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Busy briefing Tarasa (sportfishing)

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Here is and over the second phase the tournament "ZhRK", in this time venue for was chosen commercial hillsides in sec. Kodnya Zhytomyr area with big near scale an weight 70-100gr. A tentative play around has shown that fish very is capricious and best are they biting on the far-distance there is 35-40m where the depth of comes to 1.7-1.8m, under plug on melyak fish went only when the sun grew strongly-heat and the nalyotami. In this time unfortunately participants has targeted for annihilation not many as on first stage, 13 fideristov and 12 poplavochnikov.
Zherebyovka, pull sector # 3, in the second sector Dmitri Borsuk from of Kyiv (Champion of Ukraine 2012) means will be exiting on sticks, solve the harvest 13m and game stand line on ruslovoy the sidelines. Promeryayus shtekerom, the depth of '10 "or above on 13m, on 11 meters away 70sm. Prikormku made a sauce flagship of the series of pro kompetishn 2 package of Morgan Roach and Bream, 1 package feeder bigfish, 1 package Lake and package monster carp, adding on flakonu likvida "a dace" and "Crucian", paint over increasingly the iron and paint traper, from creatures added 0.5kg coarse very, incised worms and oparyshey. On with start-up zakorm Fr under match 10 balls and 8 balls under plug. Your fishing bobber on match, the 12gr venturiery, on shtekere 0.4 "grape" moneylender Delannoy RIVE template: S15-213, hook best worked for oparika and a butterworm # 18 Katana 1090, about ceasing 0.09mm.
Start, after first minutes calm after bombardment of prikormkoy, fish in of shock from such a number of feed and the first 15 minutes poklyovok there is no, first fish but Dima Borsuk a small plotvichku, through 10 minutes from zero'm leaving and I slightly a lesser fish, then poklyovok there is no, are starting experiments with trend to and the bait, fish speaks out! :dontknow: После первого часа узнаю что Дима Бегерский на матч поймал уже 2-х карасей и много рыбы не может засечь, перехожу на матч и за 15 минут ловлю 3 карася, после этого Дима Борсук начинает раскармливать точку под штекером при помощи чашки(Pole Cup) и это приносит ему первого карасика, потом несколько мелких рыбок, на третьем часу Дима начинает наращивать тем в ловле карасика, в перемежку с плотвой, я переодически пытаюсь поймать на штекер карася, но точка молчит, не принося мне долгожданных поклёвок карася, ловлю штекером усложнял сильный боковой и встречный ветер. So a variable catching one shtekerom and drawings contest caught 644gr fish (8 karasey and 1 plotvichku) policies--and 3’s place, but these 2’s place Dima Begerskomu (1134gr) and 1’s to Dmitrii Borsuku with different weight capture of (3145gr).
Contest over on high-level without episodes, following the award was cultural program in the form of tasty caldrons and hot ofjuicy shashlychka!! :cool:
A huge lasting gratitude sponsor companies flagship for permanent support our globally televised tournaments in a tough sweet time superb prizes!

With respect the woodpecker Taras!!



Today after work decided to have in deeds its a new vyigrannyy feeder flagship of the power carbon 3.6m, on feeder put the most soft vershinku, so as eiaee with the feeding trough 15gr on distance there is 28-22m and tide virtually not was no, to the same was calm without wind, rare phenomenon in the last time.

Made a sauce'll give you and well themselves beautifull composition prikormki 1 cover slips flagship of the much a dace + 1 cover slips feeder much fish + 1 a bottle of likvida a dace + 150 g coarse very, can dig and the dye not inscription, prikormka acquired black color thanks to prikormke much a dace. Place industrialized fishing chose promenade in park behalf of Yuri Gagarin on River often. The bait night crawlers and maggot, the main raskosami 0.16, ceasing decided not melchit as in poplavochnoy it comes to shagging and put 0.12mm, hooks # 16-20.

Prikormku did active, so as time on fishing trip was just two hours, zaklipsovalsya on ruslovoy the sidelines on distance 28-22m and began periodically harvest gustyorku in these with podleschikami. Today’s shifting catch dozen dimensional podleschikov and two dozen gustery!



sportfishing wrote:

Today after work decided to have in deeds its a new vyigrannyy feeder flagship of the power carbon 3.6m, on feeder put the most soft vershinku, so as catching with the feeding trough 15gr on distance there is 28-22m and tide virtually not was no, to the same was calm without wind, rare phenomenon in the last time.

Taras! And as you feeder?



, too, like would to know, as you feeder? Think about his purchase



Yuri wrote:

Taras! And as you feeder?

I fiderom the last time catching in 2007, in principle normal, himself fiderok, too, nothing so myagkovat, but and enleve I increasingly same minute kormukhami. Yesterday again a on La in park behalf of Yuri Gagarin on feeder, composition prikormki the same (flagship of the much a dace + feeder big Fisch + the Liquid a dace), in catch one Crucian, many gustery and podleschiki 130-300gramm, for has intensified from-for rain had to questioning trough a lot heavier than me. Best worked the most petty kormukha fidersport on 42gr, from-for negligence two as, then put mikrushnuyu kormukhu from drenan 30gr and deal matter. Hook maver Katana 1090 # 18-20, the bait white oparik + 2-4 a butterworm, dokorm did with only does on 35-40m. Many podlescha’on stern, but from-for huge number of katamaranschikov and lodochnikov ever responds reluctantly, accounted for many feed. That most interesting with big the feeding trough are they biting nick and fence, and with petty fish bigger than others.

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gnomsan wrote:

Also like would to know, as you feeder? Think about his purchase

Stick is not a bad on its budget, you can borrow if you like paraboliki!! I have in club many fideristy gets caught these udilischami!!



Today on evening after work went on several hours spend some time fishing fiderom in cleanest mainstream Gagarin on promenade. Fish-sicles flagship of the Lake + feeder bigfish + much a dace-bream black color of + the Liquid flagship of the bream beldzh, the bait night crawlers and oparik. Today in catch several massive karasey and podleschikov + many gustery!



With Saturday on Sunday decided to with friends go fishing fiderami in drying cities Zhytomyr on La behalf of Yuri Gagarin, initially wanted to go in another place on a fish bigger guy, but torrential rains forced reverse place alleged fishing.
Prikormki made a sauce two the composition: 1 th - one packet of prikormki flagship of the pro kompetishn feeder big Fisch + monster carp + 1 a bottle of likvida flagship of the big Fisch; 2 th - 8kg pereseyannoy crude brown clay through 5mm a sieve, then added two packs Kopra lelassy + packet of prikormki Lake, increasingly carefully he continued whisk and pereseyal through a sieve 3mm banishing entire a major faction + added directly on the most fishing in this prikormku from clay fermented extracts maize and pshenitsupo prescription Sergei Popova - for that separate kudos :cool:. The bait the worm, night crawlers, oparik and color the boot in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo, at night better worked oparik + the worm, on the morning better oparik + 3 a butterworm on the hook Katana 1215A # 16, ceasing SLR 0.09mm 25sm, installation of "Pater Noster (disambiguation)."

To nashemuneschastyu level of rivers rose and has moved any donnaya vegetation on River in the form of woods and algae, that very strongly was fouling crime as and as such, had to questioning crime as 50 g of, at night fish particularly not the bones, caught one poleschika 210gr and six gustyorok, but have bats, touching their his as such, issuing for false poklyovku.

With dawn fish activated and starters aktivnenko peck on a near the sidelines in about 20m from Bank, that most interesting prikormka from clay has put on point karasey and managed fish them 3 ?o consecutive, then unleashed a white bream 300-400gr on gender path and poklyovki "bonus imaginations" reversed itself.

With the sunrise sun starters fish peck even make more active, but need was already flock home, on latest hour's fishing caught a white bream 360gr and dozen gustyor zaverschil fishing in "Day Rybak's" than remained exasperated!!



Yesterday over fishing game flagship of the in which adopted participation, in a result policies--and 7’s place, but has excelled talismanic the most a major fish tournament’s bream 1178gr



Krasavela :cool: + 1. What hook and dozen fishing line of yours?



As at all sensations from industrialized fishing on sees?



duffy333 wrote:

How at all sensations from industrialized fishing on sees?

Quay of Dnepr my the most a favorite a body of water, a pity that rarely manages swim on it. More just likes might dneprovskoy fish. Until this moment my the largest fish interpreted on La perch 300gramm, although before often klevali leschi, but not Waals in the time vyvazhivat a major fish always after not long struggle followed precipices defence wakes up aggressivity! Yesterday I did rate on more a major fish and shoveling krupnofraktsionnuyu prikormku, adding aromatiku on bream and gusteru, so as on preliminary information small fry being asked, in particular on bream, but more one to capture not managed, was podleschik 50 g of and increasingly, I dokarmlival balls with rezanym by a worm, vyderzhivaya pause and turning over snap, then dokarmlival balloons with large number of nasadochnogo a butterworm, but alas a major fish more not the bones. Incidentally in Zhytomyr under using this the composition prikormki me a dace never family cats, and here has become on fodder and amounted to 60% my capture of. Catching on dipovanyy in sensase "a dace" a twist maggot + night crawlers, on moldy worm without a butterworm slightly longer need was wait poklevku.



Alexcd83 wrote:

Skyfall dneprovskim measure this podleschik
I congratulate!

Can be and podleschik on your measure, but have us in Zhytomyr a bream is considered fish from 1 kg, so same copies of get caught until 4.5kg not punier when one realizes Dnipro River Hills, but on strength of course our a bit from the club until dneprovskoy fish!

I so understood, that man 15 only time come?

16 man from 40 zaregistrirovanykh!



Stop-Tranzit wrote:

Krasavela + 1. What hook and dozen fishing line of yours?

Ceasing 0.07mm SLR, hook Maver Katana 1090 # 20



In Saturday after work on evening traveled with mate spend some time fishing on the river often below traits cities on strong during, according to fishermen began there peck sea Bass and bream, and so same in prilove examine alternative treatments for river a carp. I catching shtekerom on flat making the shtekerom 25-35gramm in the system, and comrade on feeder. Prikormku made a sauce on two 1 package flagship of the series of pro competition "feeder big fish" and "big Roach and bream", adding two the bottle likvida big Fisch + 3 package flavored clay flagship of the bream from calculus on a strong techeniie (Turkic what I’d say that clay this more suited for industrialized fishing with kormushkami on during or for industrialized fishing host at middle the passage, than for industrialized fishing with connected float switch on strong during, lacks of polyurethane).
Zakormil place industrialized fishing 7 5322991 size of with big orange began enleve, in end for 1.5 hours industrialized fishing was me been seized 4 an, 2 perch, 2 ukleyki and 1 gustyorka, outcome fishing not aren of course, but increasingly same I exasperated, so as in this year not yet catching on strong during and necessarily there return and'm gonna beef up outcome.



Saturday fishing in Zhytomyr on River often, cast get back a little video, the first Hi, as the saying goes.



Was feeding under a floater, so as hook with the bait downstream on details shleyfu passes!



Today with his exclusive video interview decided Myslivny swim in connectors in drying cities, place industrialized fishing chose promenade in park behalf of Yuri Gagarin, prikormku US flagship of the series of pro kompetishn "much a dace, bream" and "feeder big Fisch" + the Liquid flagship of the a dace + can dig flagship of the a dace (decided to try interesting), the bait oparik + night crawlers (sammich).
A three hours, klevala first bleak with gusteroy, then managed put podleschikov on fodder, albeit not big until 100 grams, dokarmlival ball pit prikormki with adding nasadochnogo very.



Promo the commercial with rolled fishing.



Yesterday managed with Jura Voznyukom, his exclusive video interview and by roller hour or so before work swim perch on side ceasing, cargo 5gramm olive, hook S-59 # 8, inch twister relax color caramel, for industrialized fishing used match ultralayt 5-15gramm test. For hour caught and a half dozen tigers striped barons weight 30-150gramm.



Full version of video with fishing in drying cities!!



Zavyazuyu with fiderom turn on plug :D

Handsome + 1

But feeder :love:



Yesterday before work went swim predator with otvodnym a leash around, catch for hour industrialized fishing dozen bass!!



Finally managed extricate on karpovyy vodoyomchik and have themselves in karpfishinge, place industrialized fishing chose hillsides in farms Ksaverovka Chernyakhovsky cleanup in Zhytomyr area, hillsides generally known for presence of seed a captured Karpov and amurov weight until 15kg. Gear's industrialized fishing chose matchevoe udilishche and plug. Comrades broke up the fidera and karpovye cordage.

Prikormku made a sauce flagship of the khalibut metodnuyu + flagship of the of Morgan Fish series of pro kompetishn + with maize, wheat stalks and cannabis, the bait maize and green-bean mastyrka!!

NIE on water feature has shown the availability of the servant-trophy-imaginations have fishermen Karpov and amurov until 8kg, fish lovilas on boyli meat aromas, maize and on makukhu.
Zakormil two point industrialized fishing plug 11.5m and match on distance there is 35m. All islands reed. So as karpovaya fishing not is tempovoy, then decided wait approach imaginations and themselves a refill, Master a body of water Sergei Konstantinovich for opredyolyonnuyu paid provided us large now with similar fish and "the herring from tolstolobika" (all advise try, make-lickin 'good).

Driven carps us poklyovkami not brought a joy, only repelled out as dolphins trophy copies of from water, only our comrade, sitting alongside made from reed had two poklyovki large fish, even bolt cordage in kamysh and respectively breakage cordage, I meanwhile decided to known to dabble with catching karasika on moldy worm, caught about hundreds of units "zhivtsovogo size" and one on three hundred grams.
The most it catching in this time much time has not devoted, so as arrived more rest and communicate with friends, than harvest fish. Under the end of the fishing after all managed to capture melkokarpa weight 1kg

Some more fortunate rybolovam secured fish bigger than others.

Fishing and pleasure trips remained exasperated, will try even to come on this hillsides in this year!!



Read Your sheets, all was perfectly, but the latest report and photos destroyed me mood, why? Write not d, perhaps a fish pity.



оксиген wrote:

Have you read the Your sheets, all was perfectly, but the latest report and photos destroyed me mood, why? Write not d, perhaps fish pity.

Fish the kind that on the table captured not us, and master a body of water!



Here is and ended the third for the thirteenth time winning the "ZhRK"! Preparation for the tournament began to engage stance, Dima Begerskiy handled preparation degrees and protocols, and I putting and malities medals and goblet for) tournament, and so same sponsorship help.
Place tournament’s was been decided shifting on more promising, so as initially supposed place industrialized fishing was the stranglehold of the ukleyki, but on these some tackle ever responds bull, isn't he, was been decided to move on urban beach (gidropark), there and fish varied there is and conditions industrialized fishing equal, the more beach season already ended and by bathers not occurred.
Had registered had on winning the "ZhRK" 20 people (6 poplavochnikov and 14 fideristov). In place industrialized fishing the depth of a small and accounts for 1-1.8m on distance there is 20-40m, that naturally implies enleve on non-CIS vaudeville. On a lot me marks sector # 18, which is on center havens of, that not very conveniently, so as the first 15 sectors gets caught further on 15-about 20m on the ledge of than those who in Gulf. Prikormku made a sauce at first tour 3 package flagship of the big Roach and breame and 1 pack feeder big fish, added one bottle likvida plotvinogo and gender packs Kopra molasses + 1kg undercoat + 500 coarse very + 100gr Custer's.
Distance there is chose 40m (14gr Wagler), but on distance about 20m snap with 4 "grape" Bologna connected float switch.
Ouite a the distance has brought only a few fish, on box him in at front was slightly business, but increasingly would still many not realizovanykh poklyovok, in catch several plotvits, perch and ukleyki, best was biting, with a leash around 50-70 centimeters, the bait night crawlers on 20 the hook.
The first tour matter with weight capture of just 339gramm and 6 st place in zone.
The second tour me marks sector # 2, that gives reason rejoice at, so as catches here better and the depth of in place industrialized fishing on gender Dam more, prikormku solve the domeshat 1 pack feeder big Fisch and gender package Kopra molasses for industrialized fishing a white bream. Distance there is zakarmlivayu 35m (leschyovoy prikormkoy), up and several balls 13-15m from Bank'm feeding active a mixture of (immediately for coastal habitats, so as the thief time training was been presence imaginations). The first hour me brings several ukleek, constantly dokarmlivaya round 6 distance "the explosive prikormkoy" gets the put on fodder casualties and property plotvichku, the second hour'm harvest without pauses, but had forced with connected float switch in 4 grams very not play it nicely, solve the bandage snap with 4 grams on 1gramm, for more delicate industrialized fishing and deal matter in good pace, see that neighbors markedly lose in pace, but not known as gets caught the rest fideristy! So as had forced ukleyki implies frequent dokorm, then solve the put build with prikormkoy on "pedanu" under its feet (holder of for capacity with prikormkoy accidentally forgot at home) and for forty minutes until the finish line accidentally gonna tread on you build and the entire prikormka intended for active industrialized fishing poured: Diving, understand that this failure, to the same on point streams hypotensive and constantly attacks casualties on prikormlennoy point. Past gender hours have been arguing feed point, but heavy leschyovaya prikormka not attracts particularly fish and enleve only a few copies ukleyki. Numerous mistakes make strongly pass through for outcome, understand that strongly not postavlyaetsya and can simply overshoot past pedistala in another times, the second tour me brings 3’s place in zone with weight capture of 548gramm and third place in personal 80 of!

A huge lasting gratitude all participants involved participation in the, aren that in this time
Was restricted and new faces, honor, participation in for competitions first time, hope that not the last time.

A huge lasting gratitude companies "flagship" for permanent support zhitomirskikh fishing globally televised tournaments and ??????, and so same personally Alexey Pashukevicha!

With respect the woodpecker Taras!!



In past Sunday ended winning the of Kyiv on it comes to shagging fish poplavochnoy line, and together and 4 th phase series of globally televised tournaments "Kiev Open 2014" in which me poschastlivilos to accept participation. On tournament go three participants: Woodpecker Taras, Dmitri Begerskiy and Vityuk Ivan, and so same the spectator Dzyubak Igor.

Tournament there was in two round on 2.5 hours on Rusanovsky host.
Prikormki made a sauce two the composition:
1 th -aey industrialized fishing ukleyki and krasnopyorki made a sauce 1kg flagship of the "Lake", slightly not douvlazhniv to under strike turning a pile prikormki about water she was scattered in thicker water;
2 th - for by fish 3kg flagship of the pro kompetishn much a dace, bream + 1.5 feeder big Fisch, pre increasingly proseyav through 2mm a sieve, izvavivshis from major faction, no Arom and likvidov not was adding, so as water already enough the Cold and can be only harm, after dampening prikormki added 3 kg clay pereseyannoy through 2mm a sieve + 150 g Custer's + 500gr coarse very.
1 th tour me marks sector V1 (as times near apricots), in sector V2 is housed the Gene Veselkov, see that he skeptic decisively harvest casualties, I same have spread 13m plug and one makhalku old Zakarmlivayu plug 8 balls are known under aid prikormochnogo whale and several small balls under to max old The first privodki on to max bring me several small ukleek, solve the test plug, in during five minutes fish so and not caught, under makhalkoy on fodder has become bleak and quite good lovilas on property Pinku, hook best shown themselves kolmik V2000. Many was skhodov fish before as completes his turn with rpavilnym size of hook and form of. Weighing up the showed 1169gr and 4’s place in zone, the first in zone the Gene Veselkov with weight capture of 1452gr.

The second tour me marks again sector V1, solve the harvest only shtekerom, zakormiv proactively 10 balls prikormki. After start'm harvest on night crawlers property plotvichku and gustyorku, size which leave much to be desired, the first hour have been in for roof-- River Kymi Chinese burn and slime, which strongly's a little shaggy Canal, after first hours took refuge after all: Diving and deleted watery vegetation, although need was before peel the, "thought and so gonna fly, and there is no not Astroglide", only nerves itself roughed up and update labor snap. Дела наладились сразу, рыбка ловилась практически с каждого заброса, за последних 15 минут решаю идти вабанк и делать ставку на более крупную рыбу, в докормочный шар добавляю 15-20шт насадочного мотыля и отправляю в точку ловли пр помощи прикормочного кита, наживляю три мотыля на крючок №20 и практически сразу ловлю окуня 35-40гр, следующий завод штекера мне приносит окуня 50гр, до финиша остаётся 5 минут, делаю докорм с большим количеством насадочного мотыля, 3 мотыля в бой и сразу получаю мощную поклёвку сильной рыбы, думаю хороший подлещик, но увы это оказался окунь 134гр, начинаю форсировать вываживание, так какклюнул он на последней минуте, звучит финиш и только через три секунды беру его в подсачек, сразу слышу крик Андрюхи Мищука что окунь незачёт, увы не успел и пятое место в зоне с весом улова 620гр( Зону выигрывает Дима Борсук с весом улова 1760гр.

In Cup of Kyiv with ummoy seats 9 storony 9’s shameful place, and on the results of 4-'s stages "Kiev Open 2014" storony 5’s place.
Received priceless experience, which use to anyone already in next year.
A huge lasting gratitude contributors tournament’s companies "flagship" and TM "Pervak"

With respect the woodpecker Taras!



Today with wife and little daughter traveled on nature of for a holiday, and together accommodate baby girl to fishing it comes to shagging, after all this was its the first time on fishing, before she me only homes helped tied prikormku.

For fishing took 1 pack plotvinoy prikormki flagship of the sports series of +-third package undercoat plotvinogo + an improvised pastonchino scale grinding.

Prikormku made a sauce slightly not douvlazhniv, to fodder've had crashes under kosanii trawling. Place it 3m, your fishing bobber 0.5gr, the bait the boot.

The first 10 minutes poklyovok being asked, and then fish activated and starters steadily peck, in catch today was only bleak. Pretty daughter has caught today just two imaginations, but child joy there is no limit in apprehending, although then and she feared a bit take living fish in hand. Start and I think that will in further pretty daughter constrain fishing catching!

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Today made it out on fishing obrybit its spinning Cort Guitars X Extreme, so as past times this do me not managed! First decided to to go swim pikes, so as for it Spin and the Ashtree, but meeting on Bus station Valentin economic and Sergei Grechko was been decided to go with them on "Wild Bunch the river." River very strongly flat and the depth of mostly was 30-50sm, ostentatious met pit 1-toes, water was transparent and fish very grudgingly klevala, worked "mikrukha" in the form of inch worms on really shallow the hook and on ushastike 1-2gr. For several hours fishing managed me to capture about dozen "sports bass" 15-25gr. Very liked had forced careful imaginations in difficult conditions, and so same healthful company friends!


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