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Fishing notes Sergei Popova.

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ZooM wrote:

Oh, I love Artemovku!

Adore Artemovku!

ZooM wrote:

A where precisely on Donce, fuck and as successes?

This rural-urban divide Studenok-Eremovka. The border with kharkovskoy area.
A small report … p=2#p97585



21st, so this you so on chub fell, super, and I recently on Rusanovke with bolonkoy, holds on bass, gave in fodder a butterworm and became perch, with precisely became steadily and in large numbers and such 200-300 gramulek and one grams on 500 took. Should tell that such bass on Pekinese harvest not less interestingly than little slapping :)




why aren't something those poklevki, which the most poetical verses flow, bluntly strikes, the most malorezultativnye. Need to think.

plastmax wrote:

Also the brain wrinkling. On style, a sharp fiddlestick - strike, no one

Installation of what you have guys? In sense KMT or deal?




montage what you have guys?

I have was is noose.



Pater Noster (disambiguation).



In my opinion Such happens on paternostere. "A frisky one" fish snapped at, quickly pulled, "she's tight" in mass of trough or toughness on laid stage kvivertipa, received prick or felt "admins suspicious", spit out a '94 and gave bolted,.
With stitches such, too, perhaps, when fish unless in uzyol, which has restricted shoulders stitches, but such ostentatious with stitches and happens under more short plechikakh. That is why believe, that on hinges after mm-pigtails need least to do shoulders have, and in case nessimitrichki a brief reduce leverage, 20 see When I have such happens with a certain periodicity, camping on E. A strong potyazhka and the stoning bait, then'm flying this trivial increase in defence wakes up aggressivity until propodaniya such a effect. Increasingly that said, my suguboe assumption, skladyvayuscheesya from the experience industrialized fishing predominantly (99%) on KMT.
P.S. On this about already more weeks, and until this with a certain pereodichnostyu in weeks, months, of the needle replicates on some fishing resources in issue true mega sensitive mounting in as it comes to shagging.



ZooM wrote:

became perch, with precisely became steadily and in large numbers and such 200-300 gramulek and one grams on 500 took.

Perch will give handicap many fish to such a same weight.



Yes, okini fighters, especially the first of seconds on plug, when not can his distract the with trawling and thinking "LEU to kiss me! LESchISchKA two chaps! ", and there perch gram it 200 :D



With small describe decided to posting report with the first in this year fishing on commercially a reservoir. Trip popakhivala adventures, under accounting moreover that Spring in this year's been a hell of the Cold, water get to bask very slowly, and carp for which we aoaee as one of the most teplolyubivykh fish in our areal of, could simply not peck. But nothing, as spoke my odnofamilets in celebrated movie Squadron a Hussar of volatile - MYYYY KAZAAAAAKI! Exactly so said and we with Sasha and have moved in path a path, to fish in purely English-style.

For more about this here:



Sergei, and that for liquid excess fare used? Judging by photo not Aromix Gardons?



So and there is, she is famously works on carp we should drink a, in Cold water a permanent its'm using.



Thank you, Sergei! Will try



Christ has revived! Easter Sunday decided conduct on Sovskikh fishponds. To go far not was desires, so that cozy a small karpodrom in the center of Kyiv fully fit our require. And tasks were incredibly ordinary, not strongly won swim fish, food traditions and for a holiday in s near water.

Here is episode vyvazhivaniya, am asking forgiveness for quality, here camera on mobile phone :)

? Learn more in Easter reports on site JetFish

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Sergei on truth creative chol. One approach, forging their reports what is worth :cool:

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Thank you for good words, Emile. Try to put do material interesting for readers. :)



Slothful life-support noon mglistyy,
Lazily is headed river,
And in my help cometh vehement and clean,
Lazily have been melting clouds
A. Fet

As if but words great poet, nature rewarded the us heated Trevor: Everyday lives and we decided not before-cold will go tight-knit Clextral LuckyFisher Map JetFish on karpodrom in Pustovitakh. The main our goal resided in is, to conduct-door workshop the knighted Professor it comes to shagging fish in commercially a reservoir in best England's traditions. Try various ways industrialized fishing, to share experience, to communicate, to lift video material and even a bit compete.
? Learn more here

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Friends, ??? was free moments to write the report with host Chernigov and Cup Federation 2011. I not d to enumerate in chronological sequence a generational events, tell about how that prikormka browning incredibly effective, and equipment MAP very comfortable, this and so all know. I simply write about their surveillance and GMFE, which allowed show stable outcome. In general, speaking report about how, that has worked and that need to was to do.

Read for more about this

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Long thought with AlexMUA, far to jerk 24 th. Pursued the between Olkhovkoy and Travyanskim. Choice was evident :lol:
Let's move out in 4 morning with IP, 're taking Sanja last month on iskulira and and in 5 already on a reservoir.
My prikormka:
In's mixed up the form of:
With start-up zakorm 10 feeders and matter-here we go. Vlet are biting petty plotvichka mixture with ukleykoy and laskirem. Nips sea bass.
At night leschik on 1.3 pounds. Crap for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM , not is sustained. :lol:
Have girlfriends on 1.1 pounds.
Overall catch, but already without a major bream. (Changed on cigarettes).
7 kg on two with girlfriend, adjusted for "a failed" bream.



Winter of, most time nostalgia for miraculously year-old days, decided to to share with you, friends, small video trailer illyustriruyuschim my, what a pretty a moment, past summer. Netimer would a new season! :D

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Sergei! Thank you for video! Look the entire family thoughts. On the morning and on faces's been wandering smiles ;)



ZooM wrote:

Winter, most time nostalgia for miraculously year-old days, decided to to share with you, friends, small video trailer illyustriruyuschim my, what a pretty a moment, past summer. Netimer would a new season! :D

Thank you! Seen the with enormous meat ALL Your needs)



Until Pope! :cool:



Yes ah you men with so video. :cool:
(Followed again some tackle to shift with seats on place).

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Seryoga, laps.. :cool:

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Friends! Nature! Monsters! That for happiness still need? Thank you for pozitiv.



But as music picked up by! Such claimants heightened and hype, super. Video rank-ass, thank you!



Soundtrek in execution Audiomachine, have them heap epic those :)



ZooM wrote:

Winter, most time nostalgia for miraculously year-old days, decided to to share with you, friends, small video trailer illyustriruyuschim my, what a pretty a moment, past summer. Netimer would a new season!

Maestro! Beautiful video and carp.



Ah here is the long-awaited warming, brought comfort weather and took place my the first fishing on open water with fiderom in season 2012! Not though that fishing winter attractive opportunity the unpredictable we warm veseloi company traveled on middle size the river with enough a variety and rich on promising seats varnished and coast line.

Fish-sicles was have all different, who gorged river dwellers VDE, who FishDream, who in other miracles fishing cookery. I personally as usually mesil browning. Fodder made dark,,, with active aroma spices gives petty the flat faction. Taste of feed made sweet, so as long already two with theory of moreover that fish in water Ukraine with special gusto consume sweet in winter period. Turkic forward Id say that fish we rounded up all, but here is only fish was not quite fidernaya golavl.

Peck the beginning of with 5-6 zabrosa with various competitors, from 22 until 30 meters. In this place on beneath the with variable near was delayed loop clams, the depth of roughly 3.5 4 Dam. Poklevki fish were enough confident for winter period. In as a the aft faction we provided very, and on the hook been pushed round Anniversary classic - three very + 1 the boot.
But here is Following hours our point she's switched off and poklevok more not was, but began to harvest guys right and from Left sitting from us on distance 20-30 meters and conquered session taken the same us. And after as nibble cut off and have them fish caught man sitting even further for kamyshom.

Fishing Commission itself! All rounded up fish, with highly very decent for winter fidera, trophies were in one and piece relegated in native element do, and we densely having had a bite fresh cooked yaishenkoy with bacon, raised things and traveled travel on Riverine open spaces swim micro dzhigom and with goal familiarization with promising jobs.

P. S. On contrary path in anybody was spinning! Only one thought, why golavl which so clearly and distinctly was becoming on fodder gave several poklevok and several fish with point, and then at all tired getting caught. On the early I sinned on double patty. Fodder or high content in prikormke survivors components, but character Ah, this is great was very a dynamic, yes and himself composition specifically my feed on the basis of browning All Seasons was not so perishing and is full nutritious elements, yes and himself winter pace of applying feed not so is high to to rattle off on point big volume of food
And only on the evening conversed with Tokhoy and telling him about results of our fishing and prishek simple and elementarnomu conclusion, that golavl modicum fish and staynaya, but not such a as a dace or podleschik and we likely simply rounded up, got rooked, alienated the or trigger any alerts entire fish Temelin in our a small sector. That is why all who he launched harvest in other sectors immediately received confident poklevki, and after point vyklyuchalis. Need try tradable style the stalkers unit , am confident that in the context such fishing he will is most effective :cool:

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Seryoga, class :cool:
Await the not theyll fix it have us the open water :)


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