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Fishing notes Sergei Popova.

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ZooM wrote:

In general, mass personally, and the the last time fishing became in coaching received, and here is to simply for a holiday this already rare.

Seryoga as I you understand: '(Sport this evil, but already was sucked and exit NO :mad:



Here is and have been arguing alternate between derive with useful, yesterday poviseli mentally and on when, and tomorrow with Tokhoy on three days with a-a sleepover on category: Pechenegs, to hone expertize :)

P.S. Matchevuyu their equipment pick up volumes K by stealth from running mate,, fear not sit for you another minute three days with one only fiderom :rofl:



ZooM wrote:

on vypolzkaat night lovilas smachnaya Blicca bjoerkna

Any I vypolzkov "groped" birth to a litter of. In should sit, measuring! :O And such, as have you, 1500 meters their "skhryamtsali on sam pomdori" :D A then catfish this a goby so got chewed on by. Jellied chicken. ;)

Romeo wrote:

Sport this evil, but already was sucked and exit NO

:cool: :crazyfun: :flag:




Yes, vypolzki were giant, even 4000m2 as well as frightening in hands borrow :D



Non-stop sign or as conduct workers weekdays!

Part # 1.26-28 on May. black wood or wild jungles.

The folding under a bedcover drunken forests proved fatal for our machines, and had to two khodkami transpose baggage and some tackle on place industrialized fishing. Enough a sharp The folding on soft made of earth, the forest road held about 15 minutes in one side. The entire land as by bulldozers dug up by boar, in several meters away from tracks've met roe deer, which with on open display interest some time considered us, and after capital of jumped of on their Affairs.

Toured almost before decline of the, so that harvest decided already sutra, and evening to devote the tender camps. Have prepared shulyum, drank on glass of, think noise Nature of hardwood from forests and became you get enough sleep.

Seats wild, and very complex for industrialized fishing, Bank represents a read common , priboynaya had a Kerala pebbles, shell and sock of sand. On distance 15 meters from Bank goes such a same in size had a algae, for whom begins the first sval on 4-5 meters, and already on distance there is 35 meters from Bank the depth of falls quite strongly, accurately say not can, but under accounting moreover, that there's gravy 57 + 20 grams feed was drowning in for eight seconds, then can suggest, that dozen meters present.

In end, pomuchavshis with the far-distance and utomivshis burlachit mega-dace through dM grass, decided to postpone feeder and moved on matchevuyu tackle. The distance fishing 10-12 meters, a floater 4 (2 + 2) grams, the depth of in place fishing slightly more Dam.


there targeting 2 parts of Sensas Gros Gardons Base
1 part of Sensas Gros Gardons
1 part of Sensas Bremes
There targeting 2 parts of greyish-brown clay
In as a live component of 300 grams moldy worm.

Fish in this place virtually not undergoes Khodjikent, and very confidently klevala throughout the time fishing. Mostly lovilas 200-300 grammovaya krasnoperka, a dace and a minor podleschik. At night come across Crucian carps about 300-400 grams, and early on the morning were electric podleschiki about 300-500 grams.

In general, a golden wild nature combined with easy drawings contest and diversity let not major, but highly active fish left the most nice the impression.

Necessarily will need to come there with his dinghy and swim on svale for grass, am confident, that there dwell guys very good sizes.

To describe actions his running mate, Tokhi not thankful, wants, himself will reveal. In general, full of fish almost couple of days under Black Sea timber and go on Artemovskuyu a dam execute orders prikormochnye schemes.

Part # 2.28-30 on May. Artemovskaya, the dam or spanking leschika.

Vygruzilis on Artemovke, hour on fees and know`s prikormki, in 10 morning start, as on for competitions 6 hours tour. Some sort play around in combat conditions against each other, in lates and ``debriefing flights.

I decided to feed Sensas, toch VDE. Accurate a mixture his not remember, but on-my there was VDE Vijver + VDE Basic Mix + clay + attraktant VDE of Morgan Fish + maggot.

My mixture of:

there targeting 2 parts of Sensas fond Brown
1 part of Sensas Gros Gardons
1 part of Sensas Bremes
Mere 0.5 parts of CCMoore Sweet Nut Cloud
2 parts of greyish-brown clay
In as a live component of 300 grams moldy worm.

I have densely on the table becomes a major a dace, and hasn't okay medium-size podleschiki, have running mate, mostly enjoyed podleschik, and okay quite large guys. In general, I'm losing in quarter-weight.

Later on the evening toured friends poplavochniki and were on the ground right from us. Have very even an interesting tandem from all species industrialized fishing (feeder, match, Bichon Frise and plug). Toch continued ride roughshod over fish fiderom, I cheredoval feeder with drawings contest, Marrying catching bolonkoy and drawings contest and Susanta Cathal bayonet.

On fact 11th had produced a unique opportunity to to combine such so experience. All been caught very differently, nutritious differently, in general, was very interestingly.

Leschik ever responds well enough, fishing was not dull, ah and very independent the size of the zaletavshey small fry. Ah and in final stage fishing I, on-my, firmly fuse on plug, as nor sought to I avoid this moment, but ??? not managed, plug - the fire!

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Ay brilliant!

Of course have you fish klevala - eiaee in shirt Rangers - the newfound champion Scotland! :crazyfun:



Me this Lennox presented on-my in "all" on Levoberezhke, for something that we with friend vykushali there Lending Scheme leading of whiskey for record-small temporary interval :shine: :)



Cool report!



ZooM wrote:

I dont this Lennox presented on-my in" all "on Levoberezhke, for something that we with friend vykushali there Lending Scheme leading of whiskey for record-small temporary interval.

And here is and you totally got me! :crazy:

If I vykushivayu Lending Scheme leading of whiskey for record-small interval time, on next day not can recall, how many money I authorized a cabbie. And you about shirt remember. :crazyfun:

And at all. Name skating - "Dublin, huh" says about claims on ties with Ireland. And the Irish were own to creating a football club Celtic - everlasting bitter enemy Rangers! Uh, news flash. Either a place - popsovoe. Either you ??? indeed broke record and nothing pleasantly not remember! :rofl:

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Not, this moment I very well remember :hobo:% -)

And you Zaydis, it on leftist side as with Rusanovochki on Levoberezhku to go, cuisine of simply Atas, very all Mmm! Yummy and it's cute ;) especially the meatballs, you with potato ball pit in stickers roast :cool:

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ZooM wrote:

A you Zaydis, it on leftist side as with Rusanovochki on Levoberezhku to go, cuisine of simply Atas, very all Mmm! Yummy and it's cute. Especially the meatballs, you with potato ball pit in stickers roast.

I know this a place. But not was. Heard bad reviews. If uh, recommending, necessarily as any'll come pick it up.



ZooM wrote:

Nu and in final stage fishing I, on-my, firmly fuse on plug, as nor sought to I avoid this moment, but ??? not managed, plug - the fire!

Have us today ended provincial contest on bobber as soon as. So here is, plug something, in both of which eyelids, not It was your dangerous driving :yep: :no:, and It was your dangerous driving match (almost on the same distance there is, that and bayonet :question:) :dontknow: :cool:

And I feeder make such lamno nor I will - patamushto he very nice! :flirt:

Honest word, in this season even still on to max not eiaee :flag:



Throw feeder :O Nooooo, I I will feeder only when on the planet not will remain nor one of bream :D



A handsome report! There, in those places, there is quagmire-Lake. Harvest on it not tried?



Thank you, there is no, in Spain harvest not had to :)



Was recently on Travyanskom created, the same on which for a number of reasons not managed conduct EO 2009 to poplavochnoy it comes to shagging, sorrowful next door with our poplavochnikami. Here is a slight video with always moments fishing and information on montazham for industrialized fishing on feeder whom I'm using :) … 98e38b0bc/



direct Moscow 2009 or as the trailer on donku been caught :)

In general, decided we with Edikom to go on Muscovites watch and themselves show. Said - done, and here is in night from glorious cities Sumy begins team Banda s Commandos Ukraine in the composition of the Eduard dual seems (captain) Sergei Popov (, too, captain) and Alexander Sidorenko (ass-Baturin, of virtuoso cognac on Makedonski).

Ukrainian-Russian customs in Glukhove was passed in-hour interval, and cost in us-buying insurance, on-my, UAH for 250. And here is we No one forced in our car on territory the Russian federation on meeting Moscow, Volga-, to the bears and's northern lights are among! I kidding,, fromhuman anecdotes, and menya with Sanja change each other for wheel, now competing in prowess driving on famous Russian roads, which, incidentally, became all better and better on least of our approximation to Moscow.

Say that Moscow Ring Road - this Jsco, means, not say nothing :) Where is the in mid-first hours of our movement around Moscow us faced chief judge competition Nikita, familiarity, a brief discussion route, and we Maruku on Birdie for alive components of and by some minutiae. Mother Bird thisfishing substitute for of our Kharkiv Barabashovskogo market. Choice fishing creatures large, and - Try the, and smoked, and pink and green maggot zoo here on producers, prikormochnyy and nasadochnyy motyli slow crawl about for next door with in other representatives throes stage food chain modern increased the.

Skimp live stock, bought couple of small devices and lost in Pe for fill reserves fresh water and provisions.

And here is we why retreat at all from embrace means MKADA and let's roll in direction example. Our goal - fisheries base Volga which hovers around Bank Canal behalf of Moscow, on which exactly and planned holding competition. On half of path us await Lech Fadzeeu and Andrei Dumchev, which to this time already are returning with coaching received. Limnological, are now moving beyond hug, and, not though, that us shares a road that we hear a sharp flavor dipov, which is beginning to chop down us with legs, As guys are switching on our side. In general in a bouquet of aromas understand the are familiar odors, which of course there in our arsenal. Exchanged hellos, hugged it out, had to, we're the crooks Bank with Amigo heard a us, that fish you can catch a well, and that they through oriental tunes will visit work out together. On how and they iced.

Returned on ferry on antithetical to side Canal, and after reverberates on the right and couples hundred meters roads we have locked in gates base. As and was supposed us met very the picturesque director of base iskrometno bryzzhuschiy't care a local folklore mixture with smachnymi lawyers of at the local dialect, in general wonderful is dyad. We received key, were settled, went to dinner, disassembled things, drank on glass of and became sleep.

on Wednesday. Day the first (play around)

Canal enough a wide, on kind of meters a hundred, bordering ustlannyy stumbling, hasn't is growing bushy shrub and small trees. Bottom classic French Republican - there's a ditch with two..... shapely eyebrows. Depth in place industrialized fishing about 5-8 meters. Canal navigable, with fact enough active and the size of the as ships impressive. Level of water is changing in dependence from navigation. Present for, which could fundamentally to change its direction in for 15 minutes and is capable casualties 70 fringes Tymoshenko trough. Exactly precisely this most for and was one of the most serious tests on championship.

In dzhigovoy manner explore terrain trawling, ranging from Bank rocky sval, metres on 11-15 goes next of brovka with stones and shell, for it plateau with a steadfast soil revolving EU in far brovku, for which abundant colonies dreyseny smoothly are switching in soft ruslovoy can dig. There is vividly expressed spills seashells and seats with khryaschevym upside.


Sensas Bremes - 1 kg
Sensas Super Etang Bremes - 2 kg
Sensas Feeder Bream & Gross Poisons - 1 kg
Sensas Terre well centre - 1.5 kg
Sensas dramatic Hemp - 300 grams
The aft night crawlers - mere 0.5 kg
Maggot - 0.25 kg
Black the dye

Decided to have plateau in a meter from the far-style of, found there appetite blot seashells and began feed. With fifth zabrosa on point became stogrammovyy podleschik and stupidly lovilsya for all coaching received. Was glitching Blicca bjoerkna until 200 grams, and did get in trouble couple Triad podleschey grams on 400. In general, on card about 4 kg fish.

Have Edika similar picture, only more gustery. Nibble was a good, an, and at the end coaching received we satisfied have returned on base. On the evening toured Samarichev Dima (Chabon) and Sergei Koroksun (Karp), greater Russians muddle, with whom for kitchenette table under steel bountiful estimated we discussed all urgent problems, ranging from policy and national issues and ending prices Sensas and Dynamite Baits. Agreed to about tomorrows joint train, in field conditions, in format a t mini-the tournament.

Thursday. Day the second (mini-championship)

On the morning toured Lech Fadzeeu (Bank) and Andrei Dumchev (Amigo), plus Samarichev Dima (Chabon) and Sergei Koroksun (Karp), ah and we with Edikom. And moreover six man, tour 5 hours, then weighing up the, preparation, start. In prikormke I nothing not drive the money changers, so that eiaee on tighter that and in first day.

Nibble was markedly worse, than in first day, plus appeared pause between poklevkami, fish lovilas unsteady, and five hours were very long. Are, across the line. Weighing up the.

Siviglia oblovili us in 2-3 times, with, that immediately from steepness in eyes, so this the availability of in their sadkakh bonus, podleschikov 400-800 grams. Have us same in sadkakh in the number of tails fish was not less, but here is the size of the its promised much to be desired. In psyche starters seemed panic.

After coaching received ``debriefing flights, exchange impressions, conclusions. Lech Fadzeeu tells us about some peculiarities Fishing on Russias. That say, if the that he advised that to apply have us on Ukraine, then I am confident that tour can be to end on latest place, but, nevertheless, there, in Russia his schemes work and as have shown contest highly effectively! Do conclusions, try to reconstruct consciousness, after all all that was said Lekhoy simply contradicts around the the experience, which we was being taken with a from Ukraine.

Friday. Day the third (the total play around)

In Friday began flows in people, and already by the afternoon in sectors allocated for training facilities virtually not was free seats. I decided to to train brief, task. Yes my head mom quickly put put fish and to capture bonus. So and made, refurbishing a bit scheme prikormki, made its more of inertial and heavy, added glue for just die sticky, bold dip and cool blood to create effect caloric content. Changed aromatiku, deleted from prikormki easiest a major faction. Fish has become quickly, in for half an hour messages couple podleschey on card on 400 and 700 grams.

I polovil still hour-and a half, rallied and settled down behind Edika and group of when, to see for their joint training. Can be said, that have guys deal sporilos, modicum my previous and burchal, that life not Commission itself and all very poorly, but, nevertheless, has consistently continued skirdovat fat podleschikov.

Granite same morozilsya from eye outsiders, stryakhival fish, specifically threw past its distance there is when obey anodyne who any of Muscovites and Maldives as could, but here nothing not the way the mop flops, after all in Moscow very a serious competition among athletes-fideristov, and realistically from 30 challengers every capable take Kadett won; place, loath all all see, note, look, listen to and any triviality will engage and is taken on weaponry.

In general polovili, giggling, poispolnyali and traveled on base prepare for an first vote. In Thursday at night profits our modern development of, Marrying Buglak and Mokrush Andrei from team Stolitsa. Guys training of separately, loath not can say what affairs were have them.

Saturday. Day the fourth (contest, tour the first)

Rise, coffee, peacful, fees.

Sergei Orlov (Arly), chief leading the tournaments and simply wonderful man has now issued us promised living components for the tournament, for that him huge thank you, and we flowed to machine cook with prikormkoy. Over predrassvetnoy base Volga stood heady fresh flavor possible medicine types dopolnyayuschiy performance unwieldiness from professional sport are rays nalobnykh flashlights and utterance shurupovertov smeshivayuschikh prikormki.


Sensas Super Etang Bremes - 2 kg
Sensas Feeder Bream & Gross Poisons - 1 kg
Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hemp Black - 1.5 kg
Sensas dramatic Hemp - 300 goamm
VDE additives Bloedmeal - 200 grams
Sensas Terre well centre - 2 kg
Dynamite Baits Silver-X Bremes - 150 ml
The aft night crawlers - 1 liter
Maggot - 1 liter

Building, expressed a solemn opening the, raising flags Russia and Ukraine under sounds public anthems, ah and of course draw. Ediku marks sector 12 in zone A, me accrues sector 6 in zone W. Entry in zone, preparation, start!

I enleve with the far-style of, my neighbor from Left on a near, neighbor right on one lines with me on the far-. Fish becomes quickly, neighbor right I'm turning it off expense of speed, he not tempuet, like would all well. Enleve on expense 60 your four-cup measuring gusteru grams on 100 and such same podleschikov, all goes on plan, except one, on half of round are beginning to emerge pause, and in this moment I do pissed way to say mistake. 'm to experiment with povodkami and hooks, tempovat stronger, in the hope zakholdit and butter fish on point and perezabrasyvayu on expense 10-20, but outcome not is changing, one poklevka on 5 zabrosov.

Only on latest hour's until me has peaked, that on the table became bonus and him need to lend 2-5 minutes on poklevku, processing,, parents bandy very in prikormku, 'm increasing the size of the nozzles and deal being established, enleve several podleschikov bigger than others. Reckoning. Weighing up the.

'm mad on themselves because, that Shiller wrong, and after all could would on you podleschike to garner as least additional couple of kilos. In end I have 11 place in zone with weight 3030.

'm a match to your partner with your, and understand that it has very a similar the situation with fish tank, but outcome better idea, menya ranks 6 place with weight 3690. The general a command have us 7 place. And zone tore guys, with whom we training of Lech with Andrey and Dima with Seregoy have them on 3 command points and a clear advantage on backdrop of rest participants.

Evening, base, talk, tea ceremony, us take smoke breaks, anecdotes.

Sunday. Day fifth (contest, tour the second)

Draw gives me 22 sector in zone In, and your partner with your in zone A sector Number 27.

Here we go! Prikormku I not drive the money changers, she worked automobile. From Left from me neighbor but at all it is unclear with what distance there is, in my distance he nobody chose on inspiration, and here is right drive future silver autochthonous these competition Alexey Mykolayiv, and distance there is have us with him same assessment :)

In general, the second tour transformed in struggle for fish and war prikormochnykh concoctions. Because, that we smearing lines each other how could bonuses not became on spots and as a consequence lovilis CAD 100-200 Blicca bjoerkna and podleschik. In end this struggle I storony 8 place in zone with weight 4630. Have running mate, 13 place with weight recording. In end in personal Monster we occupy 16 and 17 seats, and in command 8 place. Fees, awarding, closing competition.

We have returned on base, decided to remain on of a day today, to for a holiday, and to go on the morning.

That say, contest succeeded the very were presented the, individual prowess Muscovites highly, and most importantly, that realistically TOP-30 steadily a strong, it is difficult point to basic established, scheming persists until the end of tournaments and results can change the most unpredictable way. Their address I very exasperated. Could would I act better? Yes of course could, more accurately, now can say that can. This a good experience. I have was cool partner menya, him huge thank you for support and will to victory, thank you our friend Sanaa for aid.

Of course, huge thank you organizers and opponents for create a warm meeting, good communication and honest fight!

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That journal have read! :cool: Thanks! Good fellows! :cool:



Brilliant Seryoga! Thank you for report - we although would mentally with you have visited. Yes and such sheets make all more to think, that need to do better. + 1!



Zoom an excellent report and rank-ass sensationally! A worthy article could make.



Thank you for report! And still thank you for video on fidernym montazham. Modicum and becomes knitting, but would still gladly looked and have thrown off exile 'beans! So keep! :cool:

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Guys, thank you! Like write more, but forces facilitated until only on such report :)



Report simply a remarkable! :cool:



A special colouring report give photo.

Draconian climate northern brother.



AVGESH wrote:

dark climate northern brother.


And still athletes feared brodyaschikh nearby bears with balalaykami! :D




A still athletes feared brodyaschikh nearby bears with balalaykami!

The contrast a sharp - in Mariupol still today in shirt go... I go.

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Closing season in Pustovitakh, 21 November.

Were with Edikom Molodtsovym in Pustovitakh, not despite the outlook autumn, oriental tunes Smith it's a mild.

With 11 morning until than half twelfth night rounded up roughly 64 kg fish. 14 pile of carp weight from 4 until almost 8 kg and and a half dozen juiciest karasey.

At night not a, so as went rain, and we boroli his offer me a drink brandy pereshedshim in for the resounding snoring.

fish-sicles # 1:

browning Halibut foothills -1 kg
Browning Betain Mussle Mix -1 kg
Browning Lethal Feeder - 1 kg
Dynamite Baits Halibut Pellet 8 mm
Dynamite Baits Natural Pellet 8 mm
A chopped the worm

fish-sicles # 2:

Sensas Carp Noire "2 kg
Dynamite Baits Betaine Green Pellet 1 mm
Dynamite Baits Betaine Green Pellet 3 mm
Mainline Response Carp Pellet N R G
A chopped the worm
Night crawlers

The nozzle sitch the worm + maggot, tackle Flat Feeder.

More a detailed report in magazine "Modern fishing" # 1 2010 :)

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Zoom have you being veiledm photogenic and for fishing films, you need to in films would roll. Prevents there the Bobs Naddy will nervously quit smoking in the sidelines :cool: :flag:



And ha-ha, means a tooth Bob Nadda not simply so proved in my prikormke? :)



ZooM wrote:

Closing of season in Pustovitakh, 21 November.

A cool fishing! Cool trophies! Glad for you :cool:

Seryoga, and that this for place it, which you vyvazhivaesh fish on 4 th photo? Accurately not Preston, perhaps Fox?


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