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Tandemnyy tournament "KABYChEVKA-2013"

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The Luhansk Domestic Federation ahead behalf of E.E. A. Didorenko
Under support
Party regions
Jointly with
Federation Fishing Sports Luhansk area

tandem contest on it comes to shagging fish fiderom "KABYChEVKA - 2013"

1. Goal and tasks.
1.1. Popularization fishing sport.
1.2. Raising sporting of excellence, the upgrading technology ownership modern coastline rigging of this ship.
1.3. Definition of winners and awardees in command 80 of.
1.4. Recovery participants factors environmental.
1.5. Development skills environmental culture.

2. Place and time conducting.
A competition is conducted with 20.09.2013g. On 22.09.2013g. In sec. Kabychevka.
Discussion all issues, associated with data contest is conducted in this topic.
3. Character contest, registration premium.
3.1. Score, bro major team. Composition team 2 athlete.
3.2. Sum registration payment - 200 UAH with team. A competition not expanding linecard and not commercial. All collected funds are directed on technical and matter of the judges' ensuring and nagradnuyu attributes.

4. Participants.
4.1. To participate in Sally are permitted faces, which founding full 16 years.
4.2 Participants owe:
- to adhere to rules behavior on water feature, rules competition and this position, morally-ethical norms behavior in society;
- be ekipirovannym accordingly for a safe participation in Sally
- bezprikoslovno to adhere to details of and rulings judges;
- under deteriorating fortune health immediately put in prominence chief justice;
4.3 Participants contest bear full responsibility for consequences, to which can lead violations they rules behavior on water feature, sporting regime, regulation behavior of in public places.

5. The organizers. Refereeing.
5.1. Contest ???? under auspices FRSLO.
The organizers:
Public organization East sanitaire
The Luhansk Domestic Federation ahead behalf of E.E. A. Didorenko
Party regions
The federation Fishing Sports Luhansk area.

5.2. Directly holding and refereeing is undertaken forensic European according to rules competition on single fishing their sport Ukraine and this position.
5.3. Judges provide control for actions participants, lead Protocols contest, spend weighing up the and awarding. Control for work judges transsexual the Massachusetts General judge contest. In case identify loyal, or contrary, prejudice relations to participants, such judge subject to replace and disqualifying.
Chief judge contest: Bakhmach Vladimir.
Illuminati composition forensic collegium depends on number of teams, which petitioned preliminary the applications.

6. Program contest (the the Rules).
Tandem contest Kabychevka -2013g. Is conducted For three days with 20.09.213 on 22.09.2013goda.

6.1. First day (20.09.2013g. Friday);
With 9-00 binding official play around.
S18.00 on 19.00 registering the teams, zherebyovka zones first round of the and moreover (the captains or representatives teams).

6.2. The second day (21.09.2013g. Saturday);
6.00 - 7.00 opening the contest, zherebyovka sectors, Skidmark equipment in sector.
7.00 -9.00 entry in sector, preparation.
9.00 start first round of the
14.00 reckoning first round of the
14.00-15.30 weighing up the ands first round of the contest
15.30 - 16.00 announcement of the results first round of the competition.

6.3. The third day (22.09.2013g. Sunday);
6.00-7.00 zherebyovka, Skidmark equipment in sector
7.00-9.00 entry in sector, preparation
9.00 start second round
14.00 reckoning second round
14.00-15.30 weighing up the ands competition
15.30-Sottomarina announcement of the results contest, awarding awardees and winners
When teams on all official events necessarily.

7. Rules and order conducting.
7.1. Had forced fish produced one fidernym pounder, which can be before coils, leskami or sort of cords, fidernymi kormushkami. Rods up can be park on holders (supports). Forbidden use other equipment any type in as a detection poklyovki.
7.2. Participants permitted have under itself unlimited number of spare cordages. During competition some permitted enjoy platforms, top marginal size which 1-by-1 meter. Platforms must situated in one line outside water or partly in water. Alongside the main a platform can be set additional platforms, designed to auxiliary equipment and materials.
7.3.. On training to competitions stands out 120 shadowing On preceding athlete to his sector he owes lay down their hire fishing riot gear in his sector and after this to leave sector. Any preparation cordages and other things arm forbidden until first signal.
7.4. On first signal Logon in zone athletes occupy their sector and are beginning training to busting. Additional some tackle, and also the nozzle sitch and prikormka can be turned over to to an athlete through Chief Justice-supervisor until signal Start.
7.5. On signal Start athletes inmineaza to busting fish.
7.6. Time on with start-up zakorm not accorded.
7.7. To an athlete permitted apply prikormku and the pourer natural origin. Can be use attraktanty and dyes. Tineri purposefulness, containing living or dead fish, and also because the fish. Forbidden the use of narcotic and odurmanivayuschikh fish substances. An authorized span prikormki on one athlete 17litrov. Number of survivors components on one athlete 0.5 liter a butterworm and 0.5 liter moldy worm, worm or Caster.
7.8. Participants forbidden enjoy the electronic means for detection fish and measure depth.
7.9. Athletes not have rights to accept from athletes and other faces practical assistance in prepare seats competition, cordages, jamborees and prikormki, and exert aid other some.
7.10. Torchbearer not has rights without the judge enter: Diving.
7.11. Here fish is placed in a hatchling pond. Capture will fish've counted and then, when she accidentally captured not for his mouth. Deliberate bagrenie fish prohibited from. Participants, not akess means for storage fish, to competition not are permitted.
7.12. On third signal OK, it's over athletes end the enleve and remain in their sectors until arrival judges-supervisor for catch of the day tonight. To midweek weigh-in takes into only going to hear live fish. Weighing up the produced low--as headings, for the entire zone. Outcome we get is input in Protocol and confirms signatures judges and stakeholder. After weighting fish remains in sadkakh before the end of weighting all participants. Field this fish released (let off) after signal Release.
7.13. After signal "OK, it's over" to an athlete comes 10 minutes on vyvazhivanie trophy in case if fish was en route during competition.
7.14. After the end of the round contest a participant owes to remove in his sector the entire garbage.

8.1.s is undertaken on the basis protocols forensic collegium.
8.2. Winners and Bronze Medalists are determined by on maximize weight & chips that gets picked fish. Under equals ulovakh, place tandem is determined by on the most damning the sum & chips that gets picked fish. Tandemy with zero the result occupy place, equal srednearifmeticheskoy the sum seats all fly very comfortable with zero the result in zone.

Cponsory contest.
The Luhansk Domestic Federation ahead them. Dora A. Didorenko
Party regions

1s place - LCD TV;
2s place - twin boat
3s place - Fidernoe udilishche

60kg better prikormki for freshwater fish

Gift certifications for please purchase the product in stores alternative-End on a fishing trip

Certificate 500grn.
Certificate 300grn.
Certificate 200grn.

Punitive sanctions.
Athletes that violate rules competition, to address forensic kolegii can be removed with contest. Registration premium violators not is returning. During contest some forbidden use alcoholic-beverage and low alcoholic drinks. Also prohibited from smoking in sector. If torchbearer wants smoke a cigarette / up / smoke cigar / and others., he owes, with resolution judges, to leave territory sector, whip it out snap from water and swoon basis that is. For lack of full the composition teams during conducting discoveries contest, award shows - such a team can be disqualified by its.

Every a participant has the right set protest in test immediately board. Protest is served in writing form on name of chief judges, which is viewed forensic European until assertions results competition. Decision about protest takes into vote forensic collegium and is the ultimate.

Composition team and the premises Fund.
Captain -1, Sporto-1, Trainer-1, Assistant -1. Cups and medals Meridian bonus Fund in command 80 of nagorodzhuyutsya: Captain and torchbearer.

Form of applications
Entries in Sally are served in this topic or on the telephone 050.064-84-33 Marrying.
Organizational questions: 050.064-84-33 Marrying
050.477-22-34 the Gene

Maximum number of teams, which can house zone competition - 30.

Hillsides and zone competition

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