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Fishing notes Sergei Popova.

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ZooM wrote:


Very are a good and not greedy the film.
Sergei, not was whether have you the thought that very much time're wasting on fodder? I not in terms of time based, and in terms of fishing in principle. Here is and singled the stalkers unit from yours office.



A normal the film, as the first, so and the second. :cool:

And well, that after viewing have fideristov "different ferments" arise their questions on caught off guard when you and what he heard there. :flag:

Text or: What clearly lacks our fidernomu with picture shows - so this overt Krash, Alpha Unit reporting-test fidera, coils, platforms, other accessories! :tired: (joke)

Hope, in subsequent films the public wholly nasoloditis spectacle moreover, that it turns out and world more brands, too, of the needle in skillful acts the hands of, as and proverbial Chinese noneym! :D (, too, joke)



Lilian wrote:

Sergei, not was whether have you the thought that very much time're wasting on fodder?

Yes, I simply very love instructed bake shop, likely in me there is not porous ability to to restaurant activities, so that I messing with anything on church in well Shafa Gordon Ramzi :) Love work with branch, constantly'm crushing entire our literature on with fish diet pills and believe that over time can find the money an ideal fodder :)



Most interesting, our market constantly replenishes with prikormkami various producers they show could get on superb results, here is only many who not keeps managing they use under various conditions industrialized fishing, Sergei, can one of films can try some do on application of prikormok. Theme enough large: Including designing utyazhliteli, color, additive plotvinnaya, but on it works well and suited bream, in any cases better use night crawlers in prikormke.



Sergei (Zoom). And will what any on plight fideru. An obscure impose, for, a major fish. Was would interestingly.



Zoom specifically for this in Kyiv and has relocated :D - on Don touring far and long, and here all under through will.



Hope in this year to lift two Aoyama, the first will about it catching of bream on feeder with kormushkami 120 + on super stream, on Dnieper River. And the second I ready to devote all summer and even great miss fidernyy season sake of him, this karpfishing, had forced increasing a carp in Dnieper River! Here is here will work many, but I am confident that'll print out this subject :)



ZooM wrote:

and the second I ready to devote all summer and even great miss fidernyy season sake of him, this karpfishing, had forced increasing a carp in Dnieper River!




And his there there is! Simply harvest we his not bad listeners. Until.



Flushed-yes, and most komichnoe in this topic, this vostorzhenye incited cries admirers before I start ovulating after viewing movie. :crazyfun:
If short and on topic, then: The film clearly have for friends, as on spin material so and on substance, and mounting, that and was honestly asserted in his the early. On my view, represent his (the film) as official work cannot be. Why? The first and importantly: On their fears so the glamorous approach to prikormke, organizations snap and views with so fast about the causes reaction fish on this snap in end on outcome fishing, say about contrary the pending. Can be still delve into a series of dubious reasoning in movie, ah the such. That liked, so this Seryozha in kadrі, OK, efekten, and judging by accounts attractive! :rain: :crazyfun:



margulis wrote:

I have couple of issues. What the thickness of the shtekernoy rubber? With rubber poklyovka a goby was visible or he’under to over zabrose?

Zoom, Sergei, joke was about last issue, and answers on these two me realistically interesting since. Errori for being so inquisitive.



In mid-the second minutes, in the background, was has been noted within in a white the cap Bob Nadd, with pair of binoculars.
Friends, beware, amped-up anglichani everywhere!



As on me, this on this moment all exactly alone from best available video materials (from video, removed on post-Soviet space). This some of. The only, that not was blessed, so this work by definition seats fishing. This very important moment. Think from the right definitions point industrialized fishing depends least 50% success as lyubitelya, so and athlete. Ah camping on E.: - we on River such the, time year such the, weather such a the was, now here is such a, and change until not will. Phase Moon Illusion and pressure tratatataaaa. So such a the fish best fish there the and there the. And then in this place of well-promarkeritsya, with all details and a clarification. Here is this was would simply-BOMB. Ah this such what he wants, not criticism. And so Sergei much good girl. Believe, that to criticize can the, who makes that the similar and can be makes even better. And so as until all only more say, but such works not make. The nothing to acquire and being such a mincer.



Yevgeny 79
Not in offense, but you Gone Fishin '(need to more often walk, and not movies pro it look. Here is this some of.



Евгений 79 wrote:

A then in this place of well-promarkeritsya, with all details and a clarification.

Was would well



Топор wrote:

Film Ministry clearly have for friends

Ah this Perhaps not minus.



Топор wrote:

on outcome fishing, say about contrary the pending

Not think that roughly 8 kg fish for night fishing trip this bad outcome :)



NHDC helps :cool:



Топор wrote:

the Axe

Yes made here to be offended. Only enleve as would not that's a bit more you, ah if anything the entire past season. But this're trying raze not concerns movie Sergei.



CC Moore TALIN helps better. Fish itself become incorporated into if you overdo it. :D

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the Axe

On assessing movie in principle with you agree talk interestingly but such a to can be was zakonspetirovat race Just the Beautiful the presentation of the fidera for first familiarization under this is in no least not want wary of offending author
I so nor harvest nor sack not becomes
Simply my assessment

And here is your scrum with Evgeny :crazy: who higher pees as the quite vybivayutsya from themes and budo alongside kendo eye



Чечако wrote:

and here is your disassembly with Evgeny who higher pees as the quite vybivayutsya from themes and budo alongside kendo eye

Disassembly in my notion of a something different, and here simply the objection in worded critics beloved hero. Itself the notion of but or wuv that's a bit more, several pretty dumb frankly, far more interestingly to capture fish the contestant that want and so much how many need to, here is over than need to work and me and any Different.

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And I thought that I selective well spend the time. And here in this topic it turns out all much more cheerfully o.o.



Sergei, very good films, the quality of surprises. Especially relevant in winter time. And critics always were, they without this breathe not can. Take sack. Thank you.



Can who wants to download.
dive a new generation - had forced of bream in Riveror dive a new generation - had forced of bream on River

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And here is even: dive a new generation - NOCHNOY feeder in city of



Yes Seryoga films have you good, ah here is have you in all films almost, more than half as you mesish prikormku. This of course well and interestingly!, ah is lacking chegoto, That for example pochememu you chose the or different place industrialized fishing as on Bank so and on really a reservoir, why favorite search category this udilishche, etc. Why specifically so and not things differently., as express poker, Poluchaettsa so zamesil prikormku and 15 minutes the commercial under the end of the and all. Ah can I and wrong.

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Support, in 95% films on fishing always forgotten one of the most major factors - this VIBOR beds (relative to time year). And, without this goes roughly so: A good PRIKORMKU In to be at PLACE and on exit big products of. And if deal: The, NOT THAT is what IT IS LESSER In the real life.
Than useful the first the film, so this is all the, that this question as times and raised (though not all figure that expression of: "Actively kormyaschiysya bream" in the first movie need to understand so: "Bream kormyaschiysya in morning time, which in day time days, is drifting in pits and on direction" - somewhere so :confused:)

And another, hope you, Serozha, on these three films there is no journal. Have you in sphere fishing video still so much work (field still need to perepakhat! :cool: A importantly lot more about really choosing seats and about types of prikormki. :idea:



Brothers, fear that this will ring out several whose ways are strange, and can suddenly, but for me there are two the most stupid and subjective themes.
The first this theme about how as harvest an. Sea Bass this fish without principal model behavior, with in every separately your rented a reservoir its unique character preferences. Loath I always with smile'm on professional karasyatnikov reading little by the rules industrialized fishing this fish. In most his this fly fishermen one dam, were running one the only labor strategy, full stereotypes. :)
And the second theme, this theme choice seats. The bottom line, that in some reservoirs bream you can catch a on shallow rakushanom irrigation away, in other on glinistom bottom deep pits, and third on some smelly ilu. Moreover I I’d say that over the past two season strongly changed their worldview about "promising" seats. Recommendations on LNG community this illusion! Naturally within a reasonable, but promising place need feel the heart, coming from tired experience zhopo-hours, and believe me this not necessarily will Chernobyl brovka that as hypnotized all try to seek :dontknow:
My the only advice about choice seats is simple: Valsti harvest there far points heart of, and courage to accept on time decision about how to change point feed and leave on another distance. Feder enough a dynamic kind of industrialized fishing to put a virtually any fish in during 20 minutes, virtually on any point, if speech not goes about Consolidation press-gangs. :cool:



Sergei, question on first based. You place heart of prompted the or same on boat with ekholotom I? You refered, that from Left and right from seats industrialized fishing pit, and bream went on meal on "bank." As opredelyaetes with place industrialized fishing relatively terrain trawling? Thank you.


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