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Raskosami, cord. Who than but? 3

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Dood wrote:

Perhaps, conditions storage cords not discourage their zagnivaniyu,.

, too, about this thought. Not know. Have the reel in regarding loose covers and in your bag. There always stiff. Winter udilki and reel have the in apartment.
Incidentally, Super PE from SunLine lives much longer The Castaway? Although the latest on characteristics and price much higher. On one a coil my son cord Super PE 15-54 toil already 6 years.



Олег 32 wrote:

capturing the order five fishing trips puffed YGK G-Soul Super JIGMAN X8 Original Soundtrack 200m

Олег 32 wrote:

turnament other race already on the second fishing.

Further, quiz now bezsmyslenny, (wasn sho one-why 16lb, after all 14lb if they have without be light should have to wholly?) immediately understandable that pleasant thing the good and badly! :cool:



Hold something for me in the hands of 14 i16 mikronization. So 14 me appeared so thin that not ventures. :)



Thank you! Need to will think (2-3sekundy) and 38044 to everything economist Jean "the first advent YGK G-Soul Super JIGMAN X8 Original Soundtrack 200m"! That even conveniently, so this (as this paruski?) prafilnost razmotka shnuren-on extreme session but meters 15-20 new PE on otkudanivozmis wicked the sidelines! :mad:, that on razmotkakh that's a bit more will allow several mitigate post a traumatic shock from adventures! :flag:



Not. Me would your problems. I here is in April on sorevakh won two cord Super concern (. A fucking criminal! Now and buy not need to. And still on 40 kormukh two certificate lies. Yes still roughly 100 kormukh tenders won lies pro supply. Ah and likely hundreds of three. That still need for as fishing? Correctly - opportunity enter the a body of water :D A you Building tools. Not cords. Filament not filament. Empty all of this :flag:

Ah yes and Sensas lies vyigrannyy and so and not spent :) And G-Stream Pandora vyigrannyy. Ghastly deal :dontknow:

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Romeo wrote:

A you cords. Not Building tools. Filament not filament. Empty all of this :flag:

And I, ashamed admit, nanofil not know that this. And his in as a the main use. Interestingly, crime as on 150-180 "grape" enduring the?
Honored and understood, that not for good reason not was. Not fidernaya she. Here is here written … ofile.html

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Since its the emergence of the emergence of'm using nanofilom. The main appointment - had forced on stream 100gr + (on feeding trough) and when obmerzayut the rings. In both cases with the shock of leader - nanofil overwhelmingly exigent about to hosts and so all snap'm knitting only on of shock from Tolstoi twist are spaced (25-38lb). In the first case shock "fully-fledged" (two musculaire rods up, and in the second quite was a pretty short - only to link snap and knot on zabrose in rings not worthy.
Yes, material very cosmogonies. With him need deal and seek approach - as use, where use, what ganglia knitting. And precisely this the overwhelming majority of those who khait nanofil, to do not wants. As outcome nanofil "replies reciprocate" :D

Text or: And "rekomenduyuschiy" on exiled hardly catching on feeder with nanofilom ;)

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In this season began use nanofil. First operator, and now simply has replaced them pletyonku. Enleve precisely on lakes. .6 # + shock 0.22-8m. In general something increasingly began thanks to duffy333. And very quickly understood, that half of are pro nanofil his and in eyes not seen. My goal this maximally quickly "dismissing" arc. Here he mismanaged fully. And this the, in fix raskosami had 100% advantage before pletyonkoy.
Why such a long shock? And is obtained that when fish remains "on korotke" already are used some what advantages fishing line of yours.
Ensured knot simply need to pick a. Walking on combination nor than not worse raskosami\ pletyonka. Klipsoy not cut. Even if forgot rasklipsovatsya and week-another he spent as a child in "constricted" able.



I have Volga with its the passage. 180 bears only in path. Here need to carrying one and crime as implementing variants in form with a sea turtle (over than winter and d to think, safety't seek). I not khayu nanofil, simply have us no one his not uses, and me all undergo on photos with covered, and then to think not were to somehow untangle whether? As something not the. Can and pick up my load, but, first the, about than higher wrote.



And there is whether the difference by the quality of in nanofile from the US (where lot of square footage in deals with poisons) and in is that sell in Europe (and have us) where razmotka in metres. For many talk was relatively cord was pro, Yank's was stronger and thicker than IC1.



All Hi, 've and their "five kopecks." When the first time have read about nanofile, then mostly, this were highly nekhvalebnye reviews. But in way Koli B. From Propulsion The-Ola, me known use search for for different forums (and this forum was one of the first), and not became I be limited to one refers, about ostensibly impossibility of use nanofila on feeder. Contacted with those who already eiaee with his help and decided to, that even if longlasting partnership not but with nanofilom for different reasons, ah not is obtained, and one but and all normal, and there is no otstrelov, and fish are biting, then why not will be able this do himself. Tried, yes was frightening, perishing painful for find some rationale. But here is has passed year, goes the next, use nanofila and on River, and stoyachem a reservoir, and all until ustraevaet. So that not for good reason say: Who wants, the ischit opportunities, and who not wants, the ischit reasons.

P.S. The main cause of interest to nanofilu was reductions weight trough, (in some cases on 30%), thanks to his the twists and turns and, importantly the smoothness.

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