Modicum Gismeteo and labouring people projection, but not sit same homes and was been decided to go 7 January. Have my father … on the morning not got wound up machine :( Travel was postponed for couple of hours. Sergei took away me and daddy out and with us went Dima. Were on a reservoir hours in 8 morning. Overboard -15 :O near-all created's frozen :O Only in district bridge a bit clean water! Generally I such a still not saw never :(

Ah water there is and well. Seated some as on Bank. Stand have nowhere native APC everywhere the ice, but and here found the exit :)

Dima immediately same on ultralayt began to carry and quite are quick okushkov in a meter from Bank. Have us on fidera nothing :D Fish zashukharilas. First one of these in, and then and okushok have become ponemnogo getting caught (the aft night crawlers done its deal), but very a strong wind always kicks renounce all witch "rest." In end poloviv minutes and out 2 decided flock!

From episodes podtsepilsya cancer! ???? trigger was in mouth :O Don’t thought that raki in such the coldness subsist. Generally need to wait a thaw and the if not popustit frost, water that still has remained can dragging :(

In end Lies quite extreme rybalochka. In principle can be harvest perch and a boilermaker, but on more serious fish had been hoping on such a cold at bay judging by around the not worth :(