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Championship Ukraine 2013 (2 th phase). Ternopil

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Please NOT VOSPRINIMAT below published tables as official - made from net curiosity on those protocols mandated, which agree in Internet.
Not rule out mistakes, ochepyatok and joints :hobo:

- Athletes, which not participated in any round received maximally low pass over this tour and 0g (zero grams) weight.
- Sportsmenov team "Three China" (Zaporozhye) (of survivors of after "known events" :angry:) and team "G-Stream" believed as one team.
- system of Forever Team rating even not tried to to do :disappointed:.

Rating-2013 on 5 extensive (thrown out tour with the most low stands together with weight):

Rating-2013 on 6 extensive:

And for "particularly the railway" comparison two ratings:

Files in pdf-format and in maximally easy weight - or unsure download demo, raspechatyvayte, marvel :hobo:

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duffy333 wrote:


This all hell is that. Turned on print, means bet. Respond. :D



zvt ? another etapu EO iiaeia prochitati here



KPIT wrote:

zvt ? another etapu EO iiaeia prochitati here

Latter! Modn snast - after Ponti! To the main thing - hands ? the right mstsya ? head on shoulders! Uspkhu!



Report with 2 steps host Ukraine on it catching fish fiderom, Ternopil, fuckin 'Boat as, can be read on exiled Link

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Yes. Body of water was so complex, that even after third competition remained many questions. Hope still to come on gostipriimnuyu land Ternopil and find on them the answer.
Want express huge lasting gratitude all uchasnikam for chesnuyu fight, judges for kastvenno accomplished the work and organizers for warm welcome. Thank you our trainer jure Markinu :) Thanks to all those who for me was sick, will make all possible, to show such same outcome on audition to World Championship.
Like to alter would also say a separate thank you our sponsor
Rocket BAITSfor come support :)



On the second phase host Ukraine I traveled in environment on the morning with. Volodya and and Vitey from our the second team. Like to come meal for, to more work out., so as Oleg Oliynyk after participation on Cup Ivano-Frankivsk, labouring people me difficult and elusive of fish tank. I then not yet knew, as he was rights
In Thursday, arriving on hillsides, zameshali with Oleg simple and manyovrennyy composition from VDE: Turbo + G5 + Secret, elegant fashion,, without Arom, to can be was experiment in vitamin-. Oleg eiaee with a near distance there is about 20 gather steam; coils Shimano Aspire 4,000 RA, and I chose itself secondary distance 42 turnover. On both spots first emerged plotvichka, but she was very leisurely and lovilas with hard. So I added on-more coarse a butterworm and all right dry aromoy T-orange. After what became steadily getting caught podleschik 150-300g. Have Olega on a near distance there is podleschiki, too, proklyovyvayut, but ostentatious, but more often enclosed a dace. After 4-'s hours coaching received, naeksperimentirovavshis (??? found than quite cut point), went stroll along Canal and watch as gets caught the rest athletes. And eiaee, in general, only ZOOM, and quite good in opting, that some what moments for themselves understood, are going and we are going sleep.
In Friday, already full composition, come on Canal and sit down in middle zone W. On this train, I will to do emphasized enleve podleschikov, Rome with plant 1 harvest triviality on a near, and two Olegov are in free swimming as on distance so and on tactics. In yesterday composition'm amending 1 kg Gold Pro and just sit down on the same distance. After easy zakorma at the second zabrose on point becomes podleschik and in for 3-'s hours I his steadily enleve under teasings friends from other teams. Have Roma's phrases with exclusively, things go poorly, although did get in trouble couple of podleschey. Oleg Fight first time on this train, but new Light Shimano Fire Blood 3,35 / 50and even manages to lift broadcast about this feeder. In the second half of coaching received have him on point densely becomes a good podleschik. Catch good. Increasingly goes well.

You can see that on Bank and having communicated with humans, estimated our results on podleschikam as very even are decent. Accept the fatal for us decision, that such had forced and will contain a winning on these for competitions. With and officials collect some tackle and we are going knitting dog leashes but also.

Saturday, 1 th tour.
On appeared that captain shots up me D1. From Left from me JUlja, right Vitya from Three Cetacean lnstitute. Make deals with neighbors about platforms zabrosa, so as sector very narrow not more 8-1930 meters. 'm preparing you workplace, perekurivayu and with a quiet soul of sitting down harvest, there is no, claimed podleschikov. For the far-distance there is I have spread a medium Shimano Super Ultegra 3,65 / 90with coil Shimano Exage 4000RC, and for a near laytovyy feeder Shimano BeastMaster Commercialwith such same coil. Sounds shot and our three trough are falling in a series of on one distance. Neighbors immediately podlavlivayut on paired plotvichek, and I have only nerealizovannaya poklevka. Passes 10, 20, 30 minutes, and a hatchling pond empty Beginning nervous Trying different aromy, dokarmlivayu more dry a mixture of and this brings thinning poklyovki small fry. Talismanic several plotvichek and ukleek, understand, that podleschiki me frankly ignore. Account for sweep their from heads and adjust to under enleve the other fish. But so until the end of round me this and not managed. On one is thin I a fish Viktor respond were a couple, and the and uvesistoy verkhovodkoy. In some point managed teflon. He's, for casualties, but after 5 th ponytail fish runs out aswell, so DocumentFragment all things, jumping between set and podlavlivaya rare small fish I domuchalsya until the end of round. With weight 1005gr I always find myself on 12 st place in zone To do why they threw I have not yet was Team otlovilas so same disgusts. On the results of first round of the we 12-most know Silently having had dinner, we are going sleep after so a round.

Already homes analyze what happened and accept decision replace Gold Pro on G5 and harvest dace. Podvyazav thin long tug ropes, 're gonna go to bed sleep.

Sunday, 2 th tour.
Draw leaves us in their yesterday's zones. Me accrues sector QGD; Slav, 4.Nc3. Right from me Khvas Pasha, from Left Uncle instructor Dvorchuk, for him Korenyak, Kukula and Pugach. Preparation passes quickly. Sitting down with thinking harvest dace and casualties. 'll release with 44-'s gather steam; and almost immediately on point become a minor podleschik Precisely becomes and steadily enjoyed. Head detonated, but I quickly switched the morning into cannon fodder and in for 3-'s hours under teasings pugacha eiaee these perfidy. On 4 th ano was quite lasting failure in klyove, but point managed feed and podlovitsya uvesistoy plotvichkoy before the most finish. After weighting always find myself on 4 st place.

Team, as put it Fight, climbed with its knees and on the results of second round proved 3 th. But this, of course, lacked, to invented afternoon with utter clarity failure. On the results of two stages our team zanimeet 5s place with lag from 3 th just in 5) key.

We sought, but, alas Happened, what happened. First time I all their egos sensed, as lacks a trainer, which could would something suggest the, change, to channel
Conclusions made. Sports anger hike. Even get into the war
I congratulate winners and awardees! Especially Lyokhu pugacha-MOLODETs!
Huge lasting gratitude I express an organizer the tournament! I am confident, that they can prepare Canal and conduct on offense Worlds 2017 on really high-level.
Separate lasting gratitude companies Normark for cooperation and support our team.

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