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The Asian "ZhRK" your fishing bobber VS Feder 2013 (Zhytomyr)

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Respected fly fishermen!

We invite you to accept participation in Cup fishing club ZhRK on it comes to shagging fish on company and fidernuyu tackle, which will mark 29 September 2013 on River often district woman-Sielec (disambiguation) between're setting and Zh\ D did.

About conducting Cup ZhRK

1. Goal and tasks
Contest ???? with goal:
nurture cautious relations to nature;
raising fishing of excellence participants;
compare ulovistost floater and fidera;
propaganda healthy way of life and popularize fishing sport.

2. Organization and holding contest
The general governance preparation and the hardest to competition serves Zhytomyrfishing club ZhRK. Directly holding contest is undertaken forensic European, in accordance with operating rules sporting fisheries and this position.

3. Timeline and place conducting Cup ZhRK , on it catching fish poplavochnoy and as snastyu is conducted on River often district woman-Sielec (disambiguation) between're setting and Zh\ D did. … h&z=16

4. Participants competition
To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to, podtverdivshie their participation in for competitions until 27.09.2013g. And reaching 14 years. The total number of participants not limited (poplavochnikov / fideristov).

Contest ???? in personal 80 of.

5. Rules conducting competition
5.1. Resolved basis that is one poplavochnoy snastyu (match, to max, plug / feeder) with one crocheted.
Number of cordages collected on Bank not limited. The nozzle sitch without restrictions (only natural origin).
Combined the sector for industrialized fishing 10 meters.
, no. The length prikormki not more 17litrov, jamborees and prikormki animal 2 liter, of them coarse very not more 1 liter.

5.2 availability of podsaka and charge (not less 1 m) - necessarily;
5.3 All here fish goes in laps.
5.4 All here on for competitions fish after weighting released (let off).
-uchastniki competition owe know and abide by rules Amateur and sporting fisheries, position and rules competition, not abandon on a reservoir garbage.
-zapreschena had forced fish outside limits own sector.
-Sportsmenu strictly forbidden create disadvantages procedure without weighing weighting, distract and hinder work judges.
-Pobeditelem in round recognized a participant with the greatest weight capture of
-Sportsmeny, remaining without capture of, receive number of points (seats), equal a recent community.
-Pobeditel is determined by on second number of key dialed for two round.
-Sportsmeny compete in one zone, under registration participants more 15 fringes will two zone.

6. Regulations contest

1 th tour
07.30 - Registration / draw
Hour fits entry in zone, preparation;
08.55 1 th signal Starter zakorm;
D21E 2 th signal START;
12.00 3 th signal across the line, weighing up the

2 th tour
12.45 - Registration / draw
13.00 entry in zone, preparation;
13.55 1 th signal Starter zakorm;
14.00 2 th signal START;
17.00 3 th signal across the line, weighing up the,s.
17.00-18.00 Coordinator, awarding winners, closing competition.

7. Definition of results
Winner is determined by on second-wu key for two round. If his-in key coincides, then in weight & chips that gets picked fish for two round.

8. Awarding:
Your fishing bobber VS Feder
1s place the Asian + entrepreneurship
2s place medal + entrepreneurship
3s place medal + entrepreneurship

Prize for the most a major fish

9. Costs
Ribolovniy club ZhRK bears costs associated with organization and the hardest to competition;
Registration collection with participants competition 30 Grzywna (.

10. The applications
Bid must contain:
1. F. I. O. Stakeholder;
2. Kind of industrialized fishing (a floater / feeder)

Bodies. Organizers of 0931227557 Taras



Width rivers 22m, the depth of 1.5-turret until, for present (there's gravy 40-60gr)
Fish: Bleak, a trout, a dace, golavl, krasnopyora, Blicca bjoerkna, podlesch, sea Bass, carp.
Bait: Night crawlers, maggot, the worm, maize.



Sponsors tournaments:



Registering the:
1. Woodpecker Taras (your fishing bobber)
2. , that the coachman Ruslan (feeder)
3. Kukharets Nikolai (poplvok)
4. Grigorenko Vyacheslav (feeder)
5. Kvasyuk Andrei (your fishing bobber)
6. Zaychuk Dima (feeder)
7. Begerskiy Dmitri (your fishing bobber)
8. Zgodzinskiy Maxim (your fishing bobber)
9. Koval Andrei (your fishing bobber)
10. Kolyada Nikita (feeder)
11. Slonim Paul (feeder)
12. Slonim Yevgeny (a floater)
13. Vityuk Ivan - (your fishing bobber)
14. Lopachuk Dmitri (feeder) High
15. Bragin Maxim (feeder) High
16. Piven Yuri (feeder) High
17. Davidchuk Constantine (feeder) High
18. Soyko Andry (feeder) (High)
19. Dzyubak Igor (your fishing bobber)
20. Shapoval Viktor (feeder)
21. Sergei Dobrantcheva-Logvinenko (your fishing bobber)
22. Dzhun Anatoly (feeder)
23. Alpatov Andrei (feeder)
24. Zhuravlev Sasha (feeder)
25. Lyubakovskiy Andrei (your fishing bobber
26. Ivanitskiy Vitaly (feeder) (Odessa)
27. Vonsovich Sergei (your fishing bobber)
28. Czapski Ivan (your fishing bobber)
29. kimov Maxim (your fishing bobber)
30. Selyanin Paul Nikolayevich (feeder)
31. Kos Ivan (your fishing bobber)
32. Yarema Sergei (feeder) High
33. Sheygas-Wolynetz Igor (your fishing bobber)
34. Veselkov Gennady (your fishing bobber) Kyiv
35. Borsuk Dmitri (your fishing bobber) Kyiv
36. Mischuk Andrei (your fishing bobber), Kyiv
37. Kompanets Vitaly (your fishing bobber), Kyiv

Registering the closed



Here is and past another "winning the ZhRK", unfortunately from registered 36 participants was a on start 21chel, in ties with this was been decided do three zone on 7chel. The first tour marks extreme sector A1, enleve casualties in peremezhku with plotvoy, over the past 5 minutes enleve three small fry on 60gr, unfortunately on last-minute only understood where precisely harvest dace. Best worked flat your fishing bobber venturieri 25gr in the system, 35gr virtually can be was keep on place, but poklyovok on him not was. Prikormku US 1kg FD bream + 1kg FD feeder + biscuits fluo from traper gender packs + 60% clay + night crawlers the aft with oparikom, for ukleyki took pack FD bream shrimp, making him fluffy and nedouvlazhnil for industrialized fishing on during, in end in the first round catch 772gr and 2s place in zone (a dace and bleak 50 / 50).
The second tour me marks sector C1, where for most a strong, making the 25 and 35gr bears for as on mountain River (Veselkov the Gene here in the first round used 50 g of and could not stopornut on place), enleve on plug two eltsa 40 and 60gr and one bull, isn't he 5gr, the rest of catch amounted Acanthorhodeus atranalis vylovlennye on here 20th annual hook on coarse very in coastal areas of vegetation weight 3-5gr every, in end weight my capture of 150 g and 3s place in zone.
In end storony 5s place in personal 80 of, that there is failure, but me very grassroots hillsides and in next year will try conduct winning the ZhRK there same.
Lasting gratitude companies "FLAGMAN" for provided by prizes for everyone stakeholder and permanent support our ??????, also lasting gratitude companies "FEEDERSPORT" for provided by high-end trough that have received in gift all fideristy, honor, participation in of the match, shop "Fish-Mania" for provided by prizes everyone everyone Presidency and prize for the most a major fish (a dace 167gr, captured on feeder in the second round Grigorenko experience)



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Report Gennady Veselkova:

Cursory report about my failed fourth place the winner of the ZhRK.

On body of water aoaee two machines, I on its, Vitalik and Andrei from FSC Kyiv on its. Have reached not without rural, in the final stage had to poblukat in search of Congress to the pond.
Valleys the often hit immediately three things: The utmost beauty landscape, of the monstrous zasorennostyu Bank and, importantly, alluring the passage, on such a I still not eiaee.

Participants arrived many, but as always not all. A pity Taras shut down registration, know several, which not toured due to lack of seats, let gonna come back to bite those who are registered, but profilonil.

Draw defines me in the fourth sector zone Since - this narrowing rivers and for here as on evil most a strong. I'm taping up ploskachi 20, 30, 50 grams, promeryayus - the depth of comfortable the third Whale, but for. 50 gramovyy your fishing bobber is said that through sector as if bullet for matter of of seconds, even the easy priderzhka it gets body floater to the surface. Bottom net sand, that and understandable, on such heat no though not refrain.

Prikormku do on the basis of VDE with very big number of clay. 'm kneading it pack ukleechnoy on anyone of fire, although understand, that harvest casualties on such a during godforsaken deal.

We're launching, Masonic on 13 meters 12 balls. The first 10 minutes full quiet, have been arguing harvest casualties - your fishing bobber on 4-ket will is said that zone industrialized fishing on expense times-two-three. The speed proplyva, as have remove on short distance there is, here no bleak not ugonitsya. After 10 minutes without single poklevki return to bayonet.

Through hour agony with crazy the passage find, that on 11 metres a little bit of a safer and with struck in half, but can be to do modicum any the system. The remnants of prikormki Masonic on 11 meters and'm -Stop baiting, almost the entire fish Bitterling, if am not mistaken, except him only 3 small fry and two ukleyki. I finish with modest 544 grams, in the process two cliff on our bonuses grams on 200-300. On ceasing 0.7 on such a during to withdraw their ah raze not worked. Torchbearer from Left fiinishes with zero, torchbearer right but 25 grams, the next 41 grams, torchbearer in the edge of, too, with zero. As it turns out my outcome only the second, and the best weight as in zone so and at all showed Kucher Ruslan, catches 1467 Propulsion Ukleyki brief fell swoop. A small turn and enlargement rivers lowered in sector N1 for in couple of times and gave opportunity to do weight on ukleyke.

In the second round finish my poopoo in A3 - account for carrying things through entire zone competition and from allocated 1.5 hours on training hour moves away only on ``debriefing and carryover things.
To worker second round not keep up even dazzle oncoming balls for the kick-off zakorma. Talking ab and gorge myself already after shot being fired.
In zone A for in been weaker than in zone S. 30-victory, here can be to do full stop sign, 15-20 g can be to do very comfort the system. Me in zone is mired the entire Kyiv large. Kompanets Vitaly sits through sector right, through sector from Left in the edge of is located Andrei Mischuk.

Below me downstream on in neighboring sector is located my offender on first vote Kucher Ruslan - ah that same, interestingly will retrieve.

'm feeding bayonet and'll release with ukleyki, 'm -Stop baiting, neighbor, too, but ride fish, the rest neighbors silent. Bleak petty, nibble middle, but enjoyed steadily, because bayonet even not is allowing, the more, that Andrei in the edge of not but quite. Through two hours Andrei is beginning to flock, even transition on casualties not gave outcome and the second tour Andryukha ends the with zero. Right someone but on feeder couple of good plotvits, but on them today weight not do. On third ano dokarmlivayu bayonet and is allowing through 10 minutes - silence. The latest hour dolavlivayu casualties already with by prikormkoy and I finish.

Weighing up the neighbor shows 1562 grams, I have 2351 grams - managed get even for the first tour, but understand, that this for good outcome not enough.
Nail in lid firmly a coffin inundate the results zones In and S. Athletes, winners and in zones A and In in the first round ones, took their and in zones In and S.

Final outcome is staggering. On first place torchbearer with common weight 1943 grams, at the second with weight 1051 grams, and we with Ruslan Pryjmak today alp macaroni pletemsya for them with weight 3029 grams have Ruslana and 2895 grams I have. Was hacked each other on waiting lists and emptied first seats and magnificent goblet!

Interestingly, that all four the first seats have made weight on ukleyke short swing., on Sally was even 4000m2 as well as five athletes with in connectors, fideristy failed to show Regrettable outcome, and the best of them policies--and only 7s place.

Thank you for attention, hope the Asian on Tetereve proves not the latest and have we still don't we there fish in next year.







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