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Fishing notes Sergei Popova.

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veps wrote:

this yes! And a carp! This not the little pig carp!

On Donce, fuck in those places where I enleve there is no carp breeder. Purely physically. If be any dust here can be lobatykh potyagat burly. But I try to put their avoid raising the is bent on another fish.

Was would a carp - catching would and carp breeder. Closing - on River easier fish to capture. :tomato:

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Okay all of this transfusions with empty in porozhnee. Can say that if all be able to heal on time and on rivers fish as I've collared and on svinarnikakh in this year. Everywhere fishing Good :flag: because this fishing. Not worth themselves nor in than limit from-for any something stereotypes.

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veps wrote:

magnfical as in Abkhazia.

Yes that me that there in Abkhazia :tomato: I live realities his region :dontknow:

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veps wrote:

and there where you] However, wasn not so?

With Bank little approaches to water indeed do their created there is no. Pansionatnaya zone. So without boats raze.



's been pooped nor about than subject Serege :( not well.



veps wrote:

celebrate with me on Don, there and just an!

Time there is no. Vacation just nothing and still and family need to time paid. Say same really just doing from realities. Family on Don with me not travels :dontknow:

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veps wrote:

so and with me not is going!

I have conscience lacks those two weeks vacation that there is only on themselves beloved spend. These are realities sednyashnie :tomato:



veps wrote:

I at all fish not is, by! And you not advise! (I already wrote, I have in parental House Wilkes (a carp, are, eel and camping on D.) catch it on health, but this not fishing!

And peacocks there is? This not your words "I your efforts not I take."? :D

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veps wrote:

to offer you this on four days! S son is going on its machine, then is returning! Ah perishing all proposed!!

Thank you, but I your passes. If that can all to write off on the that I cannot fish on rivers harvest :flag: :tomato:

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veps wrote:

they had you had in view!

'm sorry about that, of course peacocks.
Ah you better know. :D



Nam No Han to take. Sick of this, sheets from Sergei Popova!



And Seroga in this time in Abkhazia pick the size of the the copy of under a carp and is leading negotiations with a peacock just, "Sing. A bird! "



brat wrote:

negotiations with a peacock just, "Sing. A bird! "

And you heard as sing peacocks? My God God from such singers.



Friends, ah times perishing have us here all snowed under at covered in white and winter of not wants rollback,
I putting for viewing a third part of video applications "dive a new generation."
This the plot devoted it comes to shagging carp in commercially a reservoir.
Action was happening in Donetsk area, on celebrated, wonderful a reservoir "Medvezhka."
Don’t despair, soon Spring!

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Long waited this video. Thank you Sergei!!



With steeply! :cool: Vladanu Spilbergovichu respekt! :cool:

P. S. There say of vipers on this Medvezhke. :canthearyou:

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Vladanu will convey necessarily :cool: I snakes on Medvezhke not met, but when breeze bearing and the coastal strip wave of has abated, it turned out that the water transparent it is unrealistic, I have long not watched such transparent lakes :)



About’re, urchins are capable there simply heady days :)
Here is titties my Kumchika with Medvezhkinskim ezhakom.
Igorekha decided to that, as multkakh, instead apples and wild mushrooms on winter hedgehog should stock up on guns boylami! :)



ZooM wrote:

Oh’re, urchins are capable there simply heady days


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A, Serozha - Well done!

And still, you markernomu bobber as soon as've fed?



With enormous gusto looked a series of pro enleve bream on River. Drew for themselves some useful nuances. Large thank you activist Sergey, for an excellent product! :cool: :cool: :cool:



Cergey as always a movie on professional level! :cool: Did you look-pooped!
Warren. A series of-5 balls!
Nathin 'a new you "Juk" not told for me, but why the pleasure I received :D :flag:

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Good the film, dispute there is no :cool:



And under beef parashutom can be klipsanutsya, to Cup not flew far.
Thank you for video! With such vesnoy--kak times pilyulka pleasant.



What rods up filmed in movies) A can and on cordage at all TTKh)

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The film me very grassroots, and although I not zealot industrialized fishing carp on platnikakh, but nenazoylivyy style applying material in manner "I you United States only one option industrialized fishing carp from many possible" as would unconsciously makes the viewer complicit in that event — see. :flag:

Installation of movie on very high-level: Effects, transitions and because the music well be mixes with a key input. :cool:

Personally me only slightly are stunning their sudden the emergence of on the screen "black shipyaschie swathe of" from this effect (see Screen-photo) - I'm cryptic from Aoyama and ask itself question "where THAT suddenly here embarked on?" And only through couple of-a "C" seconds'm able to think clearly, that to what :tired: - but, can, I one such simply :flirt::



Dood wrote:

- but, can, I one such simply:

Me this, too, not appreciate, and the film a good.



Олег 32 wrote:

the film a good

And this a strange phrase: "Super secret additive perfectly shows themselves not only under it catching large Mite" :D



Serezha thank you for video :cool:



Profis wrote:

what are the rods up filmed in movies) A can and on cordage at all TTKh)

This with President Wychwood Maximiser Twin Tip13ft, with Flipchart 2,5lb. This an upper-level XMEGA fishing gear companies Wychwood, highly a modular graphite, rings and Hhardware Fuji. In this moment already removed with production. Likely this such a tradition of England, sack with production the most interesting with President in most prestigious modeling agencies a range of :)
Ah that still say, I it threw the shipments 114 grams, power zabrosom. The optimal test 80-90 grams. The form very well, she knits fish and predisposition of tugging. A transporter room length 186 centimeters, dvuchastnik, here from cover.

Token-udilishche Wychwood Dispatch Marker 12ft, the marker as the marker, I like, not expensive, a catchy, apprezzate. 'm using his at times as spodovoe place it for feed not big 5322991 with parachute.

Coils Wychwood Solace ACS 10,000, karpovaya the coil middle size, with beytrannerom and ACS klipsoy. The Beautiful, reliable, goes in goes with two shpulyami and additional a single handle, which I, exactly, and'm using, so as double not in my taste :)

Semaphore Wychwood Epic Alarm. Get from their use of unbelievable pleasure, the only minus this enough increase for Ukrainian market the (low a small barrel 1 / 2 AA) and the absence of WiFi :rofl:

Species under Nash, well a nice little, but I will his to change on more severe, 'm tired of pickin 'stones prop. Yes and me need species under with opportunity installations fishing gear in vertical position, for industrialized fishing on during, so as this year will be devoted it catching increasing a carp in Dnieper River :)

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