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Fishing notes Sergei Popova.

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Roma, from changeable tips was night crawlers, the boot four flowers and dough, which very likes golavlyu. On fact experience very an interesting will need necessarily repeat for more full paintings, to make definitive conclusions or assumptions more less logically informed.
There still was paradox with in lengths tug ropes, in extreme sectors worked foot-tall 1 - 1.2 foot-tall, and Marrying which catching fall routinely received poklevki only on ceasing 2 Dam- :dontknow:
Yes and still an interesting nuance, the entire fish outside dependence from length defence wakes up aggressivity seklas on mid-, for tear it back the upper lips.

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Me suffer question implementation poklyovok. European chub, the renowned its greed refresh, usually boldly harks back bait and well zasekaetsya. All the more with a long the leash 2 Dam he should was simply or the hook. And in a result low implementation and zasekaemost fish for the most absurdly remote lips. :canthearyou:

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Yes, with-defence wakes up aggressivity is logical well, I have was biting, on meter, but and prikormku I made with the evening, she was impregnated and of inertial, housing office zamachival its before session and she naturally was accelerated the and easier my, loath and a long ceasing have him worked.



Brother! As you Hardy?!




How you Hardy?!

And me interestingly.



Hardy - the full aesthetic activities pleasure. As say wise karpyatniki: "Some tackle must be such to in moments between poklevkami can be was receive pleasure from contemplation their beauty." :cool:
A detailed information dam in late season, when in field conditions will be able muster more the rich relative experience. Until the impression the most good, throws,, she knits, and if affectionately call help patting the pleasant feminine voice whispering on tell Abe all sorts of in :blush:



ZooM wrote:

and if affectionately call help patting the pleasant feminine voice whispering on tell Abe all sorts of in

Still would! Yes for such a price she - - a fishing rod - not only in pour a honeyed potion - she their on full to do must)



Carlos wrote:

A would! Yes for such a price she - fishing pole - not only in pour a honeyed potion - she their on full to do must)

Here is you me share such a girl, which for any something measly couple 500 it was as though in will with you the entire season, weather all "mistreatment" over a, and you then about this still and you can to tell :crazyfun:



duffy333 wrote:

otoraya for any something measly couple 500 it was as though in

Ah, somewhere a measly 500 have. E., and somewhere for such a amount as times can be to purchase seasonal season card))



It is important not for how many, but as, she makes "this." :) ))

And at all Id say easier, this fishing pole weighs 210 grams, and test it - a C-note. Difficult to find similar the combination of grace and capacity :)



ZooM wrote:

and test it - a C-note.

Javadxan. Means some who in order experiment necessarily will try, I mean, toss grams 150-170 :rofl:



I same and say, that definitive conclusions in late season, when I will hurl all that can be will, I mean, toss ;)



ZooM wrote:

It is hard find similar the combination of grace and capacity

Quite not it is difficult. Speedmaster. Weighs 189 grams and test the same Here's a hundred :cool:



Speedmaster in length of his 3.90 with test 100 weighs 189 grams? With steeply :cool: not knew!



ZooM wrote:

its not for how many, but as, she makes" this. "

Perverts. :glasses:



Hardy Khevik, easily is abandoning 120gr kormak + fodder, the distance order 50 meters!
Sergei, and that you'll burn down to tell pro a new platform? Riva, not flies up?



Lech, think that 120 + fodder he not would cast a on 50 meters, on senses here I have personally so request, although all who saw as I'm dropping know that I can and reload stick. But here is 100-110 this realistically. Although again same need on to experiment, can and zatulyu 120-cultural :)
Platform Garbolino me very likes, for my weight in the most times, but here is men bigger than others will on it feel -, too graceful. With Rayvom to compare its not can because as they very different, if Roberto Rive more look like on Mercedes not-are slaughtered engine milionnik, then Garbolino more on Jaguar - Vishukana, one spicy.
Easy changed high chair, simply super convenient theme!
Mikhanicheskaya, an exact adjustment of the extent of all knots shestigrannikom (can be align as fiddle Stradivarius)
MA It a handsome diayn (on my taste of, but given that I have 18 years artistic education, then I to his Italian tastes later)
ejectable obtyazhka chair, neoprenovaya, if sharded prikormkoy or simply myself, then can be wash and ago to put on the running.
Pedana from aluminum easily cleaned until luster so as not has an extra $theoretically for zalipaniya dirt.
Feature-packed and easy drawer-style floor Pandora with handle (as on rayve)
High 60cm graphite its feet (D25, with pan-green perekhodnikom round-becomes any prestonovskiy got a body kit on)
Transportrovochnaya systems convenient, simply you clip wheels, the handle and won a recognition, need not no carts.
Station sustainable, very convenient system load pin socket, on the flapper klipsakh.
uzkovata Pedana, for those who but with 17l frontal between legs can be cramped in there.
uncomfortable podzhopnye boxes are, yesteryear askew, loath from Left them prevents the table
produced Pedana simply don't need, although not know, can be I until not understood for what she
a blank native table nasadochnyy compared with large prestonovskim, will Sell whom need to.
consequently less than Preston X6, but the truth I for two years so its Kh6 under pieces of an and not burst, so that me lack until volume of Garbolino.

P. S. Many run the station, for aesthetes by. Rybolovam-staroveram can not please high price and lack of movable desyatilitrovogo tray-pelvis for porridge and of for bagorika :)

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Thank you for report about Garbolino.
If not secret, where bought these accept this? And the I research on our sites, and so and not was able its find.



Official partner Garbolino in Ukraine is company Lucky Fisher, exactly he and brought, for that them huge thank you :cool:



ZooM wrote:

Speedmaster in length of his 3.90 with test 100 weighs 189 grams?

Increasingly so, only growth 3,66



ZooM wrote:

Should try tradable style the stalkers unit ,

That means the stalkers unit? Thank you



Ah. In direct sense this the most the real say fishing, its intended. Not on one place. The crux of the - not fish pull on any a particular feature point, and find, where she there is in this moment, far is being shifted. Can be said its tracking's just and persecution of. Not know as applies to by it comes to shagging, but karpfishing with the surface water interesting and an exciting attractive opportunity :)

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ZooM wrote:

A at all Id say easier, this fishing pole weighs 210 grams, and test it - a C-note. Difficult to find similar the combination of grace and capacity

:tomato: Flagman Power emerge :love: :tomato:



Lilian wrote:

What means the stalkers unit? Thank you

Exactly Paul already responded, I a bit correct. Style "the stalkers unit" its intended had forced, with by snastyu very widely practiced in of England under it catching chub, Moustache and active the riverine carp. The crux of the way in is that fisherman nalegke is examining area and oblavlivaet promising tracts of spending on every of them on 15-30 minutes, typically these tracts of coastal, domiciled for povalennymi forested and koryagami, hanging bushes or obryvistymi beaches. Had forced is fought as would from ambushes, in s, reminds more witch. Naturally after the search for one instantiated by such a point falling, rational will they can simply put drugs there prikormki and to leave its on time, and go on the search other seats. After can be to return and try again.

VDA, unfortunately I have not was opportunities buy these you rods up, and I in mind so pesky circumstances out-buying modest English prutika :)



, it is a pity not support we dollar, in producer :D



I very even support! For rest warrant any accuracy in general not can :)



pity, not support we dollar, in producer

People, you that, the Chinese? :D



If given, that Chinese in population Earth about 20%, then goes that him every 5 Chinese. :O
To Stimul-Cash :offtop:



Pavel K
Thank you for the answer. This method sign. 'm applying more on Spring. Interesting chip. However and summer is not devoid sense. All we know about existence of fishery trails. Can enter the such a Tuhnicka and you in shokalade. Here is example a small. To Stimul-Cash for oftop, if delete the all options
In one village of, on Bank rivers Dniester lived was fisherman. And his was bad vision check. Had forced on a floater for him was senseless, and harvest the khochitsya. So here is. This old very timid man constantly dragged in your bag three zakidushki namotannye on that plank is. As such used from 0.2 until 0.25, not thicker, and this with that local on udilischya and as ticked ceasing in 0.35. Ah yes okay, deal here is in than.
This old very timid man global expansion coming on Bank Dniester, vymatyval one donku and even chunked its away. Stoporil as such on podruchnuyu stick, the ball from silt on as such and in battle. Sat he on this point not more 15-20 minutes. If in this time not overborrow couple of small fish the automation manager bought these writing tablet and did couple of top three namotok. Forth again perezabros. So occurred until not found fish. As found fish, here same vymatyval still two zakidushki and khlyas their on tighter distance. If point was dying he launched process zanogo. Thus the rate you him often has ever managed oblavlivat all fishermen that a on sosetstvu.
I himself, if not find vividly acesta acorda incredere Guvernului prospective metsa for industrialized fishing'm fishing only gruzikom, booze feed. Interesting theme. Incidentally fish enclosed much than than the aft option. Netimer just that this is not the stalkers unit or say not quite the, however.



Here is how something so this looks, many British, companies Korum, Wychwood, FOX. Have developed entire series of special udilisch and other things equipment type Avon or Barbell for such fishing. Way to reminds mixture of spinnigovoy, fly fishing with as and with karpovoy. The Presents're, uh, walking as in spinningist or nakhlystovik, and] However karpovymi or fidernymi rigging of this ship.

The main the bottom line that you] However active fish directly in place it your feeding., not collecting its on prikormku firmly, there where you anywhere.

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