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World Cup 2013. South Africa. Newsweek. Busy briefing.

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About sponsorship understandable. More money - more time and more a chance.
But I several about other. I about-level athletes. Made would you what either changes in sports rules fidera to raise level of athletes? Gave whether you Worlds another vision sporting fidera on level discipline?

From themselves. You not all telling me and because not chase until the end of understood fans. On character dam, on tactics and by the as klevala and has behaved fish can the affirmative say that this habits increasing carp. Such carp usual in rivers and conduits based middle the passage. Here need a another school, another command, another tactic. Am confident that you understood all but perhaps already was late. Here is Vladimir unambiguously sign with so guise of industrialized fishing carp on Turunchuku. To compare with karpodromami there is no sense. This utterly another fishing. And if Zoom had in mind precisely this difference in it catching, then I you perfectly understand.

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ZooM wrote:

D.S.I wrote (and):

Seryoga, there is?
Interestingly, no character were poklevki, in zaglot or strictly for lip.

90% fish for the most tear it back lips

Seryoga! You, simply, was grifted on fishhook, this times, the second - you as specialist, ah, should was offer - the marker, not klipsovatsya, skhodov was would less, third this we here can "speak", and terrain - quite another deal! Guys! Thank you, that YOU there were, we for YOU maintaining my, how could, ah, it seems, that only little drank for YOU!



YuraHanter wrote:

should was offer - the marker

He after all banned!? This fidernye contest. o.O



margulis wrote:

YuraHanter wrote (and):

Should was offer - the marker

He after all banned!? This fidernye contest.

Not knew. Thank you for the intel!



margulis wrote:

He after all banned!? This fidernye contest. o.O

With what this the marker banned?! Abouts organs is about



Vertex wrote:

Since what this the marker banned?!

I not know, but so me I remember. Can and am mistaken.



VIVA wrote:

Since Matchfishinga:

Very interesting information.
I so slightly before asked, not was seen question, that would to channel couple of members team on retreatments.

Incidentally, our can you to ruffle some nerves in next year. Have them there spyware, already couple of years as. :P

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VIVA wrote:

. In Belgium success have achieved the British, Hungarians and the Dutch. All these team training of host at and harvested Real Estate Agents information even before official parts of Worlds and several times.
. In South Africa success have achieved masters and Hungarians with the British, which also least twice came on coaching received until Worlds.

. In Ukraine (2017) success assume a. (to continue on their own)



About what marker speech?
Cannot be so spend terms :)
Token-place it with connected float switch - yes prohibited from.
The marker for fishing line of yours (to mark the distance there is) - as his can be to ban?



Gepard wrote:

token-place it with connected float switch - yes prohibited from.
The marker for filament (to mark the distance there is) - as his can be to ban?

I immediately thought pro markernoe place it with connected float switch. ;)



Sergei! Large thank you for report!



Seryoga! And long drives and to ultra daistantsii not'd get hit and?? 100 -150 about?? Or not realistically on them was harvest??



Tried, but enough thick the main raskosami and wind were not on our side.



Ay yes Seryoga, carries! Still not read, only pictures of the looked, but already like. Now. Maybe, you'll sit for reading.



Report Flughafentransfers Lipieva.Belarus.



Report Alexey Yakubovich (Belarus).
Links on all the available on this moment sheets (Belarus)



Not third strictly, but want to say.
Here is realistically want say huge thank you you Guys for this work! Yes, khotellos victories, but let us then letquestion - always and around the we the first, winners, conquerors?? There is no, of course.
Personally I on good envy you. Envy the, that you have been able muster entire will in fist, all forces, to go on the other the end of the Earth and there give battle! Give themselves on your place and understand that can only that dream.
And all critics want say - ????? envying and mumble! Here is realistically do that any - that anywhere - run be, and then consider that you will feel, when on you pounce such as you.
With respect, Mirek.



Photos. Worlds 2013. South Africa.You get clicking. See.



The top photo in mentovskom aiaeea ulybnula :cool:



Bonus wrote:

This picture wasn in mentovskom aiaeea ulybnula

Or this.
"- What you need, 'you lad?
-ZOLOTO. Gold WANT TO our team! "A. S. Pushkin

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And me gophers appealed. :love:



Dood wrote:

A me gophers appealed.

These that whether? :D

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Those that whether? :D

There is no, after all this same citizens South Africa welcome participants ChM-2013 on fideru: National colouring, dances with FIBPlus and all such.

And gophers - so they and in Africa, gophers! :cool:

Text or: H. Z., are ", you, squirrlio? :dontknow: . :



Boev wrote:

Photos. ChM 2013. South Africa. Click away. See.

Derzhitsya cool, but I Id say only one thing. The only girl, as little ray of sunshine of light in your the obscure reign men. Nurture its. ;)



Dood wrote:

: H. Z., are ", you, squirrlio?

It seems on "earthmoving protein." But you are right in any case, so as belong to destiny "African suslikobelok" :crazyfun:. Source



Report Yakubovich Vadim.Belarus.



Report Morozov Sergei. Belarus



Video about Worlds 2013 in South Africa from team Hungary with subtitles on experts`attention.

The inclusion of subtitle:



Not know as whom, me personally Hungarians very appealed, all professionally, profoundly, short. Honored I believe victory. And video report I believe the best. Here is with whom need to borrow example, and the some nicknames installed in rank idols.



Report Vadim Yakubovich.Belarus. 2 part of.


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