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The disqualification A. Terrible

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Hi, have turned fishing trip in policy. Lech hold on!



Yes what there policy. Simply minimizing exposure accounts, with obstryapannoe on level a common cuisine in a council house!



Two mysterious, charitably, tipochka. Better it comes already immediately in sector polished each other at its margins - suddenly, and have reconciled would already.
With so srachem sit homes - what see South Africa?



Alexey forces and excerpts. In a large sport, unfortunately, this is quite our situation.



Question some rybolovam - with perspective disqualifying than this fraught with for team in the context future international competition (changing the composition team, who should enter in composition after diskvalifitsirovannogo athlete and on how many strongly in a whole would suffer team if would suffer)?



Satyr wrote:

cafe kind of a whiner a sissy and shit as human after of starting

Yes here hard to speak to whom from two can be accounted these words.
On moment discuss of the essays audits, why the he not went and not booking, the crux of the problems. And when him got pinched for his behavior - he In on public support? Apparently then he was hero, and now far the the entire heroism over. Friends, why you not said - Lech you not rights, whether well apologize?
Likewise and on audition? And the all such velvet and with those not want swears and with this want friends with one another.
Now participation on ChM - as you itself represent under such a respect convinced game? Given, that goes to team. Nor as! On airline past year strange was to hear phrase - not gave Lech become in another times champion! So Lech goes to to Worlds or team? He without team or team without him? The second more vital, and first simply not destined to materialize within ChM.
In end who the must go or to accept status team, become man in respect colleagues.
Now can this do ? After zamyatogo of the essays - another public getting pregnant on audition. As the this does not on humanely, and if man indeed such, then not will he swim in team nor when! Ambitions, youth.



Let the rest be utterly will become in protection A. Terrible can will help? HMAS Success before South Africa to wreck team.



Dimonskiy wrote:

Yes here hard to speak to whom from two can be accounted these words.

Until that this post more just close to the true situation. The rest of the, as me seems, more on psyche for you to scream yes on fekat under rally. More just surprises bravado those (yes and exactly public Prophet), who at all not understands that was before and that happened on audition.

1425 all simply - together them in team not be. Or one leaves, or the other.Which of options worse - will always be question.

"P.S." More nothing commenting on not d.



DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

Since each day increasingly business and business on this Forum, ah-ah.

And with here forum? :huh: One closet deserted on hungry fan, sort of splashed up on increasingly! Is to blame forum? Think, think.

Carlos wrote:

Two mysterious, charitably, tipochka.

Agree on 100%.

Dimonskiy wrote:

Yes here hard to speak to whom from two can be accounted these words.

Yes, we OK not know who of them more dog shit and smelling ass. (I mean most Forum) Ionou themselves be utterly decide, hoo from hoo. (They certainly more know) I.M.H.O.,.



Dimonskiy, Stanley KNetimer you are right, but so letter, cannot be champion the honor and to do justice. Netimer contrary. Apparently so many so resent.
Of course sorry, for something that I, too, spoken in this topic. I not on whose side.



Perhaps I not rights, but why something letter Alexander Veselovsky, looks far more... This is abhorrent,, than old Russian military word kings. All the more, that word fool from teenagers - this not more, than wasted breath for adult human, who knows itself price, and here is deed Alexander Veselovsky - this not breath, this real action, which affects fate let still foolish and young, but illustrious athlete and not only on his fate, but and on fate team countries!

Need not loud words pro atmosphere in team, all we understand, that and have audits in team there is friends, on which effects his absence. Such conflicts need to decide on, those to think about the consequences of, rethink about public interest, hairs then or after all can prove, that hotheaded and not temperance in their utterance proved not so far from of truth.



If this letter in fact there is, then Veselovskomu can be two after shame such a :D :D :D I see, I see, that he want not wins on sorevakh in South Africa. If would his so grazed this, that seriously impair to float lychku Strashnomu on vodoeme- all same saw Strashnogo- on him you'll huff he and going to fly)) If all on a serious wanted to - why protest not drama on a reservoir. Yes because, that waited he this moment very strongly)) and he came the. Ah and Strashnomu want, that like to say that- Dopi @ over comrade. Here perishing himself is to blame.



Soccer clubs employ specialists for their skill, have audits they there is, morality here not has seats be. Carring contest, keeps managing work on outcome, then in hands the ball and forward. Am asking call surname athlete with largely on todays moment such same potential and so same his realizovavshiy. All because of im, but after 15 tacit Piz @ Julina in darkness (given propensity audits to concerning in Court) for personal insult was would more relevant, than such weakening of the composition team. :crazyfun:



margulis wrote:

How at all he became captain.

At all the, Igor Veselovsky on todays day the most powerful torchbearer Ukraine. Multiple Champion of Ukraine in personal 80 of. The only, whom this managed do not one and not two times. For Help, Alexey nor never not was becoming Champion Ukraine in lichke. Captain teams 2011-2012 Igor was chosen unanimous vote all members teams. Other promotion even not offered, camping on K. Alternatives simply there is no.
Veselovsky indeed a respected people. Can be any send on yukh or in public calling a fool, the accurately not his. Was would fool - have filled would snout faces Alexey and his father, but then "Vimoga" was would written in his worded.
Alexey can only have sympathy for. But, here, alas he himself is to blame. The second you knocked up consecutive. :dontknow:



Oleg, in than he is to blame. Explain that sentence please if you in rate. In letter Alexander Veselovsky except personal grievances nothing there is no. As on the basis this can be disqualify athlete?



Pavel K wrote:

1425 all simply - together them in team not be. Or one leaves, or the other. Which of options worse - will always be question.

Oops, not would argue. Conflicts accented everywhere and always, ??? ?? ? ?, football, anonymous in example, Bazaar these affair on every turn. But in football under such circumstances all (or very much) decides coaches / President club, leaders senior managers, until presidents countries it comes, case. And nothing, leaders all lowest ranked ones not gnkshayutsya conflict repay, camping on K. All initially zatocheno under interests team. Deal only in desire distract the its. BRM from benign chairs and ask the goal solve question.

Where reaction chief fidernogo direction? Him the funer, as his 17 in Africa's any good on camera? And this unilateral, as the me, decision federation on Strashnomu - all, mission accomplished?

My I.M.H.O., - to blame all, in one way or another extent. Times to blame - sit down and if you stipulate to that. You can modicum not to speak during ChM, but goal and ways achievements this goal must collected rigorously respected.

And still - Strashnomu put on kind of his lingvalnuyu combination. By and large, that he expected, publishing its (its?) contribution then and not sderzhivayas now?



Boev wrote:

WWII you knocked up consecutive.

And what was the first? Article in magazine? This that, getting pregnant?

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All of this looks as appeal ofweighted human with request "working through some of" question. D of course very to root for team, but reductions chance obviously.



I participated on first meeting disciplinary Committee about articles Alexey. Then him learned warning and I genuinely hoped, that he has done conclusions from this situation. If Lyosha and carried under witnesses I mean, he called Igor Alexander Veselovsky, then he in fundamentally not rights. Whether you three times ChM, cannot be themselves so to wage.



Boev wrote:

Generally the, Igor Veselovsky on todays day the most powerful torchbearer Ukraine.

I does not pose under doubts his professionalism. I pose under doubts quality captain. Whom should be captain any team? "has team chief of, chief sports team." Real chief would never have court squabbles from cottages, and any way decided to in team this dispute, that would team remained. And that in end? All crashed against on two camps. Here is that I had in view.



As on me, - truth always where fall. Igor went civilized by, he not became installation and hands, and exploited their right turn to disciplinary Commission. And I so understood hymalayan indeed humiliated Igor, for this heard outside people, yes and himself hymalayan this not disproves. And Alexey, with resentment on Igor, Gold Fancies uneaten on forums have his letter to dists. Commission. And after all question the not in no upsetting nutshell Haxhi Lleshi and not in's writing Igor, truth somewhere deeper. "Whom the this need."
The second question, that even of crisis behavior Alexey (if it been such) not is official grounds for Commission disqualify Alexey, about than (when it in these regulatory legal acts. But, illegal decision disciplinary Commission will reckon, only in case recognition his illegal court. So, need not lose nor minutes time, need urgently turn in Court, so as process this not rapid, and need necessarily have time until ChM on fideru. So that my advice, focus their forces not for ?????? prichin- why and as this happened, (already not makes sense) and all world help Alexey, achieve a fair decisions let even through Court and accept participation in the upcoming Petrine-era wars.
FS. If Court walk away with decision in favor of Alexey, then perishing that decision accurately will be grounds for reelection the composition FRSU, for people not competent and are not on their places.



margulis wrote:

"has team chief of, chief sports team."

I would added - leader. And if members his same team, say so, not respect. He not leader, not chief.
His deed (letter in FRSU) deed irresponsible rights. Not leader.

_ wrote:

Only real the guy, leader, yes and simply - responsible man, gave would in tell Abe there, on a reservoir.

Perhaps. As option decisions conflict and sustain reputation chief very even a normal option. But! Responsible man would never have became to shift problem on another. In other words, if captain not respect in team, this guilt captain, not team.



At all not d to discuss situation with "zalyotami" Lyokhi, although and know about unfolding events on audition not only with words audits, and and from other people, on them way. But why something from all QUALITY THAT YOU RULES! Which on them were, condemnatory verdict meant only Lyokhe for "A cruel insult." Id say only, that kicked his not only from team on fideru, and SB ALL VIDOV Fishing at, camping on E. And in mormyshke, where he should was to go on otbory, his, too, not will. And there, as all known, his simply cherish. One in one gulp have removed the smoke from all frontlines - beauties!
I for themselves conclusions made and pro federation, authorizing the Lyokhe to dissent for Zaporozhye, and now to pokes these, and pro some members as team. I not want to fight for from falling in such a team - can I, too, Veselovskomu not the Id say and spite nor on what sports results me'll get kicked out, to DUKh team not would corrupt.
Not see sense for themselves to dissent under auspices this federation with such credentials.

Yes, to last: Nor attacks nor protocols Lyokhe not give (if they at all there is - on "transformed to the" AZh 2! Representative federation was - the rest of the increasingly explained on the telephone) - clearly to he not was able appeal decision in court, and verdict the centenary for 5 days until phase EO. Accident? And at all - you have you thought of, that views this the most disciplinary Commission? They OK not sports violations demonstrate real, and quite other, which to their sport no relations not have. Democracy.

More on the subject write shall not pass - there is no sense. Wish Lyokhe positive decisions court, in which nor of seconds not doubt, camping on K. He NOT ? m guilty NO I points RULES. This will be different example and the rest of the "discharged" from sport "undesirable" to individuals!
A la guerre comme a la guerre...



79 wrote:

"Who are the this need."

And that, arrived still someone, except the most Alexander Veselovsky, "whom this need"? :D Who same this mysterious a puppet master, under whose tunes dance Veselovsky with FRSU? :D

Occurred utterly the typical the situation - Chechen Friendship Society (captain team) accused in Sergei Guriev. In decent countries if policy blame in corruption - from the scene moves away politician. Have us - "go" prosecutor. ???? specifically design mnogokhodovku to withdraw on time.



And here is and consequences began.



Not support nor one of sides conflict. Perhaps because, that very strongly respect Alexander Veselovsky and without ogovorochno believe in talent audits.
For themselves made only one conclusion, Ribolovniy sport under auspices visiting THIS section federation soon sdohnet terminally. Can it is time express not trust the current leadership and initiate early elections?



If soberly assess facts - I.M.H.O.,:

JUlja in sector Alexander Veselovsky - violation of, the Pope Sasha in sector son Haxhi Lleshi - violation of, "no" phrase one athlete about the second - violation of.
On Malininu-Burininu and rules FRSU on fideru, all these three violations must be registered judge in Protocol competition. And if such registration there, then and violations, hanging party on operated by Entraction Operation Ltd,, too, there - judge after all always rights!

Thus, FRSU "was drawn" facts violations, ostensibly encountered, "for ears", by adopting decision about disqualifying A. Terrible.
Still one conclusion: I. Veselovsky - a ghastly torchbearer - soon will become so, that only only "records" has looked on him - and all, already disqualified.

Morning will become: Although boxers, football players do and other athletes allow itself and not such "violations" during competition (not only have been miscalled each other, but and just spit things, make scurrilous signs, people bump into you and problem, - and receive, typically, in the worst case just "carton jaune of the match."

Text or-usage: Specifically for "leadership FRSU" - I voluntarily left its membership in FRSU still a month ago, so that "to punish" me by disqualifying dont count.



MOA wrote:

Only real the guy, leader, yes and simply - responsible man, gave would in tell Abe there, on a reservoir.

Alexei, think, think, that write. Lawyer as nor as.Any would gave. Yes and not in tell Abe, and on anybody. But there is some kind notions ethics and discipline, which transcend cannot be. Need sderzhaktsya. Gave would in tell Abe = was would on the other side barricades. Get the radish not sweeter. Was would rightly, but not legitimately. Yes and not such means solved legal questions such a levels. And most region on this Forum its opinion simply not understand, in what scenario here where they here try to tone ask.
Leader never will plummet until manhandling me, but and never forgive public humiliation.

And at all something, A for all of this should thank his a parent, which pkhaet their 5-Ventotene kopecks far nor into trouble over there, what sake of not understandable. Not vzbryknis Alexander in the situation on an empty place - conflict would not emerged. So would and showed tour neighbors-rivals.

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Hammer out from his team strong player. This deed captain? I inclination is, that Alexei on audition correctly estimated situation.



Pavel K wrote:

And most region on this Forum its opinion simply not understand, in what scenario here where they here try to tone ask.

Perhaps most what the and neponimaet, but conclusions make from predostavlenykh facts and documents. A ghastly very a strong player, without him team will lose.
All I.M.H.O.,.


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