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A series of "Underwater Secrets"

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All know expression of "Better one times see, than a hundred times hear." And all the more in a fishing trip. This know and the British! So in leading fishing journals Britain "Match Fishing"and "Total Carp"in this season launched a series of exclusive materials under a common entitled "Underwater Secrets"(reflection (secrets):

Materials indeed interesting and meriting attention. So I and decided to to share they.
Essence of the next:in each of articles drip irrigation one way industrialized fishing, is conducted a series of tests, which respond on the most widespread questions and is viewed (with the help submarine photo ops) as this all indeed looks under water - miniature "- Destroyers legends" from fishing ;).
On this moment they issued materials, which concern the most common ways fishing in of England:
- fishing flety;
- had forced with fidernymi kormushkami ("nets" and "drinking glasses");
poplavochnaya had forced:
- matchevaya had forced with dire vaglerami (transporte waglers);
- behavior prikormki under zakorme 5322991;
- the gelva-packages;
- Sieg-Rigg.
A clear deal, that on least willingness in primarily d putting "planta" for our Forum materials.

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I so think. That materials. Will on English language?? :blush:



Shariah, Sergei the interpreter even the.




I so think. That materials. Will on English language??

Not ah if there is desire to, then I can and originals articles in pdf-format posting :yep:



Here is a man amongst other smaller :cool:
Seryoga, personally I await the with look forward. It is time you all forum pool your on a good bottle. Expensive :flag:



duffy333 wrote:

Dont ah if there is desire to, then I can and originals articles in pdf-format posting :yep:

If can be, Serozha, hooker, so. That for a sec on aglitskom. Those who understand, will be able faster read, yes and terminology their interestingly was would I merely. :)



Material will demand your in perevedennom and maximally adaptirovannom the form of. The original of the will Projecting in really late in PDF-format. And maximally easy weight for download willing to fund. Think resolution 150dpi will well enough for this.



reflection (secrets. Part of 1. Had forced "on Method"
In the first parts of EEZ series of from English fishing magazines "Match Fishing"and "Total Carp"the authors would like start with perhaps the most popular tactics all since the industrialized fishing on Method. Enjoy and prosveschaytes.

In for several years fly fishermen-karpyatniki had advantage - thanks to a range of DVDs and to magazine publications them managed see what is happening under water. This, without doubt, opened for them absolutely a new world knowledge. Have places fidera such a gift to commemorate never was. Until this moment!
For this the editorship English magazine "Match Fishing"was invited experienced diver and underwater the artist Rob Hughes(Rob Hughes). This man, which not corporation as a knows about how, that lurks under water attraction during fishing. He a leading specialist in Britain, when it comes to studying fishing directly eyes fish, and journal signed with him contract on a new that a series of articles, which exploding a your the brain. And are starting we with Metoda

Profile:Rob Hughes(Rob Hughes).
Many of nicknames can know Rob, as "guy from viewing", which represents on satellite host Sky Sportssuch fishing contest as direct of England, Fish '0' Maniaand tournaments on commercial reservoirs. That you can not know, so this the that Rob is former Champion of world in carp-phishing attempts, engaging writer and qualified diver, man / underwater photographer. He became known in circles karpyatnikov as The Human Carp (Man-Karp), so as on reservoirs his can be see in water slightly whether not more often, than on Bank.
Team uchastvovavshaya in prepare materials on a reservoir.

All tests and emki for articles were held on a reservoir Greenhill Squam Lakefishing-commercial complex Bishops Bowlthat in Vorvikshire. Point was chosen on distance there is 45 yd. (Roughly 41 meter) meters and conceals 7 feet (roughly 2 meters). Why chosen it is this a body of water and that place? Reasons very are simple: To gain clear take pictures, we need was find a body of water with very clean water and good seemed to on the conceals, which most often meets on this kind of church. In one word, prove in conditions maximally near to real. The entire choice prikormok / osnastok and their tests were carried out in situations how this was possible near to real.
Many fishing-commercial installations not can offer the necessary us transparency water, and, that not less important, when fish feeds on on bottom raised the or different number of mutti, which worsens appearance of for cameras. In our case bottom in point fishing was a steadfast and only with easy layer by layer silt. Weather was with variable clouds and speed Meza wind 4m / with (with aspirations until widths 8m / with).
Plan was, to conduct a series of tests, in including: On the accuracy of, on the as there's gravy is borne on bottom, what the difference tickles on bottom under using pelletsa and "sypukhi", and also watch on what is happening under water with River Kymi and used nozzles. Every test was designed not less three times the so we could obtain what something secondary arithmetic , not judged by outcome any single zabrosa, which us more grassroots. So and our conclusions on everyone core coursework they were quite consistent and logics. Fortunately, in the course tests not was no of normalcy , so that conclusions to do was not it is difficult. In the course experimentation for greater visibility some of prikormok were are so colored, to their became easier detect and photograph. However, except this, were used accurately such same prikormki and nozzles, which we usually use on a fishing trip.

Test # 1:
First, that we would like know, this how flet falls in thicker water, as he looks on bottom, is borne whether he all time on bottom correctly and through what time method starts work - i.e. when granules pelletsa start break away from fleta?
Answer:there's gravy, after strike the main about clip-on earring, privodnilas with a good "cotton" and has fallen on bottom Lake. There is a difference between sound with which falls there's gravy with different kinds prikormki with pelletsom and "sypukhoy." This is happening from-for their different sparse. And fish on commercial reservoirs, as known, quickly immediate to sound and comes on him in achieve escape point dam. Granules pelletsa not crunk from trough nor under strike about water, nor in the process the fall of the in fatter water.
Through 30 seconds or so the bait has become erode and to wilt with fleta, and have become visible hook with the bait. Wood-pellet heating began to wilt with trough and this was a bit it seems on the as are getting away the flow of lava. However part of pellets has remained on flete and fully dick his.
Under first zabrose flet fell on stumbling, who was on bottom. This meant, that there's gravy not lay in utterly horizontally. As a consequence, nasadochnyy Boyle rolled down with of a bunch of prikormki and fell in side, becoming slightly is masked on from outsiders eye. Nevertheless, under rest zabrosakh flet went on bottom right on, and hook with right complement each time remained on feeding trough.
Flet farewells on bottom so as this "written in describing."

bailout:as showed this test, harvest under clip-on earring and hurl until it - this very it is important. With such technology blow the main about clip-on earring is happening under vertically the lifted udilishche. Flet does freeze in I might go and starts fall. : Diving he enters virtually vertically. And means with minimal resistance. It is important account for these nuances, because overstretch filament, by in as a the main, will exert influence on your the accuracy of.

Test # 2:
What is happening with lure investment--without, when you vymatyvaete crime as?
Answer:there's gravy simply crashes from of a bunch of pelletsa, roughly so same as stuntboys is being yanked out tablecloth with fully nakrytogo to an earnest dinner companion the table. If granules and spread, then quite in small numbers and, that surprisingly, quite not far. In a common complexity they occupy Square about 4 inches in wide and from six to eight inches in length (10cm on 15-20cm). However in the process vymatyvaniya flet raised a slight a wisp of cloud mutti this was though on bottom.
At vymatyvanii there's gravy lifts mens though and he's throwing it prikormku.
. While pellets from-for his greater weight forms "33" knot food.

bailout:test showed, that all we must more carefully approached only to speed, with which vymatyvaetsya the feeder. Raised clouds silt can to frighten off fish on point. That is why so important to flet with a new prikormkoy returned on point as can be faster.

Test # 3:
There are whether a significant the difference in his presentation under using tug ropes those created by different diameter?
Answer:in the process test in during days were used various dog leashes but also - from 0,15mm until 0,22mm (standard diameters, those seen with this style fishing). In a common complexity we have ditched more 30 times. Behavior defence wakes up aggressivity occurred in every as under every zabrose - conspicuous differences in the presentation have been no. Use more thick fishing line of yours not only not pipeline on the as hook with the bait sits in prikormke on flete, but and not was forcing this same hook on jumping out from prikormki in the process its destruction.
Thickness defence wakes up aggressivity not has wrought no influence on behavior hook with right complement.

bailout:enough long popular view, that with using on the Meisner thick fishing line of yours on povodkakh, on airline hook with right complement it turns out in side from prikormki. However this it turned out ???. We used as such and 0,15mm, and 0.22 mm, to provide extremes, but none of options not gave discernible advantages with perspective the presentation jamborees. But not worth forget, that on fishing accented situation, when under same the presentation precisely the thickness of the povodochnoy fishing line of yours plays decisive influence on the how many you have will poklevok.

Test # 4:
Seneng in fact we grimly accurate on zabrose?
Conditions were complex, with a decent side pulled, which can sway accuracy. Been caught under clip-on earring, as this case and on any a fishing trip.
Answer:7 zabrosov were made with use of one and the same trough and prikormki, and they became in quite dense group. One "leftist" impose was retired around on tinder wind. But even adjusted for this, Lies enough high grouping - all within Alternatively 2 feet 3 inches in length on 18 inches in wide (roughly 65cm on 45cm). Keep in mind, that this on distance in 41 meters, significant conceals water and strong the side wind. For these conditions outcome can be considered a good and after 7 zabrosov the aft the table have enough good.
"Since easily" send crime as on point. Outcome after seven zabrosov - all it landed on very 11W compact Tiananmen.

bailout:as and all fly fishermen we proud of it precision with which trawl their snap. But on reservoirs, when you you catch only on orientiru on the opposite Bank, very hard say how in fact accurately're breaking up with. But on this affect very many variables factors, including different weight cannot digest, whom we such.

Test # 5:
There are whether crusade the difference in is, when we use various types of prikormok? As prikormochnaya mixture of from pelletsa and prikormki looks and works on bottom?
Answer:in this as we have made 3 zabrosa. And on all zabrosakh almost the entire prikormochnyy mix never from fleta under his hit: Diving. Only the small number of prikormki remained on flete by the time until he to get here, man until trawling. That interestingly, because that on feeding trough virtually not was no prikormki, to keep hook with right complement on place, on two from three zabrosov ceasing confused around the upper parts of fleta. Also there's gravy beginning move on beneath the, when we tried to pull basic - cocked, vershinku was it is difficult, so as not was enough weight, to keep flet on place. Quite symbolic number of prikormki remained on feeding trough in the upper parts of (alongside khvostovikom), but the rest Square fleta was empty.
near-the entire mixture of from pelletsa and sypukhi flying off on falling!

bailout:we used prikormochnuyu mixture of from 2 parts of pelletsa 2mm, 1 parts of a mixture for preparations paste Sonubaits 1 :1 paste pearlsand 2 parts of water this metodnuyu mixture of coined and uses Andy findlay(Andy Findlay) or as his still call Method master. This mixture of each time under strike about the surface flying off with fleta, leaving bare crime as and hook with right complement.

Test # 6:
There are whether any special conditions and reasons under which is happening entanglement defence wakes up aggressivity about the feeder or basic?
Answer:on all zabrosakh, as in this exemplified as, so and in all rest, flet perfectly went on bottom. And not important, as prikormka lepilas on him - manually or with the help toptushki. Zaputyvaniya occurred only then, when prikormka flying off with trough under strike about water. Interestingly, that when flety contaminants in water, they to sink in thicker water on neat an arc from-for tight, boy the main. If flet was becoming an empty under emotional outburst during: Diving, then the entire his path down was an exhaustive kolebatelnym movement. But would still there's gravy sleep on bottom correctly.
If prikormka sky falls on falling, then tackle with easily, the plot thickens.

bailout:you must ask themselves, how many times you harassing the tackle found, that ceasing confused around fleta? There is the likelihood, that entanglement happening on vymatyvanii. But in our tests in those cases, when flet reached trawling in one piece, tooling never in end not had perekhlestov! Consider this moment carefully in the future - perekhlest can mean, that no prikormka so and not reached trawling in the right place.

Test # 7:
There are whether a big difference under using simply pelletsa 2mm and such a same pelletsa, but with addition of any stick (for example, Stiki Pellet from Sonubaits)?
Answer:pellets, heroin processed Stick, the on flete a bit longer, than such same is in the rough pellets - in a common complexity in average backdrop on 1 minute 15 seconds more before until from-under pellets show hook with right complement. Moreover, pellets with Stick otvalivalsya from fleta in chunks, not the flood of lava , as is in the rough pellets. This was on all three test zabrosakh. However after as stick fully was dissolved in water, both have options pelletsa on bottom dam the presentation were identical. Nor one granula not decorating specially from fleta nor under strike about water, nor under falling in its thicker.
Just a ballplayer prikormochnyy pellets in diameter 2mm (podkrashen in rasnyy color).
. And such same pellets 2mm, but with adding stick Stiki Pellet

bailout:choice pelletsa this critically important decision for successful metodnoy industrialized fishing! On our caricature in Red color are painted with granules pelletsa Dynamite Baits 2mm XLS he perfectly licked for our conditions and demands. However other species pelletsa not so sticky so their better use with stikami.

Test # 8:
We always talked, that cannot be move flet after his fall of on bottom, so how to do this, then prikormka will not on flete and around him and badly us the presentation of the will be destroyed. So whether this?
Answer:test showed, that if devoted flet directly after of touching trawling (not later, than in the first 30 seconds), then prikormka not has time still fall with trough and the presentation of the hook with right complement on tacky amusement / blind prikormki not would suffer. An elegant natyagivanie the main also not platen do a flet with seats. But as only you pereuserdstvuete there's gravy will come in movement and quietly can crawl on beneath the and 10 centimeters.
Remember it, that when you you slip basic, then suit you're pulling and the feeder, and she in turn leaves footprint.

bailout:the best way to, to your raskosami drowned this handle vershinku rods up after zabrosa: Diving. Under it comes to shagging at manner you should never move your crime as after as she involves the trawling only then you can achieve effect from this way industrialized fishing. Had forced at manner is so effective, because your hook with right complement is in the center of the of a bunch of feed. However, you can to see on the picture, that provided described higher flet relocated on new place on bottom without real damage for the presentation.

Test # 9:
There are whether the difference in his presentation fleta with prikormochnym pelletsom and metodnoy prikormkoy?
Answer:both the presentation were very are good, and both prikormki remained on flete. Granules pelletsa had to on beneath the a bit wider, than prikormka after of disintegration globe, but in any case both the presentation looked more or less equally. But only then, when there's gravy remained on place.
However was concrete distinction between the two presentations after as flety were are shifted with seats. If under shift trough with pelletsom granules ``crisis HTML are mat in the process movement fleta, then under podtyagivanii trough with prikormkoy, the kind incapsulate cloud over's surface trawling, and then, they lost their on enough big Tiananmen. Thanks to the that we applied a bit of and pellets, and prikormku in Red color, us managed well see area spread of each of prikormok, which is obtained, if devoted flet to itself have pelletsa this a compact footprint, and have metodnoy prikormki that is a big Square, though minute intense flavor particles - of, which attract fish, but not can its sate.
There's gravy with pelletsom.
. And alternative in the form of trough with metodnoy prikormkoy.

bailout:hope, that this test explained better many words why for shaping coarse spills better use pellets, not metodnuyu prikormku.

Test # 10:
Your muscle trough before vymatyvaniem is considered a good tactical move. But affects whether such reception affects variation prikormki on beneath the? And how differs the presentation of the point under vymatyvanii with podergivaniem and under simpler usual vymatyvanii?
Answer:BPPV. Fleta directly after, as he will plummet on bottom, not had no influence for the presentation. Fish-sicles not has time still enough to garner water and getting emotional, to this could change situation. But after, as that happens, under a small podergivanii, unlike full vymatyvaniya snap, prikormka is separated from trough small lumps in it. After several zabrosov with the consequent podergivaniem on bottom remains many individual on the lumps feed, which gradually crumbling and this leads to the, that enough much area on bottom becomes interesting for fish with perspective smell, but contains very little food.
bailout:on this before many not times, attention, but neat a twitch or vershinkoy fidera for lung potyazhek fleta gives ??? advantage. That most interesting, these same a twitch or immediately after zabrosa absolutely are useless. But we would still recommend not move flet with moreover seats, where he reached trawling.

Test # 11:
If mentor compress prikormku on flete after drawing the from toptushki, will be whether this to influence work prikormki? And how this will be different from work prikormki on flete, who was simply from toptushki and not used to make out?
Answer:yes, the difference there is. And a substantial. Obzhataya too strongly prikormka seemed at all not wants to start work and to wilt with trough. May seem, that such effect should force fish to attack prikormochnyy balloon significantly have been the, to get to nozzles on the hook. On fact prikormochnaya mixture of was so dense, that our underwater operator was able to raise flet with trawling, a chat them in water and throw back on bottom prikormka has remained on feeding trough. Only after as he again took flet and simply began cut to disco them in water as mini-praschoy, part of prikormki fell off. However in central parts of fleta she was so dense, that fish need was would to issue any the keilhacke or bipartisan consensus requires removing both, to dig out prikormku made there. That interestingly, on vymatyvanii prikormka razmyvalas and stagnated with trough.
Yes, you can compress prikormku through dibs on strongly!

bailout:this test confirmed the importance of this issues relating to. Fish-sicles was Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Natural.

Test # 12:
If mentor compress prikormochnyy pellets on flete after drawing the from toptushki, will be whether this to influence his work? And how this will be different from work pelletsa on flete, who was simply from toptushki and not used to make out?
Answer:of course! When pellets not used to make out after as his have learned from toptushki, then each time under hit trough: Diving granules simply exactly rolling with it! Flet hit in the about water and simply scatter pellets pelletsa, was being blown in hand and accompanied the fall trough in thicker water. This gave good the spread of pelletsa on blind diameter of about 1.5 feet (45cm). This Square will a bit less, if on point punier when one realizes, and a bit more, if on point deeper. So that this should not kill your chances on poklevku. However this means, that fish will the issues about trough, instead of immediately take the pourer with slides prikormki. This was obviously, that after as granules pelletsa we lost them from trough under strike about water, expect compact coarse spills not worth.
of Souls from pellets pelletsa and wastes there's gravy.

bailout:very important moment, which must be remembered readers for prikormochnogo pelletsa not there is notions squeezed too strongly !

The findings of this from Rob Hughes'
As diver I for many years has experienced a large number of various cyprinids kept osnastok on subject their the presentation on bottom increased the. But this was the first times, when I was able watch on underwater the world as fishing and this was indeed interestingly. I not fisherman-torchbearer in classic understanding and never them not was, if not considered of the time, when I was a teenager. So that I watched on all these tests without any biased ideas about how, that we must or not must do. Id say more, I have until the early tests even not was common views, that will occur on bottom.
I serve only with facts, which saw before themselves and based on this made their conclusions. So that the entire this series of must prove present revelation. However, I of those fishermen, which understand all complexity fishing and ties the fact, that small differences in how we fishing can have most directly and a strong impact on the somehow will outcome successful or not. Also this was interestingly for me, as for the fishing trainer-karpyatnika, because that in feeder there is tactics, which can be successfully use and in carp-phishing attempts. Accurately so same and contrary.
For this one a test session I learned many absolutely new for themselves facts. So, for example, became absolutely clear, that the accuracy of zabrosa have fideristov much higher, than have karpyatnikov. Also was indeed interestingly watch, as small changes in tactics can give very different the presentation and this was very obviously in tests with an additional compression prikormki after as she was removed from toptushki. Too strongly squeeze metodnuyu prikormku and she not will break away from trough until flet not will's exhausted, despondent. But too loosely squeeze granules pelletsa, and they will to with trough, when the kind from hits about water.
Tests, which we implemented, were is by no means exhaustive, but they were honest and accurate. And the basis on them we can do some quite accurate conclusions. One of the main things, which I took of these tests this the that vymatyvanie trough can have a big impact on providing a decoy, which is on bottom. And perhaps, most importantly, that until these tests hardly who could all of this to imagine in great detail.
At this test a reservoir, as and on many with similar slightly ilistym upside, quickly vymatyvaemaya there's gravy not only lifts mens clubs silt with trawling, but and he's throwing it prikormku in hand. In most increased the water will not so transparent, but effect produced by the the feeding trough will accurately thus same. And if in muddy and flourishing, unified water cloud silt particularly not will play role, then reaction prikormki on vymatyvanie trough will accurately such same.
If you have no poklevok or sign, that fish stands at on point (smooth progiby done shorter or crap), then, likely, either prikormki already there is no on flete, either fish simply there is no on point. In the latter case is worth to start thinking about how looks your Stern point on bottom. And as vymatyvanie trough affects presentation prikormki on bottom. Most anglers under it comes to shagging on method strive to do coarse blot as can be are much more compact. And seek big successes thanks to accuracy his zabrosa. However the entire this heavy and tedious work can be iai?i perecherknuta, if not to think about effect vymatyvaniya.
Always worth to think about how, what we want achieve, by building its the aft the table. A discrete problem meriting attention can be the next tactic: Use prikormochnyy pellets just in one of five zabrosov in rest four use metodnuyu prikormku. However, in this scenario pellets need not like fucking after toptushki he should to with fleta after his strike about water. In such a case each time under vymatyvanii fleta, pre TV-- got beat metodnoy prikormkoy, will climb cloud small fodder of particles. Then they will depending on enough big Square, giving an attractive smells, but not possessing virtually no food values. Feeds will serve only rare granules pelletsa, which fell on bottom after strike fleta about the surface water. Now on every zabrose flet with prikormkoy will the most large and welcome a piece of feed on backdrop of poor coarse the table.
Finally, adding color of and smell prikormke can do its more attractive for fish. In carp-phishing attempts is used very many various liquid supplements to give greater attractiveness of the aft point in as fishing I this not saw. Advantage liquids in is, that they give a lovely food signal, but not have no food values for fish. And this makes district coarse the table even more attractive. Way to search food have fish in primarily depends on how is transparent water: In transparent water fish more rely more on vision check, than on sense of smell, and in muddy and flourishing, unified contrary. So in such conditions is worth promoted more aromatiki in prikormku, to boost its attractiveness. That concerns color of prikormki, then most often used pelletsy in water acquire light-brown color, which often merges with color trawling. Perhaps in competitive situation (contest, for example) is worth his venture, to give point greater visual attractiveness of.
This all theory, and practice on exemplified a reservoir will show, that of what you commit, indeed works. But himself fact, that we now have opportunity be under water and to see precisely the, that directly is happening, very helps in understanding underway on bottom.

10 major conclusions:
Fideristy grimly accurate in zabrose of course same, in dependence from abilities.
Flety almost always passed on to bottom in the right position.
Under using toptushki the nozzle sitch with crocheted in a whole remains on of the prikormki.
Not we request metodnuyu prikormku through dibs on strongly.
Mentor obzhimayte prikormochnyy pellets on flete, if want, to he reached trawling together with the feeding trough.
If you not uplotnyaete prikormku after toptushki, then, likely, she's gonna flip, with fleta on falling in thicker water and saved on bottom on enough big Tiananmen.
Prikormki brown flowers in most cases on bottom merge colored with slime.
Think about how as you vymatyvaete in matter what prikormku you are using.
BPPV. Fleta with metodnoy prikormkoy not gives the stern tear itself a shoving under vymatyvanii trough.
Perekhlesty and zaputyvaniya snap arise only then, when prikormka on falling in thicker water sky falls with fleta.
Alex Bonz (Alex Bones - editor of magazine "Match Fishing") was thereby fisherman on Bank in the time when Rob Hughes (Rob Hughes) nurturing entire work under water.

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And the original of the articles:



The first impression - cast in the an aquarium, before clean water and bottom. Interestingly, that would they saw in our gills. Although understand, that culture just (behavior, laws, fishing and camping on D.) different.
Thank you :cool:



Activist Sergey duffy333in another times respekt and uvazhuha :cool:. Guys the angles -, too, good fellows. For me, as CoP "metodnika", for example effect vymatyvaniya became virtually revelation. Still, very grassroots the right picking the tests, least "to champagne" and the absence of advertising. On topic, compressed and tersely. Large THANK YOU! :flag:




Sergei, a large you thank you! Extremely useful information. Zhdems further :jumping:



Right on, Sergei, you large thank you.



duffy333 wrote:

Enjoy the and prosveschaytes.

Thank you for article. Indeed enjoyed and "prosvetlilsya."



Huge thank you, let us correct mistakes



Far not all gets caught on feeder with metodnymi kormushkami. But all gets caught on feeder with ordinary kormushkami! So the next material as times about it catching with kormushkami- "grids" and kormushkami- "bedlinen." Hope, that will learn many new and interesting things ;)

Rivers were, unfortunately, not in a spirit of (high and kind of cloudy water), so that we had to descending in depth as industrialized fishing with kormushkami- grids and kormushkami- bedlinen. And this it turned out fraught with serious consequences. You simply not you can afford to this miss

First, we (proposal for magazine Match Fishing and team, generating over a series of Underwaner Secrets) would like say huge thank you all for reviews, which we received over the past couple of months, that--at with starters this series of. She clearly caused very big interest and has become one of basic those for talk on Bank. Have us was several interesting talk on this about. And this means, that our audience is debating our discoveries - with some people agree, and other they are questioning. This precisely what we hoped achieve their materials - serious, voting food for reflection discussions, and also the use of correct tactics, to help you to capture more fish.
Can say only one thing, that we have deal with facts, not with whatever something hypotheses. Our photos show, that In fact is happening in that day, in those conditions, in which we been caught, and as this different from what we thought about how, that happening. And the better if this Series with legs on head the, in that we believed until this.
This month is no different and we have the next:
- several useful proof moreover, in that we and so believed before;
- several facts across our us eyes on the, as work some elements snap;
- several discoveries, which IZMENT the, as you choice fish
Initially we intend withdraw on the river, but there water proved too muddy from-for rains. And this meant, that two our seats, where there is for, not had been approached for moreover that we wanted to do! Thus, we traveled in damaging commercialfishing complex Linear-language, that in Oxfordshire, and chose there body of water Brasenose Two. This is a big a body of water with a steadfast the pebbled upside is considered mostly Karpov, and we were strongly particularly impressed by those, that he was able us offer.
And proposed he us clean water and various depth this allowed us conduct tests. Our malchika with metodnymi kormushkami, which we conducted and have in the first parts of this series of, summoned many questions about kormushkakh- nets and kormushkakh- ice-cold glasses. So we all these questions raised, find and now we explain their under a microscope.
In all tests we did impose at least twice, and sometimes and significantly more - so that some the casual outcome exclude.

To places statistics
In all tests were used:
fish-sicles:Ringer s Bag-Up Original.
WHOLESALE:raskosami Daiwa Sensor 6lb (is biscuit).
tooling:Israels right to online, but with skrutkoy-8 inches (20cm)

Test # 1
Test snap
The first, that we would like to know, how there's gravy is borne on bottom relatively bait and as under this is leading themselves ceasing he extends directly or is borne in knot prikormki?

In as were used:
bird feeders:a small mesh Drennan Cage
expanding:-3 feet (90sm) from fishing line of yours 0.14mm
Bait--:two red moldy worm
Trigger:# 18 Kamasan B560
Distantsiya zabrosa:40 yd. (Real meters)
Depth:5 feet (1.5 meters)

Mr.. Hughes thinks and makes conclusions:
The first, that I observed, and this was the feature of, which played out almost all time with starters and to the end, tests with all kinds of feeders, what was a hefty "the clearance" on distance there is meanwhile, where there's gravy hits a bump goes about the surface water and where she proved, for airline on bottom. With perspective tactics prikarmlivaniya this exerts significant influence on the creation the aft point. But this also strongly helps put a leash on a fall on bottom, auoyioa?enu in stiff.
All zabrosy were with blow the main about clip-on earring. With udilischami with constituencies with soft upper part of blanca, there's gravy under falling in water as would otprygivala ago, and then already relatively slowlyve been on bottom. Under this she was drowning under somehow angle from-for tight, boy the main. Any part of prikormki failing out under strike about water and on falling, but about this later.
The first the bait, that we tested, was from 2 red oparyshey on tight leash-3 feet (roughly 90sm). Ceasing, auoyioa?enu on entire length, fell more less directly following the feeding trough. After the fall of the trough on bottom hook with the bait been enough slowly because that maggot all ??? enough easy. Moreover, on this stage fall of you maggots writhing roll his and twisted ceasing.
If borrow separately drawn impose, then the bait seems insulated from trough with prikormkoy and is in kilometers from it. But in the process create the aft point (more zabrosov and more prikormki) this already not is the problem. Ceasing went on bottom more less tribes to him, and thin the fishing line is was malozametna. Coiling (delivered on on late the main) a bit raised over upside and this can be solve adding tiny pellets out, but on fact this not is the problem, so as hook with the bait is enough far.
I also checked, as is leading themselves the main she was how's life with Mac, as this usually and case under it comes to shagging fiderom. She immediately same incapsulate from trawling and commanded to udilischu. But under this the main was so gossamer, that on fact was not so perishing and discernible. You can see on a picture of, as lies there's gravy and as from it exits the main fish can take of fence at its, if will approached only to feeding trough with hand Bank.
From interest we echoed this same test, but on this time with a leash around-5 feet (if) and with two maggots in on the hook. The result was difficulties - ceasing went in side from trough, auoyioa?enu in entire length.
contaminated zabrose with blow about clip-on earring ceasing is borne on bottom auoyioa?enu in stiff.
. And this is true pay for defence wakes up aggressivity-3 feet, so and-5 feet.
Nasadka from two oparyshey revolves on falling.
That as the main looks under water.

Match Fishing believes that:
This was present destruction the legend and one of key points, which we wanted watch on this session. As fishermen we were not confident in how is borne ceasing on bottom is borne in knot prikormki or extends in direct line. As see, hurl until clips is mandatory.

Test # 2
What will, if on zabrose strike about clip-on earring not will.
The next, that we would like to know, this the if there is the difference in his presentation, if you not dobrosili until clips.

In as were used:
bird feeders:a small mesh Drennan Cage
expanding:-5 feet (if) from fishing line of yours 0.14mm
Bait--:the worm
Distantsiya zabrosa:40 yd. (Real meters)
Depth:5 feet (1.5 meters)

Mr.. Hughes thinks and makes conclusions:
I did this test hundreds of times, when groomed materials for places carp-phishing and the result always one - ceasing distance around the main under emotional outburst during snap: Diving and, as a consequence,, the plot thickens.
Use long tug ropes meant, that the bait not enters in water alongside the feeding trough. But would still they were enough close. On fact all of this ended those, that on bottom the nozzle sitch been bailed out roughly in a foot (30sm) from trough. And she was with hand Bank, not with hand open water, as this is happening, when're breaking up with until clips and ceasing with crocheted stretch through in stiff.
We also changed bait on worm and immediately same received several unexpected facts. For starters the worm moves on beneath the much more, than maggot. But and sinking significantly faster. He was also much more conspicuous on bottom, owing partly his his the size of the, and partly in a result moreover that has been moving. He tried to dig a hole and hide in though, but his tail passed over upside and nurtured waves of around, thus by setting a powerful signal fish, that he here. Still deal in is, that the lower part of worm was light and was well noticeable in such pose.
What you attention as close to feeding trough proved the bait (the upper part of pictures of the).
of roles in as bait falls in fatter water surprisingly quickly.
of roles simultaneously and is active, and well visible on bottom.

Match Fishing believes that:
You can use this information in their purposes, but Sam: Think it over all to qualitatively. If you still want achieve slow the fall of the bait (under using long defence wakes up aggressivity), but also wish, to hook farewells close to feeding trough, such a impose of course useful. Consider attention the, that all ??? perhaps entanglement defence wakes up aggressivity, but on vymatyvanii his can fighting monsters, back and you even know about this nothing not chase.

Test # 3
How trough give prikormku

There are many various types of feeders. But as they give prikormku and in than the difference between them?
We took four various trough and missed through our tests. Each been abandoned at least 3 times, so that we have been able detail to consider every pattern. We watched on the, as they , as passed on to bottom and as give prikormku on bottom Lake.

Flushed alenkaya kormushka- mesh
Model for tests:Drennan Cage
On every zabrose have this model trough under strike about water to lose very the small number of prikormki. On bottom she sleep on 3 feet (90sm) closer to Bank relatively the point, where she was part: Diving. Fish-sicles beginning exits from pane ends trough immediately same, but went not the whole until moment vymatyvaniya.
On third zabrose, after as there's gravy has been lying on bottom within three minutes, on vymatyvanii there's gravy roused with trawling entire clubs fodder paper. As only predusmatrivaet after an has become visible clear footpath from remaining prikormki-roughly 6 inches (bulb each 10 cm).
What you attention as there's gravy on bottom is freeing itself from feed. Much his part of still remains in grid.
. And goes only then, when crime as are beginning vymatyvat.
That all that remained on bottom after as clubs mutti Coloureds.

plastic vessels produced kormushka- the glass
Model for tests:Matrix Open End 30gr
This model trough, as and all the rest, returned ago roughly on 3 feet (90sm) before as be properly on bottom. She more slowly Southern prikormku, than mesh and under strike about water not has lost virtually nothing from prikormki. Color plastic very well masked its, and fully meantime without any doubt from feed she only on vymatyvanii.
Interestingly, that this there's gravy under vymatyvanii raising her more mutti, than mesh. And when predusmatrivaet osedali, then remaining on point fodder raspredelyalsya in the form of round spills, not in the form of pathways.
When all tests slower just prikormka went from kormushek- "sverdluvalnikh."
1425 in sight, that kormushka- "the glass" loses on falling significantly less feed, than kormushka- "mesh."

Kormushka- mesh partly obmotannaya with duct tape
Model for tests:much Drennan Cage obmotannaya with duct tape (partly)
This option is something middle between the first two models. He loses the small number of prikormki under strike about water, well is borne on bottom, and, too, fair amount of prikormki remains in feeding trough until moment vymatyvaniya. Under vymatyvanii this option trough raised fair cloud, in which was enough many prikormochnykh of particles. These particles Coloureds on bottom in random order in point prikarmlivaniya.
No nothing better for those cases, when you want zakormitsya using many hamburger worm.
Petty prikormka creates Zhemchuzhnikov cloud under vymatyvanii trough.

Kormushka- bullet
Model for tests:Kevin Leach (disambiguation) 30gr
Each time this there's gravy vtykalas its nose in bottom. And this meant, that quite little feed goes from it until moment vymatyvaniya. When same this occurred, then on bottom was occurring literally explosion a bigger part of small and lung fodder of particles obrazovyvala cloud and then wandered off somewhere in thicker water, prikormki easier has vanished in thicker water, while predusmatrivaet bigger than others and a lot heavier than me, such as maggot, Custer and maize, remained on bottom.
Kormushka- "bullet" is located as something renegotiation (back part of whipped up) on bottom from-for location weight.
Indeed as something not many prikormki!

Match Fishing believes that:
Behavior each of models feeders as under strike about water, falling in its thicker and on bottom was very interesting. The as each of gives prikormku is crucial and, to be sure, this what may explain some betray him, which arise in the process industrialized fishing fiderom.

Test # 4
drown as such a sharp podergivaniem
BPPV. Fishing line of yours is widely diagnostic way, to help the main faster descending. And we wanted know, as this is reflected on feeding trough - if this action forces crime as move, how precisely. And as after this on bottom looks prikormka.
Was used kormushka- mesh. As can be see on caricature under the touch. Trawling in feeding trough still enough feed. As only Alex sharply yanked basic, virtually the entire prikormka to from trough, and there's gravy kicked that, roughly on 3 feet (90sm) ago, leaving hook with the bait from two oparyshey more or less in borders prikormlennoy area. Prikormki detonated cloud and its much of plummeting has in the coercive water, and not on bottom. On airline on bottom remained only big particles, slightly priporoshennye prikormochnoy dust.
bird feeders perfectly generalship on bottom.
. But a sharp BPPV. Vershinkoy rods up (as some who makes, to the main to dispose drowned) permestil crime as on 3 feet (90sm).
. And scattered prikormku around!

Match Fishing believes that:
In dependence from effect, which youre trying create you can use a sharp BPPV. In their interest. However making this, hold in mind, how many prikormki just splinters. Positive effect such a technical reception is that ceasing rights itself in stiff. But direct defence wakes up aggressivity can be achieve and simply posing until clips.

Test # 5
Stroim roadwheels point using kormushku- safety or kormushku- the glass ?
For everyone test we used individual snap, and also a new prikormochnuyu point - our plan was continue to cast until on 15 feeders with prikormkoy on every point and then watch on that same has become resembles point. As only there's gravy basket reached trawling the main sharply try anything and immediately vymatyvalas, virtually bustin 'crime as with trawling Lake.

In as were used:
bird feeders:Matrix Open End 30gr and greater Drennan Cage
Distantsiya zabrosa:37 yd. (Almost 34 meters)
Depth:4.5 feet (1.37 meters)
fish-sicles:Ringer s groundbait with adding maize, rezannogo the worm, Custer's and kicks

Mr.. Hughes thinks and makes conclusions:
Alex without the shadows doubts, one of the most precise on zabrose fishermen, which I ever saw. He showed this in tests with metodnymi kormushkami and with ordinary was the same.
In primarily we look kormushki- drinking glasses , which on fact drowning quite slowly, so that I had the opportunity to see as they racquets about the surface water, as drowning, as passed on to bottom and as behave on vymatyvanii. Nevertheless, on each of first 6 zabrosov these trough times reaching trawling complete andwith trawling also complete. I swam To Her ago on direction vymatyvaniya trough, until not found point, where there's gravy has already given all ??? prikormku this point was in 14 feet away (roughly 4.2m) from point, where there's gravy touched trawling. Surprising was the, that kormushka- the glass always Southern its prikormku each time in one and same site in 14 feet away (roughly 4.2m) from moreover seats, where first reached trawling this simply stunning!
I asked Alex do perezabros and repeat the whole process. But on this time I is gone closer on distance there is there, where there's gravy before has already given fodder. Of course same, the next there's gravy has already given its content directly to me in medium-size layers water. , for airline on bottom it turned out gender dozen small pieces of prikormki and large cloud of particles in thicker water. A clear deal, that this was quite not what he wanted to achieve - after all he intends to bombarding its bait in point, which, as he believes, was proactively prikormlena , and not on more customers pay distance.
Zakorm with kormushkoy- a may explain your Coalitions ready on a fishing trip.
Amazingly, but under zakarmlivanii kormushkoy- "a" prikormka failing out from this trough even 4000m2 as well as in 14 feet away (4.2m) from moreover seats, where itself there's gravy privodnilas after strike about clip-on earring!

Zakorm kormushkoy- netting
In an attempt to ensure, that we wanted show, Alex you on greater kormushku- safety. Was interestingly look, as in this time builds Stern point, so as this model trough was of nervous tunic of eyeball and losing fair amount of prikormki, as under strike about water, so and during the fall of the in its thicker. This there's gravy also was drowning returning ago roughly on 3 feet (90sm). Prikarmlivaemaya area was not such 11W compact, as we expected. This because, that there's gravy losing prikormku on all path from point, where she hit her about water, until point, where she reached trawling finally.
After as was done 15 zabrosov and cloud from paper prikormki ve, I neatly swam up to zakormlennoy point, to test final outcome. All zabrosy were accurately in one and the same point and trough went to on bottom it tight! Coming around roughly on Tiananmen 2 square Feet (roughly 0.2kv. Flushed). Here is this in fact constrained zakormleno!
However, because trough initially contaminants: Diving further, than they in fact wind on bottom, an obscure the brink coarse spills was mostly priporoshen osevshimi particles - of prikormki, and here is the forefront was from pieces of prikormki, so as here there's gravy already fully Southern fodder.
In a whole, blot was about 2 feet in wide and from 5 to 6 feet in length (60cm on 150-never too), with more heavy and big particles feed in box him in at front parts of and with more lungs, in the far-.
Match Fishing believes that:
Here is response to question, which always was is unclear, has already given there's gravy prikormku or no! This will allow you accurately and confidently build roadwheels point. But only make sure, that you are using kormushku- safety. Use kormushki- of a glass with big share likelihood may explain why on church with them arise problems - you harvest fish there where there is no feed!
This is slightly priporoshennaya prikormkoy Ouite a zone coarse spills.
Kuntsevo part of coarse spills after 15 zabrosov trough with feeds. Enough one of bream to he has understood with this in a split second,!



And I gorge myself a :dontknow: urgently to do conclusions.



Sergei, thank you huge for articles. Much for themselves opened, so as enleve mostly in rags gills, then the entire material believe simply prepolezneyshey information. As states respekt and uvazhuha you! :flag:



And I have only nets))




A I gorge myself a urgently to do conclusions.

I think, this not the problem,, too, 'm feeding a and enleve a. Simply he vydergival crime as ago, as only she touched trawling and if wait seconds 30 and then pull the fodder that will fall to. Moreover still very many depends on forms stakana- a short, a long, a wide, narrow and so-as from autogeneous prikormki- humidity, of gravity, sparse. T. D. :)
Sergei duffi thank you, very an interesting and quick material! :cool:

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I would not did, sverkhpalitelnykh conclusions, about moreover whatever kormushkami accusations, whatever harvest, after all experiments were, with one prikormkoy one extent sticky, in one place, with one depth. But material indeed very useful.



's reabsorption, the angles they sealed the contestant part of research, where gopnikov, as need to harvest kormushkami - grids and - bedlinen, and "disclosed" only the, that demonstrates "as not need to harvest" (I.M.H.O.,).
But and such material, of course, useful - thanks, Sergei! :flag:



Serozha! Huge "Thanks!" For material! :cool: At much are opening eyes.




I would not did, sverkhpalitelnykh conclusions, about moreover whatever kormushkami accusations, whatever harvest, after all experiments were, with one prikormkoy one extent sticky, in one place, with one depth. But material indeed very useful.

Judging by from photos they used enough easiest prikormku - mass small lung paper. HTML are prikormku-a box the main task which communicate have fucked the horse beforehand and a major faction until trawling and there suggested a its give. Yes and on vymatyvanii prikormka literallycloud paper. Pro any its its stickiness to speak not account for, in my opinion.
Interestingly was would watch that is obtained if feed "gave" and use kormushki- "drinking glasses."
Me more has puzzled nuance with "throwback" trough relatively point fall of: Diving. If on 1.5 metres "a return" accounts for 90sm, then how many will on 5 metres, for example?
Very want to the British have made with these same models feeders test on River :jumping:

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On-start point fall of trough on bottom relatively point for splashdown, will is on distance from of last roughly on 3 / 4 from depth in place industrialized fishing. But all depends heavily on wind and obrazovyvayuscheysya arc.
When present wind I usually klipsuyu the marker under vsplytom poplavke and forth stand the distance on labor stick. I already as the wrote pro using two markernykh osnastok, one respectively on marker, and the second on labor a stick with small Marker (Custard, esp) and labor the feeding trough instead metal weights on each end. More precisely way be not can. Labor stick klipsuem, trawl to asking a basic marker, dive all necessary manipulation with pounder (drown as such, ustonavlivaem on stand and camping on P.) forth stravlivaem as such and clearly see where will lie our there's gravy relatively the principal marker.



For those who likes to read in original version. Numbering "my" and "squaring the" materials series of not coincide ;). Files in pdf-format and enough lungs "in weight" for downloading:

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Interestingly why they theme or, after all much easier to lift the whole process on video - naglyadney after all increasingly will and clearer in a hundred times. Enlarges pleasure that whether?
Pro dog leashes but also and pro podergushki line "for utopa fishing line of yours" so accurately not understandable, as they spring up fully, (??? ?? ? ? have Matyaka in the second parts of not spring up fully they at all) with what force he was tugging at, that have him there's gravy for meter take to Atlanta later; with what force scored crime as, what consistency prikormki - this increasingly has very great importance. Need to sack the video in general.

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moose wrote:

why they theme or, after all much easier to lift the whole process on video

There article, because and photos. Well increasingly clearly take and shown.



Likely and here and video, and photo. But for sales printing publications are important precisely beautiful pictures of the. Comprehensive video if would have made, then issued would his as commercial product - on YouTube teaser on couple of minutes, and all on DVDs ?for 20-25.
Those "nemetodnye" prikormki for English market, which me contaminants in hands, all any "downy" in motives the form of and their very difficult turn in "is encouraged" - they rather in pasta any Turn under gets over. Think that Ringerovskaya prikormka such a same. And the that its the authors not pereuvlazhnyali this 100%.

PS: Found the intel on prikormke that used in a tests - Ringer s Bag-Up Original.
"Ringers Bag-Up original carp mix is a high quality fish meal based groundbait, formulated by Steve Ringer, that has been designed to the highest specification possible.
By its incredibly strong fishy smell you can immediately tell of its high levels of fishmeal. It mixes up to a lovely fluffy light texture with a rapid breakdown.
Used on its own or with either Ringers Dark, it is an outstanding groundbait mix of quality with proven results over the last five years, including 3 Fish O'Mania final wins."

That means the following:
"Ringers Bag-Up original carp mix - this high-quality prikormka on the basis of fishing flour, that skomponoval Steve Ringer (disambiguation), according to the most high demands.
Its incredibly a strong fish smells immediately same gives understand, that she contains very many fishing flour. contaminated your dough is obtained pleasant does the fluffy one the easy texture with rapid time of disintegration.
Over the past 5 years proof, that she itself or in Recordings with Ringers Dark is a glorious by the quality of prikormkoy have become many results, in including 3 victory in finals Fish O 'Mania. "

Iay back, this not our "konditerka." In my opinion, such a prikormku care a densely simply cannot be :dontknow:

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Has tried as the densely care a in iron cell fodder fun fishing and I have nor at not broke a :dontknow: she simply vydavlivalas through cells trough


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