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Fidery Shimano. A series of Antares.

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Antaresy realistically successful fidera shimano. Such a a combination of supple and in the same time parabolichnosti on fish I not saw no one!! Capturing the a host season Bajaus private a psychic - the! From cons (relatively) under such a organ as delicate form as me seems slightly smaller would diameter of the hilt. On tactile sensations this not affects (all very conveniently), only aesthetics, but again same subjectively.
If me not my eyes, then Oleg Fight on World Cup on fideru catching precisely them!

worm wrote:

Rings on my own rods shimano (except top - there Fuji) - own production, or same any 3rd party a plant?

Like as themselves. Rings now on Shimane on all models very and very are decent.



Zoltan wrote:

If me not my eyes, then Oleg Fight on World Cup on fideru eiaee precisely them!

Yes, mean on weapons two of "Antares" - a medium and heavy. On ChM them catching. I from them simply in delighted! Very cool udilki! :cool:



Boev wrote:

Yes, mean on weapons two of "Antares" - a medium and heavy. On ChM them eiaee. I from them simply in delighted! Very cool udilki!

And I have two until 90 grams, two until 110 grams, and I, too, from them in delighted. Let neobessudyat me lovers korumov, drenanov and camping on D. Hold something for me, shaken, normal, but ShIMANO nepromenyayu. :cool:
There are two Bista until 110 grams,, too, excellent stick.

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Question to old-timers, ^ ^ :mybb: to those, who still remembers time when reigned Antares AX on aquatic the vastness of this world. Could you tell me, please, in than differences between fiderami Antares AX feeder medium and Antares BX medium :question:, in Carbone this is understandable, and here is in democracies, posylestosti (dalnoboynosti) and practicing on: And) petty fish it comes) major fish? Pros and cons VC and partners series in format the medium?



The old was slow down, slow down, polapshistee. . The shield another was



Zoltan wrote:

Old was slow down, slow down, polapshistee. . The shield another was

This characteristic: Can be attributed to peculiarities stick (Antares AX feeder medium) or to its cons? :confused: A that still can be about it say?



As on me, then BX universalney. He much more the amount collected, but under overstretched it bends until the most a hilt. Minus or plus here question about conditions industrialized fishing. Where the will plus, where the swing.



Am asking help all owners stick Shimano Antares BX Multi Medium 3,35-3,96m 100g! How she differs on authoritarianism (if at all differs) from the medium 3,66? And as themselves shows in maximum growth? Footnotes with of rings or not? Be appropriate whether she as compromise between a psychic 3,66 and khevikom totally? :yep:



Received on days "Antares" VX Volkswagen Jetta TDI, there is no, not so. Appeared desire to renew feeder a medium class. Recently was in Kyiv and decided to devote one day this pleasant issue. Went in Laki Fischer, looked (shaken) Machtek, then in the flagship looked (shaken) absolutes and on Rusanovke toch showed Dayvu Konnosse. All fidery very appealed especially the latest farewells in hand, but, all they dvukhchastniki i.e. need to buy another cover 160-never too. Or electrify in a special tubuse. Because I lover of compactness cordages, this question me a bit stared down, not a big problem, of course, but all ???. So nothing and not buying, wanted to still on Buhara, but not managed, 'm paddling out on train. Homes thumbing through and has stumbled on sell-off types dura-Ace and not tossed in the hands of, strictly on accounts respected forums, ordered, not fiercely without much consideration, "Antares" BX a medium and, want you say, not regretted, even more, this wand outclasses all my electorate of. I not on own first familiar with dura-Ace, long enleve provodochnymi tip here this caused to and Antaresom in including and doubt particularly not was, but when I took in hands VC a medium, I understood that this greatest tool and me even not need to to flee on the river to confirm this, and so all clear! :cool:



Question on reassurance from a medium "Antares", done fully duplicate Lite - mere 0.5, 1, 1.5 oz? This not strongly prevents him, on heat for example.



Вячеслав У-У wrote:

The subject on reassurance from a medium Antares, done fully duplicate Lite - mere 0.5, 1, 1.5 oz? This not strongly prevents him, on heat for example.

I have in goes 0.75, 1, 1.5oz.



Today received Antares Aah Hevy, yes fishing pole birth beauty build very grassroots, ah had to to send back on 2 the knee blanca was treshena this temperature delta wherever 0.5sm. Interestingly can be still wherever buy such?



D zhalovatsya.

To the current sale has acquired itself Antares Light, joy being asked pridela :jumping:, were being levied big hope, because as already immeetsya Heavyk from this series of which me ustraitaet on 150%.
So same there is Beestmaster Commercial 9-11 and on base this in anybody already prorisovyvalas kartitinka, camping on E. What this will be stick.
And here is otrybachiv already decent number of fishing trips :dontknow:
I thought on parts of zabrosa each moment good at counting :blush: learned hurl already long, and success at on budgetary sticks and never with tochnostyu problems being asked. And when read on Forum in descriptions those or other such specifications udilisch pro such the notion of as, tochnost zabrosa- bracketed this skeptical and believed that brosaen not udilishche, and is abandoning fisherman.
In general stink at this I their Light, with concretely. And to the left\ shift to the and case until clips not ways short, and case and I do too much of.

Like would hear opinion other, as you Light Antares?



Vadim, catching Antaresom Lite. Problems with precision not was no. Him much komfortnіshim bombarding, than Bistmasterom 9-11, camping on K. The latest much softly. The modularity this temperature delta utterly different. Even not know as have you such can be. Unambiguously fishing pole not is to blame. We soon let us pursue master-class on Dnieper River. Come are always. Consider on s problem.



Fully support Olega. On these weekends was the first fishing with Light "Antares". In principle the, that and expected - above lauding. Is abandoning eloquently, as and the rest stick this series of, there's gravy 40 gr with feeds on 35 meters without problems. Impressed by the done as have khevika, doubted initially in their empathetic response, but poklevka even 50 gr plotvichki slightly different visible on 3-'s untsovoy vershinke. That pleased, there is no the parable, as have Bista, so under zabrose much more comfortable interiors and dalnoboen. In general bist left a new the storeowner, and I will further continue to familiarity with this admirable stick :flag:



Please can you tell me, to fideru--Shimano Antares BX Feeder MEDIUM 3,65 mt. 15-90 gr., what done suited and can be replace except "loved"? And help please with choice coils for this fidera.
Thank you

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And its Antares A psychic I all-??? found and received. Perhaps, wields one of the last. :cool:
Now and I have there is fishing pole-legend. D test soon. 8-)



If from whom i.e. experience use rods up Antares BX Feeder HEAVY DYNA Andriy could you tell me, what maximum weight lead is possible (under feeding trough basket middle size)? In advance thank you for the answer.

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Not know for DYNA Andriy, and ordinary Antares BX Feeder HEAVY literally yesterday throwing good the feeder "fidersport" 112 gram it. Middle size. Absolutely normally was.



Thank you for the answer. Abandoned without the in a normal regime?



Yes, throwing good quietly. Without bigotry of course, but and without the.



Spring bought Shimano Antares BX medim. Positive is deprived was Sea, now polovil'll spit it out. So here is, eiaee and on the lake and on small rivers and on relatively big. I expected from this rods up much and I received this in abundance. Say that place it good putting not say, it simply super! In his segment, naturally. Feder is as machine or mountainsides skis, his need to feel. And here is when after several fishing trips comes this sense of, one starts understand work letterhead under zabrose and under vyvazhivanii, one starts receive enormous [kayf]. The most comfortable experience me harvest on this feeder on distance there is until 50 forge the With the feeding trough until 56gr. On the lake and on River with weak and middle the passage.
Very likes work blanca on vyvazhivanii, he very is sensitive and in the-same time not tight, to example Duch Master very well she is moderating tugging major fish but bottom poschupati them is difficult, and here there is and the and another.



Dobryi day all!
Am asking respond owners rods up Shimano Antares BX Multi Medium 3,35-3,96m. There is opportunity to purchase on good price. Mean a medium and heavy, excellent with President! Regard as interim option between them.
In advance thankful!



Guys could you tell me please what done go in goes to Shimano Antares BX Light?
If can be write full labeling vershinok.



Freemason, 0.5, 1, 1,5

On catalogue other done Super tip diameter of 2.3



Received today on Desna (disambiguation) test novopriobretennyy Shimano Antares AX ekstrakhevik 50-150 grams, the length of the totally flushed, weight 360 grams.
First set coil Shimano Ci4 + 5500, like not poorly, but one senses, 150 grams there's gravy, this already limit for reel.
Then set Shimano Stella 6,000, this feeder and coil simply created each for friend. Modicum coil and the graver ultegry, the entire kit lies in drawn easier, here is that means the right balance. The feeder 150 grams, egged on 100m.

On video, Yura is abandoning crime as 180 grams.

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Came true dream and in my arsenal appeared legendary Antaresy: A medium and multi Lite a medium 9-11. With a net a psychic all understandable, and here is with multom. Coil shimano twin Power 3,000 in length of his 2.7 Good, and if 3: 30 as something little. Complectaion vershinok unusual, why 0.75, 1.5 and 3.0 unce? Upper test udilki 70 "grape". Who owns multom and catching share their know-how notions: Can vershinku what TUR. About on not ask, himself for season would decide.

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The bear Bob, I congratulate! Excellent udilki! Truth set of vershinok indeed strange.’with hands?



Bear BobGreetings, Sergei! On suschestvennoy boldly can be questioning 4,000, rings allow. I pose Ekseydzh - flight a normal. On vershinkam, too, surprised, but this standard komlektatsiya. I when ’, then called around to several stores - everywhere measured set of 8-) 3oz carbon fibre Good on River, and shell on-start.



I have on such a, uh, cartoon. Complectaion vershinok such a-0.75oz and 1.5oz glass and 3oz carbon fibre.
Believe that 3-'s untsovaya vershinka on this udilki not to what. Not never it not enjoyed so that boldly can be provide or with whom any swap has.


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