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Kharkvskiy fidernyy tandemnyy Marathon Yurchenkovo 2013

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Sensas Open Feeder Fest Yurchenkovo 2013

1. Goal and tasks
1.1. Propaganda active healthy way of life, popularization sports industrialized fishing fish by snastyu
1.2. Raising fishing of excellence, exchange experience.
1.3. Definition of winners and prizewinners contest in command Monster.

2. Place and time conducting competition
2.1. Contest ???? 14-15 September 2013
2.2. Place conducting contest: Commercial body of water Yurchenkovo - map. The species composition: Karp, White Amur, tolstolob, Crucian, krasnoperka, perch, bleak and catfish.

3. The organizers, refereeing
3.1. Leading the festival - Federation Fishing Sports independent Area of the (FRSKhO). The information support - site Kharkvskiy feeder.
Judge - Miroshnichenko Alexander
4. Participants
4.1. To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to, reaching 18 years,
With satisfactory condition health.
4.2. Contest ???? teams (tandemami) nuclear from two man, continually for 24 hours.
4.3. Participants owe:
- fulfill rules behavior on a reservoir, rules competition and this Order, morally-ethical norms behavior in society;
- participants competition owe know and fulfill rules competition on how to catch fish fiderom;
- abide by rules behavior on a reservoir;
- on their own pass medical examination;
- implicitly fulfill demands and instructions judges;
- under deteriorating health immediately to inform about this main Judge through of linear judges;
4.4. Participants competition bear full responsibility for consequences, to which can lead noncompliance rules behavior on a reservoir, sporting regime, norms behavior in places common possession.
4.5. Minimal the number of fly very comfortable - not less 7 teams.
4.6. The applications are taken until 19.00 9.09.2013 Propulsion
4.7. In damages must be identifies a: Name team, city, surname, name of and patronymic (fully), phone.

5. Rules conducting competition
5.1. A competition is conducted in one tour. Expectancy industrialized fishing accounts for 24 hours.
Each team comes 120 minutes on training. On when Cecil, in its sector team must to place all their some tackle and prikormku within sector, a certain a. Preparation cordages and prikormki, can be launched immediately on preceding in sector.
5.2. Had forced fish participants is conducted by snastyu (feeder, Mr. Picker), equipped one a leash around with one single crocheted.
5.3. To application of resolved species mounting cordage fidernye montages, karpovye montages.
5.4. Tineri purposefulness and prikormki, containing in not pererabotannom the form of living or dead fish, survivors and dead ants, ant eggs and because the fish.
5.5. Number of Warranty prikormki, and also, jamborees and prikormki animal not limited. Nozzles only of plant and animal.
5.6. Prikarmlivanie permitted to throughout industrialized fishing any convenient way (feeder, spomb, slingshot, with hands and others. Prohibited from use the little boats.
5.7. The size of the sector tandem, not less 15 meters.
5.8. Number of spare udilisch and cordages is not confined to.
5.9. Poklevka fish is determined by participants only on vershinke rods up (on kvivertipu).
5.10. Impose cordage in place industrialized fishing produced only pounder.
5.11. Expanding zabrosa cordage is not confined to.
5.12. Impose and had forced outside own sector prohibited.
5.13. In the course competition participants can situated in his sector for industrialized fishing, as consider please, however, objects, raspolagaemye in sector or their parts of should not reach beyond the sector.
5.14. In his sector athletes must move freely on opportunities's corridors.
5.15. For definitions terrain trawling permitted to use your fishing bobber-a marker on a special udilishche, not equipped the feeding trough and a leash around with crocheted. Pounder, armed connected float switch-Marker permitted to enjoy the, as until signal start , so and after him, your fishing bobber the marker permitted to leave in water as their shopping for zabrosa cordage.
5.16. After signal start , tandemu permitted had forced fish only on two rods up.
5.17. Participants during industrialized fishing can to quit their sector with resolution judges, in including and vacation - on one, a participant remaining in sector has the right harvest on two fidera simultaneously. In the nighttime time permitted to apply fireflies.
5.18. Prohibited from report water lanterns and spotlights, but use source lighting within erected tents permissible. Under establishment fish in podsachek can be enjoy nalobnym the lantern? Faint capacity.
Dear bonfires in sectors prohibited from.
5.19. In the process competition participants owe to store its catch in sadke, which maximally are immersed: Diving. Minimum length charge ?? in water accounts for 2 Dam. Mesh charge must be Produkowana from natural or an artificial threads lead. The use of metal charge prohibited from.
Fish needs divide on two charge - in one carp and White Amur, in the second the rest fish. Until arrival judges participants should not you remove fish from water.
That Spain the use of cyprinids kept curses.
Weighing up the actually produced judges every 3 hours.
5.20. Permitted to use radio stations, and mobile funds ties. Participants competition must use means ties so, to not hinder other some.
5.21. During competition participants permitted enjoy platforms or armchairs (chairs). On moment start, although would one counseling must situated outside water, on Bank. During round realignment permitted only in side Bank.
5.22. In laps. Goes any fish, here and recovered from water until signal OK, it's over.
5.23. Some that Spain remain have seats industrialized fishing (in sector) until signal weighing up the Radetzky. If torchbearer left its sector before the end of weighting, him forbidden to return back in sector without resolution judges. Responsibility for the catch of the, left in sector, falls to stakeholder, who fled from sector.
5.24. Sectors are distributed among fly very comfortable by drawing.
5.25. After weighting, a participant undersigns in Protocol for its outcome, catch is sent back in body of water.
5.26. Winner recognized tandem (team), with the greatest weight capture of.
Under equal weight capture of, decisive will weight the largest fish tandem.
Results counted only team in a whole.
5.27. Participants, remaining without capture of, receive number of points (seats), equal a recent community.

6. Financial conditions
6.1. All spending athletes, associated with transiently until seats conducting competition, and also with address on for competitions, bear themselves athletes.
6.2. Premium on the right participation in Sally accounts for 200 UAH. With stakeholder (400 UAH. With tandem). Premium fixtures being conducted until 9.09.2013 Propulsion, any convenient way. Those can pay premium under registration.
6.3. Contest ????, Hua 7-fringes fly very comfortable oplativshikh Kiri premium until 9.09.2013 Propulsion

7. Regulations:
14 September
8.30 a.m. - 9.00 - collection participants.
9.00 9.30 - draw.
9.30 - 12.00 - preparation (includes in themselves and equipment sectors and preparation for it comes to shagging)
12.00 Start
15 September
12.00 OK, it's over
12.0 - 14.00 weighing up the,s, awarding.

Administration, leaves for a right partly to change position.
Registration teams is undertaken in this the Frost Forum.
Skyfall about pay write in lichku or call on the telephone below.
Phone convener - 067pyat40tri948 Vladimir

In a reservoir present high-fish middle weight.
Quite are not rare copies of from 3 until 10 kg.
Reports with dam
Reports with cyprinids kept competitionin this year

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Were with Sergei at this a reservoir. The main goal trip - figure out with zone industrialized fishing on Sally.
After this we polovili just less five hours for sample. Outcome more 25 kg fish, although judging by weather we at all not have counted on catch. All the more for such a brief time.

In catch were and karasiki on 300 gr, and Amor-1.6-1.8 kg, and karpiki about 2 kg and will popularity bring tolstolob on 12 pounds.

Amor-simply superboytsy, pleasure their vyvazhivat huge.

Were and duplety.

The depth of in place industrialized fishing about 6 forge the

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Full position in the first post



Register, please:
Team "Shimano" Dnipropetrovsk
Ivan Taranov (footballer) Alik
Oliynyk Oleg



sponsored contest:

Company "ibis is"
The official representative
Trade Mark Sensas

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Updated list registered teams:

1. Team "X-Fishing", Propulsion Kharkiv
- Monich Sergei
- Glukhman Alexander

2. Team "KIM Fishing", scientific dogma into question. Kharkiv
- Pyotr Nikolayevich Pospelov Yevgeny
- Savchenko Sergei

3. Team "Shimano", scientific dogma into question. Dnipropetrovsk
- Ivan Taranov (footballer) Alik
- Oliynyk Oleg

4. Team "Feeder Fans", scientific dogma into question. Kharkiv
- Duday Vitaly
- Smirnov Alexei

5. Team "Zadornaya Beluga", scientific dogma into question. Kharkiv
- Goltsova Natalia
- Golzow (Oderbruch) Alexei

6. Team "SS-Fishing", Propulsion Kharkiv
- Yurchenko Alexander
- Bondarenko Sergei



7. Team "sponsors Osmanovics, Propulsion Kharkiv
- Oliynyk Alexander
- Ponomaryov Alexei



The latter day registration!
From whom there is desire to to participate - hurry up :)



Who as, and real men with team Shimano
Tested on weekends this a body of water



air-locals, Che minusuesh the? :crazyfun: Wu me from this even mood not lose their cool ;)

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I congratulate team "Shimano"in personified by aleek Terranova (TARANOFF) and Oleg's Oleynyk (oleole) with Palace victory! :cool:
Gap existed from second seats simply -It's a bitching - 107 kg. Under general weight 151 pounds. Mega-their sensationally! Bravo! :cool:
Skloubeni come up. :jumping:



Itogi past festival Sensas Open Feeder Fest Yurchenkovo 2013

1. "Shimano" Dnipropetrovsk (Ivan Taranov (footballer) A., Olejnik's O.)

2. "Feeder Fans" Kharkiv (Duday W., Smirnov A.)

3. "Perky Beluga" Kharkiv (Goltsova N., Golzow (Oderbruch) A.)

winner of America in nomination "The most a major fish"
With the carp weight 9520 gr
"Feeder Fans" Kharkiv (Duday W., Smirnov A.)

From faces organizers of and participants thank administration dam "Yurchenkovo"
For such wonderful body of water and aid in organizations festival. On him want return and not one times

Individual words gratitude wanted to would express sponsor festival
Companies "ibis is" official representative Trade Mark Sensas in Ukraine.
Fish-sicles Sensas rightly is considered one of the most best in world.

Thank participants for create an honest fight. Until new meeting!


liquidity-preference mass capture of 249 kg 700 gr

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Boev wrote:

Blastoff from second seats simply -It's a bitching - 107 pounds. Under general weight 143 kg. Mega-their sensationally! Bravo!

O.o. No words! As so? All local have broken. As least in 3 times more rounded up :cool: That that means known! I congratulate! Good fellows!



Fiestvod wrote:

No words! As so?

The morning weighing up the showed about 80 kg. Yes and day fish for fish tank
And "" bang-bang



I congratulate aleek with Ole-ole! Different sensationally! Good fellows! :cool:



Photos were made Smirnov (figure skater), Arseniy for that him megaspasibo!

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From faces judges and organizers of bring apology team Shimano. Under growing results with hemisphere protocols was forgetting one thing their weighing up the (their was 16) and shortcomings identified 9 kg :blush:. is their capture of averaged 151120 "grape".
Well that such strategy not put downward pressure on the outcome.



a little the review in caricature contest eyes judges

Under planning dates contest difficult to guess weather.
So and in this time. Weather forecasters may lie rain as from buckets at night, and day wind almost the first they heard was.
But all requiring listed team this not scares and they arrive on body of water.
Mood short-range battlefield. All team will to fight until the end.
For festival administration dam is committing sector in the early dam: With 3 th on 6 th, 9th, 11th and 12th sector.
All sector broad 25-50 flushed and well-groomed. Depth 5,5m-6m.
(On the table honey :))

Building. Draw. Entry in zone.
Each team preparing place for an overnight zaruby.

Start. And began.
Are marked.
Fed copiously, the nearby point slingshots ran amok, and long drives you can.

Passes three hours and the first weighing up the.
Fish there is have all, but until a bit - from 2 kg until 6.7 kg

Until sooner that the to forecast, but aren, that nibble there is.

Team very actively are experimenting with tactic industrialized fishing and the bait.
And imperceptibly is said that still three hours. The second weighing up the.
There are already team which have empty in sadkakh. Have other 4 kg - 7 pounds.

But team Shimano (Dnipropetrovsk) already makes big move forward podloviv several amurov and melkokarpov common weight more 17 kg.

Have rest in average for two weighting about 10 kg.
But we relax cannot be. At a reservoir many major fish and all can swap has.
Passes still three hours and. Weigh the virtually nothing to acquire. Team Thi--you got on one Rybinke and the not all. Did so will pass the entire night?
On the morning early weighing up the have team Feeder Fans.

On that Shimano replies, too, large the carp

But the rest "valuable bargaining chip" were have Shimano in sadkakh.

Weigh the chain. did you for four times, in end about 80 kg!

But the rest team encounter judges very profoundly sad have all from 1 kg to 6 kg.
And only Zadornaya Beluga not unyvaet. Have them in sadke more 15 kg fish.

Here is and appeared leaders. Shimano took far forward. For them Feeder Fans and a bit has lagged Zadornaya Beluga.
But dnepropetrovtsy not intended stop at 100 kg and continued harvest enough massive karpikov.

Not to mention dupletakh

I all time has felt for the handle podsaka have aleek Terranova, but pity its was only me :)

Over the past 6 hours have them 6 weighing major fish and they have been able overcome bar 150 kg.

Team Zadornaya Beluga but for Lisvyanka shestichasovku 6230i gr.

Against 3920 gr. Have Feeder Fans, but this not enough for exit on the second place.




Incidentally, with words administrator dam, they zarybili and a carp with Sola ;)



In two nutshell, as was deal.

Sector contrary the gatehouse. Two distance there is - 35 and 70 meters. Rumored to, there, usually, the janitor gets caught, place kormlennoe! And we even dokormili. On fact, for the first three hours saw three poklyovki - two amur and ladoshechnyy karpyonok common weight four kilograms.

Under evening Alik began skirdovat cherubs-dvushek on a near, and I increasingly raze could not to forge implementation of - the whether not there throwing good, then whether montages wrong, then whether I, little podsekal. Razduplilsya only when are they biting began to let up. To shestichasovomu midweek weigh-in added in Protocol somewhere 15-17 kg.

As it was dark, are they biting stalled quite and in hour I is gone in tent spring from. In this moment loaded rain, but on the far-appeared karpiki 2-4 kg. In my the absence of in a hatchling pond engulfed a dozen fish. Like would to see, as Alik himself Mersch with dupletami! I returned in build hours through two, while, polovili Terrace which, then Alik to. All poklyovki has been going in Bank and their it is difficult was discern, so eiaee one stick, feared screw up poklyovku. After poklyovki fish continued to flee in Bank, some "was still chasing rabbits" vymatyvaniem already on podsachechnoy distance there is.

In the process looking for neighbors. From Left periodically vklyuchayusya nalobniki in side water. Vyvazhivayut, means! Believe, is obtained, that they gets caught faster us! Clenched in the tight spot, 3 :4 in their favor, 4 :4, 4 :5, 5 :5, 6 :5 in our. About, I their surpassed! Have us poklyovki on sekundomeru, every twenty-minutes. Then steam locomotive to opposite Bank, had to aleek cool on aid, it turned out, almost nine has.

On of Putin weighing in sadkakh it turned out about 80 kg, well we lost them. Now can be was relax, photo op coming up, enjoy breakfast. In eight dokormili far and until ten hours police reportedly used karpikov from two to five, apofigeem was bang-bang $5 bills. In ten are they biting began gradually to let up and recent hour-and a half hours fish virtually unsupportable peck. Now us this worried only from theoretical interest - consider whether frontier in and a half tons and'll catch whether bigfisha. Not broke a and not rounded up) But this not contributed on pleasure from participation in this festival. Thank you participants and organizers for superb company, and administration a body of water - for himself hillsides, net, a handsome, with colorful beaches and different fish tank.

For more about this, perhaps, Ivan Taranov (footballer) will reveal, this his fishing, his prikormka, the nozzle sitch, tactic. I something traveled help - spomby pozagruzhat, on podsake to stand up yes for tip here tag along, follow until Alik him sleep)

P.S. As later it turned out, and a half tons we increasingly-??? they were catching!)



Vovan wrote:

By the way, with words administrator dam, they zarybili and a carp with Sola

When we with be seeing Alec wake it bang-bang $5 bills, I have so parovozilo, that already thought about real Bigfishe. Alik it snappy parked its fish and helped me. As it turned out, my easier on couple of hundred grams) Perhaps, this and was a carp with Sola.

At all, most pile of carp were very "uporistymi." Amurchiki, contrary, easily are nakhrapom.



For those whom recently pump photos
Slide showor Photos

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oleole wrote:

Generally, most Karpov were very "uporistymi." Amurchiki, contrary, easily are nakhrapom.

And when we a 2 weeks ago contrary. This time amurov at all little was.



Outcome simply awesome! Labor a titan! My greetings Aliku and Olezhke!


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