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Dimonskiy wrote:

A in terms fidernykh rules such a "there's gravy" in law or not. Personally not see nothing antizakonnogo, but can what the not know?

You sho. Messrs. athletes 100% will against :)

If method banned and a slingshot the such nor-nor-nor :confused:

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Romeo wrote:

Finally something opened for themselves products from Carpio. Honestly I confess, that a series of Halibut I have not works, but here is Halibut + Krill already on several church invariably aren. Perhaps, that Halibut "pops off" in August-September, but until that the situation precisely such a. Wood-pellet heating Halibut + Krill policies--and worthy place in my arsenal changeable tips.

Romeo wrote:

season in the midst of the and if people will share urgent information perhaps that for some residue season can pass on pozitifffeee.

Ah here is vivid example of. I slightly whether not "forced" buy this the pourer from Carpio before trip on one of increased the his an over-familiar. And that you think? Man otlovilsya walkie-talkies on carp we should drink a and Amur river. Nor maize nor Cookie not worked at all :flag:



I have in past season well worked pellets Halibut + Krill (from "Carpio"). Took and on this season. And he not has had "indicated interest him high confidence." Decided to try last "Halibut." Worked better, than Halibut + Krill this year. Not want say, that Halibut + Krill worked poorly, but large Crucian on last Halibut speaks very highly markedly faster. And in a whole pellets this producer me very grassroots. There, where other nozzles not worked pellets from "Karipo" almost always has acted. Especially on "method flet to-layn" with "a hair."
Can a bit not in the contestant subject nariosval. :blush: