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Sheets from Aleks

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D here to locate their modest sheets.

Today, Kyiv, Rusanovka, with 15 to 18. Managed today after work a bit spend some time fishing. Lures from day one she "for Cold water" + briketnyy the aft night crawlers. The nozzle sitch maggot + foam.



And here is now more much detail eieenu ;) How, that, afield. :rolleyes:

As strongly 2000 there? - other options not visual! :flag: In 45; be a deacon, sekret! :tomato:



bond wrote:

A here is now more much detail eieenu.

Yes, exactly tell has little to.

Poklevki began in 17 with upswings water, and until 17.45. Eight poklevok, five implemented, one the good dam (all would such). Poklevki oboznachalis well, confidently. Why three not implemented? Not know. Of an amateur boxer.

From Left from me was couple of colleagues, one one plotvichku raised, the other "zero." In late had been approached with questions about feeder (sent all on exhibition and on

Not 2000 there absolutely, in dedicated blast always warm a suit and boots. Stood plus, so problems not was.

Such affairs.



Feder in a large city of:

Today absolutely another the situation. With the evening went snow,’s share dropped temperatures air and the beginning of climb pressure. In clean, 2 on thermometer, wind Since-inquiry 3-6, in general chilly.

Privada she "for Cold water" + rublennyy the worm, the nozzle sitch maggot + foam, night crawlers + foam.

All actions nurturing in 4.In gloves, no inconvenience, even very comfortable experience! But in a whole 2000 there.

In general poklevok not saw :dontknow: Hence fish, too,, not I, not a.

Today do still in 14, so say on shifting nibble.



Алекс wrote:

Today absolutely another the situation.

That yes, then yes!

Familiar released try feeder on sand Bereznyakovskiy - slightly below Karavelly - and until OK / Afghan bridge.

Contenders are as to water in two places - still prevents the ice. The cord oledenevaet a bit, poklevok there is no.

A with 9.30 until 10.30 and on homes (I participated in as a honourary guest - flu).



Dood wrote:

Schnur oledenevaet a bit, poklevok there is no.

I today strictly on mono.



Today, evening, Rusanovka.

Fish-sicles she "for Cold water" + maggot. The nozzle sitch maggot + night crawlers + foam.

Of course, had climate weather, but their two plotvichek I sliced, implementation poklevok 100%:

Strictly for raising water, with 17 until 17.00.




Moe-cyclo-'re just fucked! :flag:



Two days relaxation!

8 Martha with 12 until 15.30. Lures from day one she "for Cold water" + betain. The nozzle sitch "sandwich" maggot + night crawlers. Ceasing SLR hadn mm, length 80 see, hook email to the Owner # 16, the distance 50 meters.

Approaching to his izlyublennomu community, discover the his employees, but. In this moment patience colleagues snuffed, and he with sour the face of is beginning to two legal tackle. I double'm to collect its.

First poklevku implemented immediately, not mellow until considered until ten. A dace! Not mellow far move away, my colleague, something wait me in the back, and is gone, gromykhaya Nevskimi coils. In general, not uspevaya doschityvat until thirty on every poklevku, stayku from six units I quickly sent in a hatchling pond. Then poklevki went ostentatious, roughly one in gender hours.

Outcome: 12 units - a dace, 2 pieces - Blicca bjoerkna, 1 pleasant thing one of these in, about 1.5 kg.

In 15.30 need was stray, so as for favorite on the table lay tickets in movies.

9 Martha, with 6 until 14. Lures from day one she "for Cold water" + betain + maggot. The nozzle sitch "sandwich" night crawlers + maggot.

Poklevki immediately and without delays, but so as fish significantly smaller size, than yesterday - suffered implementation poklevok, lengthen the ceasing on 10-12 centimeters, and the problem faded.

Weather used to put sports! Not know as Ukraine, but Kyiv today again saw snow.

Again the same picture, caught a gaggle of prep school 5-7 units, and then poklevki one in half an hour of exercise.

Outcome: 16 units - a dace, 3 pieces - Blicca bjoerkna, summarily about 1.3 kg.

Today fell under tight pressing! Every three Dam Bank were are busy competitors, water sizes-studded 2x4 was is stowed all kinds mixes, groats, supplements, additives, nazhivok and camping on D., felt a certain discomfort, especially from those who came with "sick head" after yesterday's.

From such a aggregations people, photo on Bank to do not became. Catch today’s days:



Ah that you say pro Sakhalin, if you living on Rusanovke - and] However, too, on Rusanovke? :cool:

Can only ask about diameter dishes (my the catch of the ever fit to plate diameter of 23 centimeters) - hope, not 1.5 Dam? :question:

Again will repeat - are-cyclo-'re just fucked! :flag:



Dood wrote:

Nu that you say pro Sakhalin, if you living on Rusanovke - and] However, too, on Rusanovke?

Frankly, already sometimes sickened by on Rusanovke, but that to do, now judging by accounts, only here, can be see poklevki.

P.S. Until seats conducting competition a dace 2009 - 200 meters walk.

Dood wrote:

Can only ask about diameter dishes (my the catch of the ever fit to plate diameter of 23 centimeters) - hope, not 1.5 Dam?

Try that in, plate produced under the first now - O 24.5 see



Eeeekh, relocated I in Kharkiv with boulevard Davydov 10 :) “I don’t from Owl in any side Gone Fishin '(was 5 minutes walk :) At April dace in Kyiv on any arrive!



Алекс wrote:

lures from day one she "for Cold water" + betain.

On Rusanovke on my observations she works better, than FishDream, say not advertising sake of, and simply ve impressions.



ZooM wrote:

Eeeekh, relocated I in Kharkiv with boulevard Davydov 10.

Neighbors were, I on Davydov 13.



Zoom, but as the situation with fiderom in Kharkiv? Can report?! :-)



Yes here is I great about how, to write couple of reports, simply as something time lacks constantly, think, that with the short fishing write necessarily. Yes and not all time fiderom harvest account for, and on bolonke or on spinningu here write sheets not quite in format Forum :)



Yes, spinning in Kharkiv maintained! But and fiderom there is where swim, a pity that in Kharkiv not permanent the Lodger, and "riot gear" and stick’bad luck on 20 days not too conveniently! But 2-3 fidernykh fishing spent on River Lopan River, in prilove - Crucian, podleschik, Bleak (fish) and a dace (many), even catfish.



Not weathered!

Very like test its a new easy feeder from Maver. Has awakened in 3.41, turning around gender hours and decided to, need to go on Canal. in refrigerator and startled in neudovletvoritelnom able his very, decided to nip up, buy of fresh. The first and camping on D. Transfer of and I already with market, and I race on Canal.

On arrival on place in clean, discover the enough a strong a jet of (under crime as 90 grams), but so as very like try in fact vershinku 1 oz, give weight 60 grams and ROYO at trial impose.

First time in life irresistible as feeder "throws himself"! Virtually no effort and there's gravy flies there far need to. Simply super, there is no words!

A bit zakormiv, give coveted 75 centimeters ceasing and hook # 16, a small foam + 3 very. On the hook my night crawlers lived brief, minutes 3 and smooth confident potyazhka from Bank. A short leapfrog and the good severity of on the wrong side decently unless. The form served on full and without a chance.

Through 10 minutes still one poklevka, but flash in the pan, jumped the gun. In 6.20 went rain with covered in white and nibble as obrezalo, but this not importantly, importantly, that I exasperated as please! :flag: :cool:



Ah you allow, Alex! Again has excelled, yes still and with morning! :flag:



Алекс wrote:

. But this not importantly, importantly, that I exasperated as please!

Brilliant. Congratulations. A cool a dace :cool:



Thank you :crazyfun: By May d already rethink about pikere.



Sunday, Democrats Island.

Released on the morning on Rusanovskuyu promenade, then ascents of on Canal and decided to. Not d I today sit in the crowd, and'm going to go on old familiar place below of Kyiv, in the hope sit in s, also not was dying hope, that there already gone the ice. The ice gone, but only on 5% Tiananmen Canal.

So, almost podlednyy feeder!

In 8.30 a.m. was on place, find progalinu wide meters twelve and on two kilograms prikormki'm setting it the table on a near the sidelines in 20 metres. Lures from day one she "To Cold water" + she "Feder", betain and grams 100 first small fry. The nozzle sitch on Shimano Catana - maggot + night crawlers and on Maver Abyss - night crawlers + a small all foamy. Dokarmlival with hands every hour on 3-4 globe. Until 12.00, only listened to birds. Fish kept quiet!

Soon on Maver Abysse two lung and rapid trigger, reel in, naturally, not keep up. Coaxing it out, 'm mocking of fresh very and back works. Again, three very gentle trigger, leapfrog and 30 gram perch in drawn, quickly produce non-open source and again impose, through 5 minutes, too, most, and okunek grams on 25-30 again released (let off): Diving. And here understand. Forgot conduct photo session! Again couple of hours same environment birds and'm leaving home.

Luck! :flag:



Yet another my Mosor Kyiv - vyborom - Mykolayiv - Odessa - Kyiv.

Before leaving am asking wife set my feeder. The, that I feel safer. Wife: So you in travellers was nice or Gone Fishin '(! The answer: And there and there! Wife: Ah you and fidercheknutyy! :D . And where she such words ponabiralas! :D

In Kherson at the local market gain FishDream Sea Bass, FishDream bream Sport, the worm, moldy worm captured with a from homes. Quickly swoon their affairs, 'm moving in in suburb and Mykolayiv, reserve a hotel and, and I race on Inhul!

Roughly in Sottomarina near water. Restricting prikormku, cruising the worm, collect feeder. Kept under careful watch by local natives do 6-7 zakormochnykh zabrosov.

Feder Maver until 85 grams, the cord, Pater Noster (disambiguation), there's gravy 30 grams, ceasing hadn mm, 40 centimeters musculaire, hook # 20. The bait 1 / 5 the worm + maggot.

Poklevki immediately, in the form of smooth and long bending 1-untsovoy done. Bull, isn't he! As same without his! Soon formulate jitter done and a small Blicca bjoerkna already in my the hands of. Tap - a dace, tap - a dace. Not makes sense tell about numbers caught and one most whitefish. Was many!

Judging by competitors, with makhovymi tip here on long 10 meter wooden kladkakh in neighboring "sectors", which have faces were similar roughly on here is this 1980s o.o., I their apparently a bit surprised and has puzzled! Many, likely, even poklevok not saw.

Sea Bass remained essentially silent. Also not was even gender bonus a white fish. Apparently competitors weather, low pressure and simply the first they heard was wind.

Importantly of capital pleasure from familiarity with new jobs our truly vast the Motherland! :cool:

Photo imaginations with seats events.

Photo pond, viscerally previously in city of Ochakiv:



You in destined ICE automobile potential? :flag:



bond wrote:

You in destined ICE automobile potential?

Yes, unafraid multi-purpose device.



Алекс wrote:

Yes, unafraid multi-purpose device.

Fu-have (in sense - "Phew-sovereign, Oh, phew." ;)), thought, in train entire fidernuyu training packages the hell you're stepping - like the with bribery buying prikormki on place :flag:



bond wrote:

. Like the with bribery buying prikormki on place.

Simply prikormku always try to buy on places, have us in any case more expensive :D, plus familiarity with local assortment of. In Kherson, for example, has acquired feeders which here could not find, plus with scrimped on money :flag:



Dnepropetrovsk mill area, river Bokovenka, easy feeder. In Sunday 07.06. With 4.00 until 12 :0 0.

Fish-sicles Fishdey Sea Bass, privada Fishdey Sea Bass + Portia chopped the worm on 2 kg prikormki. The nozzle sitch the worm.

The main mono, there's gravy 30 grams, Pater Noster (disambiguation). The depth of 2 Dam, impose meters 25, abroad water areas of vegetation.

Zakorm 7-8 feeders, and the first delicate poklevka in 5.00, Crucian on 250 grams, worked the worm + honey dip. I'm just trying a garlic, poklevki encouraged and sea Bass slightly larger and without misfires. Until 10.00 baited in the chestnochnyy, with full certainty, that he like more just. Under opportunities used pot, and immediately confident poklevka, generally was biting, on all odors. But only on feeder.

On poplavchanki have neighbors in of refraction only krasnoperka and plotvichka, an not was :dontknow:

Summarily I been seized 24 pieces common weight roughly 7-8 kilos + an excellent recreation!

Poachers there not saw, but one a posse of with steeply has been abusing its kvadr, than and entertained with string all fishermen :flirt: Good luck!



Алекс wrote:

Dnepropetrovsk mill area, river Bokovenka …

Cool the catch of the :cool: You can on for more about this, where this?



Thank you!

Oleg, this in principle from the club from of Dnepr, roughly 210 kilometers, Dnepr river-E?eaie Horn of Africa, then from Kryvyi Horn in Khristoforovskiy district, rural-urban divide Valovoe.


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