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World Cup 2013. South Africa. Newsweek. Busy briefing.

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ZooM wrote:

I not inclined exaggerated attraktivnost dipov from South Africa.

Serozha, I to what the that I personally've inhaled too much, then most fellow avowedly chemistry. Although were and interesting - Hot Honey (how understood this honey with spices) and the same candy corn in this one. But if to return to the same Kiana - this "available.Fu-available.Fu-available.Fu, malware likes.."



Keana consists of a stark fruit and-yagodnoy foundations laced with Arab incense, type hint of sandalwood, patchouli, Eucalyptus.
Flavor saturated, personally me grassroots :)



Conceal for me dipy which smell as Indian aromatic wand were in wonder and I still not can get used to it with with the thought that fish they to Italian tastes :)



ZooM wrote:

Keana consists of a stark fruit and-yagodnoy foundations laced with Arab incense, type hint of sandalwood, patchouli, Eucalyptus.

We are talking about one and the same to Kian? Abouts organs is about On purpose pick up volumes K facial paint for hair - one and the same of fish.
And I not say that he not grassroots, but tanks too strongly abrupt. On a reservoir try, as our to graze responds to the on him. :)

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Not can with certainty to declare, so as in South Africa several producers and stupendous range of. So that what precisely chemical weapons Volodya had brought in Odessa I not know :)



I don't know as these chemistry will work have us, I has tried on bait GU of - nor never for season not worked))
Can carp we should drink a this and in [kayf], but our, Belarusian a white fish on GU don't give a shit. But works prikolno

?. Policies. Incidentally after sample on taste of I have swoll out lips. So that neatly with this shytom.

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I have on reservoirs Ukraine in this year is famously worked peach and pineapple, and have Andryukhi Fonareva aside from peach and pineapple been pushed round raspberry. So that Goo on carp we should drink a and Amur river works well well.



Question Alexey Fadeevu:


Alesksey. As treated you the organizers with Belarusian hand for such an outcome? Excuse for incorrect question, but like would know.

The answer Alexander Rosine has:


Can answer this question. Not afraid to express the general opinion team - the entire the collective highly valued those efforts and work, which spent Alexey Sitting on office chief a trainer Belarusian team. To be sure, this experience paper and outcome joint labor is only pozitiv.
Opinion leadership national federation the next - before team not hull (also goals. Soberly assessing force national team, its experience in it catching such fish, place to host world and force rivals, as countries with large traditions in it catching carp, national the federation not is experiencing no negative moments from-for outcome team and content those, that Belarus was presented on so elite institution sporting event a fishing event, first time at the other the mainland.
Can be noted, that many countries (in including such fishing mature, as France, for example) for different reasons missed this Worlds. So, for me, as for athlete, participation in ??? the - question prestige countries.

Brought hence.



ZooM wrote:

worked peach and pineapple, and have Andryukhi Fonareva aside from peach and pineapple been pushed round raspberry

And Wolfgang Flur on all aromas green? Or only on paper presented "probnichke"?
Have us on created Dnepr river volvoksom as still, so this African pleasant thing simply dormant.



Yura L. wrote:

?. Policies. Incidentally after sample on taste of I have swoll out lips. So that neatly with this shytom.

Ah you like already adult guy. You know why so just wobbles very? Oparika for example before death, on time from ordeal conditions, spryskivayut off with ammonia. So that these recent convulsions oparika here coincide with letter a butterworm. Question only time. Their simply being hounded.



Report team Hungary



There late video not miss



In prikormku added the dye, very look like on tripaflavin, who in rate?
Tripaflavin, or Akriflavin - synthetic the dye, well rastvoryayuschiysya in water, in the form of of crystals orange-red color of.

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Bountiful vechora aiiiiaaaoe shanuvalnikam Anglysko donno loal. Ia?a?o zaknchiv his not velichkiy zvt.
All completed bachiv, completed vdchuvav, iaiaaaany substitute alternate have and nonferrous zvt - zvt ? Chemponatu oo 2013r, South Africa



Oleg, an excellent report!
Still times has survived unforgettable moments of our travel in South Africa.
Necessarily of food still sheets! :cool:



Thursday. The fourth disband the training day. Fishing in the fourth box. Right from us in fifth box Sheba Hungarians We zameshali prikormku. Decomposed, yet. Began to. Every torchbearer strongly adheres to before enrolling strategy to distance there is industrialized fishing, number of zakormochnykh feeders, then adding components, dipovaniyu resist certain aromami prikormki and changeable tips. Today company internal site different options adding in prikormku cereals rices. Two athlete will promoted whole the kernels, while, two krushennye and two at all without corn. Today all gets caught with monoleskoy in as a foundations on their on, to reduce number of skhodov major fish Since start blows very a strong headwinds. On the bargain, Igor and Marrying gets caught further all on distance there is more 80 gather steam;. Bombarding ordinary trough on such distance very not simply, so, guys have gone on penalty shot (hockey) from FeederSport that allow not only far and accurately harvest, but and, thanks to its big kormoyomkosti, to do starting zakormy. Buoyed by case, want thank company FeederSport for ensuring athletes' funerals their with weapons kormushkami

As usually, with start, we with by Lena pay two hours time on surveillance of strongest teams. JUlja looks for yuarovtsami, they in the first box.

I look for the British, which Sheba in box # 9. Interesting moments Im taking picture on cell.

Before start, Tom Pickering brought together all their fighters on a brief assembly. Couple with commencement words, couple pictures, and all have diverged on their sectors. Pickering red line of being able to each and checked prikormku. ????? bought these they mount a mixture, was clenching in clump and throwing good under its feet in water. With distances 20 meters even naked eye was clearly in sight, that their prikormka contains fluorescent the dye. They or specifically podkrashivali its mixture of or, as we, used already ready prikormku with this dye pack. From interesting things All types torchbearer began harvest on its program. Someone kormanul 15 feeders, someone 10, someone 5 Steve Ringer (disambiguation) not've fed at all. Simply works and with first zabrosa through five minutes caught carp on 2 pounds. Then have him was much pause more half an hour file import began to harvest with second-third zabrosa. Best startonuli athletes, which've overfed 5-6 feeders Our time for standing pat expectations poklyovki 10 minutes. If poklyovki not was followed by perezabros.
Every day encounter his longstanding homies on previous Championship stadiums, can reduce Daren Cox's. After grab why they threw in Belgium, Pickering his not compounded his to it catching, by taking over with a in as a coordinator. Today we already with him conversation about the entire. On my question: Who poebdit? Darien responded, that he makes rate on team South Africa.

Returning to their children, I saw, that have us things are not worse, than have nicknames. All gets caught with different success, but outcome there is have all. Have some at all increasingly is famously. Fish are they biting on every zabrose with anticipating poklyovki to 5 minutes. In this time, have Hungarians fish virtually not was. Walter Tomas walking for our spins, if present, with a powerful pair of binoculars and a camera, trying to to consider our actions. In mid-aim session, I brought together guys near of our for minibus, to to tell about the Seen and contribute some what readjustments in process industrialized fishing. In this moment have Olega Kevyts'kyi, which catching in extreme right sector of our boxing, occurred poklyovka. Forces fish facilitated on the, to sabotage Beastmaster with fiderarma and to drag away in water. Oleg super-charge to rescue its tackle. Had to even swim following fiderom. Oleg was soaviazione, that I even not managed take its video camera, signifies nothing about in the other machine, to capture this episode for history. Increasingly ended safely. Even fish proved in sadke. This was just carp twofers. Walter Tomas managed shoot this scene and uploaded on his a time
As we not shifrovalis, think, that Hungarians something saw, camping on K. By the end of coaching received began to harvest very liter V8 up front. House Gabor caught about 5 Karpov only for the latest hour. Under this, the first three hours, I've been sitting at all without fish Wu us best in this day worked scheme Sergei: In fodder he inscription demise of the + Yum ? ?-yum Hot Honey (Wolfgang Flur) + Honey Glow. The entire this cores and mix-- and densely his MO to stuff in crime as-bulit. Then with the help ekstraktora with of butt-end did a slight deepening about 1 see And his in him the same flyurovyy only from Hume-Yum. Hole nor than not was all going away. In such a the form of was produced impose. On nozzle of better other worked one cornbread dipovanaya honey, as in the pure, so and with podsadkoy of plum moldy worm. When in late coaching received all have gone on this scheme, have all without exceptions fish starters peck even intense. The result coaching received we were happy with.
Adding five-six rices corn in crime as was simply necessary. This confirmed todays fishing. Catch team averaged 54 fish (driven carps and Amor-). Yellow fish I not believed, their was not many. Progress training facilities was on face, but we understood, that this little. We not yet have picked up the very hook, which would completely barred idle poklyovki and skhody. Tomorrow the latter play around. There is another day, to fully strengthen their expertize and deal with minutiae
On the evening was expressed a solemn opening the host World. There was many interesting things: The street march of, dances black natives and aborigenok in leather whities, solemn words organizers of, the presentation of the teams under anthem his country, festive dinner and other rituals.

Friday. The latest disband the training day. Today we fishing in extreme box # 15. Here before already training of and the British and our Russian friends. Us warned, that these sector very fish. With one hand this well, and with the other, not very. Better would secured less fishing zone, to strengthen success previous days location in Tuesday we bought bag cereals seed and got whacked for ferment. Today intended its try, adding in roadwheels mixture of. But, as it turned out, maize in buckets not yet is ready and we refused from its use of At this train, we fishing on all rules, on accurate cues from, with desyatiminutnym starting zakormom. As and on previous training, ????? its grains scheme dipovaniya, the distance and strategy zakorma. JUlja traveled on last exploration, and I remained with our boys, to industrialized countries--is start and document every is thin fish. Began to
Brief the chronology first hours. After launch zakorma the first poklyovki follow have Igor and Sergei at the second zabrose. Then poklyovki almost on every zabrose.

Wu Olega on a near distance there is poklyovok there is no. Siding with on far at the second zabrose carp.

Wu Jenny 40 minutes not was poklyovok, for those kholostaya. After the beginning of relationships Got it amur. Then again social. Further carp

Wu Vovy with start not poorly. Well worked the average the distance

Wu Edika on third zabrose carp on kilo, the next poklyovka past, Then another carp on 1,65kg. Then for a year

The entire notebook to publish not see sense. On this train, we rounded up 71 carp / amur and Igor took one catfish weight 6 kg. Overall catch team averaged slightly more 120 kg. Worked different aromy, so it was been decided TUR basic aromy, to all facilitated on two round
After lunch, was assembly required dismissing and zherebyovka zones at first tour. On this event President international federation fishing sport Claudio Mateolli told about rules and responded on are interested questions. If before moreover use likely 10 numbers, then in new rules their the size of the limited Braggs from the stings out until Handguards in 7 mm. This, in principle, nothing not changes, except one. He said, that hooks will audited a special tube with domestic diameter of 7 mm. And hook should quietly undergo in this a tubule. In this case hook 10 numbers not of debt, camping on K. To seven millimeters is actually added as least the thickness of the wire. Also he responded on question about use of types and dipov, saying, that resolved only sprays location, he said, that in score, bro is faring only two fish Yellow fish, camping on K. On its 23,200 -27,400 there is limiting. Modicum we and not intended to do rate on this fish, but this was for us unexpected, camping on K. Even in Tuesday, the organizers told the us about remove ban on this fish and said, that in score, bro now is faring any number of this fish. After long talk and requests convener) tournament, was been decided to lift limiting and accept the in score, bro entire a yellow fish
After arriving in Blyumkhof I asked have owner hotel shtangentsirkul and we unholy measure our hooks. The outer the size of the our fraction likely was more seven millimeters. The seventh lay in this the size of the. Was taken decision knitting dog leashes but also and with low--as and with other size likely Of-for ban on the use of liquid types even in as a dipov for changeable tips, we decided cooked mixture of in advance with large number of get types. Turkic forward Id say, that this was a serious mistake. Accurately such a same mistake have made and our Belarusian comrades. Mixture of, prepared in advance, changed their physical and aromatic properties, and not ready the efficiency, as fresh. Moreover, we in advance zadipovali maize and oparyshey, to on tested not was no an extra $practically with dipami
Anticipating some questions, answer immediately We could inject our aromy in banks with spray bottles, but any judge could demand test dilution of of these pack or can. And if liquid flavoring vyplyovyvalis from spraying, then viscous dipy could not withdraw even straw We not need were bags (yellow cards, so we not have become to risk. As it turned out later, many some in the first round was allowed contribute in sector aromy in ordinary purple cans. From three-four types Mateolli picked up one, and the rest used to let use. On question, Why , Mateolli responded today okay, and here is tomorrow accurately punish her? Tell her
Ah, okay pushing dog leashes but also, 're gonna go to bed sleep meal for. Tomorrow the first tour

Continuation of should



Not World Cup and what the bastard will see now. Banned, was allowed, was allowed, banned.

Oleg, thank you for report! With look forward continuation of!



After at the second parts of the report Olega Boeva me it became clear, as Divine Day, that in every ChM on fideru some account for start their training "with sheer folly" - body of water, Ryboidy, conditions industrialized fishing utterly other, and not similar on the, with than accounted for face in previous ChM on fideru or for time conducting rating competition the or another countries. So previously the accumulated experience as industrialized fishing not gives his passenger with nor 100% lines, nor even 30% lines a guarantee of excellent speech on such for competitions - this you not in chess play on scene Opera House theater, or on sledging or with slides climb down! :D

And with other hand - than more opochasov trapped on place conducting future Worlds on fideru, the better! :flag:

Thus, my summary: Team Ukraine to Worlds-2013 in South Africa voiced well adequately in fact zatrachennomu time on coaching received! :cool:

In other words, our guys've wrung all, that only was possible, from several official training facilities, and not their guilt in that "some Sbornye Others Abhisit" had additional opportunity still and informally to train in South Africa, how many soul pleases. And in a result take prize seats. As something so.

Text or: 17 th year not fast approaching! :rolleyes:



The sanches wrote:

Dont World Cup and what the bastard will see now. Banned, was allowed, was allowed, banned.

All correctly. This was "war". With all its elements. Explicit and hidden. On someone else's territory, on which our team proved first time. And opponent - not fish. Even not opponent, and enemy. Enemies. Weapons - feeder.
In my modest opinion.

Dood wrote:

After at the second parts of the report Olega Boeva me it became clear, as Divine Day, that in every Worlds on fideru some account for start their training "with sheer folly"

Wladyslaw Ivanovich! Further on transcript every word - in goal!



Boev wrote:

Continued should

Is dyad, if there is opportunity, then describe it to, please, terminal A global economy our guys - who on that eiaee, details have emerged in whether reasons large his-wa skhodov and were whether in the process podsmotrenyidentified best on implementation things.

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And, this, perhaps, will in 4-oops parts of the report - Itogi and The findings of this. :)



Report Igor GrumpziIla.Russia.



Wrote that romantic good fellows. In than? Than they good fellows? From reports not see.
And still a question real quick. You wrote that fishing on carp we should drink a fully different from our. Again same in than? In reports not see.
Here is have read report Eurasian and nothing the bizarre until not found.
Thank you



Czechs good fellows because have become fourth, in not possessing experience training facilities preliminary, this real figure!
Perhaps have them were-residents from local inhabitants, I not know, but if not, the I have to them special respect.
And subjectively me more all appealed Hungarians, not the British and not Africans, namely Hungarians.
This subjective opinion, loath I his argue fact not d, so as not make any attempts in his vision on objectivity :)
Sheets guys from Russia until not read, hands not came close still. In his report will try do analytics, he until in work.



If not secret - that have sought on bottom for choice distance there is?



ZooM wrote:

romantic good fellows because have become fourth, in not possessing experience training facilities preliminary, this real figure!

And could not be simply have luck?



I not believe the notion of "have luck" on for competitions such a levels.



Lilian wrote:

you wrote that fishing on carp we should drink a fully different from our. Again same in than? In reports not see.

Perhaps, deal in is, that this report by not to hand. Increasingly on generates level. ;)



Reread branch, as movies boy left all alone He like!
Iay back perishing. Contest this truly nerves, nerves and nerves.

Thank you all who illuminates this Footbal! Uhhh. Not be easy same there was, with these rules, with this fish tank, in short. Guys in any case good fellows!
And even I mentioned once Jeunet Buglaku spoke, harvest need to not only there where sorevy pass, and everywhere. This developing soobrazhalovku in a whole. And these sorevy have shown indeed the, that need to have supply acquired experience, with multifaceted. And as would nor issued, 're just going to ignore good fellows! Have made perhaps increasingly that could.
Only I would even realistically about trenerakh would thought and as team need to implicitly remain obedient to their. Believe me, this very it is important! For spins, if present, better in sight as torchbearer themselves talks the, are cooling, or on the rise their creative forces and camping on D.



Video from Hungarians.

P. S. The reference on report with video clip was higher. But, on anyone case, decided to posting this video separately.


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