28 October decided conduct retreatments. Collection participants arrangements appointed an on 7 morning. I and dad's, like, go on an hour meal for to take seats. In end it turned out that on that spot already no one but :) This is aren! People has shifted on "warm" water, than neskazano me am very pleased with the :)

Until not toned up the main the collective decided to swim perch on Spin. Worked weight 3-4 grams + inch tvistera, and also oblovil mikroporolonki on bass. It turned out eat meat perch their bestows not worse silicone. Accurately not remember, but 10-12 bass I prevailed accurately :)

In 8 hours toned up the collective. Toured as and promised Visitors from Luhansk. Housing office and Maxim. And also Sergei and his team support. I postponed in side Spin and decided to ??? to address those for than arrived :) What do you mean to train :cool:


In end on Picker for 4 hours prevailed couple of very quite good karasey, but on reason laziness not handling of a podsak and both an are gone with hook squarely on stones under Bank :) violations caught still 6 quite good podleschikov. Housing office very actively eiaee perch on feeder. Generally place normal for competition. Fish there present and fish varied!