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Fishing notes sovremennogo Anton

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Today fished in firth Oshitki.

Body of water very big and an interesting. In a reservoir very many fish.

Cannabis Sensas

Not sitting, on the, that body of water with stagnant water, in firth very many zherekha. There is the entire Dneprovskaya fish.

We a a white bream, which in firth it turned out very many. Common or Bronze Bream ever responds well. Entire is thin fish immediately released. I even a hatchling pond not was popping off. In prilove often are outfitted with sintsy and Crucian carps. In neighboring sector stood karpyatniki. Guys rounded up two Karpov. Karp in firth the rogue, there is very large trophies. Very wanted on harvest in firth carp. T. To body of water several hundred hectare, carp in firth are biting not everywhere.

Seats, in which carp suited close to Bank it is difficult are available. We were fishing with hand of Kyiv sea, on isthmus. Reach there can be only on 4 persons. On isthmus several vymostok for fishing. Not far the Bank's a ditch, several meters depth.

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Carlos wrote:

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For violating rules Forum, and zabanen on 10 days. :canthearyou:
Stop fludit. :canthearyou:
Hope, every did for themselves conclusions. Subject brushed my. :mybb:



Ah here is. Again nothing interesting things there on Forum :( Trubel.



Yesterday fished on levees of Kyiv sea.

Place chose not accidentally. An occasion for trip on KVKh were the next events: In Sunday we with his exclusive video interview returned with fishing and not couple of minutes decided drop by on a dam, watch, that gets caught local the fishers. No same was our eyebrows, when local the guy on titanium., dragged a white bream roughly on 800 grams, bluntly have us on the eyes of. In sadke have Outlook was still with your heelbone such same and two of bream, on kind of more twos every.

In short yesterday traveled on "leschovye seats." On a dam toured about seven morning. On levees not whom. We alone. Were on the ground, promeryali terrain, zamesili fodder.
In place industrialized fishing, during promera I found two style of. Zaklipsovalsya for the far-brovkoy. The depth of in point industrialized fishing quite much.
In as a prikormki I zamesil G-potok, Dima zamesil Traper.

Fishing trip decided turn in mini-contest. Competed, who more overborrow fish for two hours industrialized fishing. After launch zakorma fish on point has become not immediately. Only later roughly 20 minutes painstaking tempovaniya starters getting caught simply not real size plotven :) fish-sicles G-Stream clearly would turn off trapper, which zamesil Dimon. In end Dima caught 21rybu, mostly benyki, and I 16, but any! For two hours industrialized fishing we was fished out on two kg prikormki, which we zamesili in the early and decided mixing Sensas.

Sensas also perfectly been collected and kept fish on point.
Such a dace as yesterday I very long not catching.

This fish nurtures quite not so, as rule of us a dace. Poklevki looked in the form of cyprinids kept zagibov. A dace weight more gender kilo simply Takes the bait and is sailing. Not any podergunchikov she not makes. The most the best the bait two of dung a worm on the hook # 12! However povodochnaya raskosami must be thin.



Yesterday returned with karpovoy fishing. Karpovaya fishing specifically wrote in quotation marks, so as karpovoy its call can be with hard. Rather somovo-leschevo-gusterinaya :).

Fished in firth Oshitki. Estuary Oshitki represents from themselves slice of of Kyiv sea, otgorozhennyy from sea earthy / citrus flavours shaft. Square of estuary about 400ga. Ah and, of course same, in firth usual the entire Dneprovskaya fish.

We even saw staynyy battle zherekha, that became rare phenomenon in our reservoirs. Estuary is in rent power. The LESSEE shall zaryblyaet estuary tolstolobikom, which's fishing for industrial networks.

The other fish tank, across semblance, estuary not zaryblyalsya many years. On firth I fished already the second time and can with certainty say, that in it very many a white bream, which perfectly are biting even on fish pellets ;). After narratives comrades about huge sazanakh-in this year in firth, we decided finnish = ranta) happiness and traveled on Liman Oshitki on karpovuyu fishing trip.

For industrialized fishing chose, so-called karpovye sector , which are located as times on isthmus of estuary with slopes of mighty Dnepr. In this place not far from Bank is located there's a ditch.
As it turned out, sazany in this a reservoir not lead long image life, constantly migrate. In short, us not are blessed with sazanom. He simply not went even in the contestant part of dam, where we his tried to harvest.

????, karpyatniki, which were fishing in neighboring sectors, heard a, that when a carp goes, he enjoyed even without prikormki. We same on their both: Boyle Starbaits they were catching simply orgastic number of hungry podleschikov. Simply crazy podleschiki nadevalis (on Different this not call) even on twentieth boils.

Also rounded up several somyat and guster. Need necessarily to return on estuary Oshitki and give sazanam Match-their! ;) tailed very large fish souslik in this huge a reservoir. To capture these fish - dream any karpyatnika.



Came autumn - time harvest predators. As usually, autumn, I partly'm switching on Queen-spinning.
Today fished in Dnieper River about Propulsion Ukrainka. Nibble have all was very weak. I have same fishing Lies well a successful: First small sudachki, then pike on three roubles with depth 10 meters, then several Sudakov already on twilight.

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Yesterday fished in Kozarovichakh. Kozarovichi - this village on Bank of Kyiv sea. Tried to harvest fangers to. Floated out on small rubber Balcarka the two of. On Sea high waves of was such a, that to fish simply impossible. A pity on photo not in sight these waves. Real "American slides." Dimona even a bit got carsick. :-) Well, caught couple of sudachkov for several hours fishing abandoning their economy and leaving home. More in boats type "condom" I to fish not want. Kilevaya not kilevaya, on such boats only on zhabovnikam swim.



dive in Tver

Sunday fully consecrated beloved designed - the entire day fished on Volga-.

Before fishing in no clothing left bought prikormku Pelican. Very was interestingly swim prikormkoy, that make friends. Chose several models, wanted to poschupati, as states in living , different model this brand.

Tried and noted for themselves some surveillance.

This prikormka has sustained smells nut :-)

Mixture of scale grinding very the dark after soaking. Has smells sweet spices.

Scale grinding heavy mixture of.

All models that I tried very the items, have in his composition many sugar and of salt, exhibitions, heavy, mean many of particles scale grinding.
A large number of sugar and of salt strongly affects physical properties prikormki. Fish-sicles sipping very little water. For moreover, to mixing five kilos a mixture enough roughly 0.5 liter fluid. After adding water prikormka becomes very a sticky and dense. Under your dough strongly komkuetsya. ????, uvlazhnennuyu prikormku I left on night and to Towards mixture of not strongly has changed. Under your dough prikormka not strongly expands in particular. From five kilos broke a roughly eight liters a mixture.

However, after embody in water balloon prikormki quickly crumbles and another takes. Fish-sicles has not a large number of pop-up components.
Prikormku with such properties is worth use with kormushkami type cell. And also harvest with small pace perezabrosov, camping on K. Under high pace prikormka poorly thus exempt from trough.
Also noted, that prikormka has a powerful sustained flavor, saturated color and a large number of components. That is advantage this brand.

Also prikormka has in his composition many on components, which give prikormke Shooter and large content fat.

For industrialized fishing chose distance 50 meters from Bank. In this place finished had a petty woods and began the firm khryaschevatoe bottom. The depth of in place industrialized fishing about four meters and seamless sval in ruslovuyu part of rivers.

With start made with start-up zakorm works in point industrialized fishing twenty-feeders prikormki. Forth. - ???????? - ceasing and began but with adding in fodder survivors components.

In as a survivors components used rezannogo the worm. Also inscription in the feeder on several seeds or sacs or rezannoy kukuruzki.
Fish immediately has become on fodder. Actively ever responds jigger podleschik middle weight on 300 grams.

Nibble was enough a dynamic and almost without failures.

To by the evening weather dramatically other trend over rains and has looked out the sun shining.

With the emergence of hours of sunshine on point industrialized fishing just swam a real chekhon and me managed to capture dozen these high-quality engineering talent small fish
Entire is thin fish had let.

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Yesterday with Sasha (Slava) Alexandrovich Fetisov go swim in Marino. Moscow river in Marino a body of water for me a new and highly an interesting.

To the same I also am aware, that me will have not times compete on this a reservoir, that is additional cause of shabby.There there to fish.
Toured with dawn. For industrialized fishing chose the assistant immediately for Marinskim its kind. As it turned out, we were not alone wishing to swim fish in this place. With morning on this rivers already training of athletes, and was many local fishermen. So that find place for industrialized fishing was highly problematic. But all same such place we found. With words running mate, it was not most promising, but not bad.

Have prepared equipment, zamesili prikormku and in battle!
For industrialized fishing I chose prikormku Pelican a dace-maize + a pile-driver molasses + gender packs fried cannabis from Sensas. Prikormku mentor... I blackened out black paint.

Also we bought living components, which added in the feeder in the process industrialized fishing.

Moldy worm I cut his scissors in separate pressure vessels, coarse very inscription simply on a bit in every crime as on least need. Also used liquid and dry flavoring Pelican.

Promer the depths showed, that bottom in place industrialized fishing the firm, many of stones and Nassarius shells. Terrain diverse. First for industrialized fishing chose distance on distance 32 meters. In this place on bottom was a small our Beginner Trail brovka, very many petty clams.

Point chose in the lower parts of style of on no-nonsense . Sasha decided to harvest significantly closer, on distance there is 19th. In this place also was a small brovochka porosshaya shell.

After launch zakorma, which was comprised of five feeders middle size immediately managed reel in several plotvichek. Have Sasha also fish immediately has become on point and starters getting caught.
After the search for several small fish I have nibble fully stalled, and Sasha contrary began harvest dace and not large bass increasing upward pace of.

Accept decision to move on his distance, quickly find brovku, klipsuyus, several feeders with prikormkoy and here same'm harvest batonistuyu dace, that in Marino call Gros Gardons.
However my joy was not long. Through some time on point red line of being able perch, and a dace peck unsupportable.

During industrialized fishing a dace klevala not constantly, were failings in Cleves. But when stopped peck a dace on point plagued perch. Neighbor from Left caught (humpback whale) roughly grams on 800, that me nice hit surprised. Sea bass in Marino enclosed large.

As fishing managed to capture several tens of small fry and bass, also caught several small fish, name which me not known. As always, Marino rewarding for their Gros Gargons-at.

The entire day fished pounder Zemex HI-PRO 11ft until 60 grams. Udilishche highly interesting and an unusual, but about this in a special report.



Place beautiful



Waiting for the report about Zemex HI-PRO 11ft until 60 grams.




Over fishing trip managed to capture several tens of small fry and bass, also caught several small fish, name which me not known.

If this those imaginations, which on the photo with catch of the day tonight and lie they from above, they similar on casualties, but sellae thicker, then I in this year in Dnieper River, too, caught a couple such. Perhaps, this - ichthyfauna. But confidence there is no.



This in city of. Under bridge a cat pass. Summer leschi more treshki come across.
Fish shaft, even a carp gets caught. Truth eat cannot be - very nasty river.

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6 FFEM or as we a carp in Krasnodar frontier

One of the most clearest and fascinating for me rural in this year was trip on contest in Krasnodar. Preparation for this trip was very long and troubled. Troubled because, that was very many doubt on equipment and prikormke, and also we with partner Aleksander (Slava) Alexandrovich Fetisov not knew to what groom. After all karpovaya had forced in Krasnodar for us was dark timber , and no one of us never there not fished. Good, Sergei Popov much woman suggested that about a reservoir and about preferences carp on south our vast the Motherland.

Also we face with problem almost full absence of on Russian a fishing space cordages and prikormok for industrialized fishing on Flat Feeder. All accounted for buy on painstakingly acquired in different stores and cities. Trough, even, had to order in Kyiv, good helped Dima "while" with the purchase and Relay in Moscow. Huge thank you him for this.
So, finally day of origin. The remittances have planned in night, after the workday. Supposedly to by the evening planned to come in Krasnodar, after all to go from Moscow almost 1,500 km. Had gone two crews: I with Sasha team VAN feature DAF and Sergei Derevyanko left for Italy and Andrei Khitrin team Sitilink.

Despite the, that machines were until refusal being shot any once a with treasures, arrived finally in very quickly, even on several hours before expected. So, that still at lighttime decided along on body of water and outstanding autochthon landscapes Marker bottom in different sectors, after all in day arrival this will be prohibited from rules. So and have done, good body of water resides not far from Krasnodar.

For markereniya have spread place it Zemex Razer until 140 grams. This wand is capable bombarding sinker on incredibly big distances and allowed us It's a markernoe sinker virtually in any place on a reservoir. Body of water Zhukovsky, on which must was occur had forced, represented from themselves a long podpruzhenyy fifth stream, width the pond from 70 until 140 meters. Terrain trawling enough diverse, silt on bottom not many, there is style of and Hard seats with shell. Onshore style of enough back and are located in immediate neighborhood to the coasts of. So, that alleged promising points for industrialized fishing was several in every sector.

Roughly for hour provided promarekrilis in all sectors, then it was dark and we forced to were leave. Markerenie showed, that virtually in all sectors was present broad had a with small number of silt not far from the mid-dam. Then was a slight out recessions and had a more deep silt, gravelly, just this and was old zailenoe direction brook, on which and educated pond Zhukovsky. Closer to our Bank bottom was still be more diverse were local tracts of with a steadfast upside and spills with young porytym slime. So, that after markereniya in anybody appeared more questions, than answers.

Already in darkness had gone in Krasnodar, where us eagerly 133333334 company fishermen led by Sergei Popov and client-Kolesnikovym. In short, evening was cheerful drinking various goryachitelnye beverages for meeting, and also with barbecue and with the signature borsht from Sergei Popova with Krasnodarskiy propagandistic aims. Thank you him for this!

On the morning decided wander for various once a shops cities Krasnodar, to familiarize themselves with assortment of, and also spend a bit money on fishing some tackle, after all have us still were doubts, that we something not bought, that can useful on fishing. In short've scouted more five the most big retailer and bought an awful bungalows any fishing from September 1 in dovesku to already penalty of in machine.

To by the evening they moved on a body of water. On a reservoir hidden with all, whom knew and not knew and draw. Draw proceeded already in darkness.
On we need first us second sector Number four. In this sector was one of broad sites dam, on opposite side a small the Gulf.
Harvested camp and prepared for the it comes to shagging almost until four morning.

For industrialized fishing decided zamesti several method mixes. Hang on with various smakami and operator. Mixes used only brand-name. Himself nothing not go indoors my. In and end, we prepared fish mix with adding GLM, acute mix with large number of robin reda and two fruit with various additives. Id say directly, big hope had such high on acute mix. After all on the street very often the capitol weather.
Moreover, entire night pute a strong winds wind, which nice US markeritsya. Markeritsya worked only in intervals of time between aspirations. Then on document with a string not obrazovyvalas arc rises and can be was expressly feel terrain and structure dive today to sector.

In general, markerilis long In sector managed detect several promising points for industrialized fishing. On distance there is 42 Dam, virtually on the border with the fifth sector, who was from us right, was the distinct blot with a steadfast soil. Adopted decision start harvest in that point. Under a balancing Bank bottom was more soft and was a slight deepening on bottom. This the second point for industrialized fishing, but It's a until it was enough problematic, camping on K. Has been she 500m more 120 meters.
Before nightmare drank on small with Igor Bliznyukom and check something in raw from rain "usually spring from remaining two hours before catching.

Awakened in darkness under, hysterical screeching - It. Until start remained about half an hour. Sasha boils coffee, I restricting cordage.
Enleve began to with a near distance there is. Prikormku immediately decided not bombarding, lest not Museum buildings on point.

Through twenty-minutes expectations get first fumbling play karasinuyu poklevku. From zero are gone A this already some that!
Are starting try accusations, then company internal site other point at different made it. Neighbors right and from Left, too, smoke. About ten morning licked judge, from which we learned, that in the opposite end dam some team already rounded up on karpiku.

Through some time, our neighbors right, too, rounded up a small carp from-under opposite Bank.
Understand, that fish are biting from under the far-coast style of. Try hurl maximally close to it, but It's a not is obtained roughly 10 -15metrov. The distance until opposite Bank in our sector about 135-140 meters!
Passed more than half round, have us in Mr. Leonid Reznikov five or six karasey. Tried more than half available Boylov and all method mixes. Understand, that fish little incredibly and poorly reacts on prikormku. More precisely on prikormochnom blind have us quite there is no poklevok.

Accept decision try moldy worm on klipse. Neatly one grasps the several units, alternating red and white larvae. Broke a enough appetizing. Do impose maximally far in side opposite Bank. Through ten minutes the first poklevka. Neatly zazhimayu Friction clutch and with relish understand, that on the hook weighs carp. Carefully out to get anybody fish, Adam weigh. About two kilos! And in anybody thought: did have picked up efforts and why I before so not made.

But our joy quickly ended. More fish on moldy worm we not rounded up.
In the hope on a good fishing in the second round, for hour until finish, adopted decision copiously give promising point. In principle, all rivals have made, too, most.
Sasha profoundly zakormil distance 42 Dam. Pro aid only does he works there more 10 liters prikormki and Boylov. I same copiously zakormil far boylami under aid iguanas or monitor.
The end of the round already in darkness. Regulator weighing up the, we vosmye. The first guys from Belarus, which met Elisabeth to capture carp weight more 10 kg. He same and was big-Fisch tournaments!
Prepared camp to nochlegu, prepared cordage to tomorrows industrialized fishing and on dinner. For dinner a separate thank you Alexey finding Volkoff,. Guys from Moscow brought with a of 1890 capacity of 35 liters and boiled, a tasty soup for all participants!

Awakened still after dark. T. K. Sleep became still in eight the evening, profoundly no water. Good our karpovye Barcelona congress contribute to much tighter and to healthy rybatskomu down service!
Coffee, breakfast and in battle!
As and in first day are starting enleve with a near point, on that previous yesterday works many feed. The first karasevaya poklevka roughly through half an hour of exercise. Perezabrasyvaemsya, waiting for. On moldy worm not are biting at all. Global both: Boyle, we experiment with method mixed.
Roughly in nine hours comes judge and says, that virtually in all sectors right from us people already received karpovye poklevki, but fish there is not have all. Fish klevala outputs and have all immediately but outs of were very not frequent.

Global a combination of changeable tips. Try to capture. Roughly in noon confident poklevka on peach from VAN feature DAF in combination with the floating honey from richvord. Neatly bring a carp, being in podsak.
Photo, weighing up the, this on larger around 3 kilos. 'm throwing up bricks here

The next poklevka on Demon Hot Demon from star baits in combination with pear from VAN feature DAF. Strike, neatly'm remove fish, earn so, that forget a breathe. On gender distance there is vanished severity of on a fishing line. Social. 'm dropping stick, use swear! As same us was need this carp!
Brand new tour with goldfish dealer and one karpikom. Weighing up the, counting results. We vosmye. It's a shame!

Awarding and your congratulations already in darkness. Prevent what she called with boys, druzhiskie cuz hugging and flip the road in city Krasnodar. And in Krasnodar us Kyivites feast can be and the ferment, friendly discussion tournaments with rivals from Moscow and Kuban!

Thank you activist Sergey Popov and children for organizing such a interesting things tournaments. Team Van Daf you still will show in next season!



Is identically! Red toptalka on photo this from any fletov? Not met such.



igor160968 wrote:

Cool! Red toptalka on photo this from any fletov? Not met such.

It seems on Korum … thod-mould

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This new-prestonovskie.


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