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Fishing notes Sergei Popova.

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Good fellows. And tell us pro sekretku. That this?
P.S. As I want chair.: '(



Commercial tournament Three China in Pustovitakh.

So happened that on these for competitions I was covering for Rome with Badardinova, which on unhappy we can circumstances could not to accept participation in the. On for competitions team Stolitsa has two the composition, in ervom played Marrying Buglak and Andrei Mokrush, in the second I and my previous on team Taras Tikkonen.

On train, for week before competition is famously lovilsya sea Bass, which even not gave carp we should drink a opportunities to approach nozzle of, you hanged yourself on hook almost vlet, now competing in badass motherfuckers are never fast with absolutely wild pustovitskoy krasnoperkoy which be relied getting caught on the hook # 8 with three kukuruzinami in zaglot!
After coaching received we met, talked and decided work on for competitions not on a common scheme, and on from own experience, every on their infant formula and able. Loath further in report d write exclusively about his strategy and tactics, guys if they want write as worked in they

Toured with Andrey Mokrushem on body of water in Friday on the evening, before our arrival has passed a good rain, at all should discern that for all competition weather the capitol dramatically, that undoubtedly played its role and contributed on behavior and activity fish. On place already were Marrying Buglak with by Lena, guys with Western Ukraine and Chernigov. Menya guys sittin 'he came in on rural open spaces in pizhonskikh rubber weird gumboots :) whilst grading papers most friends rivals profits and Y adoptirovalis to upcoming conditions competition on their means cognac years as traditional medicinal Helius, knitting circle tug ropes and etching smeshnyuchikh fishing you make up stories :)

On morning vykuriv a cigarette and gulping coffee zamesilsya on strategy carp fish plate, Crucian and krasnoperka biskvitno-favorably. Added pellets have been marinated in fishery, livernykh and rakushechnykh dipakh, corn puree, a mixture from various of grain, decorative function faction. From survivors components was maggot and solvents.

Building, draw, my sector 13, this almost middle of the, I a bit upset by, so as very like enter extreme in 19-20 which on order more well run on fish in this time year! First time finish my poopoo in sector with so number, modicum all and say that on fact the number of lucky, I so not believe, absolutely a stupid the number of :) My experience competition on cyprinids kept reservoirs suggests that draw has enormous significance and a good sector even weak to an athlete vmenyaemo migrant for round guarantees a good catch.

Calling in sector. All conveniently and comfortable experience. Time on training enough, loath not hurrying raskladyvayus, and explore place sector industrialized fishing. Kuntsevo the distance until 50 meters not interesting at all, as something immediately it became clear that on it to do nothing to acquire.
'm pushing this power far, find on distance about 70-90 meters diagonalnuyu brovku or roller a similar on zailennoe the log . It is difficult accurately say but terrain telling, plus near him bottom unlike the rest of the a bit thicker and has place be some priyamok. Accurately judge not can so as under such a soft ilistom bottom promeryatsya extremely it is difficult and to speak with certainty about than either not perhaps, but unambiguously anomaly was alternatives and that place I chose for work with the carp.

Very important question was in is will be able whether I relatively steadily-accurately dobrasyvat there tackle and accusations with only does. Tried with flat th, all flies well, good day predveschalsya bezvetrennyy. Initially I planned accusations to the only, but this zakorm provided large layer silt required special approach. My the most dalnoboynaya slingshot allows eject on such sverkhdalnee distance balls size of with large a nut, which minimally have bogged down in ilu after submersion. Precisely from size globe under zakorme depended on effectiveness inadequate to in Pustovitakh, and I am confident that precisely for this reason many of those who've fed with only does previously had an unsuccessful one experience.

Do couple of zabrosov on comfortable distance with goal to capture nezapressovanuyu fish, quiet
'm work with ordinary paternosterom on a near on karasyu with sweet prikormkoy and in the process small in scraps on 2-4 globe vykarmlivayu far to not create large noise, so as a body of water a minor and fish this may to frighten off.
And here the first surprise, Crucian which so well lovilsya on train, at all speaks out in my sector, as if his here and not was! 't seek his, closer, further, Ah, this is great there is no at all.
Passes two hours, I have in sadke one karasik about 300 grams. Meanwhile on Delney already lies 3 liter feed enriched nobody, cereals and pelletami.
Alex, which huge thank you for koordinatorskuyu work says that menya dual seems and Marrying Buglak laps - who do carp in their sweet 19-20 sectors.
Accept decision care a on an and rest fully in a carp. 'm leaving on far, await the. Enough soon get first poklevku and the first carp more three pounds. Goes in midterm, in the process continue to cobbling together with only does balls with massacres at regular intervals 1-2 ball in 5-10 minutes. On the second poklevke White Amur, on card 3-4 pounds. On negligence far raised his on the upper hand, and he dislocating its black back with shirochennym tail he flipped up and gone.
Tactic works, continue to toting his far. The third poklevka gives a carp bigger than others on-my more 4 kg. That characteristically the entire meek gives draw themselves to Bank, and then already on distance there is 5-7 meters is beginning to telling twiggly-wiggly stuff. In a kind of suspended animation enleve with the far-three juiciest karasey, after which on 23 minute vyvazhivaniya in laps. Is sent another carp closer to 6 kg weight he naked, look like on giant line releasing, very a strong. Then another quite baby or less or more 1kg. Weight. Tour goes to an end, for 10 minutes before the end of priparkovyvayu another crude guy in district 4 or more pounds. (Precise scale fish not have learned to memorise, so that strictly not third) OK, it's over! Weighing up the karasey their I have 1800, this 4 fish + 5 Karpov adjusted for the babies. My overall weight in round 21 580kg. And I the second in zone. The first Marrying Buglak with weight 24 140kg., the third menya dual seems have which 18 640kg.
Taras in zone A the third, he has done outcome on karase, plotve and krasnoperke, at all sector A in first day was virtually without Karpov. On the results of first day rightly move the first to in command Monster. We strongly not obolschaemsya, so as this karpovyy a body of water and in the second day can happen all that anywhere, regardless of well you] However carp or not :)
``debriefing flights, shifting perekus, imprisoned you make up stories, bring their apology for our neighing those who tried to be before and fall asleep :)

In the second round finish my poopoo in sector A6, and sector me immediately not grassroots :) this almost middle of the in a broad place dam, bluntly contrary camps, terrain no.
ve worked in round on tactics first day. Only distance pick a one, far and I rest against in it. Extreme sector in my zone are beginning skirdovat Karpov, I have Crucian carps.
And here is in the very moment, when rain terminally me reaches and I plan move on enleve an I have poklevka and the first carp almost in 3 kg weight goes in laps., perezabrasyvayu and the second clearly larger in size carp lack flat in years, unfortunately, not inquire governance fish, and she goes with steeply in the right under Bank, where unless in coast terrain and are getting away. Literally through 10 minutes the third poklevka and another carp, without small staff, slightly pobuyaniv, is sent on weighing up the. And in this moment I do tactical error so soaking wet me just round, I accept this short-term Passage for granted and continue to German supertank in carp instead of move on highly active an, on which Sasha Fluerash Isaev do around 7 kg .

Concept round was next, extreme sector 1-2-3-4 need was work on carp we should drink a, and in rest pull on karase.
Alex brings message that have Tarasa which sits in 14 sector affairs not get hit on, in it in first day torchbearer at all not was feeding and fish simply there is no. But in my 13 th, as then it turned out with the same distance there is Yuri Panin simply tore apart Karpov and goes to finals with weight almost under 30 kg.
Reckoning! In general in the second round I have 8 520kg. And 8 place., Taras, too, had fled and in end we occupy 5 a command place.

Excellent contest! An excellent experience!
A clear a body of water with strong ponds!
Good, cool friends-rivals!
Very want thank Alexa for aid, koordinatorskuyu work, photos and video!
Tarasa, Gianni to and Andrei for company and major team spirit!
Edika for something that once gave me the first in my life flat korum and told with than his eat :)
Judge well worked, the organizers all have made on level, hot food was very in subject.

P. S. Marrying and Andrei voted awarding all money in aid the line Badardinovu, this deed real men and deserves respect! Roma, get well soon!

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of his. And tell us pro sekretku. That this?

This Goo-Rox, we so call the usual it is fried peas :D :playful:



Sergei and flat with with a rubber band or as?



Yes, I enleve with with a rubber band, used flat korum large with a white rubber, this I think average rigidity, Blue the most soft, and red the most hard.



A new design wrapping the FD and logo your work?



Unfortunately there is no :)
But should congratulate the FD, have them very pleasant and expressive packaging! :cool:



Was almost am confident that drawn you. :cool:

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ZooM wrote:

The weekend on URA!

Glorious Lies rybalochka!
A great place for correct rybalochki on a strong River with serious rivals.
Bright and much neighbors, pseudo the fishers, to be bored not provided :D. Episodes will miss :D
Generally is famously rest up for a what and all wish. :cool:


P.S. As I want chair.

In than at all the problem? :question:



ZooM wrote:

should congratulate the FD, have them very pleasant and expressive packaging!

Thank you. :blush:
Logo making it up week. Hard. Can book a fucking criminal! Now issue with choices as fishing logos, units 300 prorisoval.
And about wrapping, did, to very relished. Itself I later :D
Down to do easily and quickly, this not logo.



The logo not a gift is considered the tip designer art.



But as you this excess fare Goo-Rox, more accurately in what the form of adding and gotovish? Let inquire. Simply varish and he in grains or until razvarivaniya?



Stupidly can weld it, Timminy through 4-5 mm a sieve and leave prikormku, but'm using on ordinary church, when go on couple of days, Goo-Rox a steep component but slowly works, and physics a mixture paskudit firmly, not sports and.



ZooM wrote:

, lame-o can weld it, Timminy through 4-5 mm a sieve and leave prikormku

Sergei, this as would from dedovskoy industrialized fishing, when with nochyovochkoy
, 've overfed, and on the morning sypukhoy to collect bunch of good-lookers
Can be of course CSL put, extraction of the with corn?



direct Chernihiv Area of the

A bit otdyshavshis after lyutoy zaruby decided to write couple of lines for the report.
Turkic forward should tell that not mean like everything was out so even on Championship Moscow and Cup Ukraine. And I very thankful Sanaa Breslavskomu for invitation friendly reception!

First tour - who relaxed a the lost!

Browning Canal 3kg.
Browning Etang 1kg.
Dynamite Baits Match Black 1kg.
Browning Crazy Liqud Vanilla 100ml
In as a living component of maggot

Initially after visiting body of water immediately understood that depth not big and the bonus fish will in the first round far. On promere the depths found perspective brovochku on the far-distance there is in 60-65 meters and round 6 metres on 35. On start began with the far-, fish on fodder has become instantaneously and I with the outset round began claimed a good gustreru that at times razbavlyala Festive ponderous chain a dace. Following than half round sensed that'm busting my zone and made fateful error, decided to purely on pizhonski vporot bonus, moved on round 6, intuition me tell that precisely on it closer to mid-round can be will find leschika, plus Seryoga Garbuza with a similar state distance there is caught two miraculous yazikov. Almost immediately'm taking with a near a white bream gramulek on 250 and think that this only start, but nothing not get in the answer, gorge myself closer, further, 't seek I'm just trying a How a consequence my she spent the entire hour and my pace of. Sharply the changing in first day weather makes nibble fish not stable and on return on far watch sluggish nibble capricious fish. In short blame themselves for something that pro are unaware dominant position and dolavlivayu tour pulyaya of the last forces 120 kormukhi on 65 meters. Polaris round boast in hard, and pace of which managed to garner literally in recent 20 minutes not particularly influenced outcome. In end I the fourth with weight about five and a half kilos, accurately not remember, will tables, to fix it for you. On weighing watch that have rivals fish less and mentally scold themselves for something that khalatno has rendered to vote. But nothing, tomorrow a new day, a new tour, still not all lost and will need reconstitute and try to catch up with.

WWII tour - the thirst for speed.

Prikormku not drive the money changers, in the first round she worked not poorly.
Reversed the distance so as understood that after first round of the fish athletes were relined closer yes and admit honestly forces not remained still 6 hours doing jobs on the far-. Fish has become instantaneously, with first zabrosa, here is only quite noisy next door Germans, gusterka weight 40 gramulek nervously pastering the pourer all six hours round and only capture will a hot chekhonki razbavilo dull civilians small beer.
Nothing write home about in this round not was in my actions, simply catching all time scraps, about 30-35 fish in hour, but here is only Tolik which sat right catching small fish larger, likely prikormka his has more Bonus gusteru, as I not sought to, to catching up to his not managed. At all I should tell that Trolik is famously otbombil the entire tour.
In end he the first, and I the second with weight 7780 and as outcome the fourth in personal Monster with wallet balls 6.

Mood different, fishing breathtakingly is an absorbing and a dynamic, nor of seconds on breathing space or doubts, tillage all clock round, real sport.
Very thankful Alex and Tanne, adopted as home!
Thank you judges, thank you opponents for hard fight.
Glad was see a great old friends and contact with new.
I congratulate all prizewinners and participants, this was real are a good celebration sport on wonderful sporting event a reservoir, with relish arrive on this body of water still!

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Ah that, otshumelo, Oh, phew, better now, priutikhlo.
Now can be and report write.
Imbabers with moreover that immediately Id say that went I on these contest with a good man and different mate Andrey Mokrushem and largely our major team outcome kept precisely from for different communication and present male combat optimistic.
The road to community competition was malleable and monotonous so as route anodyne through mass of populated points and become on cruising the speed our black letuchemu little Dutch man's not has ever managed. At all roads in Belarus so are good that so and not cant wait pressed on with two-, but tales of stout-hearted gaishnikakh constantly unimali our overall thirst for speed .
And so we on place, in wombs of Belarusian night, under a bedcover pine forests, their of stunning more taste and purity air. Immediately in banku, then hug me and welcoming with old intentioned friends, a bit talk, laughter and of excellent sentiments

17 September. Day the first, official play around.
Is famously get a lot of sleep, simply the unspeakable sensations, as if in childhood, when not saws and not was smoking, and to wake up with a happy smile on personified by. Tight delicious breakfast, rapid collection and we already let's roll on body of water under reefs our favorite groups Leningrad
Zone competition liked me with first glance, very similar to play their customary me pechenezhskuyu Artemovku, only without concrete tectonics on dam.

Initially decided with Andryukhoy work on coaching received different schemes, lest reveal the most number of effective options prikormki.
I sat on obednennuyu scheme VDEs dark color of with, like salty axis and spices, and Andryukha sorrowful with more ridicuusly decadent browning light key, sweet with biskvitno-whisper of vanilla aromatikoy.
Bottom in sector was smooth,, it seems on the clay, I intended refused from a near distance there is on which incidentally was the conch has the power, because as the size of the fish on it guaranteed not more 5 kg fish for tour, and on our calculates the first seats in zones must were begin from 6 kg. Loath decided to work on 32 metrakhpo on dleschiku, exactly to describe executing the civilians a white bream weight 150-300 grams attractive opportunity not interesting, but was this precisely so. Fish spy very quickly and the only problem was task keep fish on point, so as weather the capitol and fish constantly was moving around with point or at all changed tier and pitch on bottom its was very difficult. Completes his turn with hooks and in lengths tug ropes, as such used diameter of 0.1 Preston Power Line, hooks # 12 Colmic B5000, the main Preston Direct Mono in diameter 0,17. Also obtain very its shiny new Drennan MatchPro Combo, describing this your cast can be debt monetize drooling fame only, Id say short this simply limit erotics dream and not feeder)

18 September. Day the second, the first tour competition.
Delicious Belarusian breakfast, coffee and know`s prikormki.
After coaching received we with Andrey decided stop on prikormke from VDE so as more the dark and is salty prikormka has shown themselves more effectively than in enough Cold and transparent water Chyhyryn reservoir.

VDE Turbo Black 2kg
VDE SuperCup 1kg
VDE Secret 1rg
FishBait Pastanchino Red 200g
Sensas Terra De Soma 2kg
The boot 1000ml
Night crawlers large 1000ml
Browning Crazy Liquid Vanilla -100ml

Forth d write only their surveillance so as fear ??? to hand actions Andryukhi in round, wants himself will write.
And so start, my sector A17, clear middle of the, from Left bottle-conditioned beer right Andrianov, ah that say, company a jolly crew,, Proficiency not would give, although and with the outset was clear that on winning the Friendship wimps not drive.

With start I allow dozen prikormochnykh Foxes on distance 30-32 Dam, there a smooth bottom and there is no of normalcy. Fish becomes quickly, a minor podleschik, perch and plotvichka, and I relatively well on community service the first hour, after what neighbor from Left gives on my distance several feeders and razmalyvaet my nibble, I I'm just trying a, have been arguing, enleve monofilom, await the a white bream, but his there is no, get only Indistinct poklevki small fry. Maggot works poorly, and night crawlers as me seems very quickly improves fish, loath I allow in fodder as can be less survivors components andve worked by small kormushkami.
A bit on reflection turn on Ukrainian scheme, 'm harvest with braided puffed and long one a leash around on poddzhigovku, on nibble in hand formed by the pourer Custer, this gives outcome, it turns out that in 1346m higher over prikormochnym table is worth many run a dace, until 300 gram it. Weight, on it mostly and do its outcome until launched round. Weighing up the shows 4660 and my outcome in zone sixth, previous ranks fourth stance in his less fishing zone with weight 3800 and we on the results of first day rightly move on fourth place.

After tasty and heavy private dinner the organizers exhilarating to us incendiary cultural program, songs and dragon. For knitting frenzy at the moment tug ropes we with Andryukhoy debated pros and cons first day and moved exhorts down service with strict stop that us tomorrow need to do on needs in their zones, blood from nose, on how and they iced, light, snoring, Slumbers, the rise of!

19 September. Day the third, the second tour competition.
Andrei sector A7, my V29, prikormochnuyu scheme have not altered loath to describe again its not d :)
From Left from me sits my a good comrade Sasha Breslau (Wroclaw), just swapping with him jokes, mood before rounds different. Give start and we we burst in in battle.
The distance yesterdays, I allow 14 prikormochnykh, of them the first 8 a net feeds and clay the rest with motylem and pinkoy. 'm with a twist in the hope to capture yesterday day and find dace, but not here something was! There is no I have small fry, yes and at all there is no on poddzhigovku such a wonderful Ah, this is great who was yesterday, me udilishche on Yachtmasters monofilom and enleve with him, a strong wind very strongly prevents, poklevki grapple visible, with struck in half vytsezhivayu on first 1: 00 11 small fish, of which only half can be considered for fish at all. Forth picture even worse, wind is intensifying, nibble is worsening, at the second and third 1: 00 enleve eight and six fish, but on fourth just couple of small bass and gusterku. From Left from me Sanya put podlescha and finally pours them a hatchling pond, forth from him Sana kholokostit fish in his sector, believe their fish, understand that I a clear not in leaders. Until me it comes canard that Andrei in his zone tore apart, and parked leschika under and a half engine bed! Mood is rising, running mate, draw cannot be, need something to change, hour until the end of, and act can be only vabank! , I take it out from bags with chemistry one super secret returned, that on unknown me reasons be afraid injecting on train, and I allow directly in prikormku 150ml, flavor strong, mix with prikormkoy depressed in atop layer exposed and I allow on point 4 trough this a mixture. Remont, the feeder on a small, and I allow in it exclusively empty fodder with several maggots very. On hook'm hanging 5-8 moths and'm on clock, 'm 17 minute fifth hours, until the end of 43 minutes, perekrestilsya, works. Not keep up until the end of choose take on monofile, as see potyazhku, leapfrog podleschik and haters! Nibble aggressive, almost vlet, in the process parents to lend very in prikormku and intensity of Ah, this is great is growing, accept 200-300 ounce podleschey already on thumping without podsaka, so as each second of on ultimately, in end 22 fish for 43 minutes. Reckoning!

Weighing up the shows 6170 and I the second in zone, the first goes Dimka Anokhin with weight 6530. Andrei have themselves in zone the first with weight 6050 and we divide the second and rub place with team Team Sabaneev Novafish policies but these our friends only in general weight strikes in there, 21090 against our 20680.
Ur, we on pedestal, joy there is no limit, finally red-green ribbons will elegant, mugging alongside yellowy-blue eyes in collections our medals. In lichke Andrei the fourth, and I seventh. Also Andrei took prize Brazilian the most a major fish, his bream shoulder on 1520 grams.

Komandnaya Triad prizewinners:
1 place:
Team RS (Belarus)
Evmenenko A. W.
Radchuk W. Ya
Example his canvas The Kiss A.

2 place:
Anokhin D. W.
Osipenko O. I.

3 place:
Team Kyiv Dynamo (Ukraine)
Sergei Popov
Andrei Mokrush

Excellent was contest, an excellent a body of water, many run organization, with look forward await the next year!
Andryukhe thank you, heartfelt the guy and cool previous!
Huge thank you our friends from Russia, Belarus and Estonia for create an honest fight and good communication.
From the entire souls I congratulate winners and prizewinners, especially Dimka Anokhina, ah handsome!
Separately want be noted work organizers of and judges, have tournaments with so an excellent entitled as winning the friendship can be only such excellent hacks are appointed, so keep, s, you did work high-level.
A separate thank you Igorekhe Schetininu for FishBait Pastanchino Red, am confident that these red maslo have made its black deal :)
Until rapid meetings, friends!

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Sergei! With great gusto gave a talk, I.M.H.O., the best report on these sorevam from all sources, yes forgive the me respected.
With a good the result you with Andrey and further, already excellent victories.
As novice very are interested in your change with mono on cord and contrary. For what and that this gave in those conditions?



Thank you on good word, mono this well done, in Dubna on Championship Moscow I sharply irresistible how Russians guys stronger us possess catching with monofilom. Need not fall behind, so as I was transfixed by the fact that with one and the same point on one I not had leschevykh poklevok, but on mono lovilsya only bream, and ???? ever responds very convincingly. A good torchbearer which I I intend someday become owes be able harvest all ways and osnastvkami possible in vybranoy them discipline.



ZooM wrote:

Kyiv Dynamo (Ukraine)

Report - fat! The old - you brilliant! :cool:

Batkova red-green is :cool:



Geu, spsybo, uchitl! Morning everything free, here is and wrote that I mentioned)



Thank you for at activist Sergey - otherwise report not one. Smoothly, informative and very very much alive. Like would hear opinion about Preston direct mono from first tailored. Thank you.



Many run matchevaya raskosami, 'm using already not one season. Before rupnica in razmotke 100 meters, now already on 150, so that became quite well, loosely reaching, in short all that need, in my towns match the scrub is solidly ranks second stance after epic Colmic Race.



ZooM wrote:

FishBait Pastanchino Red 200mg

This 0,2g- I correctly understood?



200 grams. In short the good handful.



From-for weather closing poplavochnogo season has been delayed. So decided to his conduct on-yonder: Saturday category: Pechenegs (artemovskaya, the dam) posts drawings contest and Sunday S. Donets, bayonet, a lollipop.
From-for not withstand wind on Artemovke, from match with from the bayonet had to to backtrack, but to not debauch day decided to remaking spinning under feeder and harvest them. But, camping on K. Finezzoy cannot be was penetrate, even theoretically, JS wind, yes and stick to 6 grams, decided to harvest Zenitovskoy symphony, until 14 grams. There's gravy was the only, that found among poplavochnogo from September 1, metals, round, 25 grams, a small.
Made a sauce package small fry, bag Aromy + and package Black. Grams 150 coarse. The nozzle sitch only maggot.
The coil Luvias 2,500 with puffed 3000.00 FR.
So. Time 2: 15. Start.
Three zakormochnykh trough works how allowed wind. Zaklipsovalsya. Broke a order 20-22 meters, can slightly more. Pegged ceasing 0.14 with 14m crocheted. 70 see I put on a two oparyshey. Impose. Began moisture to on stand, blow and the first a dace grams in 120 there is. Then the second and here we go. The problem was in is, that stick dzhigovaya and difficult was "charge" the tip. So fish through twenty-decided not confuse head and harvest taktilnym way. Impose, the end of the rods up in water, a stretch, the cord through fingers, a la multiplier, and leapfrog. Fish 20 so raised. All was -Yisraela, nice, but here went the sun and immediately became neteplo. The beginning of a bit punching things and this immediately had on "earshot" poklevki. But here and breeze a bit polyurethane, began to bet on stand, but it turned out, that the end of the (he same dark) at all not visible on backdrop of water. Had to harvest again with hands only on backdrop of the sky. Here puling up wife and had to flock.
Outcome. For two and a half hours about 60 plotvits and two bass. Fish 40-200 grams. On glance about 5 kg.
Conclusions: Very an economically working fishing fiderom. Half of prikormki has remained o.o. And still. Why something those poklevki, which the most poetical verses flow, bluntly strikes, the most malorezultativnye. Need to think.

But in Sunday with bayonet I perishing got his ropes untied on S. Donce, fuck specifically, but this already different story.




Why something those poklevki, which the most poetical verses flow, bluntly strikes, the most malorezultativnye. Need to think.

, too, the brain wrinkling. On style, a sharp fiddlestick - strike, no one. And still heap was: Vershinka speaks out vymatyvayu, and the bait obsosana.

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Adore Artemovku!
Sasha, you seriously is worth think about as career :cool:
And where precisely on Donce, fuck and as successes?



Seryoga! I even, pass protupil. Only now. Maybe, you your busy briefing honored. Thank you! Realistically interestingly was revere and helpful!
Enleve themselves on thought, well that people busy briefing write, for people helpful! Kudos! :flag:



Itself, thank you, very pleased that appealed :)



ZooM wrote:

Rum, thank you, very pleased that appealed :)

Yes importantly that for people helpful!
And me liked indeed!


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