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Busy briefing Tarasa (sportfishing)

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In fishing Games flagship to accept participation decided to long, began to engage in preparation stance, and so same inputs of new faces for participation of my home city Zhytomyr, delegation Lies significant, feeder represented one a participant, your fishing bobber seven and spinning six people.

Toured on tournament in advance, after all on La of Dnepr Skidmark cordages in zone competition ranks a significant part of time, me marks sector # 46, wanted to harvest 13m shtekerom, and had to harvest 11.5m, but, the weather has, not produce garment at all, even until start winds a strong wind blustered my an apple box together with udilischami in Dnepr river, after what had to to do little swim-off for rigging of this ship. The depth of under 11.5m was highly acceptable 4-4.2m, can be was count on the capture of a major fish, in particular of bream, on which I in principle and-lock, crafting for prikormki 300 Custer's, 250 g of nasadochnogo very and 250 g of color kicks (coarse not inscription, so as not wanted to harvest bass).

Prikormku made a sauce with the evening even homes, to was of inertial, that need for industrialized fishing major fish, for these goals made a sauce three package yellow bream series of in + one package the iron and small fry + one pack prikormki "” Lake" series of kompetishn + 5kg bears a clay. Zakorm made masirovanym, by using slightly more than half just feed. With start enleve immediately one dace and two point; gustery, fish quite good had similar levels on two very on the hook or one color Pinku. Are they biting has been uneven, then klevala Blicca bjoerkna with plotvoy, then 1500 meters with perch. For hour until finish lisping bream and after closest struggle him managed cut ceasing about malevolent Dneprovskuyu hold a shell up. With the result 2820gr me managed take 3’s place, but these Mischuku Andryukhe 150 g.

After was awarding and decent many curiously situation from companies flagship, for that them large thank you, and so same lasting gratitude judges and participants for decent fight! Hope that and further company flagship of the will pursue this remarkable tournament!



On days taking in honor days for fisherman interview, decided to to share here



Here is and over the second phase the tournament "ZhRK" on poplavochnoy and as it catching, a huge lasting gratitude permanent our sponsor companies "flagship" and personally Alexey Pashukevichu for something that never're denying in aid!
Initially the second phase should was held in park Gagarin (Zhytomyr) in drying cities, but preliminary Bartnik have shown dreadful picture with presence of seed fish, its virtually not was, and me as the organizing this tournament’s not like to participants remained without capture of, decided to shifting on hillsides in farms Vodotyi (created).
In ties with porting have some participants not broke a to come, but this did not seriously impair us enjoying fears struggle full mischief-making.

Toured I with co-players even on the evening on the eve, skimp products for of pilaf and so snack, on water feature us already waited Mishanya Bogdanovich and Yuri Gladkov, galvanized "a good negative moods" and not only a local rybulek. On the evening Dima Begerskiy Fr a tasty plov, and we his gladly quickly received under returned cold a beer, eh.

Morning ground once very lots weather and this not particularly pleased its, so as obtain heat blow not was given as labor, was permitted to participants before start with a swim, lest not lose consciousness during round. Prikormku in this time made a sauce flagship of the feeder speaker and greater dace on two packs and poured Vanilla Sauce likvidom + several kilos pylyaschey light clay, the bait the boot color and maggot. So as preliminary coaching received showed the best outcome with shtekerom 10m decided to nothing not to change (albeit on tandem two weeks ago this not gave no results), increasingly ??? the speed will be much higher than have the same 11th lug (electrical connector). Eiaee in podkidku on gender Dam forward trend to 2.5 and 4gr, the depth of in place fishing under shtekerom 2.8m. With start put an 6 balls with hands and 5 balls prikormki led a cup of, dokarmlival through every hour five ball pit. Fish confidently has become on fodder through minutes 15, until this single imaginations. Neighbor right Vityuk Ivan began when a casualties 3m fell swoop in average pace, mostly 20-35gr, that not particularly pleased its, accounted for place plug even faster and not fall behind. After 4 hours industrialized fishing my catch averaged 4805gr (165 fish) and first place in the, the second place policies--and Vityuk Ivan with weight capture of 4625gr and third place Dmitri Begerskiy with weight capture of 3392gr.

Even times thank you participants for rivalries and decent fight, and so same sponsor!



Made deal - napoletano snizhaetsya boldly!



In Saturday had gone on fidernuyu rybalochku with friends on the Grouse from calculus that in Saturday zakarmlivaemsya themselves (of those skewers, plov and even different goodies), and in Sunday already such a fish and begin to it comes to shagging. The bait maggot and Perlovka, prikorku US flagship of the in yellow bream two packs + much a dace series of kompetishn + 2 the bottle likvida big Fisch. After zakorma point several kormushkami fish has become on point, modicum podleschik ever responds and not particularly actively, and naskokami a bit managed catching up to, oftentimes the on point your bleak and a dace, with bleak virtually the entire 30-40gr. The average weight podleschikov 200-300. 760.46 catches from 4 until 6kg a white bream ?????. Skloubeni another of origin in such a same format!



Wow you even fish a o.o. A I thought. That there be able, fill it up, yes napoletano :crazyfun:

Positive report! :cool: To on nature of wanted :jumping: :cool:



Efiop wrote:

wow you even fish a A I thought. That there be able, fill it up, yes napoletano

Positive report! Very on nature of wanted

On these weekends so same there are going, only d already harvest able pounder!



Write it up please report on match, the (on for more about this) cordage, making the, a montage? :flag: wondering theme, until on outset :cool:
If of course not difficult :blush:



In past Sunday again traveled with overnight sailing on rybalochku, in this time go in sec. Golubyatin on the river Rostavitsa in Zhytomyr area. Already traditional became on company be preparing various goodies, in this time had to me be preparing one of your chips with flesh!

At night guys a on fidera, and I decided to fishing trip start only on the morning, so as had forced was able pounder, distance chose 30metrov, there the depth of reaches 1.7metra and a small sval. The bait maggot (dipoval Sensasovskim bigfishem). Prikormku US leschyovuyu telescoping bream series of in from as the flagship of and package prikormki of Morgan Roach and Bream + the Liquid big Fisch. Zakormil point with only does 15 5322991, through minutes 10 caught first a white bream, then even several units 100-200 g and are they biting priutikh, alternately poklyovyvala a dace and bleak.
In this time matchevaya had forced has brought less fish than had forced fiderom, but this not importantly in our the field in a while, importantly communication with friends and recreation on nature.

When fish is worth further from Bank account for to fish as Gavrily



A small report on the marathon:

In really the long to accept participation not planned, like conduct increasingly on City level in as a judges and convener, but as usually accented have some participants forsmazhory, me had to again to accept participation in team with its "learner from" which on this moment more just am! Preparation and collection information on, begins took a not very much time, during partitioning (for day before tournament’s) managed discover that need karpiku, namely the most ordinary it is fried peas + 2 kukuruziny on the hook! On appeared that us marks 8 th sector, highly announced a promising reform agenda, on the opposite Bank reduce the reed and flooded line (but they unfortunately were for us in not reach). Prikormku inimical 3-'s trains - 2 on an on the basis of big roach & Bream + melasa the flagship of the a dace and the second with adding melasy Crucian and 1 on a carp for fletov (carp pro krill + khalibut + spicy rice cakes method mix + melasa the flagship of the Crucian + pelets Carpio krill and flagship peletsy peas + cannabis). For an the bait night crawlers, but on a carp Hungarian's flavored maize with the smell, is strawberry + it is fried peas!

Preparation has passed very quickly and was experience start, imaginations unfortunately on first ano take not managed, at the second ano previous Andrei but micro sudachka grams on 6, after this are they biting at all stops! I zakormil two distance there is on 22m and 45m different branch on 3 trough (have this a body of water there is feature of that a large number of feed only repels fish, so in this time we feeds not raskidyvalis as the rest participants, Andryukha on flet, too, gave three zakormochnykh kormukhi with metodnym feeds and peletsami. Through hour'm be preparing on gas-burner "as they on selyanski", this attracts very many viewers, all constantly are currently running heads GULPlNG salivating palate.

The first came Mishanya Bogdanovich not a cross mistreatment cookery, prikhvativshiy with a returned konyachka, after and Salihorsk other Visitors. Through gender hours meal is happening poklyovka on flet have Andryukhi and through several minutes struggle in sadke it turns out kar 1505gr weight and big Fisch) tournament, joy there is no limit, we happy with.

Slightly later enleve karasika on Picker and on this fishing in first day ends! At night. It covers all too much heavy rain and all're going in the drink in including and things. At night I have on flete was poklyovka on peas, but alas I its zevanul. On the morning enleve even one karasika on Picker, after awesome sauce at all should not. On opened majority participants solve the stop tournament on 3 hours before. On the results of our team ranks 1’s a command place and big Fisch tournament’s.

Lasting gratitude all participants tournament’s for participation, and so same lasting gratitude for prizes to Alexei Pashukevichu and companies "flagship", thank you that you there is!



In Sunday 27 September ended 4 th winning the "ZhRK" your fishing bobber VS Feder 2015, adopted participation in offense 18 man (unfortunately many participants so and not managed enter the the Asian, in including and guests from of Kyiv, apparently were scared weather).

Organizational questions for conducting goblet [very much time and forces, so on a good outcome particularly not had hoped., at home cordage particularly not groomed, so as all snap already forced upon were, in place industrialized fishing water strongly has fallen and if on distance there is 25-22m normal depth was 1-1.2m, then now the depth of was just 40-60cm, strongly a rank Bank krapivkoy, that gave additional troubles under vyvazhivanii fish. With prikormkoy particularly not I bred about 30 letters, made a sauce feeder speaker + black a dace series of in from as the flagship of + melasa plotvinaya kompetishn + light clay 40% from volume (survivors components not inscription).
The first tour me marks sector # 17, hour on training and in battle. 'm feeding two distance there is under match 25 and 35m. Первые 20 минут приносят множество поклёвок, но реализации пока никакой, уж очень шустрая рыбка стоит на точке постоянно снимая мотыля, опарыш целый полностью в игноре, замечаю что на точке начал рыть лещик, решил проверить что ему по вкусу, но он на отрез отказывается от бутера опарыша с мотылём, делаю подрезку опарыша + два мотыля на 20м крючке, заброс в точку и на придержке следует уверенная поклёвка, делаю подсечку и ощущаю приятную тяжесть на том конце снасти, после двух минутного вываживания и протаскивания через траву и мелководье в садке оказывается бонусный лещик на 773грамма, довольный как слон начинаю раскармливать точку, начинаю полавливать густёрку и плотвичку, периодически проверяя наличие крупной рыбки. With weight capture of 1093gr. Matter the first tour and this until 1’s place.

The second tour went sector # 3, in this time solve the feed one distance up, zakarmlivayu dozen balls varying degrees sparse. With start the first three zabrosa bring me two imaginations, and this gives confidence in prikormke and the long a result. Fish on point has targeted for annihilation very many and she if zevanyosh very quickly absolves bait. Constantly dokarmlivaya point times in 15 minutes several ball pit seek, kemosabe active awesome sauce, then and implementation poklyovok becomes higher, on latest ano turn on net a butterworm and in pace enleve raznorybitsu. With weight capture of 1260gr matter the second tour, with margin from second seats in 400gr storony again the first in zone, that gives me victory in Cup "ZhRK" with sum game seats 2, and so same'm winning nomination "Big Fish"!

So same all everyone Presidency before start was rozdana prikormka, the first five seats were earned valuable prizes from sponsor, and after between those who not fell in prizes played out the prizes from companies flagship.

A huge lasting gratitude all participants for decent fight and for sports behavior! A huge gratitude to her for permanent support zhitomirskikh globally televised tournaments, and so same personally Alexey Pashukevichu for support!
With respect the woodpecker Taras!!



25 October ended 3 th phase the tournament "ZhRK" on poplavochnoy and as it catching. Preparation and organization as usually generalship on my shoulders, that not gives normally prepare for the tournament and is bad for the long a result, but about the entire on order!

In 6.00 away- - Andryukha Lobachyov, we'll load entire instructed training packages and prizes from sponsor and in path! On place already Barack prepare prikormku,, the weather has, 's been a hell of quite good, zherebyovka passes quickly, me marks sector extreme from Left. Prikormku zameshivaem from calculus on three figures flagship of the in "black a dace" 3 packs + 2 packs brown and 2 packs the iron and clay Tarik "Lake" + three a cap atraktisa Sensas a dace + 500gr coarse very. Prikormku sifted through yet through 1mm a sieve for undoing large paper, lest not be sated and so very with fish.

Zakormil nine 5322991 prikormki and began to it catching. Fish on point your reluctantly, so accounted for constantly to experiment with the bait and dazzling skylines industrialized fishing. In catch mostly as and expected was a dace and there, several ukleek and Acanthorhodeus atranalis. After as put snap with a leash around 0.07mm and got a little trigger # 24 affairs went far business and implementation poklyovki was higher. With weight capture of the 918 grams I storony 5’s place and on airline three stages 3’s place, the result of course not very exasperated, could would significantly better act, and until only need deal over mistakes!

A huge lasting gratitude all participants and permanent sponsor zhitomirskikh globally televised tournaments companies flagship, and so same personally Alexey Pashukevicha for aid and support!



Yesterday tournament "Zhytomyr linked" past without extreme weather, but in friendly & roll standing! All participants remained happy with, especially winners in nomination your fishing bobber and feeder. In this year company flagship granted prizes on this tournament and participants had to to push even harder in it comes to shagging careful fish!
Me as the organizing unfortunately swim fish particularly once was, increasingly time helped selecting laureate preparation and control the most process preparations caldrons and traditions.
In nomination feeder won Sribnyy Nikolai, to the same catches and big Fisch tournament’s in gift received feeder sherman pro 3: 30 and ready to prikormki for Cold water Ready Mix.
In nomination a floater the best was the most young a participant Evgeni Babsky Andrei and in gift received matchevuyu coil skvadron match 3,500 (before these a month ago he same won matchevoe udilishche on 3 st stage the tournament ZhRK).
Want express lasting gratitude sponsor companies the flagship of the for support globally televised tournaments in Zhytomyr and special lasting gratitude Alexey Pashukevichu! So same want thank of our cooks Uncle Vityu "daddy out" for a gourmet ear and Sasha for barbecue!



Yesterday with friends Nikita and Ivan traveled on rybalochku on the Grouse district woman-selets Zhytomyr area, I and Ivan a shtekernymi udilischami, and Nikita drawings contest in the system, a with cliff altitude 2.5metra. From fish in catch the main mass a trout and eltsy, ostentatious a dace, in general my the catch of the averaged almost six tens of fish. The most labor River Kymi was with flat connected float switch 1gr (Sensas), the depth of in place fishing just 1m, but fish this not particularly scarecrow. Prikormku used flagship of the kold voter black color of 1kg + 2kg clay Tarik "Lake" black color of, the bait night crawlers. Fishing remained exasperated, albeit a strong and heavy winds not gave do normal priderzhku cordage!

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Week planned fishing on zherlitsy and in the latest moment she there goes your ball, was wife of need was go on work, and I need was sit homes with daughter. So as Gone Fishin '(very like and was one way out only has to receive its to aunt.... On several more hours, and himself'll blow now Gone Fishin' (on open water on small river Kodenku. Eiaee able pounder with deaf mounting floater. Tooling with connected float switch 2.5 grams, deaf tackle on the main a fishing line 0.1mm and crocheted # 20 on tight leash 0.07mm, can be said that virtually the only chance to in this time to remain with catch of the day tonight need use very subtler fishing line of yours. Prikormu mixed in flagship of the "BRIMS" ready + gender package light clay Tarik "” Lake" brown, coarse a butterworm not inscription, so as now his in Zhytomyr find problematic.

Zakormil several ball pit prikormki point industrialized fishing and in battle, weather was extreme, then rain, then winds wind not gave normally conduct tackle, increasingly time blowing arc fishing line of yours, but soon features that and began polavlivat rybyoshku. For two hours industrialized fishing caught two and a half dozen, of them unfortunately only two plotvitsy. Season open on poplavochnoy it catching, in principle exasperated the result.



Incredibly awesome photo, especially with my fish chowder

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sportfishing wrote:

, and himself'll blow now Gone Fishin '(on open water on small river Kodenku.

Klasnooo! Vodaaa! :rolleyes: A have us with water until profoundly sad. :smoke:



In past Sunday seventh February with friend Andrey Lobachyovym had gone on fishing on open water on a small rivulet Kodenku, very likes this hillsides, that there water freezes only in a strong frost. In 10.30 had gone and in 11 already on place. Prikormku in this time groomed on two, one package prikormki flagship of the in "black a dace" + 2kg light clay Tarik "Lake" black + 100gramm coarse very. Andrei catching fiderom, and I game stand line with Bologna connected float switch, fish I have immediately has become on fodder, the first starters peck a dace and bleak, then caught several gudgeon. On feeder fish has become at the second hour's industrialized fishing, Andrei resigned from zero plotvichkoy grams 70. , the weather has, produce garment, wind particularly not'd been bugging and we enjoyed in full least fishing, time from time was use delicious sandwiches with house propagandistic aims, zasolennym on Andryukhinomu prescription. Time on a fishing trip flies imperceptibly, pleasure from fishing of capital, the catch of the my averaged 29 fish, have Andrei 15shtuk. Until meeting on gills!



Need to was and fish lard offer, can she, too, wanted)) beauties :cool:



Positively! :cool:



In Sunday have extricated themselves on rybalochku with friends Andryukhoy and Igor in sec. Kodnya, Zhytomyr area, our body of water karpovyy with large number of an. Igor and Andrei a fiderami, and I tried to harvest shtekerom, I have immediately starters peck a dace, talismanic four pieces consecutive came pause, slightly later took the bait "enormous pike perch." Have Igor and Andrei ever responds dupletami sea Bass in peremezhku with karpikom, and me unfortunately this fish thumbed its nose at, to Bank close not way, albeit catching 13 fringes metre shtekerom, the bait night crawlers and maggot. Fishing in principle remained exasperated, that not succumb and revert himself catch!



Yesterday after work on an hour made it out Gone Fishin '(on a small rivulet "Kamyanku" alongside home! Pretty daughter has caught several small fish runs and was very happily. On a fishing trip for critiques alike watched many viewers!

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Today with little daughter on the evening on and a half minutes and out made it out Gone Fishin '(on a small rivulet "Kamenka", daughter very wanted swim fish. Today decided harvest with footbridge and get back a little to feed, so as past been not prikarmlivali in catch were alone Acanthorhodeus atranalis, and Koluszki, in prilove bleak. Get back a little made a sauce prikormki flagship of the in "black a dace" + Glinka "Tariq" own production, in point industrialized fishing bailed on only three ball, increasingly ??? Lithuania very a small and you overfeed not will total labor with fish. Hooks used # 24 on tight leash 0.07mm, the nozzle sitch middle and a minor night crawlers. Fishing pole toes, been caught on obratke, the first wiring gave good outcome, in catch plotvichka in peremezhku with ukleykoy, so same was, agreed a minor golavlik roughly 60-80gramm (daughter very cramped), but mood was very good, so as not despite at times little bitty stinging elcome we remained with good catch of the day tonight on "the Wild River", albeit dirty enterprises (before there was many Moustache and nalima).



Taras excuse pose plus but on phone nazhalsya minus and not public. A good report brilliant and my dotsya fishing not likes it not interestingly very a pity so was me kompanen.



aleks777 wrote:

Taras excuse pose plus but on phone nazhalsya minus and not public. A good report brilliant and my dotsya fishing not likes it not interestingly very a pity so was me kompanen.

Need seek approach to child adapt on expense fishing, my daughter, too, very likes sit in phone or mouse. Importantly although would one more time on small river lead the child and give to capture fish, in past Sunday I bought these on small river tent and daughter alternately there played with drugs, then was catching fish! 8-)



sportfishing wrote:

aleks777 wrote (and):

Taras excuse pose plus but on phone nazhalsya minus and not public. A good report brilliant and my dotsya fishing trip not likes it not interestingly very a pity so was me kompanen.

Need seek approach to child adapt on expense fishing, my daughter, too, very likes sit in phone or mouse. Importantly although would one more time on small river lead the child and give to capture a fish, in past Sunday I bought these on small river tent and daughter alternately there played with drugs, then was catching a fish! 8-)

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Clay for fishing "Tarik"

Farmer and not times but not broke a and fish dotsya was catching karasikov on feeder truth showered I himself and further itself. But this it not likes and now so and all the already kovalery "aboot" to need to already 16 years



Ah in 16 years this hard do, have them already other interests ((



В прошлое воскресенье с товарищем Владом выехали на рыбалку на речку Тетерев, рыбалку планировали давно, но никак выехать по времени не получалось. Хотел ловить штекерным удилищем, но увы транспорт маловат оказался, так что пришлось брать махалочки, а штекерок отложить до следуюей рыбалки. Место выбрали подальше от дороги, проехав через лес почти 2 км. Утром было чуть прохладно и  штиль, но рыбка периодически проявляла свою активность, вскидываясь на поверхности.

Прикормку решил в этот раз использовать флагман голд "Чёрная плотва" два пакета и 4кг глины Tarik "ОЗЕРО" 2кг чёрной и 2кг коричневой(предварительно глину смешал вместе и перебил через сито 3мм), из живых компонентов добавил немного цветной пинки в прикормку, наживка мотыль и та же пинка(цветной мелкий опарыш). Слепил семь шаров и закинул в точку ловли под 4-х метровый мах. Рыбка сразу стала на точку и начала активно ловиться, хотя у других рыбаков особо не клевала и в улове у них была редкая уклейка, у меня в перемежку клевала густера и плотва, потом захотелось половить уклейку и рыбку подтянул под 3м мах и дело пошло, уклейка 15-20 грамм! В итоге за пять часов ловли улов составил примерно 4-4.5кг.

Плюс бонусом рыбалки стал выловленый на махалку дрейфующий воблер понтун 21!



В прошедшее воскресенье было решено ехать на рыбалочку на несколько часов с товарищем Владом и дочкой.
   Доченька Карина очень хотела ехать со мной, то полноценной рыбалки особо не получилось, но три часа удалось половить. В 10 часов утра приехали на водоём вблизи города, поспрашивали  рыбаков кто что поймал и как клёв, все плевались и жаловались на его отсутствие, некоторые начали уже собираться, поймав по несколько рыбок. Решено было оставаться на водоёме и никуда не ехать, погодка обещала быть замечательной и солнце начинало усиленно пригревать, главная задача была только найти свободное место для ловли, так как рыбаков было огромное количество.  Выбрали свободную полянку и приступили к замесу прикормки, дочке дал отдельно прикормпки на замес, так как она хотела сама замешать в "своём" ново приобретённом 12-ти литровом ведёрке флагман(отжала у папы ведро и сито без угрызения совести).
Замешал две пачки "чёрного леща" серии голд Флагман + два килограмма чёрной глины, ещё добавил немного сухой аромы "карамель"  от Збышка Милевского, после замеса всё перетёр через сито. В прикормку добавил немного цветной пинки и насадочного мотыля. Разложил штекерное удилище 13м, глубина в месте ловли 80см. Основная леска 0.12мм, поводок 0.08мм с крючком №18 катана 1090, поплавок Rive 0.4 грамма с узким телом и тонкой антенкой. Стартовый закорм из пяти небольших шаров завёл в точку ловли прикормочной чашкой.

Сначала первые 20 минут поклёвок не было, начал экспериментировать с наживкой и докормом, сразу начались поклёвки, правда первой отличилась дочка, поймав небольшого судачка на 3-х метровую маховую удочку.

Карасик хоть и небольшой, но очень бойкий растягивал амортизатор 0.87мм больше чем на метр, доставлял огромное удовольствие при вываживании. Три часа рыбалки быстро пролетели, пой улов составил полтора десятка карасиков и две плотвы, доченька поймала судачка и карасика, но запомнилась рыбака ей на долго..



В воскресенье с дружбаном Андрюхой выехали на рыбалку на речку Гуйва половить на поплавок, он ловил маховым удилищем, а я штекером. Прикормку замешали на двоих две пачки флагман голд "Чёрный лещ" и одну пачку голд  "чёрная плотва" + 50% грунта. Из наживки в этот раз лучше всего работал мотыль, остальные наживки "молчали". После стартового закорма рыбка сразу стала на точку, первые две рыбки были в районе 100грамм, а потом стала густера микро размера величиной с мизинец и настроение упало после поимки подряд трёх десятков таких вот "бонусов". Начал экспериментировать с добавлением насадочного мотыля в прикорм и стал подлещик на точку и мерная густера, так же радовала размерами и плотвичка. В 12 часов начал накрапывать дождик и было принято решение завершить рыбалку, итог рыбалки полтора килограмма мерной рыбки(мелкую густёрку сразу отпускалпосле поимки).


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