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Busy briefing from Stepanycha

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And here is still and the commercial got back just in time:

Text or: Stepanych soon will comment all tiled I photo and video. :glasses:



Yesterday in Kyiv was plush weather and we with occasional Vasili decided go on Bank many. Today weather can kick out but bear Pushcha their bonds. On the beach nor souls. On are they biting not hoped - tested new trough from Doki60. 120-130km - it is time with this ties of 100m more than enough. On video the first couple of shots on expanding and recent under clip-on earring slightly more 100m.

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120-130km :cool:

Степаныч wrote:

it is time with this ties of 100m more than enough.

Ah, finally the! :crazyfun:

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Here is still one the top photo - 's reabsorption, countries the hilt:



Stepanych under 100 metres you have not big spin wildly trough from point?



Hope that embody well are decent but argue this can be was would if would stood the marker on distance there is. Try to put to repay their number of feed.



With Friday on Saturday weather forecasters promised + 10 at night and I could not miss this possibility. In 21.00 on Bank. Expecting-small fry apparently not apparently but in really interesting place quite freely. In anticipation the fall of the tide monopoly three distance there is and began with brief - 45m. On this distance there is the average AKhS 1984 has rested within sector. Temp fishing ask the the poubelle and project accounted for quite often - although would peel the the cord. To 1: 00 night for the beginning of exist and was opportunity to move on the next clip-on earring -65m. To the three hours river almost Working and I siding with on last clip-on earring 85m. Hoped on local dimensional a white bream but he far the over. On first two caught on one gustirke but on of last three in during one hours. Further two hours shooting practice results not brought and I decided to test opportunities Hardy. Dismantled clip-on earring and put a new on 110m - two dozen shots - no one. Ukorotilsya on 10m and an occasional plotvichka. Not despite quite modest outcome undertaken nightlife fishing exasperated - weather fabulous and has established itself in desire get back a little remaking stick. Reverse a beam ring and the second on more large and to expand them the handle - 45cm too short.



And have us snow at night was



Alexcd83 wrote:

This is next of?

The forced measure.

Alexcd83 wrote:

pace of zakorma\ expectations poklevki?

Not zakarmlival - eiaee immediately. On a strong devices up pace of was high. Garbage on so much quickly scored the cord that prime was have nowhere. Even neighbors dubinschiki startled me its bombyozhkoy - the poubelle forced. But as only stream Working neighbors subsided I continued on nakatanomu. After stop tide zamesil coarse very but no one estimated. On fodder no reaction from changeable tips Red with oparyshom - on very no reaction.



shameta wrote:

A have us snow at night was

In December and January, on such variability, were the most fatty fishing. 2 is billowing snow, rings obmerzayut - are they biting damaging. But more just me hit quite not young the guy recent in 16.00 on night fishing - here is this fighter!


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