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Fishing notes sovremennogo Anton

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Winter feeder - this when for season not nalovilsya :)
Prikormku Fr homes.
Have normal fishermen pervolede :)



On that klevali penguins?



:cool: and that for a table sinenkay such good-looking, and where his can be to consider take a closer :question:



A table Tubertini. Gave Andrei Lanterns :)



Toch, and that on klevu? Or only the that have Dima on photo?
Have us yesterday with by Alex King full third convocation was - nor tychochka :( bathe very exiting from Rusanovskogo Canal - naproti "FC Slavutych Cherkasy." There Sugie not was.
'm getting up sutra - lepota, the sun shining shines, wind there is no. Not the that in Saturday. Arrived for my Ternovsky - and he the entire shugoy dead o.o. Podekhal Alex, Wladyslaw Ivanovich, still couple of guys. Stood up, belly was scratched turnips and go clean water seek. And have all from udilisch mediums maximum - all host at intended harvest.
Incidentally, was in Saturday on same host - the coldness, wind derp. But ice not was. And local plotvichka with podleschikom-lavrushkoy poklevyvala. But on next day such a lepota on weather and such third convocation on goldfish :disappointed:.



Klevali only there. White fish not rounded up. Tried harvest in different places, everywhere O. P.



Фидерер 71 wrote:

and that for a table sinenkay such good-looking, and where his can be to consider take a closer

Vecherinok, make your dreams come true, 'll show take a closer. Only I have blue with black covers. Cool! :cool: Excellent thing. Grand Canal from in a fishing trip on Rusanovke spring 2010. Four season - more lively all survivors. :cool:



There is sensas Bait Box With picutres displayed Tops … index.html

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Thank you Anton! Ordered already blue in "a fishing trip", so as increasingly mostly such a color of-and a basin Preston and udilki Super Ultegra. That should produce on fish bright and indelible the impression from such a harmony! :love: :D :flag:



Anton, sorry, can this not quite apt theme, but let ask you question.

The situation: A competition, convicts are had forced on two fidernykh rods up. Poklevka on one of udilisch, fish podseklas, we pull. Simultaneously is happening "parovoznaya" poklevka at the other place it. What are were would your actions?

In advance appreciate it you for the answer.



Джонатан wrote:

What were would your actions?

Potderzhivayu question. , too, very curiously. :nope:



Yes, such situation I have were ;)
One thing place it account for not vymatyvat, until not pick up volumes K fish with second. And at all, on most competition, in including and cyprinids kept, convicts are had forced on one thing place it. On contest with similar rules I go very rarely.



Thank you for the answer, Anton.

I in such situations still not has stood, but presented, as pull something there grams on 300-400 and think about a possible the Kraken, spider sitting on neighboring feeder. Here can be not withstand and, IRC the first feeder, start vymatyvat the second, and there, and there. And there such a bummer, f-fuck.. . Read and feel, that for good reason the first feeder deserted))



Ah, yesterday’s fishing trip can be boldly call "the inauguration fidernogo season 2014" :)

Were fishing on obvodnom host of Kyiv sea, near of the village Khotianivka.’s move was prepared harvest plotvichku easy fiderochkom. :) Yes, that took with themselves and kheviki. In ten morning in Dnieper River gave water, which kicked and in obvodnoy Canal. Water mostly of in Canal with hand Oseschiny with such force, that the feeder in 100 grams grapple-grapple has kept. Fish klevala the entire on devices up on center Canal.
Then, roughly in twelve hours, water Working - tide not was at all. Had to move on easiest your cast :). In short full of fish mentally. Caught more three tens of dimensional small fry and gustery. Spoils not was.

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And that inimical?



Judging by pachkam Super Black Feeder + Gros Gardons Noir (forced the top photo)

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Prikormku they before zamesom. On the first photos previous with prikormkoy. 2kg me facilitated but with hard :) fish-sicles me liked. Although guys a on another. And have them, too, well was biting,. Think, that spring on River very it is important correctly choose point for industrialized fishing. Fish-sicles, of course need a, but correctly chosen point industrialized fishing more important. Fish klevala with center Canal, there was the most a strong stream. Think, that a dace is moving on against of blasting.

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Тоха wrote:

I think, that a dace is moving on against of blasting.

Toch, the kind on devices up or against?)



Judging by the, that many fish not local, and the one who walked from of Dnepr, a dace is moving upward against tide. At all this interesting theme to discuss.



Тоха wrote:

judging by the, that many fish not local, and the one who walked from of Dnepr, a dace is moving upward against tide. At all this interesting theme to discuss.

On Spring, when fish goes on ikromet, it goes against tide. Autumn contrary is drifting downstream on.



A turn in those places, eiaee bolonkoy on distance there is 25-27 meters. Fish-sicles Dragon 3 kg, gender kg very. Fish bucks simply shaft, poklevki on each is wiring. Outcome about 3-'s kg for 4-5 hours.

To he thank you for tips.



Vadkh wrote:

Skyfall Spring, when fish goes on ikromet, it goes against tide. Autumn contrary is drifting downstream on.

Are talking, not about ikromete, course small fry during industrialized fishing not was, and about conditions movement of blasting in host. Yes, a dace has become on prikormku after push water. A in Primorsko Holiday Village village Khotianivka (We wanted for, and managed is identically open season) obvodnoy-level of water of Kyiv. Stream, as for Canal a worthy. Not d to speak on what some tackle catching toch, I’d say about itself - 12.6 Exel, DM-100., several times skidavali boots (power the capitol). So here is., on arrival noticed picture, that on in the course in Canal-local fishermen was soaring, veery allyuminievykh spiningov response, Passage fish. So here is, on jolt, fellas vody- picture Ah, this is great is changing dramatically. Usual for Canal flamingoes fly, nibble local, line PBX fish stops. Garbage, cane last, groves collecting driftwood, sediment "seals" - is sailing in antithetical to side downstream. "The speed" tide 35m-70gram, 45-100 on the brink of breakdown. A dace is beginning to getting caught on falling, that says about its you access in the top of flows of blasting. (On crest -volny'm a longboarder a silverback fucking). Zabrosy occur in pauses proplyva islets any sign evidence, bits and pieces, garbage's on thread, attention on vershinku under vymatyvanii, a dace untangle / ? 20 minutes is beginning to getting caught have trawling. Shoals are plentiful Alpo. Pleasure and nibble ends untangle / ? 2 hours. Nibble proportsianalno devices up flamingoes fly. So here is friends, want do conclusion: Catches in this host depend on push water, not will impediment khevik in tubuse, desirable seek seats industrialized fishing closer to exits Canal. (In reaffirming my words sheets with friendly us Forum "Domika for fisherman" sheets -fider in Lebedivke, where catches on feeder 2-3 imaginations, far not just beneath stream, and where Lies in ulovakh local fish. Wherever so.



So we nothing each other not are going against our. Fish on Gene level programmed, cannot for go against him and begin accusations. The entire a dace already is full caviar and awaits only moment. Gave a deer and she lomanulas. And the second reason plentiful Stern stream from prikormki, which is borne from prikormki down downstream on.
So on rivers easier find fish, but harder to keep its on blind, unlike neprotochnykh increased the.
In my opinion of course.



In Saturday fished on one of channels for the first gateway. Say that this for Canal is difficult, camping on K. On meadow near first and second gateway tens of possible medicine channels, lakes and streams. When we lost on meadow and saw number of interesting for industrialized fishing increased the, we simply were in disarray, not knew what choose for industrialized fishing. Network channels and lakes begins still in city of and reaching along left Bank of Dnepr. One of large channels, which is flowing in large Lake is called Zolochiv.
Judging by around the, fish there is in all conduits based and Spain. In Spain many an, which local gets caught poplavochnymi tip here. In host lives the entire Dneprovskaya fish, summer on donku you can catch even catfish critically and sazany. At least, so us said friendly local the guy. And indeed jobs in Canal very deep, meet pits more ten! Meters depth. Across semblance, from Canal washing up sand for local “sirotskikh houses, ”, which are located along just right Bank Canal Zolochiv.
On Sheat and a carp, of course we not have counted, yes and cordage for industrialized fishing this fish even not thought borrow with a, us like to capture the riverine an and of bream ah and of course an omnipresent plotven :)
Realistically I leader was coming harvest on feeder, but in the latest day before fishing, I have came nostalgia on childhood. I mentioned karasevye the ponds in independent area, the Seversky Donets and poklevku an on company fishing pole. In short poplavochka defeated feeder! All the more in office I have lie several pre serial pinion udilisch, which need necessarily test, before as turn party under brand Favoryt.
For industrialized fishing chose place, in which two Canal merge in one and then flow broad the flood of in side of Dnepr. In place mergers quite much width and hole more seven meters depth. Themselves channels not broad and enough meleovodnye. In one of channels was attended not large for, in another water was attracted to the. Not despite my reasoning in side poplavochnoy fishing, and also Polenova believing the pro the, as I before catching on Donce, fuck dace poplavochnoy line, previous decided to harvest fiderom. Increasingly-???, for of Kyiv the fishing trainer better fidera some tackle there is no. Me seems, that have many, this programmed in brain on unconscious level :).
For industrialized fishing, I has now issued your partner with your new place it Favoryt Syntec light feeder, with test until 40gr, what he was very glad. ;) A himself I have spread six meter makhovoe udilishche Favorite Fortexa. Turkic on before I’d say, that poloviv some time on fortexa, I replaced the his pre serial a model rods up Favorite Blast. Blast – this budgetary a series of udilisch, that we do launch in sale in mid-summer this year.
One of tasks, which I for themselves put before fishing – this test some products Japanese firms Marukyu. Very like test nasadochnye paste and nasadochnyy pellets on fishing. Honestly say I not believed, that the entire etya a Japanese the nozzle sitch will well to cling on the hook during industrialized fishing, and also attract our local plotven, gusteren and karasen :). Perishing strongly many on packaging hieroglyphs.
Also for industrialized fishing we traditionally bought worm, moldy worm and very.
For industrialized fishing I chose the assistant Canal with the passage. The depth of in place industrialized fishing was about Dam, with is smoother demotion in ruslovuyu part of.
In as a prikormki zamesil Sensas 3,000 series of, in prikormku added black can dig firms VDE. Comrade, too, favour sensas th, series of 3,000 club.
After launch for feed, fish some time not klevala, I even began pass through, that we chose bad place for industrialized fishing and that from-for Cold pasmurnoy weather fish not goes on such melkovodnye tracts of pond. But soon, after another perezaprosa, my your fishing bobber confidently dived under water. Second of, and on late filament derive on. The first trophy was not much gustirka, then plotvichka, then again gustirka. Poklevki followed one for one. Fish klevala in fatter water not despite a small depth. Also well worked tooling with blown on a fishing line gruzilom and long one a leash around. Most poklevok was happening in moment, when was drowning the nozzle sitch.
Poloviv some time on very and moldy worm, I decided to try Marukyu. Wearing an e-on hook JPZ pellets I surprised, as he firmly walking on Handguards. Comrade, too, has spread this pellets pay hook on my recommendations and surprised, when after another vymatyvaniya snap on zabrose, pellets still derzhplsya on the hook. Although catching Maxim fiderom 500m some 40 meters. Under it comes to shagging fiderom pellets sky falls with hook on vymatyvanii cordage, not under strike about water. In this we has learned, talismanic on him decent number of gustery.
Fish on pellets klevala not worse, than on very, what I was utility of, under than the average weight gustery and small fry was significantly more. Also managed to capture several small podleschikov. The only, with than originated difficulties – this with got a little trigger. Under it comes to shagging on JPZ pellets the best implementation was with narrow crocheted with long one tsevem. Pelets puncturing their got a little trigger along, nasazhival his on Handguards, and then shifted to Zhalu. Sting prizhimalos to pelletsu or fully was lurking in it. JPZ pellets very soft the nozzle sitch and under poklevke hook easily popped up and timed it fish. Very it is important was pick a the size of the hook, which will conform to diameter pelletsa. Think, that for industrialized fishing a major of bream, a carp and an on company fishing pole and easy fiderom this very the good the nozzle sitch.
Next right complement, which I tried was pasta for industrialized fishing an. This pasta was developed for sales in Japan, on packaging there is no not one words on English language. Pasta made from very large and lung of particles, under adding a water becomes very adhesive, has a strong smells garlic.
After, as I nazhivil pasta and works your cast, local Blicca bjoerkna simply rolled off mad ;) was biting, significantly better and pace, than on oparika with motylem. Lovilas petty a dace and Blicca bjoerkna. I even not expected such a effect and was pleased utility of. Pasta very soft the nozzle sitch and suited only for industrialized fishing with poplavochnoy line.
In Ukraine this pasta until buy cannot be, camping on K. She is designed to the Japanese market and have us not sells, but judging by around the, our Moscow brothers traded this right complement.
Unfortunately, for fishing trip not one Dniprovskyi Raion an us to capture so and not managed. Apparently in this part of Canal his simply not was. But they were catching whole together gustery, small fry and small podleschikov. Roughly in half of Sixth the evening have us over hotheaded tea, we have frozen and began to gather home. Fish, naturally, entire have receded.

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Yesterday arrived with pyatisutochnoy karpovoy fishing. For five days on fishing can be to detox from people ;). Realistically already the second day pass adaptation in city of ;)
Eiaee savage fish on a reservoir in Kievan region Name sela, near which is a body of water to speak not want, camping on K. Most fishermen kills fish in bezmernykh quantities. Turkic on before I’d say, that entire is thin fish we carefully have receded.
For five days rounded up several tens of wild carp breeder.
Fish very proshennaya, harvest very difficult. The first two days to capture fish not worked.
Was feeding boylami Marukyu and starbaits, and also used fluid and pelets from Marukyu. After this fishing can with certainty say, that Marukyu attracts savage fish :). This fishing was for me a kind of testing and tackle shop and prikormok. Had forced wild fish strongly different from fishing in "an aquarium", much not worked. So that accounted for been running experiments and this gave positive results. Say, that I have mass is deprived, after such fishing - this not what not say. Realistically bring! Body of water very big, strongly a rank with algae and kamyshom. In a reservoir usual Kopru fish: Blicca bjoerkna, cleats, peskari.

Karpovaya fishing - this always many things, in minibus grapple sized bags:

In water very many petty fish

Two days "Gubatyy" pute not on joke, our tent simply putting. Accounted for links tent all assistants means :)

To zabrosu on night ready


Karasyaki simply giant size

Fish not likely a strong. Products some eminent England's brands use not worked - fish she ripped up all my povodochnye materials with that of the burdens 25 Lb, razgibala hooks second numbers.

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Than fed on. On that lovilos (the nozzle sitch)? And the as something bayts. Or this secret? :dontknow:



Was biting, on the, than was feeding. On third clock fish came on prikormku.

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Very appealed hooks from ProLogic, and also povodochnyy material desert Viper.



Тоха wrote:

At third clock fish came on prikormku

Out took? , too, option.

Тоха wrote:

karasyaki simply giant size

600 grams - giant.

Тоха wrote:

characterize the some eminent England's brands use not worked - fish she ripped up all my povodochnye materials with that of the burdens 25 Lb, razgibala hooks second numbers.

As plank this and nizheprotsitirovannoe:

Тоха wrote:

MA – It appealed hooks from ProLogic, and also povodochnyy material desert Viper.

I correctly understood, that hooks and povodochnyy appealed easily razgiba and willingness to gap?

Тоха wrote:

They did boylami Marukyu and starbaits, and also used fluid and pelets from Marukyu.

Busik, full of few commodities Carpio, this good of the confirms. Thank you for an interesting and quick "report"



Carlos, whether kind not of food me prevents threats. I not want you even know, we with you fully others’people. I you not what not made. Lag behind from me! :)


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