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Immediately same say something inaccurate..
doubting person not come, until not poschupaet.
Acknowledge itself report, that baited in the 3 some tackle willfully. Wanted to compare enleve in different spots, on various cordage, and for themselves explicit some which issues, to more to them not to return, and more so not to do.
Fishing Lies almost remembering of. T. E. Gathered two human, debated question From / To fields? , third set in prominence and on next day go.
Body of water represents a rates, not Id say accurately his Square, but for decent, as by our standards.
Photo rate in April.
Were fishing in Saturday, 27 July, in the first half of days (with 5-00 until 13-30).
Weather with morning was accounts that. With variable clouds, wind (as me sometime, but can and wrong) the north-eastern, roughly 5 - 7 flushed / seok, with aspirations until 10 flushed / seok.
Cordage - 2 fidera (dura-Ace Beiste master VC Volkswagen Jetta TDI, 3.6 flushed, with test 100" grape "), Sabaneev, ray missile defense Lite-Volkswagen Jetta TDI (3.0 Dam, with test until 60" grape ") and 1 Picker SPRO (2.4 Dam, with test until 40" grape ").
Prikormku made on the basis of "FishDrima" (pea flakes - proactively pulverized on 15 minutes hot water," BigMiks "- Trofeynyy , "Sea Bass", "Feder", Universal "), with adding pellets" Turbo Baits "(local producer prikormok), nasadochnogo pelletsa Khallibut from Carpio (last years the remnants of had to" to sacrifice ") and corn from newspaper" type "Louis Bonduelle-Dalle." T. E. Prikormka preparing with calculation, that in Visitors can NissonForum carp.
On preceding on body of water, chose place, on which already fished previously. Prostuchal bottom. He got the chance me the next. From Bank goes had a meters 15 schebenki (podsypka levees), then had a meters 15 petty schebenki or seashells, for it a small svalchik, centimeters 15 and for him the main though. Chose point roughly in 30 meters away from Bank, slightly above svala, on front page clams, for meter until a solid silt. Produced with start-up zakorm BistMasterom from 10 feeders. During the first 2-'s hours caught 2 krasnoperki (size of with should sit) and 1 an. Continued zabrosy prikormki the feeding trough in point industrialized fishing and through couple of hours began a normal nibble. Ah, as a normal? Impose, 10 15 seconds until there's gravy falls on bottom and should poklevka.
Couple of words about game.
On pikere teetered "creeping tooling", ceasing roughly 30 - 35 centimeters, hook # 10 (on import classifications), there's gravy "cell" weight 25 gr. Point specifically not zakarmlivalas. Eiaee utterly with other direction, to watch, type "for purity experiment." Served Picker on 3s place from 3-'s possible.
On Lite-glass tinkles teetered tooling "method flat civil-line" weight 30 "grape", ceasing with "a hair", hook # 10 (imp. Classification), the nozzle sitch - pellets (granula an 8mm). Served fiderok on 1 place (from 3-'s possible). Point specifically not zakarmlivalas, camping on K. Was a strong wind, wave of and not applicable the marker). There's gravy sleep to the brink coarse spills from Beiste Masters in. Why 1s place? Further will explain.
The second feeder class "Volkswagen Jetta TDI" ,-3.6 Dam, with test until 100 gr, equipped with River Kymi "creeping", ceasing roughly 50 centimeters, hook # 14 (on import classifications), the fishing line is defence wakes up aggressivity 0.12. Feder served on 2s place.
The main: On all my own rods stood cord "Power Pro." On pikere 0.10; on fiderakh - 0,13, with effort on gap 8 and 9 kg respectively).
Someone can say, that "the cord on such distance there is and for industrialized fishing an and carp" set a bad tone. " Perhaps. But this was my decision. Now I on own experience know, that can be questioning and monolesku. All to this is prepared.
In than "deceptions" this fishing and what "technology" and adjusting me? In primarily - with start-up zakorm kormushkami. Zakorm one point was produced fiderom Volkswagen Jetta TDI 3.6 Dam every 3 - 5 minutes, the feeding trough big capacity. Weight the most trough 28 gr. After 10 zakormochnykh feeders was established ceasing and on the hook the bait. Passes 30 minutes - poklevok "zero." 'm alternating bait. Perlovka, peas, maize, solvents, oparik. All "not the." The apparently sea Bass and 2 krasnoperki. 'm "efforts." Passes still gender hours. "Efforts" not caring, poklevok arkhimalo. From-for strong wind a bit "President" point. The and liftoff, then call, then in side. Would still'm feeding. Already not want rattle pounder, but decided to take out an, by racking up large numbers of feed on point. And importantly - regularly!
'm combining the pourer in the form of various "sandwiches." And here is, roughly, through 1.5 - 2 hours began regular poklevki. Sea Bass! ????, for decent! Grams on 300 - until 400. About! Already something, but zakorm continue to. Truth, replaced the the feeder on smaller volume of and weight 42 gr. Periodically begins nibble on feeder "Lite-a medium." This enough flexible feeder, easy (weight rods up 137,000 gr), work with him quite comfortably, if not say - very pleased. But, camping on K. Point industrialized fishing on "Lite-Volkswagen Jetta TDI" not zakarmlivalas, then expect rapid poklevok not account for. In the feeder mastyrka, on "follicle" services pellets 8mm. Poklevki were such a character, that when carrying the feeder in ancient! Excellent usual properties rods up "not leaked the" nor one an! There is no, 'm lying! One social was, when called on cell phone spouse, and here go poklevki on 2 fidera and Picker simultaneously. Grabbed 2 fidera, leverage pressed up, you to ear have your cell. And tried to vyvazhit 2-'s karasey simultaneously. Ah, that case with those who for "two chairs", chasing them around we already know. In general, one ??? "hare" I "saved", and the second me not well cared for by. So, not though, that point industrialized fishing under this feeder not zakarmlivalas, poklevki were regular, with way out fish, and huge achievement in this work letterhead fidera, this feeder receives I have "1s place." I congratulate winner! Id say on confidence: In late fishing, before fitting the rods up in cover I rice-the form in trademark the writing. Kissy-kissy! Earned!
And that same Picker and feeder "Volkswagen Jetta TDI" 3.6 Dam? Mr. Picker polavlivaet itself on the sly small karasikov and krasnoperok. Point under Picker I not zakarmlival, to psychologically not damage fish. And the will, poor, run off from "point" to "point" with the brutal appetite.
"A medium" continues to feed "point." Regularly! Even if not keep up for some reason fill the feeder prikormkoy, thanks would still is sent in water! Virtually adjusted the bait (solvents and 2 oparika) on that, after the fall of the trough, almost immediately same goes nibble. All! Began "tillage", "carrying" or as can be said this process, from which not outperform everyone plant 5-defective point on chair. All naturally - you know, you feed "point", soils outcome. Need to was postpone Picker and 1 feeder in side for a moment, but I decided to experiment until the end of and watch - as will peck on what tackle. So, baited in the 3 rods up specifically. For themselves I court one thing were. Feed and regularly until the last, even if there is no Ah, this is great. Am confident, that if would I, as a bit lazy and not became zakarmlivat point prikormkoy, and waited greater part of poklevki, caregiver outcome I would not reached. For themselves made conclusion: are Cora Mae, yes obryaschesh!" Although, about this not times stated here on Forum respected me Uchitelyami.
Now question: "Why this feeder received" the second place "? Will explain. Something I not quite is true he calculated on with weight or size of trough, and periodically feeder "was leaking" fish. " This was rarely, very rarely, but facts such were. Apparently, something on bottom in point industrialized fishing was me not 48.241. Perhaps, that there's gravy picked on by for hold a shell up or for stones. Until only can suggest. Need to will be even times analyze for themselves situation, and in the future its not to permit.
Outcome fishing I exasperated. Was rescued roughly 5 kg karasey and couple of Karpov about 1 kg every. Was the fishing in good companies friends - poplavochnika and dubinschika with fiderom. Check it out nature. Breathe into Laurent air. Bring in organism once shot of adrenaline, joy from fishing and good sentiments on whole week.
Photo capture of not did. Scale karpika I has manufactured immediately, about 20 units. Ah, that with them take? Segoletki. Triviality. But, are rising quickly. But beautiful dark the silver glumes and dark red emptyings. Beauties! Let enter puberty. Common rudd, on this pond he let fish, so its back input not issue. So are asked the Jaeger. And good karasey on 300 400 gr took away. Bonus on this time not was. Family good. - Aloha delicious karasikami. On one thing know`s. Better still of fresh as I've collared. In next time.
Ah, here is, respected colleagues on designed. Now you all know. Now me can be to criticize on all rules as industrialized fishing. I not wrote previously sheets, studied under harvest. Think, that something in my as it catching the beginning of goes. So, d only appreciate it for your remarks, and criticism. Thank you!
And until d prepare for an a fishing trip. On 1 feeder. And without handbells.

My friend poplavochnik.

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Mnoha bukav. But get through the opening credits. Not know, that done with of last, pretty picture, huh, but the first, that time come in head-the guy with stick on the edge of productivity field ( m getting old, iaaoou, imagination creative slips :dontknow:)
The second, and most importantly-surprises number of simultaneously used fishing gear.
On a long dnestrovskoy a fishing trip lapped it up on set a bad example local, tried to harvest two fiderami simultaneously. Weathered 3 days, until not dyshov aeniiaeo, sho bullshit all of this. Leashes, and the main on shell, until fuck with one, the second-a sheer pleasant thing (were and exclusion, poklyovku bream has ever managed see sometimes). Then spat, and became harvest one-honest word, me your four-cup measuring dace much more interesting was harvest, than raznokalibernogo a white bream.
So that you for enleve three simultaneously as least a monument on homeland hero need to questioning. :cool: :cool:
Text or pishy escho



Rains began in Friday on the evening. Good rains. Yesterday go with mate Gone Fishin '(. On an - a carp. Catching on "Sabaneevskiy ray missile defense" Lite-Volkswagen Jetta TDI 3,0m feeder. Zameshalsya on base "FishDrima" ("Sea Bass", "station wagon", "Feder", "Wood-pellet heating Strawberry" + "BigFish" and "Skoperks" (from of bottles of. The bait: Solvents + oparik, a Cheeto "Louis Bonduelle-Dalle" on services "Pater Noster (disambiguation)." Caught 4 okushkov size of with polladoni. Replaced the snap on "method flet Israels right to-layn." In crime as "mastyrku", on "Aurum /" pellets "Khallibut" ("Carpio"). Guys took a flier. At times behaved rain, sometimes quite ??? a strong. Comrade fielded 2 poplavochki and 1 feeder. In thereafter poplavchanki the Arab, camping on K. Poklevok on them not was. In 11-30 gathered and are headed home. No one from inherent on a reservoir particularly udilischami not was waving.



Yuri wrote:

Yesterday go with mate Gone Fishin '(. On an - a carp.

Yuri wrote:

Caught 4 okushkov size of with polladoni.

With topping decreed tasks and outcome-third convocation. But increasingly would still, perhaps, well time conducted.


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