearer, completed having received naymenshu CAPITAL m│sts for an tourism. Have aeiaaeo r│vnost│ sumi m│sts have term not exceeding two aeacoaaoe a ? eu?a sportsmen│v peremozhtsem vvazha║tsya torchbearer, yeee ia? nayb│lshu sumarnu large bal│v for an tourism. Have aeiaaeo r│vnost│ sumarno┐ the bal│v for an tourism, peremozhtsem vvazha║tsya torchbearer, large nabranikh bal│v yeiai for inoaii ? e tour ? nayb│lshoyu. Have aeiaaeo r│vnost│ the on ouiio pokazniku, appropriate odnakov│ m│stsya.
9.19. Sportsmeni, ye in zv`yazku ? zam│noyu, i?eeiyee fate o ? euee in one tur│, ? zmagan osobistogo zal│ku viklyuchayutsya the kind vrakhovuyutsya vk│nts│ aniee zmagan in order otrimanikh them m│sts.
9.20. Peremozhtsem in command bagatoturovomu zmagann│ vvazha║tsya team, ui PERSON naymenshu CAPITAL m│sts, zaynyatikh compete endurance for an tourism. Have aeiaaeo r│vnost│ sumi m│sts have term not exceeding two aeacoaaoe a ? eu?a teams peremozhnitseyu vvazha║tsya team, yea ia? nayb│lshu sumarnu large bal│v for an tourism. Have aeiaaeo r│vnost│ sumarno┐ the bal│v for an tourism, peremozhnitseyu vvazha║tsya team, large nabranikh bal│v yako┐ for inoaii ? e tour ? nayb│lshoyu. Have aeiaaeo r│vnost│ the on ouiio pokazniku, appropriate odnakov│ m│stsya.
9.21. For ?-komandnikh zmagan, have aeiaaeo, that myself it comes odn│y of polymeric ? a ? eu?a i ? ae 20 sektor│v, have GWAS methodology rozrakhunk│v introduced dodatkove d│lennya zoni on poluzoni.
9.22. Nagorodzhennya peremozhts│v to be conducted zg│dno regulations zaznachenogo in Polozhenn│ pro the.
9.23. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh i hour tailored treatment package nagorodzhennya obov`yazkovo ogoloshuyutsya an m│stsya, zaynyat│ compete (teams) on oeo zmagannyakh, ? the principal protocol zmagan, an zayavlen│ protesti ? aiein priynyatimi Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu r│shennyami the kind sankts│┐, ui zastosovan│ until sportsmen│v (teams) ? obov`yazkovim zaznachennyam pr│zvisch oeo sportsmen│v (calls teams) the kind calls federats│y, ye aiie predstavlyayut.

10.1. Kozhniy 2 zmagan ia? right podavati protesti noiniaii ?aiiy sudd│v abo porushen compete, teams, coaches on, predstavnikami teams the kind suddyami Rules the kind polozhennya pro the. Protest d pismovo through a trainer endurance until Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐.
10.2. Protesti, for unless oeo, ui fundamental viznachennya, m│sts, podayutsya not ci, i ? ae through 1 average i ? ney outflow have vote zmagan. Protesti, ui fundamental viznachennya m│sts, povinn│ aooe podan│ not ci 30 khvilin i ? ney of│ts│ynogo ogoloshennya, organization of have vote abo zagalnikh, organization of the.
10.3. ?aiiy uiai protest│v (for unless oeo, completed fundamental rozpod│lu m│sts), povinn│ aooe priynyat│ sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu until zatverdzhennya, organization of vote abo zmagan. I hour rozglyadu skin protesting vedetsya Protocol.
10.4. Coaches (kap│tan) endurance, which filed protest,.ĺof damage aooe prisutn│m on zas│dann│ Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ i hour rozglyadu protesting.
10.5. ?aiiy uiai protest│v priyma║tsya v│dkritim golosuvannyam Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ these oaie. ?aiiy Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ uiai protest│v ? ostatochnim the kind zatverdzhu║tsya property suddeyu.

11. SANKTs▓», ye zastosovuyutsya TO SPORTSMEN▓V.
11.1. For porushennya oeo Rules the kind polozhennya pro the, protyagom one the, until sportsmen│v zastosovuyutsya nastupn│ sankts│┐: Zauvazhennya, notice, znyattya ? zmagan, diskval│f│kats│ya, bezstrokova diskval│f│kats│ya ? by imprisonment rights construction have zmagannyakh ? of their sport the poorest status│v the kind the poorest professional Higher certifying commission.
11.2. Pro an porushennya Rules the kind polozhennya pro the, porushnik│v the kind ob`yavlenikh ?i zauvazhennyakh aeacoaaoe poperedzhennyakh, became the in zones povinn│ in pismovomu Kucherenko (Protocol porushen) Pov│domlyati Sudd│vsku koleg│yu, yea ia? right vinesennya related sankts│y, even 4000m2 as well as until znyattya ? zmagan.
11.3. Zauvazhennya aeacoaaoe notice iiaea aooe ogolosheno to an athlete suddeyu in of polymeric abo property suddeyu. Torchbearer, have country until yeiai aeianaia sankts│ya, responsible of aooe forthwith pro after pro│nformovaniy. I hour vote the a responsible of pripiniti enleve the kind forthwith usunuti reason, yea viklikala v│dpov│dnu sankts│yu.
11.4. Have aeiaaeo, that torchbearer (team, ôtandem ö) znyatiy ? the r│shennyam Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐, startoviy aianie the kind ? i? aeo?aoe ponesen│ cabanas (komandoyu,ô in tandem ö), organ│zats│║yu (federats│║yu, club), ui fluent o ? the, not in together.
11.5. Sankts│ya ôzauvazhennya ö vinositsya some for:
- for v│dsutn│st have athlete launch number (yeui a peredbacheniy Polozhennyam pro the;
- vtruchannya in further became the, for grub│st the kind sperechannya ? suddeyu;
- porushennya such towns Rules: 8.21; - 8: 23.; 8.24; collect 7.75; 8.26; 8.27; is 8: 37 in; 8.46; 8.49;
11.6. Sankts│ya ônotice ö obov`yazkovo f│ksu║tsya have protokol│ porushen ? zaznachennyam point of Rules, yeee aoa porusheniy the p│dpisu║tsya suddeyu in of polymeric the kind cabanas, until yeiai aoea aeianaia a ? aiia ? aia sankts│ya. Protokoli porushen in zones i ? ney outflow vote seem crazy until Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐.
11.7. Sankts│ya ônotice ö vinositsya teams for:
- fate athlete, ui nedopuscheniy until zmagan;
- v│dsutn│st endurance on tseremon│┐ on Opening, the kind should zmagan without tse brain became the;
- notice ogoloshen│ dvom some endurance;
- for enleve fishing spots zapasnim cabanas, Batia abo an endurance i hour zmagan on an oa?eoi? chance, de where the.
11.7.1. Sankts│ya ônotice ö vinositsya to an athlete for:
- v│dsutn│st athlete on tseremon│┐ on Opening, the kind should zmagan without tse brain became the (have aeiaaeo the osobistogo zal│ku);
- kupannya have vodoym│ in the period of i?iaaaaiiy zmagan;
- pred`yavlennya on perev│rku Sudd│vsk│y koleg│┐ changeable tips, prikormok the kind tvarinnikh skladovikh not have m│rn│y tar│;
- legiblly material (for pros│yuvannya the kind mekhan│chnikh 37 for perem│shuvannya prikormki i ? ney ??authorized to Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu;
- impose snap blizhche i ? ae is permitted Polozhennyam pro the;
- v│dsutn│st in Europe but i hour signal ôstart ö aboô f│n│sh ö;
- vipuskannya in sazh fishing spots, p│ymano┐ i ? ney signal ôf│n│sh. ö Under ouiio suddeyu in of polymeric ? catch can athlete vilucha║tsya confirms its ribina, yea without zvazhuvannya v│dpuska║tsya have vodoymu;
- peredchasne v│dpuskannya fishing spots have vodoymu (until endurance ôzvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö);
- Vinos catch can for mezh│ sector until endurance ôzvazhuvannya zak│ncheno ö;
- porushennya such towns Rules: 8.1; 8.2; 8.3; 8.6; 8.13; programs; 8.16; 8.17; 8.19; 8.28; 8.31; 8.32; 8.33; 8.34; 8.36; 8.38; 8: 40; 8.44; ??8?45? 8: 45; 8.46; 8.52;
- povtorne vinesennya sankts│┐ ôzauvazhennya ö on protyaz│ one the.
11.8. On vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh, torchbearer (team), completed otrimav notice, ia? eiai for for gaining two ?iee ? days ogoloshennya sankts│┐.
11.9. Sankts│ya ôznyattya ? zmagan ö pozbavlya║ athlete (team) on the right introduction i?iaiaaeoaaoe dan│ the, and oaeiae, for r│shennyam Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐, iiaea pozbaviti on the right construction have nastupnikh vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh until k│ntsya calendar ?ieo. Rozglyad sankts│┐ ôznyattya ? zmagan ö oformlyu║tsya Protocol Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ the kind napravlya║tsya until Distsipl│narno┐ Commission.
11.10. Sankts│ya ôznyattya ? zmagan ö vinositsya komand│ for:
- povtorne porushennya Rules, completed viklikalo sankts│yu ônotice, ö for nayavn│styu aaea vinesenogo notice;
- for v│dsutn│st endurance on obov`yazkovomu trenuvann│ without zavchasnogo notice (not ci i ? ae for 1 day) ? eai ? a Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐.
11.10.1. Sankts│ya ôznyattya ? zmagan ö vinositsya to an athlete for:
- povtorne porushennya Rules, completed viklikalo sankts│yu ônotice ö;
- perebuvannya athlete have netverezomu in a different aeacoaaoe in in a different narkotichnogo sp`yan│nnya on caoiaao, peredbachenikh regulations the;
- nesportivnu poved│nku, completed proyavlya║tsya in grub│y, znevazhliv│y to until aniee the;
- equally until m│stsya zherebkuvannya until k│ntsya zherebkuvannya ia??iai vote zmagan (the osobistogo zal│ku);
- aiiao usunuti reason, completed viklikala sankts│yu ôzauvazhennya ö aboô notice ö;
- umisnu zm│nu the lines sector;
- aiiao became the zoni have perev│rts│ prikormok, changeable tips, tvarinno┐ skladovo┐ the kind delicious sporyadzhennya ui there have Europe but athlete i hour the;
- navmisne perekhovuvannya zaboroneno┐ (zayvo┐ the) prikormki abo nozzles a authorized to;
- legiblly zaboronenikh Rules abo Polozhennyam pro the cordages the kind osnastok;
- navmisne bagr│nnya fishing spots abo legiblly! ╗ avtomatichnogo p│ds│kannya;
- for Ribu, sp│ymanu the kind vipuschenu in sazh i ? ney signal ôperervati enleve ö;
- aiiao p│dpisuvatis i svo┐m PORUShENN▀M have protokol│ porushen, for r│shennyam, ssea vinositsya i hour i?iaaaaiiy vote Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu.
11.11. Sankts│ya ôdiskval│f│kats│ya ö vinositsya Distsipl│narnoyu Commission (abo by other body, completed vikonu║ ??confirmed) on basis protocol the, completed nadsila║tsya Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu, to go to an athlete (komand│), znyatomu leaders on protyaz│ calendar ?ieo ? vseukra┐nskikh zmagan for porushennya Rules the kind specialists of Center.ô Diskval│f│kats│ya ö provides for nedopuschennya athlete (endurance) until vseukra┐nskikh zmagan on in the means the period of (iai?eeeaa: On nastupniy kalendarniy e). The period of viznacha║tsya r│shennyam Distsipl│narno┐ Commission.
11.12. Torchbearer, yeee aoa pom│cheniy have p│dkup│, p│dtasuvann│, organization of the, p│dkladann│ fishing spots, p│ymano┐ not in zal│koviy hour, peredavann│ nai? ?fishing spots │nshomu uchasniku abo priymann│ fishing spots a delicious uchasnika forthwith pozbavlya║tsya rights i?iaiaaeoaaoe the the kind, for podalshim r│shennyam Distsipl│narno┐ Commission, iiaea aooe usuneniy a construction have vseukra┐nskikh zmagannyakh c nastupnoyu diskval│f│kats│║yu on potochniy the kind two nastupnikh kalendarniy r│ki. Torchbearer, leaders pom│cheniy have vischezaznachenikh d│yakh, diskval│f│kuyutsya ? by imprisonment rights construction have zmagannyakh ? of their sport the poorest status│v the kind the poorest professional Higher certifying commission dov│chno. Rozglyad sankts│┐ ôdiskval│f│kats│ya ö oformlyu║tsya Protocol Distsipl│narno┐ Commission the kind kept in arkh│v│ FRSU.
11.13. Vinesen│ to an athlete sankts│┐ (except ôzauvazhennya ö) zanosyatsya until eiai kval│f│kats│yno┐ notebook, in zvedeniy Protocol the ? vipisku ? v.
11.14. Until a trainer (coordinator) endurance iiaeoou aooe zastosovan│ oae ? sankts│┐, ye ô're notice. ö Vikonu║tsya members of Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐, for zavazhannya by other uchasnikam zmagan abo members Sudd│vsko┐ koleg│┐ aeeiioaaoe nai ?obov`yazki. Under ob`yavlenomu tretomu ôusnomu poperedzhenn│ ö coaches (co) responsible of forthwith zalishiti zone zmagan until k│ntsya the. Under nevikonann│ an (coordinator) nizhchezaznacheno┐ conditions (zalishennya zoni), for r│shennyam, ssea vinositsya i hour i?iaaaaiiy vote Sudd│vskoyu koleg│║yu, team, until yako┐ a nalezhit, zn│ma║tsya ? zmagan.

12. ZAKLYuChN▓ polozhennya.
12.1. Rules zatverdzhuyutsya President FRSU.
12.2. Dan│ EU a on an oa?eoi? ie.
12.3. Prezid│ya FRSU ia? right vnositi koreguvannya the kind can be changes until data Rules, crime golosuvannya ? eai ? a Prezid│┐.

President ITF Federation of their sport ie had a foreign W. W.



Boev wrote:

. On verkhn│y sekts│┐ vudilischa must aooe poznachka, completed vkazu║ on zhorstk│st vkle║nogo in ia ?kv│vertipa.

Geu. . No, stocking up paint motley :flag: :tomato: And still on market saw have some lovely little which Prince "to transfer" on any the surface. :flirt:
And if seriously. Feder so feeder - far prime, but ulybayut all these a measly attempts something lead the in framework. :crazyfun:

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I already pro this wrote:
Will whether reckon fiderami, for example, Corum Neoterik with vershinkoy-avon or EBM 13.8 until 100gr with-cell plug-Riverovskim aperture had the tip? Or this already karpoviki or any other types of udilisch?

Last edited by duffy333 (Mar 21 2012 15:12:07)



Many such place it try to "to exclude" under various pretexts to not efforts in sorevnvoaniya such useful things as barbely, lungs karpoviki or rokfish-spinningi (with vkleenymi vershinkami), because in certain conditions, competition they have Syria--and advantage before klasschieskimi fiderami with-cell plug-kvivertipom :dontknow:
For example on reservoirs with the servant-trophy-fish tank and a mop factory understandable that Barbel or easy karpovik much better tackles with major fish tank and will save time on vyvazhivanii yes and a shortage in neighboring sector will realistically less. And here is with help of spinningov with vkleenoy vershinkoy ultralayt class fashionable to eloquently harvest perch or ukleyu (property dace and krasnoperku. So that many, this not suits.
Another matter that interestingly why this is all the who tries to such push? But the already different story.

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Explain please pro popcorn, and the it is unclear spelled out.



Itself me on fact would still. Me this already frankly not matter at all. - simply wonder the as people not can pleasantly occasionally elementary point - nonsense OK write. Want limit - let limit - BUT immediately and on oio, and so constantly leave loopholes for couple mind :crazyfun: Illy for those who sake of yuks wants their tapian :crazyfun:
???? everyday CRT PIShET TERMS describes FIDERNUYu enleve AS Exactly II ANY OF ITS PRESENTS, A THAT AS our rules in subjective opinion :yep:

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┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

What I pro the Roma, that if there is what something, so yell, whom need to podrekhtuet writing and all affairs.

Panimaesh in than deal. I personally not see no reason limit as something fideristov in terms of udilisch, so and write nothing not d :flag: the Clash interests so say!



┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

What not stir it feeder with these two kinds industrialized fishing.

Thank you, Roma. Modicum someone shares thought about impeccable feeder.

┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

. Roma, that if there is what something, so yell, whom need to podrekhtuet writing and all affairs.

So he already said increasingly that wanted to. In end, have a new point in rules. Thank you Romeo. :D



Boev wrote:

(the cork, p│noplast the kind ? i? iia ? ai in the made abo natural pokhodzhennya).

Who the may explain why prohibited from use natural floating material? I so understood there is in mind pop corn Cat and rice, but they same blase product all same, not chemistry as foams. :dontknow:



BADARDINOV, Rum you me nor in than not going to convince. Even not hard you try. I on lines in stiff never walking and walk am not expected. Me easier care a than and-dance stuff out under their tunes :flag: monumental and-dance stuff out under tunes, which sings off key doubly nepriyatney :flag:
P.S. Itself incidentally boxing me absolutely not seems interested. Too bored all. And here is "massacre with hands and with their feet yes in different styles far more cheerfully for viewing :flag:
Incidentally Roma I more here nothing write not d, so as would still in my governing constantly're cleaning up in phrase. Sense simply there is no something write if you than half not than.

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clav wrote:

Obyasnite please pro popcorn, and the it is unclear spelled out.

I understand so, that use pop corn Cat in as a nozzles on the hook can be, so as tooling in a whole would still sinking, camping on E. Has negative buoyancy.
And here is do from pop and couples "your fishing bobber", to example, on tight leash, in 10 centimeters from hook - cannot be. As something so.
Text or: Think, that all such "betray him" will razyasnyatsya and unambiguously be decided before each contest, during conducting briefing required dismissing, by their (required dismissing) voting - such practices, thank God, there is in Ukraine. :cool:

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┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

Donĺt like it or feed, not feed, but crime as plant.

That means not feed? Not need to a bit greedy.



Romeo wrote:

let limit - BUT immediately and on oio, and so constantly leave loopholes for couple mind

┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

What I pro the Roma, that if there is what something, so yell, whom need to podrekhtuet writing and all affairs.

Itself (Romeo) not give in to on provocations :D. Strange rules!, in which are lacking what either technical restrictions station.

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┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

. Once on lures, on one hook caught two gustirki with should sit.

Believe, I have two such case in life.
PS This picture wasn, if to believe Tigme, is it a true story.



And I was witnessing, when on two hook from different udilisch, gunmen one dace.



┴└─└đ─╚═╬┬ wrote:

Donĺt know is it a true story whether

And I believe, himself mean such a same.



I have, too, such a there is

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And fish here in such a way to in laps. Goes or not? :question:



The conclusion: in the zoo of a tigerfish not have a report meatprikormki. Grabbies :mad:

duffy333 wrote:

A fish here in such a way to in laps. Goes or not?

Something in rules was, type "fish, here not for his mouth in laps. Goes." Let us spin a trough from example, sizes with build, camping on K. There is no upper restrictions kormukh.



Now, when canceled zakorm 5322991 and a slingshot, my weight became not relevant. Personally I not against gruzika, although and before applied his extremely rarely. And over the past couple of years - nor never. So, if will say only there's gravy, so the and be. And until in rules there is no ban. That here to discuss? :dontknow:
Incidentally, on international rules during training prohibited from apply trough for promera depth and definitions point fishing. Only my weight. During industrialized fishing permitted to apply and the feeder and my weight.
P. S. If will my weight, but will be very want harvest precisely with him, no one say no take the most a small the feeder-bullet and harvest without prikormki. Effect will the-same. Under this chip can be run up such minikormushki weight 5-10-15. Grams with minimum netting. After all, lower restrictions in size nets there is no. Will have the people, which without problems will use this ban in their favor.



On promere the depths there's gravy very is important, as without it determine real position under brought, and real zatsepistos brovok and other important for industrialized fishing nuances?


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