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Decided to and I again to wagefishing modest some, but on pages of our Forum.
Here is the first report over this year.

From-for various causes, as objective, so and subjective was forgetting two of origin on fishing. Needs their, and so been decided was test one pond in farms Is that new, summary information in pond there is good sea Bass, and even carp.

Start in 3.45 morning on one machine excellent very close and in 5 we on a reservoir.

This kind of with my seats stationing:

'm kneading it prikormku (a la Romeo + Timokha + Salapin) and'm and men, bottom. In my place no being of normalcy, and, perhaps, one of common pond dnisch , seamless The folding, with in 15 meters away from Bank the depth of 0.7 Dam.

I'm taping up 2 fidera:

Shimano Catana Multi until 70 grams 3.35 Dam, Mountain 0.75 ounces of, the coil Shimano Alivio 4,000 RA, pletnya FL 0.1 mm, Pater Noster (disambiguation), there's gravy 10 grams, about ceasing 55 centimeters hadn mm, hook email to the Owner Pin Hook # 14.

Shimano Nexave Multi on a long length of his, vershinka 1 ounce, coil Shimano Catana 4,000 RA pletnya PP 0.1 mm, further all as on first feeder.

Solve the start without launch zakorma and work with 25 and 45 meters, wearing an e-tuft a genetically engineered oparika zadipovannogo anise.


Needs be noted, that weather before and in the very fishing trip the capitol repeatedly, and on the eve time come of CA warning.

Nibble began immediately same, with have colleagues lovyaschikh on your fishing bobber and Donkey he began markedly previously. Been caught they on the worm, perlovku, oparika. Nibble on all nozzles was the next: Ltd. has shown great results one thing, grew strongly work another.

I same not obtaining initially in the first 10 Golden poklevok on maize and perlovku made rate on oparika.

In end shagged 1 social, 2 cliff and such here is a small, but skovorodochnyy the catch of the:

And this the catch of the my colleagues on 2:

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Nikolaich wrote:


Very I cautiously became treat startovomu zakormu on shallow fishponds. Can not rights. On River need to 100%, and on fishponds as something creepy, the idea of. Were prEtsidEnty :)




MA It I cautiously became treat startovomu zakormu on shallow fishponds.

I here is, too, to such a inclination is. If nibble there is, intense had forced in one point, in late all, will lead to the very zakormu. I in Saturday I sitting in with start-up, but on distance there is flatly not killed. But on a floater used up 2.5 kg, and lacked.

Most automate, that znachit is unknown, need to do with start-up zakorm or not, and if Shiller wrong and made, then ago already not you get back.

So support - if confidence not, the simply better with the outset harvest, as Roman promote the with intensity 5-10 minutes and all confidence.

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bond wrote:

[support - if confidence not, the simply better with the outset harvest, as Roman promote the with intensity 5-10 minutes and all confidence.

First - this time, on-my axiom in feeder, and second - I, too, try to put not produce with start-up zakorm, and simply'm using trough with GDP roughly 30 milliltre (standard on-my less 20 milliltre) with the outset, and Hua Ah, this is great already mentor, if not strongly large distance, 'm feeding fucking slingshot or through several zabrosov, give and'm throwing up bricks here prikormku (2-5 times) prikormochnoy the feeding trough.

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I in the last time, on 2-'s metre conceals, made 8 big zakormochnykh feeders. Noise stood on gender rate! The first hour not was biting, at all, and then went nibble as from the basement :cool:




First - this time, on-my axiom in feeder

For whom axiom, and for whom and there is no ;) Wu me, for example, such rhythm only initially, then 15-20 minutes. And about trough - I first big Fox, then on Pro Sarp a small turn.

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Thank you colleagues for maintaining discuss. I here is the db, that on those rags reservoirs, where there is no such mass fishing pressinga (this when arrived and not are looking for an place, where would Christmas tree-stick accommodate) if can be so speak polusportivnyy pace of in 5-10 minutes, perhaps, and will starting zakormom. But and here I think need to without bigotry. Perhaps, there is indeed the need use simply more kormoemkie trough.

For (river) unambiguously I.M.H.O., with start-up zakorm, so as information need to spread on greater Square and distance, and fish, in the opinion of many experts, in River walking more actively, is in larger search for.

P.S. We here are going in closest month at all a little hostile pond to visit, there I think at all with prikormkoy need to very be careful.

P.S.S. Until zadipovannyy aether from the void anisovym maggot my all!

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Mood before fishing in Sadecki Saturday was is corrupted by. And as 760.46 fishing was not the best drawer. A mixer from 7 fishermen and 4 of sympathetic cannot be call fishing in full least and so request, that and catches and everything else was a mediocre. About itself, baited in the those same some tackle and virtually such same jamborees, as and in the first post this themes, shagged 5 karasey and one bass. Two an commodity species turned over to friends on designed on use in food, 3 an relegated grow. Perch ruthlessly assassinated simply zaglochennykh oparikov from Pernod. Shed on fodder Goose or Whooper Swan, games there many. One on moldy worm coaxing it out colleague-15 centimeters, on that local lads said, that this very food for these seats.

Also from communication with by review, that on this pond (1 kilometers in length and 400 meters in wide) carp and Crucian very commodity, pond not're lowering with 1994, nets questioning not give, simply spawning fish there many slightly before, than we were and so perhaps suffer.

After as we officers left local shifted on our seats, that suggests, that seats us were chosen correctly, or fish there is beginning to do a peck with lunch and local sat across on pocket seats.

Negative: The fishing line is Kosadaka 0.115 mm on dog leashes but also full. If who has or wants its have, then my I.M.H.O., better not have!




In some least, presytivshis prudovoy fishing, very wanted fishing examine alternative treatments for river, and so as on city flows Seversky Donets, choice was made easily.

Had gone with colleague on work and sovesti on life on two machines with morning in dissapointed and with dawn in 5 hours already found point, where been decided was harvest. Air already was for 20, the sky a clear, pressure was 745-748 mm (though not am confident, this data Comrade Gismeteo).

I?eyoaeu took out a spinner and went caning the brook murmured small yellow going for a spin (on Mepps perhaps 0).

I same took out Shimano Nexave until 100 grams and began prostukivat, these little check-in bottom. In a result research review, that there is brovochka on 75 and on 50 turnover 4,000 a coil Shimano. Far point went process the above feeder on a long length of his with coil Catana and pletney PP (which white), and more round 6 point been decided was provide for work also multi-fideru Satana until 70 grams on his a long length of his with coil Alivio the same producer with 4,000 shpuley.

With start-up zakorm and deal matter.

Needs be noted, that in place industrialized fishing Seversky Donets plans to become the first in his life storage pond (Belgorodskim) and so on elder feeder there's gravy round in 40 grams + prikormka, but on younger, 15 grams + prikormka stood still and nowhere not F. Unfortunately, very want swim on during, but I get out on flow, perhaps, only next week.

Several words about prikormke. Already traditionally for themselves'm using prikormku Igor Timokhi (base) + Dmitri Salapina fiscal bag for until 20% from weight base. Works all remarkable, fish collects and feeds successfully. Change only aromy, for attract species on focuses instead the composition.

In this time used chocolate smells prescription Igor, only Igor excuse in oblegchennom version (not was homes cinnamon), but even and in oblegchennom version chocolate smells was such, that I it comes if it comes was not from home, then you would with to prikormku. In end, after launch zakorma fish teetered on spots and poklevyvala. The nozzle sitch - maggot net and flavored with powder vanilla.

Here is so looked my place stationing:

This high, ruslovoy Bank maybe there (Siverskyi Donets River), on which get now impossible, because there people built estates.

D seek other opportunities approach to ruslovomu Bank, because as Donets very rich fish tank all, yes here is in pursuit of prudovoy fish has lost I knowledge about his ulovistykh and gluematerials places.

This here is my the catch of the:

Ah and this fish days!

The entire fish, incidentally, traveled in native element do.

Now negative.

1. From-for stupid filament 0.115 Kodasaka lost 8 tug ropes on powerful poklevkakh. New leashes are impose there is no time, and old still units 40, here is from-for laziness, under survey, blazhaschem Donets River, their there and do I!

In skilled such subtler leashes are for examine alternative treatments for river fish.

2. Lost two trough. One zakormochnuyu. Otstrelilas I have with PP (himself over a laughed, perhaps, not has awakened then still). And lost the feeder, when on poklevke fish got her its in brovku, I simply not so many its through brovku.

3. PP is worth on a coil the second season and severely lokhmatitsya, yes and the entire any, in short stop liking you!

All luck on church!

P.S. Colleague shagged 3 bass and 2 the vanishing, and we with him quickly gathered, because as on this day was planned still many different pleasant affairs!

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Nikolaich wrote:

Just half an hour of exercise from home? Not, us would your realities!

You know, he at all even 10 minutes from home. Who where lives. Seversky Donets divides city in half. I entire life had lived under in district J. D. Station, so there me was only bridge to move and I already on it.

Unfortunately, he became in atop during (under emotional outburst during in city) strongly zarastat. In 60s past century built the TPS and for successful work refrigerant launched tolstoloba. He specifically grew until 20-25-30-35 kg (personally saw on 28 kg), but scurvid marriages his just raised and so already years seven Seversky Donets higher urban the beach for me represents a dispiriting zarosshee spectacle.

Options industrialized fishing on it now little. This or created, which also entangled in networks and little porches from-for mass construction Kalviu palaces or below dam, but there he uzkovat, and expand is beginning to only in Ogurtsovo (one of my favourite my seats fishing in "naughty" Soviet years), and this already territory the other countries, albeit to go me there 43 km. Here is how something so!

So when speak, that you gonna go on Seversky Donets not always understand - why? But this is nonsense, I think, can find the money about 5 seats, where d fiderit in its pleasure.

And here is ice fishing on created simply frieses. Leschi for trekhu (even!) vletayut! Me until no! :)



An excellent report!

There is question, this water already so blooms or simply on photo so seems?




There are question, this water already so blooms or simply on photo so seems?

All is true! Blooms it is unrealistic. In the same day was on Severski Donce, fuck with family and friends on the shish kebab in New Tavolzhanke (for 7 kilometers from Ukraine), water not blooms, but the grasses, too, highly climbed!



Super fishing, and report, approach professional! Photo remarkable, dis'n loverly! :cool:



Mstislav, and you always so fidery're putting as on photo? I here is, if two I got it, the the first (closer to water) am installing higher second - then under podsechke pushed not prevents.



bond wrote:

Mstislav, and you always so fidery're putting as on photo?

Yes! And when was course, too,. I have is worth everywhere pletnya and leapfrog, as you himself understand, not very big of the amplitude. So, I strike on diagonally and problems with so location there is no. Although, when was Flagmanovskaya course fidery lay on the most extreme pazakh the flapper Wings.



Report requires a small additions on oparyshu. I in sight missed. Moldy worm I'm using gv, not know there is such in Ukraine? Have us this maggot gv, i.e.. Quartet-engineered and not okuklivayuschiysya until 2 years. So here is, maggot not very large, but a good! :)

There is only here is what on him surveillance. Flavored with Ethereal oils he on second week zadokhsya, and here is the, who was aromated embalmed by special powder vanilla, was pretty chipper this morning.

So here is to what this I, simply this maggot have us is gathering popularity, and people says no he moldy worm gets.

Photo boxes, by the as any'll post an!

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Wu us this maggot gv, i.e.. Quartet-engineered and not okuklivayuschiysya until 2 years.

Here is this yes. And that is obtained, even in the heat a host day lies and not okuklivaetsya? Class. Bought 2-3 helpings, and on the whole season :)

Yes, incidentally, and he differs on helpings and price? Have us is worth 1 Portia - 8 Grzywna (.



The usual maggot have us is worth 28-30 rubles. This is worth 30-35 rubles. On kind of their there so much same. Bythe piece I not believed. Deposited realistically very long



For suddenly svalivshimisya vast problems at work there is no forces write a good report, so write simply in.

In Sadecki Saturday decided with two males friends to jerk on one of bays Blgorodskogo sea. Weather was favorable, the road not long, and plans large-leschevymi. Unfortunately only a recent not awry. But on order.

Arriving on place, I became has consistently and men, bottom, i?eyoaeu throwing out the line donku and poplavochnoe place it, and another, my friend began witnessed Shimano Catana 3-15 grams caning makes watery murmured. Roughly with 3 wiring hanged himself okunishko, then slightly more, then still lot more, then still lot more, then still lot more and ended this middle brother (somewhere 150 grams) and my the end of shatter trawling.

Bottom it turned out malofideroperspektivnym and I zakormil point on 50 and 35 meters away. Prikormku used tighter, that and previously, with adding chocolate a mixture on Timokhe in full its prescription. British, these with President were those same, that and previously, produced in country rising sun (this you the Japanese're lying for good reason, the Chinese produce for).

Zakormilsya. Deal not immediately matter!

In this time my friends on company fishing pole and donku with paternosterom began to sipping plotvo-a white bream very successfully. Minutes through 10 pulled down on prikormku a fish, and with two points, very often even filled with double ought buck became harvest podleschikov ladoshechnogo his, and also slightly more ladoshechnogo size hands my almost 2-'s year-old daughter of!

In end fishing they were catching, perhaps, units on 30 small fish, with I precisely more Hi. Did you podleschikov. Been caught we on perlovku, kolorirovannuyu in Royal color and moldy worm, with I only on moldy worm.

Fish I its authorized a buddy on training Friday night beer alcoholism, so as wife with fish tank home monetize will only zapekanochnogo species. In this ties, if d, alive, and not sacked in weekend on nose which, 'm going to go izlavlivat prudovogo pork.

Yes, slightly not forgot, sat on the new got - socks off. Photo his and me on it will make in the next fishing. Chair - not firm, but is worth normally!

Ah and traditionally:

Place stationing (garbage not our) its and part of maneuver we take:

Species with seats stationing:

The catch of the on two:



All with nastupivshim! Luck all, health and happiness in New Year! Wish all in 2010, to on favourite fishing you have was so much time how many you need to! With Happy New Year!

Ah so as quite long on forum not walking :D, and fish catching with belatedly couple of their reports.


Favorite state present the output day, and far his spend vlyublennomu in fishing trip? Correctly, on favorite attractive opportunity.

Day Smith caliginous, frost from -5 with morning, until -3 day on a reservoir. Hasn't's flipping out snow in the form of groats. Arrived for my the river about 13 days. Specchiolla to community, which chose for stationing, met spinningistov only that health. In end and have them, and also have all whom met today, was third convocation.

In general, dislotsiruyus, such here is kind of on the canal:

'm be preparing prikormku and tools fishing.

Prikormku today used chip Marshak a dace + 250 grams scale very + the remnants of male hercules beetle with expired the maturity strangest (half a pack of). The pourer prepared the in the form of moldy worm gv and very.

'm markerovatsya bottom and understand, that mark bottom need to specifically for this intended connected float switch! In general, on markerovaniyu I have until more questions, than answers. So answers on them, perhaps, will give me season 2010.

, I take it out feeder and dzhiguyu bottom. Queen shows the availability of smoothly enhancing trough with small 3000m and after him grandeur rocks, pretty ones or clams. Solve the feed two point: Type brovku and the assistant with shell (what, stones).

On far distance wise Shimano NEXAVE Multi until 100 grams on a long length of his, equipped with pletnyoy PP 0.1 mm with together on it paternosterom, knocked-up 1992 Rio Framework a square the feeding trough in 35 grams and a leash around hadn mm with with the connecting hook # 12 from OWNER series of PIN Hook. Mountain on 2 oz. Subsequently incidentally, dog leashes but also, a long 55 centimeters, pose with type driver the same series of the same producer, but only # 14. The coil was used zadnefriktsionnaya a similar producer series of CATANA with size of shpuli 4,000.

Round 6 point went execute orders Shimano CATANA Multi until 70 grams on a long length of his, equipped with pletney FL 0.1 mm gray so same with nakruchennym on it paternosterom an esteemed S. , dog leashes but also and hooks similar previously the specified, and vershinku in 0.75 oz in workplace of state of helped cock round there's gravy KOSTAL in 15 grams lead.

The coil ALIVIO 4,000 with backdating friktsionom.

Douvlazhnilsya and works. Has taken a sip nice cup of tea - done smoothly leaves move in humanity, priboynoy waves of. Perezabros. 'm meditating on done. Perezabros, preceded by mokanie the pinnacle: Diving, and also their manual cleansing ice. Perezabros, perezabros, perezabros At nadtsatom perezabrose understand, that cleansing ice with vershinok 2 types this already mazakhizm'm cleaning up NEXAVE and enleve only on CATANA.

Perezabros, perezabros, perezabros To not bore, in 16.00 I take pace of 100. Became business. 100 - perezabros, 100 - perezabros 100, yes there is no, keep up only until 40, and Mountain shivers - leapfrog and on how late rope someone tries to exert resistance. Someone immutable with palm, not on progonist and wears name of a dace. Impose, 50, shivers and molodsha sister ladoshechnoy stress at being held captive traveled in a hatchling pond.

40 and nothing, 50 and nothing. A return to 100. Perezabros, perezabros, shivers and month - kholostaya. Perezabros, wtf and all. In sense on today all. Pokormil still fish, to winter it was I feel safer survive and began flock, so as already grew dark.

And season something sooner on open turning a blind, to the same crisp intends to to give up. If so, yes with sun, yes with o 'the morning to, yes with approach to prikormke with mind. A dace can still one more time please.

And two autumn beauties I had let in native element do. Out-sailed, sweep the tail.
Thank you them - exhilarating to!

P.S. And could would not to go Who something the other would report for me wrote. And I it comes sippin drooled.
And so sit a satisfied here is and think, that love fishing trip, love feeder.

P.S.S. Still with Dimonom got acquainted. Helped him troshki Dimon not followed in!


Continue to their the later fishing on Severski Donce, fuck.

Today traveled in 7.30 am with thoughts remains ready about how, that well would was to visit again bays below dam. However in anybody kept options and bays Donets River in Olshantse and still couple of points. To drive on city encounter going in side stop for fisherman with bagpack and zachekhlyonnymi tip here. So as understand, that him and me on path skidding, skidding, skidding and say: Man... .hit!. Morning in sight even not quite time come in the brain, as it turned out Alexander, and, explaining to the him, that I his saw from is far, are starting already a joint movement.

Razgovorivshis discover that Sanya plans to to visit its in rock-star place about US $2.5 health centre, where he yesterday well otlovilsya, favour on today, I also made, sit.

Under his influence I solve the, too, there swim, good lavlival there not times. Sanya got excited about that and accommodating proposed me share with him prikormlennoe place, but I refused, so as on detail by explained him, that with President I have are worth not token relatively normal people :rofl: Well fond farewells to each other, and he went right, and me lay in the road through wood left.

Arrived here is on that place:

Think many fly fishermen Bilhorod know this point. Visually, slightly downstream was group from 10 fishermen. On sparse their sitting and not activity I understood, that this poplavochniki on dace.

Razchekhlilsya and I. Used today the same renamed, that and in past the remittances of with climate only length udilisch. All were on brief length of his, so as very long drives zabrosy not there.

Find 2 style of on 80 and on 40 scandisk reel and on far wise 5 unequal feeders. Round 6 solve the feed in the process industrialized fishing ordinary temple zabrosami (not quite the right, incidentally, on today tactic).

Couple of words about prikormke. Decisional laziness not allowed hook up its, so all simply - chip Marshak , but bream! + 250 grams scale very and decided to all-??? add aromy. In as a aromy bought have children average Asia, which traded spices, once ground pomegranate and on one package blue added gender helpings pomegranate. Smells have prikormki became thinly koriandrovym, slightly scoring a smells dried very.

The bait - sandwich from moldy worm and very.

Zabrosilsya and immediately strengthened wind until tangible impulses. Ah think time popit tea, the more the first poklevka happens precisely in this time. Not in this time. Tea dopit - poklevok zero!

Ah, to be bored am not expected, I take pace of 200 and on 3 zabrosa on round 6 do one on far. Perhaps, on 4 zabrose Mountain tilted that not in humanity, wave of, strike, and nano podleschik went in a hatchling pond. Ah, as say fly fishermen-athletes, from zero is gone, means, fish harvest becomes. 'm throwing up bricks here and, tinder wind significantly pivot corrects my impose. Think okay. Increasingly would still wind not ugomonen and not fact, that the next impose will happier than.

Sit, believe. Snapilicious, vershinka've lost with dimensional sensitivity, recall moment Alexander, which spoke, that yesterday have him a dace very neatly klevala and strike. Grapple notable crap. Vymatyvayu - is a master dam. So think, not ice, times owner took, then, as is considered - worthwhile fish NO!

Wind as something spans, remont, pace of on 100 and on what something zabrose again I put it right the feeder not there and again is a master. Not lost heart, 'm feeding. Impose, yanks the feeder with trajectory and enleve perch. Modicum what diversity. Three species fish on today caught. At all'm just mulling things over - PETER GUTH!

Continue to feed Carefully 10 hours on a near happens poklevka, strike - the first on today plotvitsa. 'm feeding on 100. But already on 5 zabrose poklevka happens on 40. And further poklevki went on expense from 40 until maximum 120. ???? their character was very so. From very neat, until on-spring evil. This alignment me aren. Hasn't'm on fishermen, sprouted up on the opposite Bank and see, that they nor what not dragged off, think: have said: So tactic I have somewhere true to!.

On the far-shagged only 3 poklevki, but evil, sweep (martial arts) idle and hooks returned without nozzles. One poklevka only was implemented with the far-- is a master in 2 times more its brethren.

Fish-sicles has drawn to the end of, on latest zabrose shagged a white bream close to ladoshechnomu, meanwhile catch, had let fish in the river and zasobiralsya the treasure of.

One only one of these in went in minus, so as very deeply say--, that even extractor not helped and a hook remained in ershe.

Conclusion: Until sooner open turning a blind. If will endure warmly, there a dace can still times please. What I and wish our belgorodskim fishers.

P.S. Today before fishing was shaving. Not believe superstitions!

P.S.S. Nor one exit predators.



Greetings. You know we in Kharkiv a extreme times on levees a small reservoir roughly 28 30 November. A with some fideristom (toch) and matchevikom (Oleg). Sat across all together, the five of us with massacres at regular intervals 5-7 meters from each other. Staged a mini-contest. Outcome - have athletes kilograms of on 2, and have us where the on and a half in these a dace with loskiryom (bream weight 100-150 gr). Until this traveled every weekend on Slobozhans created (, too, on River S. Donets) and every weekend been caught, neeeeeeeeee, not been caught, and baled dace vesm from 120 -150 gr. Catches times reaching 8 kg - sheets there is on perevody Forum. I to what all of this say, you razsuzhdal in report to fish or not to fish in such cold time, we were fishing with steeply and I understand that until strong frosts there d to fish to the last opportunities, perishing could not to imagine that this winter of will such long. All the more, together useful information prodemonstrirovanoy Tokhoy neuspeli explicit, yes and some tackle bought sports. Were attempts to ride with Tokhoy on sbos Pecheneg, but reduced the not give, yes and took ill here is how out of. Make your dreams come true as any to us in Kharkiv (on rail train), I have end up, it (apartment one bedroom), vodka's a have a drink, and with morning we you indulge klasnoy fishing on Pechenigy. We blow our EMP there immediately after the vanishing ice. Our comrade torchbearer -poplavochnik Snisarenko Sergei but there in companies of experienced guys in this time with trawling on match. Yes, in Kharkiv in this year will is conducted contest on fideru jointly with poplavochnikami - not rating, and festival, with shashlyk and zastolem in late, mercy of ask. Incidentally, we in footprint. Year in independent teammate on fideru!

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I unambiguously to you arrive! Thank you for proposal you and Anton! Himself oblizyvayus from species Artyomovskoy levees. I truth in rate, that not vsyotak simply you have there with pay. Even on days rally implemented.
I will only on machine, because not illustrate as the entire fidernyy Remy- bad luck in rail train.
And even Sanya! vot read, that kharkovchane drive in category: Pechenegs, Eskhar, Figurovku, camping on E. Attend precisely these seats on Severski Donce, fuck and there is no trips utterly in Ogurtsovo. When we were one country, then very often received there on recreation. Width Donets River there as me, neither memories from childhood about 100 meters, yes and shared like confirms, approaches there to River then were superior can be mnozhetstvo fishermen to place, and nature slice, as this separate conversation. Was this truth in 80-'s.
Have us here in city of fidernoe movement is beginning to recruit traction. A friend appointed an moderom on local as the Frost, about 5 man have good some tackle and sustainable understanding of as industrialized fishing, even about 5 are planning exits on a new level in feeder and about 5-7 man await Spring, show speeches local fidermenov and perhaps will flock. Part of close timing fidermenov have sustainable the link with Kharkov. So that, if God will give the let us meet with fiderami! :flag:



Ah on Pechenigy want do pay for 10 Grzywna (, this roughly 1 $, here deal principle. Now you have to admit it on 10 Grzywna (disambiguation), and in footprint. Year will 50. Arrived chief of rybinspektsii with a lawyer an impostor on session independent federation and began to all to piss off, here is and sent their. Deal in is that on Pechenigy in average every day is fishing about thousands of fishermen, umnozh on 10, then even on 30 days, it is understandable why guys zapping and. Increasingly would still 10 UAH - this not money, I propose a you much sit-round gathering edinomyshlenikov (diabolical on it comes to shagging fiderom of experienced guys) have a fire with vodka and shashlyk after all too memorable fishing. I have putyovaya tent KAMPUS - shestimesnaya, a new. Only imagine, category: Pechenegs - created a long more 60 kilometers and wide a mile. Nature in hunt. Fish are they biting have all, and have us so those more.



Sanya! I agreeable! If press will on the process, and I alive-well the I you have. With this mono three already spring! With Anton witnessed familiar with you, can Sergei Popov prognoses!



Russia, Bilgorod, the Sensible 07.03.10 year.
Please, this report is contra-indicated for susceptible and faint of heart.:D
Today reunited in 7 morning with Valera aka Vl, aka val19981 have bridge through small river Razumenku, which is leftist inflows Siverskyi Donets River, dodamies seek seats, which will delight previously spring plotvoy.
Seats sought long, so as twice dug up on and off and tyagali from curiously flats my car. If it comes were not on 2 machines, was it comes very me fun :canthearyou:.
In end at, found place. Along the projected seats industrialized fishing flowing small such black islets that lend the us clearly understand, that harvest we gathered in River, which not freezes on reason flow fan urban clearing facilities. Individual and even times imposing, that not for fish tank we toured, but on fishing trip return to the auto their and we pull fidernoe junk.
Several words about weather. Temperatures -5 -2S, the variable cloud cover, sometimes vyglyadyvalo the sun, just took it out snow, wind to 5 flushed / with with aspirations. Here is in such conditions we decided harvest.
Valery subsequently I think would complement report from themselves, about its prikormke and game those seen.
I today catching Shimano CATANA up mult until 70 gr, on his brief length of his, camping on E. 2.7 Dam. For few years first time catching with mono (TRABUCCO MATCH 0.2 mm the green). The fishing line is was it's on Shimano CATANA 2,500 zadnefriktsionnuyu. Leashes are were used a long 60 centimeters 0.12 SMART with crocheted GAMAKATSU 1310 # 14. Immediately on a hook want say, that confirmed words Sergei ZOOM about how, that a hook acute, lip plotve holds well, but springs and moreover, one leave one in the chamber on Handguards. Generally opinion on a hook until sooner to do, but already all looks as if certain thought.
There's gravy UNAIDS melkoobyomnaya square 20 "grape"., vershinka 1 oz.
Prikormku first time used Trapper winter of bream. Fish-sicles worked. Has vividly expressed koriandrovyy flavor, yellow color of, with presence of seed average faction. Under watering, is behaving predictably. Truth 2-3 times not're clearing out from trough for 2 minutes, although'm lubricated was until fortune active , but the so say accident or costs 3 monthly my spells of unemployment. Fish-sicles was upgraded by Motyl in size one coarse package.
Catching on sandwich 3 motylika + oparik.
Penetrate structure trawling I have not broke a, so as silnoporyvnyy wind and mono me slightly't activating, so, obtaining recommendations from Valera, which previously already eiaee in this place, 'm tossing handfuls on direction, which was about 25 meters from Bank.
'll release without launch zakorma, producing perezabrosy on 100. Six perezabrosov poklyovok there is no. 'm perezabrasyvat on 200 , simultaneously conversed with Valera about high-priority gills and at all slightly-slightly for a million years , so as it is our with him the first, but not the latter the joint fishing.
First fish I caught in - 10.45. Saws tea, flinched a form, on character a slight shudder. Understood, that samozasek and quietly journey took it out of. The first plotvichka grams on 30-50 in 2010. The first fish in 2010! Pictures truth there is no, so as I phote not took, it's a cell is out of battery, and Valery a bit was photographing nature of and I think would complement amply todays illegally.
Over time razmochil expense and Valery. Been caught we until 13.00 got screwed about 10 small fish on everyone, several idle and obsosov. Their idle eliminating with use of mono and those, that udilishcheform on stand, and komlem on earth, and I stood entire fishing trip on feet, so as sit down there me not got the chance possible. For this reason povzdykhali with Valera about desire have chair Korum over time for themselves.
A kickass fishing. In thorny weather and aesthetic conditions have been able put on prikormku and to capture fish. Is famously conducted time!
Ask this fishing in accordance with weather conditions would count towards us as winter feeder , but and rannevesenniy ", too,!
P.S. If fish not pro-active, then not precise impose from-for wind even on meter shift to the or to the left select me without poklyovki and accounted for vymatyvat and perezabrasyvat. Perishing put fish on the table nechyo the smearing prikormochnoe blot!

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Ah so say'll interject senior Comrade!
Hope on miracle catches not was immediately, simply like swim fiderom, on year old! All the more a new Szymanowski Picker required fishing.
Brought together Picker, the coil 2,500 Katana, the fishing line is 0.22 mono cheap for 90re 100 meters, there's gravy, the jewels 15 gr. Weight from baklazhki on method Igor Cheboryukova, ceasing hadn SLR, hook 14 Gamakatsu as have of Glory. A montage - Pater Noster (disambiguation) .
With start-up zakorm not did, immediately set, yes and it is unclear where feed, perishing very a body of water not ordinary.
Fish-sicles was used thing's homemade with kakavoy and your coriander + salapinskaya gruel. The nozzle sitch - two a butterworm and oparik.
Not was biting, long, to the same wind in yo 'face. - and wave of the good, so that the first fish "hang itself", i.e. under perezabrose was discerned plotvichka on the hook. Fish otpuskalas immediately same in native element do. So here is with long refreshed in the interval I was been seized even a few individuals small fry and vice ago.
Thank, as more experienced comrade, of course same me oblovil ;) ;)
Not suspected, that such catch may please. Euro Taekwondo exasperated!
Pikerok poraduvav, even social 30 gr small fry was very will pounder, very informative and posylistaya tackle, neterpitstsa simply an swim its of spring a hungry!
Two auto, a shovel and towing cable very help on subsequent quarters! ;D ;D ;D







. Producing perezabrosy on 100. Six perezabrosov poklyovok there is no. 'm perezabrasyvat on 200

Explain it to, that this such.
Pro "cargo 200" know. :(



Perezabros on "100" - this believe until 100, then perezabros. On-my so. zhyttja, errori before Slava that fit forward



bond wrote:

we were right, that this such. Pro "cargo 200" know.

Their understand. These athletes it seems changed my the mind. I now try to put to follow only their recommendations.
Perezabrasyvayu on expense.
Initially fishing, if fish pro-active, then on first zabrose'm considered until poklyovki. Then perezabrasyvayu only in this pace.
If pace of is accelerating, then I'm accelerating and I.
Naturally speech is faring under it comes to shagging on one feeder.
Vecherinok, Id say on confidence :blush: shot me bear in fidersport. Where only he nearby not know. Think, that those gaps in knowledge ustranyatsya only on sorevakh.
And these, you himself y- You know who, simply so not open expertize. 'll have to get of watch, as me will to beat, Slippery to so same then to answer. :cool:
Increasingly naturally until on level fittest desires.
P.S. I many wrote, and Valery short but clearly responded!
P.S.S. About these the most athletessaid only with profound respect. So as precisely their advice help better understand feeder! :flag:

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val19981 wrote:

believe until 100

Javadxan. Understood. ;)
"He and you calculated!" (With)
From festival pro "a kid, which knew how considered" :D
Never, simply, not believed. Pick up volumes K on weaponry. And a brother bouncing, in humanity,, can be? ;)


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