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Super - Marathon 30, tandem

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To spend the night let us on the lake, we get there. - on the nav system, as'll drive over gonna pound you.



't seek running mate, for participation in the long, so as colleague on team not can to accept participation. Team "Fsher", but can and s name.
Who in such a same position, or simply not has running mate, now drop off bodies. In BOS.



fritzevo wrote:

Nochevat let us on the lake, we get there. - on the nav system, as'll drive over gonna pound you.

Since what hand chase case in city? Navigator on brief road volunteered you through center, and this Undesirable, zaplutaete. Best to go on bypass. And even better call back me, I you submit. My work on path haul. Bodies. Zero 67 671 18 95 Sergei



Fishing, sea Bass kdyuet right, um, but began orientalis, a body of water same. For day catches from 10-25 pounds. Began proklevyvatsya karpik and White Amur, but until not big, truth many khalovalis on precipices during poklevok.
On anyone case a bottle of a Pepsi 2-'s liter, so that Crucian carps from 300 until 800 League

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On nutrition lunch 45 Grzywna (. Dinner 35 Grzywna (. With transshipment in sector, also can be will order your water breaks, cigarettes and camping on D.
Will roll video during competition, after what's try to mount the film. So same on example cyprinids kept competition, try to wage he possibly-- layn Newsweek with definition of mid-term protocols, yes and the opposing it will be interesting. Also intermediate results in the form of protocols will shipping each team, plan every 6 hours, and there as tickles.
Still there are several seats, so that willing we invite to us on Prilbychi. Weather promises be comfortable.
On contributors, master-spender our permanent partner Company Flagman, so same prize for Big Fish with relish granted company ZEMEX ah and gifts for all participants tournaments granted company Feeder Sport, ah and to everything the organizers prepared remarkable clubs and medals.



Still team tighten up
Team Migma Propulsion Lviv
1. Grimashevich Viktor
2. remkevich Igor



Friends, I forced to lift our with Tokhoy team with) tournament, so as dates conducting coincide with the hardest to selection viewings in sbonuyu Ukraine on direct World 2014.

From companies Metsuiand Trade Mark ZEMEXam running prize to an athlete poymavshemu BIG Fish!

Imennoy a check ZEMEX Fishing Team with the face value 2000 UAH!

A check gives the right on promote allergy (purchase our products in Internet no clothing left WWW.ZEMEX.COM

Nor down nor pen, brothers!

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Here not bad otchetik on fishing to Prilbychakh I, too, was on weekends and has tried harvest carp and amur, shagged 9 poklevok, eight implemented, parent pain few on that to do rate, on an or on a major fish. Tournament promises be interesting as on fish, so and on tactics. Already began to flows in team on tournament, all very seriously prepare. A bit my small fish poymanykh on weekends
Catching on Dutch Masters in 14.2 reel what, a montage karpovyy method, the distance 85-90 flushed.

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Am asking contribute readjustments in team "Fsher" Lutsk
Instead: Telitsyn Vyacheslav - courses Viktor

A new composition:
1. Khvas Paul
2. Courses Viktor



All Hi, team are arriving, breath Newsweek.



Intermediate results here, too, chase putting? Skloubeni modicum any something news.





Results on 19 :0 0 02.05.2014



Morning Protocol



What news? Not vanquish me.



Winner the activity Feeder Team!
Protocol until that there is no.



Pdsumki Komandniy zalk sports a body of water at Lviv karpovogo club Anabelle Lake now. "Prilbychi"
1 the activity-Feeder Team culinary 73890
2 M & M's Lviv 73030
3 FeederStar Ternopl-Lvv 64760
4 Free Carp CNPF Moldova Chisinau 64630
5 Vktorya Lvv 56700
6 Fishbite Lvv 55200
7 Ternopolyan Ternopl 44640
8 Mkma Lvv 44150
9 Fsher Lutsk 41780
10 Boyky Feeder Team vorv 41340
11 vorv International Novoyavorvsk 39110
12 governments to Truskavets 37770
13 FISHMASTER lviv Lvv 36350
14 Nemo is no 36140
15 Alliance-Feeder Lvv 35940
16 Flagman-Lviv Lvv 33810
17 Ribachok Tazuki Osamu 32910
18 Palavras' yani Lvv 31030
19 Double the R Lvv 30390
20 Volin Lutsk 28910
21 Active Lviv Team Lvv 27580
22 vorv FT vorv 24720
23 set up NauSoft Novoyavorvsk 21590
24 StugnaP Lvv 13700
25 Tornado Lviv 13660
26 ZhAChOK Lvv 12850
27 Fishgaz Lvv 6810
28 FOX Lvv 4720
29 Barbus Zakarpyattya 3630



All Hi, a detailed report about the I write later, and short so 1s place, Big Fisch and Blackjack warming on common weight won team the activity-Feeder Team Propulsion Culinary with the result -73kg 890,000 gr molodtsi have decided to risk, have made rate on carp and won. 2s place took a team M & M's Propulsion Lviv we a an with the carp but even those several poklevok cyprinids kept, we successfully not implemented valid, tug ropes. Our outcome purely karasem -73kg 030gr. And third place took a team team which gathered in the latest day, FeederStar Ternopil-Lviv they have shown 64 kg 760 "grape", too, purely karasem. On zones request so, first place in zone A and Blackjack warming zone A took team Free Carp CNPF Moldova Chisinau with the result 64 kg 630 League. Zone B torn apart team Ternopolyani Propulsion Ternopil with the result 44 kg 640 "grape", also they took Blackjack warming zone.



MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7% means oae Jack warming? :dontknow:



Photo uchasnikov
Zone A

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Jack warming is an additional incentive for athletes. Before must chipped in on 100 Grzywna (. For victory in zone and on 100 Grzywna (. For a common victory. Have Blackjack-warming 900 Grzywna (. For a common victory and on 450 Grzywna (. For victory in zone.



Zone In

Photo rest uchasnikov correct then.



Here there is sheets and a bit photo



So Super-hockey. So happened, that my permanent previous Slava Telitsyn, not was able to accept participation in this Sally, so had to seek a new running mate, for a few days until contest. Fortunately for me previous was found vecherinok courses LKK (Ivory Bayun).

Specific tactics industrialized fishing, managed got to fess up to already on a reservoir, in night before Walter.
Rate have made on enleve an. Feed decided two point: Round 6 50 55 flushed, and far 70-75 forge the Round 6 nutritious with only does, far with the help kormushok and iguanas or monitor, in the hope on approach carp and amur.

In first day poklevki began roughly s10 hours. Until this a only neighbors. But several manipulation with prikormkoy, and sea Bass alighted on point and have us. A methods with dalnyaka, that on the results of first weighting brought us the second place in our zone. First place took team with several carp in catch.
Such Copy Hands, immediately pushed to doubts can be whether goldfish dealer underbid capture the karpyatnikov. But process already went, and to change Trojan on frostbite not stomach. Had to keep an on point, adding greater number of survivors components and peletsa.

But after lunch, activity fish this category, and was such sense of, that the entire Crucian was detached still further from Bank. But, but began giveaways in zone A, with as on carp we should drink a so and on karasyu.
After second weighting, wein zone. Looking on final Protocol, which brought judges, under simple mathematical calculations,, understand, that higher enable weighed down her hardly manages. But task, although would impose fight for other.

So as on Prilbychakh I was first time, then with reach nuanced judgments dam was not sign, unlike running mate, Viti. On his words of, for our zone (and this district camping on BC 4 field), we still very well rightly move. Deplorably was only one thing: After 16 hours industrialized fishing have us ended metodnye trough. Very many zatsepov, and respectively breakages and losses fish.
Night has passed quietly. Me managed to capture on boylovuyu snap one an and earn one karpovuyu poklevku, which was not realized. Hours in 4 night, I went sleep.
Morning shot at rain and an opposing pulled. Fish of solidity even more prikhotlivo, and on pace of not spy raze. Accounted for wait poklevok on 10-15 minutes.
Somewhere in 9 hours morning fishing tuzika on 2.5 kg, but compared to other, this was a drop in Sea. Have some teams in ulovakh already on several Karpov. We continued enleve an, so and have finished.
Final outcome 41,780 9 place respectively, but from 29 teams, believe this good the result.
By the Walter very exasperated, the fight was on high-level. Organizers and contributors kudos.
The only what he wants, to on next such a the long to wage laps. On carp we should drink a / Amur river separately from an. Then this will give opportunity swifter less equalize the chances fideristov against karpyatnikov. But this purely my subjective opinion.
All successes, and peace.
With respect Paul Khvas FRSVO.

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Ah here is and the long-awaited video, are looking remember and orphans as on sleduyuyuschiy year.
Want thank of our the Knyazev Sergei, for a golden work on osvtlennyu tournaments. Immediately in sight that man knows understood in fishing, podmecheny many / and interesting moments. Seryoga, all done vivid, thank you. …

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