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Long I read sheets all participants Forum, some Canada on several times (Duffy333 respekt: Without advertising and fondly :cool:), and himself not wrote still not one. Decided to remedy the I this gap. Write talk not becomes, so that not third strictly.
As fishing I am just year, until this on winter fishing trip never walking, and all the more in January with Bank never catching! I even a hatchling pond not became borrow would still peck thought not part, only wetting the for good reason.
At work with employees make deals to go on fishing trip on Dnepr river in r Mr sec. White not far from Zaporizhia. There I still never catching, but hearted about strong during.
On road home stopped by bought have fucked the horse beforehand: Pinku and very.
Prikormku decided to knead for with the evening, to better nastoyalas, 've leached, yes and simply not bear was hands in Cold water wetting the and pull with a additional buckets, a sieve. T. K. On it comes to shagging fish winter I only hearted and is well-versed only theoretically, decided to prikormku mixing on the basis of land: 1 cover slips fishdrim a dace and somewhere 3 liter pereseyannoy through a sieve land. Land dug up stupidly have themselves in the yard, near Owl. For, to ensure this dust not sduvalo the passage, boiled somewhere gender packs pea plants in liquid my porridge substance and a hookup through a sieve. All he continued, and still times missed through a sieve and added pack pomegranate. All, megabyudzhetnaya prikormka is concerned. The remittances have planned on 3-30, to take place. On prizdu it turns out, that seats there is no, all is busy. I in of shock from such a number of willing harvest fish winter (himself the in the first time) :canthearyou:. But this offers hope but and a good nibble. Some as find seats, razlazhivaemsya.
Some tackle:
Udilishche Shimano beastmaster Volkswagen Jetta TDI 3.60 test 100gr;
Coil Shimano nexave 4,000;
Cord sunline FINE away 12lb;
Povodkovye filament and hooks see Below
My colleagues already promeryalis, is released and, I still razlazhivayus (love clearly organize its workplace, to not gets jerky). Promeryayus, find two promising point: One in 25 scandisk the first brovochka and the conch has the power, and the second on 70 scandisk and very intense. To not tseplyatsya for brovku and to surmount its under vymatyvanii need to zaklipsovatsya slightly further, perhaps, somewhere on 75. Khevikom I still, unfortunately, not acquire families, and to throw a psychic 3.60 with test 100gr on distance 70-75 gather steam; of course can be, but with small headings, feeders, to can be was without fear for suppose to rods up will follow in time on zabrose, yes and the accuracy of zabrosa will much to be desired. And camping on K. Trough need to use from any seafood brunch, then to risk I not became. That to do? Where klipsovatsya? :dontknow: ?? 25 and 70 lawyers of terrain trawling absolutely nothing not inconspicuous from, and on structure trawling some where enclosed the conch has the power. Klipsuyus on distance there is 45 gather steam;.
Pternoster on the main, footnotes from fidergama drennan 10cm.
From Philadelphian theoretical knowledge about how, that winter fish maloaktivnaya, is in stage marmot, virtually not nurtures, and if and nurtures, then bait prefers puny size, and dog leashes but also need to use very subtle, then solve the use ceasing team england 0,08 with crocheted ? let the 333 # 16-50sm. The bait one the boot and one motylik. Bombarding'm with dawn.

While have my colleagues already ????? somewhere on 10 good plotvits grams 100-200, I have until zero! :canthearyou: Beginning pass through about genesis before enrolling me point. Messing with anything with in lengths tug ropes and ways applying bait this outcome not brings, and only sometimes occur sawed-off shotguns tug ropes about hold a shell up. And my colleagues continue to harvest, and gets caught they on ottomans with large hooks about leskami 0.15! On my hook pouffe. Simply not clothe, continue to harvest traditional way, believing (as it turned out later for good reason), that large hooks and obese fishing line of yours winter this from crafty. Not can handle,, I take it out foam (she I have somewhere 3-4mm in diameter),, I'm cutting scissors on 2-3 parts of and podsazhivayu on hook. Poklevka! Finally! :jumping: strike, - empty! Go problems with fulfillment. Remont, length tug ropes and hooks. Through times precipices tug ropes on on podsechke. Zadolbalsya, give ceasing tubertini dragon and effectively 0.11, hook drennan wide gape match # 14 implementation becomes slightly better, but precipices continue! And this with fidergamom! Poklevki become slightly whether not on 5, old Pudge, and problems with fulfillment continue? Men go yes you. Put it you big hook and will you happiness, nourished German not zasekaetsya she from-for puny size hook, a dace after all not a small! Give hook ? let the 344 # 12, as such the fashion n-gauge 0,13-40sm, implementation being established, a dace 100-200 grams.

Only all is beginning to relationships, mood super, finally and I began harvest! And here include for and fish as blew away out there, blew it away the passage. Sit hours two, nothing. Already think flock home. And here poklevka! :jumping: most for and here began! Poklevki on 2-3 sec!

Are biting on cube frothiness with podsadkoy 1 kicks and couple of motylikov. Observed such a trend, that when falling nibble on foam, sticking my boner in pouffe. When with podsadkoy kicks, and when with motylikom, then falling on pouffe. give again foam and so'm alternating. ???? are biting I have much better, than have colleagues. Can because that raskosami thinner, and can because, that to foam or pufiku podsazhivayu Pinku and rid of the moths, and they on net pouffe.?

With fulfillment continue problems. Give the same hook, but already 10 numbers! And this winter! :canthearyou: realisation is improving! Like would all: Picked up by hook, length defence wakes up aggressivity. But it is time flock home.
760.46 I have 40 tails about 3.5-4kg, have colleagues on 55 about 5kg (this given, that was biting, have them far less frequently).

P.S. What can be done conclusions? Theory well, and practice even better. About diameters wood, "um, and sizes likely winter? This theory, perhaps, works, only in the absence of Ah, this is great and when need to obtain any result. And if fish there is and she active, then you are not putting on piecework! If would I not stinted in the first half of fishing and picked up by efforts before, then the outcome was would much better!

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Could you tell me me handing the village, that such pouffe.)



svish68 wrote:

Say, is me handing the village, that such pouffe.)

This popular name, not know as they correctly are called. Like dry at dough



svish68, pouffe. = Puffi = its air dough.
Typically, pufikami call products G.Stream, but not fact.

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'oc! Now understandable.



Crazy, and the writing "Puffi", if am not mistaken, as times wrapped and clothespin "shut down." ;)

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svish68, but their even produces FishDream and Carp 'n' Zoom. About rest manufacturers not heard.



Mr.Puff wrote:

Crazy, and the writing "Puffi", if am not mistaken, as times wrapped and clothespin "shut down."

Edited Mr.Puff (Today 15 :50: 30)

Accurately, never paid no attention. Bought their year ago and all raze could not find them the use of 8-)



Bountiful all days. Not men, 'm your sheets and hands are itching on fideru. And have us in Orenburg lets take the drill and, let moons. On the drill.

But, too, interesting had forced, but feeder there is feeder.



The third fishing in this year, and the salons - the first, so its can be boldly call the inauguration fidernogo season! Proactively by information about how, that still particularly nowhere not are biting, and where and are biting, then there only fell swoop 5m harvest and sit all each have friend on the minds, decided with co-players to go on a winter place on Dnieper River, in district sec. White, Zaporozhye area. Prosmotrennaya on the eve information about weather even more with a hope hope on a good nibble yes and simply recreation (morning + 3, wind turret until / with; day + 14, wind 5m / with; sunny the entire day :cool:). So as water still the Cold (temperatures water + 5), rate do on very, which and was purchased on the eve on the evening ah and, of course same, maggot, as same without him?
To go decided meal for, take place, yes and it's dawn already very sooner.
On place were in 5 morning. Raskladyvaemsya. Is beginning to getting light soon and. Weather super :cool:, wind and clouds there is no at all, not from forecast.
Long choosing point, klipsuyus on 40 scandisk. Further an the table, closer - very smooth umenshene depth, until the most Bank. Very convenient, as me seems, point and sighting and not napryazhnaya.
Couple of words about payroll, more about it nothing to acquire say. Zamarozki with past fishing trips, even already and not remember precise composition: Something from fishdrima, something from G.Stream, can dig and decent number of frozen moldy worm and coarse very.
People realistically, as for Friday, very many, St even more
And this only part of people!

'm with launch zakorma 5-defective kormushkami. Water very net and transparent, so do the jimmying ceasing 0,08 with crocheted red maggot from drennan # 16 (in the hope on advantage red color of hook with right complement from very) on Pater Noster (disambiguation) with 207 mph fidergama. The bait 1-3 very, perezabros every 1-1,5min.
Podsazhivanie moldy worm also not brings outcome. Comrades (Igor and Vyacheslav) gets caught on ottomans. Silence and have comrades. Vyacheslav already is beginning to take naps.
Worrying o.o.
In head come different thought, the main of which, that still not season and until sooner. Expectation after another zabrosa suddenly and so dolgozhdanno brings poklevku! Unfortunately, poklevka kholostaya, but importantly, that she was :jumping:! Vzbodrivshis, perezabrasyvayu and await the. Through couple of minutes BPPV. Kvivera, leapfrog and vymatyvayu empty hook. Messing with anything with in lengths tug ropes. And here have Igor poklevka on pouffe. And he shots up hard plotvichku. Heart of is just racin 'more often. Another impose brings already and me not bad plotvichku! :jumping:

Through while, nibble at all turns off! Nor in lengths tug ropes, nor variety the presentation bait, nor dipami provoke fish on poklevku not worked. Fish, such impression, not mellow start normally poklevyvat, somewhere buggered off!
Sit waiting for
After 3-'s hour expectations miracle and visits thought about might home fish is returning.
And here began
Igor and Slava on ottomans began to carrying dace one for the other, under this say, that on Royal not are biting, are biting only on Red :dontknow:.

I have until poorly. Can fish is worth in thicker, and not on bottom? Podsazhivayu cube frothiness nathin ', even worse. Did realistically works Red pouffe. :dontknow:? Those time will in the most not Dhabi poklevki not with the most better fulfillment. 'm slde in side their mobs cushions. Not can handle, I take have Igor with dozen red cushions, so, on anyone case, but until postponed their in side :no:.
Meanwhile several breakages the leash 0,08 are forcing me to move on 0.1 ? let the reflo.
Later some time, after, as the situation continued solidify not in my favor of and not in favor of traditional changeable tips, think dramatically to change its tactics and fully put an bait on bottom. Under itself always mean in advance imposed asymmetrical deal from filament 0,28. Give one of them, do the jimmying ceasing the fashion n-gage 0,13 70sm without fidergama (camping on K. And 0.1 continued rush into), hook abgeholt 50001 # 14. Turkic znachit, Id say, that from filament and hook I in delighted :cool:.
And here began already I have
Did change slice and dice, himself may lead to this outcome! :canthearyou:

I have are biting as with the basement, and have comrades on pouffe. All less and less.
Well, that not must have been tempted by on ottomans! More interesting become struggle, emerges the excitement.
Have yielded a kind of contest between the two absolutely opposing ways industrialized fishing.
By the afternoon is intensifying wind and is rising wave of (contrary projections). Poklevki almost not in sight. Queuing up-diddle diddle fiderarm in search of successful EMU seats entrench to improve semblance poklevki. 'm putting down vershinku rods up below to water, give in parallel wave of, the cord as would perpendicular direction waves of, activation poklevok being established. For ensure accuracy zabrosa with force wind is famously mismanaged the preston bullet. Men continue to use the mill crime as fidersport, that very strongly yanks pulled, razmazyvaya thus point. Outcome not forced themselves long wait: I have are biting, have them no!
Are biting on 3 very, on net maggot - silence. But with a net motylem implementation not very. Lack for the tip, 's and all. After poklevki no confidence, that on the hook still there is the nozzle sitch :dontknow:. Decided to putting 1 oparika. Implementation much has improved. So and capturing the until the end of, but with one the clause. Can this some a glitch, and can and truth, await the comments professionals :dontknow:. Under nozzle of on hook first 1 th moldy worm, and then 3-'s moths was happening, as me it looked, the next. Fish is beginning to pull for lightning very, I do idle sweep (martial arts). If not to rush, then fish pulls out her t very and remains hang one, not particularly which attracts its today, maggot. Remont, the ranking nasazhivaniya. Sticking my boner in first 3-'s moths, and only then 1 th moldy worm! Effectiveness in been better! :cool:
P.S. , it is a pity that gender days not was biting,. , it is a pity that not with the outset used asimmetrichku. And, it is a pity that not with the outset has understood in the way in which nozzles.
Outcome: 52 small fry, 3 an, overall weight 4820g., Igor 2700g., Slava 2300g.
Thank you, that get my report until the end of, all NKhNCh!



Super! Envy :cool:



Tornado wrote:

Super! Envy

Thank you. Outcome like not very, but many interesting things and a new for themselves opened, himself until now under feeling was that!



Weather in Saturday clearly left desire to spend some time fishing somewhere in the recesses of souls, and forecast weather on Sunday also not these herald no fishing. In Saturday on the evening, looking on the, as trees bend, terminally solve the Sunday day to devote family, not though, that Kum all-??? the jury to go on fishing trip.
Sunday. 10-00. Coffee, then-yes-@-@, there-here. Recall, that Kum on a fishing trip. Discover that, yes as. It turns out, poklevyvaet already plotvichka (albeit not much), contrary my projections with last fishing, that wait still weeks two, as least. Meanwhile already the beginning of 12 th. In mind'm just mulling things over: Until'll pack up my shit, until I get there, until can find the money place, until will just rot ? s coming back, that today have gone on year time and get dark already will somewhere to 7-1930 solve the to go! Quickly despite, I take with a Comrade, for machine and in path. Come on balabinskuyu kosu (floor Canal reach in Zaporozhye). Wind winds, a strong until 7-10m / sec. Right waves of. Qom sits in late streamer, further left than that from the neck, for there quite not a strong, wind there is no, on water's nice and quiet and murmured. People full of the, sit down have. Vitalik (comrade, with which I arrived) 's been going with struck in half near kuma. Me not remains more room, as sit down directly in late streamer and hurl in circulation tide exiting from the neck. Peretirayu through a sieve already almost fully razmorozhennuyu prikormku with last fishing, composed of careerist G.Stream a dace / bream, G.Stream multi-purpose device and undercoat with frozen nobody and coarse motylem. Collect feeder Shimano beastmaster medium with vershinkoy Fresh, the coil Shimano nexave 4,000, the fuse sunline FINE away 12lb. Promeryayus, klipsuyus on 45 scandisk coils. Pater Noster (disambiguation) on the main. Five feeders launch zakorma, do the jimmying ceasing. The feeder 60g bears. Give 1984 bears. More put not can, feeder with test until 100g. In anybody I'm organizing maternye words :angry:. Meanwhile vershinku Fresh folding in arc. Give vershinku 3oz. For not leaves me chance, vershinku oppression in ancient. Recall even more result words :angry: So I tormented in during hours, plutora. On hours already about 15-00. That to do? Roadshow on sides in the hope on free place. And here fortune tide is turning me the face of, people are beginning flock :cool:. Emerges hope, that evening still not shattered. 'm calming down Near kuma thus exempt small place. Stand the there the entire its stuff to, umaschivayus. Qom is beginning to flock, seats becomes more. Thank God (yes forgive me my Kum), will and on my the street celebration :cool:!
Not losing time on promer trawling (his and so already remained hours three, four), remain harvest on 45 scandisk. The depth of in place industrialized fishing, by my haigus, about widths 8m, cargo 60g with feeds falls about 12sek. Give ceasing 0.11 tubertini dragon 60cm with crocheted drennan wide gape # 16, plastic the feeder ? let the 60g. There's gravy held! Sticking my boner in 1 moldy worm and 2-3 very. Poklevki began with first same zabrosov. Mood is improving. Again turn on vershinku Fresh. Perezabros every minute. Poklevki very sensitive, but implementation very the good. Ladoshechnaya a dace is sent in build (decisional laziness was putting a hatchling pond, then his wash). Poklevyvaet and have Vitalika, but ostentatious. Toss? Toss all in one thing build. Use dipovs reforms reinvigorated nibble, without them poklevki accounted for wait longer. ???? worked absolutely any dipy, without any patterns. Even, seemed would, such summer odors as vanilla, honey and caramel. Perhaps, in is meseve prikormki with simply shouldnt compare motylem and nobody, which were in point, and also periodic supplements congestion with living component of, fish easier was find precisely my the pourer on the hook. Meanwhile poklevki become all more gentle and more gentle. Periodic precipices tug ropes about any grass, we cane in 12 meters away from Bank forced try huge many different tug ropes with hooks, good long winter evenings I a bit has filled nenapolnyaemuyu povodochnitsu MAP. Continue to solidly polavlivat modicum and not a major plotvitsu, but polavlivayu! Vitalik but on to let the line out, poklevok virtually not sees, sits smokes. 'm to notice, that poklevki are visible all less and less, until not comes to Zonyl specialist software waggle and povisaniyu fish on hook. Ukorachivayu ceasing doubled until 30sm. Poklevki s. Continue to harvest in high pace. Number of prikormki becomes all less and less. Turn on a thimble 60g from Grizzly Sanctuary. Polavlivayu even a few plotvichek and find, that appearance of poklevok again is declining! Vitalik at all already nothing not sees. Shots up at random, fish already sits. Alternation various dipov and adding the animal in the feeder not bring desirable results. Ukorachivayu ceasing until 10cm! Slightly better, but to wah - there is no. Sit minute, if not saw poklevku or'll chose it., vymatyvayu, and she already sits! And importantly triviality less hands. As shake up fish? As increase the size of the :confused:? Increase nozzles not increases the size of the fish. I'm just trying a 2 moldy worm and 3-4 a butterworm, the outcome increase time on poklevku all the same size fish. Meanwhile find, that Vitalik but slightly larger, modicum and more often at random. Knowing, that have Vitalika installation of inlayn, solve the to move on asimmetrichku :idea:. And not guesses wrong! Give ceasing from tubertini 0.11 with crocheted ? let the # 14-60cm. And, about miracle! Poklevki are visible expressly, fish bigger than others :cool:. Another failure several plotvichek are embarking on build. But happiness their Muslim not long. Appearance of poklevok again starters deteriorate! That this :canthearyou:? Again ukorachivayu until 30sm and so polavlivayu, sometimes almost intuitively. Vitalik on to let the line out already at all not sees poklevok.
Top of the evening
Queens blasting for. Turn on 1984. Still couple of limited poklevok and on negotiate yet another zabrose on trough forces me to collect things.
Outcome 67 plotvits, of them about 50 fringes on my ultimately. Is not a bad fishing! Pleasure of capital! Mood higher rooftop :cool:!
P.S1. Modicum fishing and Lies on glory, but something not figured out, all right I today fish:
1. Implementation modicum and was good, but appearances monumental, than later became, those poklevki became all vyaley and vyaley.
2. The length of the defence wakes up aggressivity. Initially, me it looked, that an ideal the length of the 60cm, but then
3. Dipy worked very well, but to by the evening their effectiveness declined (can this stems with decline in activity fish).
4. Hooks today not had meaning: Preston 333, 344, drennan wide gape, red maggot, abgeholt 50001 had been whipped fish equally well. The only, that have ? let the and abgeholt wire's a little bit thinner, respectively easier stick a very.
P.S2. On the evening pulled up grandfather with five two knuckleheads and the bells from jumble of bulbs. Until we added up the things, already fully it was dark. Decided to, do finish your Seagul and to stand up watch for actions dedka. Says, that he here constantly but and all time at night. Day are biting triviality, and at night taller though, right. Until I saws gulls, have grandfather confidently tarabanili jumble of! Grandfather under me dragged her up 2 quite good taranushki!
P.S3. Went fish, went :cool:!
Thank you, that get my report until the end of. All NKhNCh! With respect, Crazy



Hello! Now I stuck write couple of lines for about a fishing trip in Friday 04 April, although after Britain fishing I thought, that at all consequences write! But, moving away from of emotions, Philadelphian in Saturday, only to by the evening revival I all-??? decided to write couple of words.
So, about everything on order.
In Thursday on the evening, not despite all forecasts about rain on a host day Friday and about strength wind 5-6m / with, all same decide what's to go swim dace on one of bays of Dnepr in Zaporozhye I, my Kum and comrade Vitaly.
For full disclosure all components mesitsya decided to with the evening a new for themselves prikormkoy G.Stream premium sport, feeder adding one packs G.Stream multi-purpose device.
Can, who still not knows, closing quite in short about prikormkakh, more detail already described.
Sport. Vividly expressed smells pomegranate,s dark color of, petty faction. Me very liked.
Feeder. Loosely expressed flavor cinnamon and sponge-, color lighter, faction enough a major.
All-??? in next time under it comes to shagging small fry I, perhaps, pre'll sieve the its through a sieve still in separating the form of.
After dampening and unfortunately through a sieve 2-'s packs broke a 5 liters ready a mixture next color of
In late for volume of added multi-purpose device.
Mentor bought in at the pet store frozen coarse very and decided to promoted his Tyres in the process industrialized fishing, not know, helps it or not :dontknow:?
The remittances of 137 on 1: 30 in the night.
A strong wind forced us pokatatis in search of more or less appropriately seats, good their was abound. Were on the ground we with together, where reduce the from trees modicum as something discouraged strength population.
Until I taking a look around in search of appropriately room for industrialized fishing and absence of obstacles obey, friends already raskladyvalis, and I, putting chair, became wait dawn. Ah not love I raskladyvatsya on darkness and begin enleve for couple of hours until dawn (fling finger at in the sky, not seeing nor guidance, nor direction believe empty waste of time and forces and simply razmazyvaniem point).
Men have ditched each in two fidera, reconstruction cemented fireflies
Sit, waiting for I, too, await the, when it gets light.
Sunrise, here
Raskladyvayus terminally, promeryayus. Find obvious, quite abrupt brovku, on which slightly couple of times not left brick cargo, klipsuyus on 33 scandisk 4,000 th Shimano.
'm enleve with defence wakes up aggressivity 0,08. Silence Keep a low waiting for Waiting and friends
Ah that on 50 for fishing :crazy:?
Immediately began the first poklevki 8-). Not a bad plotvitsa send any in a hatchling pond. But I've tried various a combination of changeable tips, stayed on worm, on which, as me it looked, poklevyvalo modicum and ostentatious, but larger a dace.
Weather teetered Filthy, almost all time morosil rain. Was biting, not very, so, to shake up nibble, 8,2 mln.pikselov Vitalikom, almost super-, embraced by decision pro another failure 50 for fishing trip :crazy:.
Of course same, after another 50 nibble de Mazzis family during 8-), and another failure plotvitsy deposited money into overall catch
Oklolo 9 hours began pouring rain, flown even snow :canthearyou:. Generally, weather was simply tin :canthearyou:! Fish with such weather poklevyvala very reluctantly, so 8,2 mln.pikselov Vitaly utterly suddenly and not prognoziruemo embraced by decision, and me, of course same, was embraced by, pro another failure 50 for weather :crazy:.
The sky was sucked clouds to stay, rain sheds not stop crapping. Fish not are biting already even on worm. Increasingly came thought about might home :angry:.
To 12 hours ends rain, but fish still very not willingly are biting. Recall, that there is such a universal the bait, as night crawlers and maggot. Sticking my boner in on hook 1 moldy worm and 3 very, and immediately same is happening poklevka :cool:! Ah and after this began! Poklevki followed one for the other! A dace the entire 100-150g. Come across copies of on (7 :cool:.
Ah and big fish a dace 300g.
Despite weather, fishing Commission itself! Mood super :cool:!
Ah and, importantly, that I took zone with common catch of the day tonight 5kg :jumping:
It is time flock, after all on tomorrow me out proposal on a joint fishing trip from the most champion Ukraine :canthearyou: :cool:, from which I could not, yes and NOT WANTED deviating!
But this already quite different story
Ah, okay, write couple of the lines.
After this fishing I understood, that I harvest fish not becomes! This man simply monster fishing industrialized fishing :canthearyou:! Yes and GRIZZLY007 still the fisherman! While the entire Spit simply system , these guys punchin 'it dace one for the other!
I sat alongside Alexei and simply got pleasure from work masters of, when I still'll take a look, as works professional such a level!
Have and big fish days!

P.S. Thank you children for familiarity and is famously by the time! Thank you GRIZZLY007, that, I've been sitting entire night and keep lain for us place! Thank you The for master-class and for answers on all established me questions, for me this priceless experience :cool:!



Long choosing day for fishing between Friday and resurrection, chose all-??? Friday Forecast weather not promised nothing good: It's cloudy, is possible a small rain and, most importantly, wind 5-from seventh / sec.
But, having visited on a fishing trip with A.LEVA on past weekends still in worst conditions and, having understood as harvest in such wind, solve the with colleagues on work slated.
Rabachit decided one of bays of Dnepr in Zaporozhye.
What was our eyebrows, when having arrived on place in 4-00, we discovered the complete lack of free seats! And this in Friday! Ski what's there-here, some as find place! Finally, and the I already began pass through.
'm with kneading prikormki known dubinschika: 1 cover slips G.Stream premium sport, 1 cover slips G.Stream premium feeder and 1 cover slips winter prikormki G.Stream night crawlers mix.
Not cater raskladyvayus, until dawn still as least 1-1.5 hours.
Place it - Shimano beastmaster still medium feeder;
Coil Shimano nexave 4,000;
Cord sunline FINE away 12lb
Modicum I far not professional, but after fishing with champion Ukraine me there is, that to tell for places as industrialized fishing. Ah, and camping on K. To read my report will not only professionals, and and lovers, then to describe definition of point industrialized fishing and himself process d more detail.
Do the jimmying brick cargo, promeryayus. Nothing interesting things. On a relief: Except the first style of, we will take you to grass on distance there is about 25oborotov, cargo more nor for that not determined. On structure trawling one sand, nor clams, nor change of contained sand on though on senses here not found. In such cases I promeryayus dzhigovoy wiring: On every three turnover reel believe time the fall of the weight. 'm throwing up bricks here gather steam; on 70. Dzhiguyu, believe. Cargo falls on 3, old Pudge. So goes 4-5 dzhigovykh cycle. Goes finer bottom. 500m 45 gather steam; cargo is beginning to fall on 2, old Pudge. There and klipsuyus. As the me, precisely combination of these two methods best give the notion of about structure and the terrain trawling, importantly not to be lazy!
Wind a strong, aspirations until 10m / sec. Under active Cleves small fry, in force its behavior and weather conditions solve the try harvest on expense.
'm knitting Pater Noster (disambiguation) on the main (the best tooling under it comes to shagging small fry, I.M.H.O.,), footnotes enchanted shtekernoy rubber, accommodating provided by known dubinschikom :crazyfun:, about ceasing tubertini dragon 0.11-1 m Blue (I mean in mind color) hook email to the Owner 50001 # 14.
In ties with upcoming high pace industrialized fishing, solve the use the feeder faint kormoemkosti Trade Mark Grizzly007 40g.
And here began most interesting. Sticking my boner in one oparika and three moths. Impose in point. Believe until 40. Perezabros. Again believe until 40. Perezabros So continues while,. There is the first plotvichka. Keep pace of. Again believe until 40. Periodically leave in the feeder razmorozhennogo coarse very and moldy worm. Not seeing poklevok, full extension of my lift another plotvits! Importantly, not hesitate, quickly perenasazhivat the pourer and bombarding in one pace. Suddenly, yet another poklevka happening on 30, old Pudge. Raise udilishche. There is yet another plotvichka. Another perezabros and expense mind already until 30 seconds. Under the end 30 seconds fish already picked on by! I as would forced peck its on 30, old Pudge! I in of shock :canthearyou:! Scheme works :cool:!
Meanwhile, colleague on work sits, awaits poklevki on several minutes. Poklevki it has very Indistinct and implementation curious to low. Ukorachivanie tug ropes also not brings special successes. Polavlivaet, but with very low fulfillment, and, importantly, in low pace.
The second colleague on work on three as at all sits without poklevok!
I continue to keep pace of, I take fish, not seeing poklevok :canthearyou:. Periodically play on animation nozzles: Under expiration another 30 seconds simply raise udilishche, keep in the upper point. Define the availability of fish on how late cord and, under its absence, 'm putting down place it on fiderarm, harassing the take cord. Thereby, I crashed bridal the feeder from trawling, mentor raising suspended matter. The nozzle sitch meanwhile is shifting to roadwheels point with erupted hogwash, believe until 15. On each 8-10-oops such is wiring onvention poklevka, which I, typically, not saw, simply bought these on expense 15! Through while, poklevki began to occur on 20, old Pudge. So I moved on expense 20. Kvivertip already not nurturing its functions absolutely :canthearyou:! Came the kind phase, when place it needs was only for zabrosa! Class, as in fairy :cool:! Believe until 20 and fish there is. Would never have believed! On poklevke bought these from forces 10% fish!
Periodically emerge failings in Cleves on 15-20min. Under than, with enviable consistently: On 1 hour time on 2 failure. Worked, that nibble stood every 20-30 minutes in hour. Can bonus, can hypotensive
Under such crashes pace of would still kept, only expense already kept 1 minute. Through 15-20 minutes fish again spy on point, and all occurred again. Perezabros every 30, then 20 seconds.
On negotiate yet another failure in Cleves. Somewhere in 13-00. All as usually. Sticking my boner in one moldy worm and three very, dipuyu traperovskim leschovym dipom. Impose in point. Through 30 seconds suddenly the crease! Pleasant severity of and not less nice zhimy on how late cordage :jumping:! Photosession with getting podleschikom :jumping:!
Not losing time, cruising scissors worm. Putting a hammer to a full the feeder browned worm and nasadochnym motylem. The worm on hook. Impose. Expectation poklevki. Serde is racing Silence
Through 5 minutes vymatyvayu tackle. Putting a hammer to a full the feeder nobody and motylem, on hook tuft from 7-1930 moths. Impose. Expectation poklevki. Silence Heart continues to this little beat
Poklevka :jumping:!
Has intrigued?
But, alas, a dace :disappointed:.
Repeat all again only on hook tuft oparyshey.
A white bream there is no :dontknow:.
Alternation dipov also not bring outcome.
But is returning a dace and again become on expense 20.
Polavlivayu still a bit. But in such a pace prikormka quickly ends. And somewhere in 14-00 had to Miners. Mood higher rooftop. Would never have thought, that can be harvest thus, after all this fidernaya had forced and indication poklevki here must occur on kvivertipu! Outcome such a way industrialized fishing is obvious, but and lack of there is. Even when was getting my photo taken with podleschikom, continued in mind considered :crazyfun:.
Ah and the result
Thank you, that get my report until the end of!
Thank you Alexey for lessons industrialized fishing!
All NKhNCh!

Used cuts:
"Known dubinschik" - champion Ukraine on as industrialized fishing 2013 Pugach Alexei.



winning the SA-N-on how to catch fish as and poplavochnoy line

Fish on fuckin 'bath host I nor never not catching, yes, exactly, and for leisure nor never not was. Need to conduct exploration arc of. Need to go work out. To go on unknown and not predictable body of water for week believe unfeasible, camping on K. In any moment can go Crucian and all expertize, forestry on train,, can draw in the most inopportune moment. Despite disappointing forecast weather, solve the go work out in Friday after training sectors. Forecast weather not Shiller wrong, rain sheds the entire day. Wet, tired, but very satisfied: Sector prepared, terrible stare vykosheny, line are filed off, bushes are circumcised. By the afternoon rain subside and Alexey, Vadim and Vyacheslav solve to remain work out. And me something so decisional laziness became. Think, until will just rot, and suddenly again rain, then again flock, to go all the way 100 meters on sand. In short, became decisional laziness. Solve the simply sit with them gender minutes and out, watch, modicum what fish getting caught. Drank on once beer and on a body of water. Vadim but on 6m to max, Alexei on 4m to max, Vyacheslav on Picker 2,7m. Have Vadim and Alexey ukleechnaya prikormka, have Vyacheslav karasinaya. All at different distance communication, have all bleak. Vyacheslav tastes different distance there is from 15 to 30 gather steam; everywhere bleak, not despite karasinuyu prikormku. Only further are biting worse and ostentatious. Ah, like all clear. Near local fly fishermen sit on your fishing bobber sometimes polavlivayut karasikov. One of them leader was coming home, in sadke on kind of about 1.5-2 kg an! Have our one bleak, an no! A bit spent, miracle not die aller neueste Kreation aus. That to do? Sit wait an or to bash in pace ukleyu? 're with Alexei and Vadim: 1 bleak =1 0g, 10 ukleek =1 00g or one local karasik. But only 10 ukleek can be caught for several minutes, but on your fishing bobber so at all for couple of minutes. And an and in such pressing
Solve the ensure in genesis before enrolling tactics and to come on the next morning by the time starters start, suddenly on the morning Crucian are biting, after all in Friday men tried harvest after lunch. Morning next days. Arrive on Canal to 8-00, 'm kneading it G.Stream sport and feeder. Promeryayus. Meet. The coastal strip vegetation ends somewhere on 15 scandisk 4,000 th Shimano and sval. Klipsuyus for it on 18 scandisk. Impose and immediately become bleak. Sometimes nips petty plotvichka and krasnoperka. I'm just trying a slightly further on distance there is 25 gather steam;. Like would as the frequency poklevok ostentatious. All understandable. With povodkami has understood, hook works. Will have harvest in a rabid pace casualties and renounce all melkosran. But experience such industrialized fishing I have full zero. And compete will have with people who have understood in such it comes to shagging. And suddenly they can sit at on an? Meanwhile on retreatments toured Leader, Grizzly Sanctuary and Nikolai) Mr.. I has combined things and went watch, as work professionals. Have guys, too, most. Miracle not happened and have them!
Went home knitting leashes are.
And all-??? bleak. Need to knead for prikormku, which will well leave cloud mutti, must be very scale grinding. Buying pack tekhnoplanktona from fishdrim, at home wife says, that there is almost a whole cover slips crack milk, which it need not. Milk it turned out what something their, the Italian, intended for adding in coffee, at, in short, simply bomb, fish should please! On prikormke decided to use for base G.Stream premium. Zameshivatsya on base one sport not In, perishing a strong there tanks pomegranate. Decided to add sponge-from fidera. From prikormki need catch entire a major faction. Sifted through yet homes still in separating the form of 1.5 packs premium sport and 1 pack premium feeder through a colander with box about 1.5-2mm. Mentor sifted through yet tekhnoplankton, there, too, there is a bit large on the lumps. Added dry milk, the pan-seared and permolotye in dust seeds cannabis and flax. Lies almost dust. All in package and in build.
4-00. Rise. Coffee. In 5-00 I already on place. People already many. Welcoming, familiarity. Couple of words communication with Aleksander template: User ru forced me to start thinking about genesis before enrolling tactics. He fully dilute the on an, casualties and melkosran he harvest not intends to. Think, toured! If have him shoot, will it sea Bass, then we all, in including and poplavochnikam, will poorly. But already late to drink buy into the premise. Whether, that will. I would still understood, that high results me wait not account for. Having communicated with other participants competition, discover, that all the rest also chose ukleechnuyu tactics. With one hand feel better, and with other hand as presented what will need keep pace of, to, as least, not take the last place. Time is coming to we need first, people are beginning zameshivatsya. Prepared the its prikormku, uvlazhnyaya several approaches. Monopoly through a sieve 4mm. Test rejuvenate prikormki has shown a satisfactory outcome: Prikormka Lies very active, under this leaving cloud mutti.
Draw. Full extension of my lift sector # 1, rival from Left there is no. All say, that was lucky, fish not need to steal your spotlight. Indeed same shouldbad luck!? Entry in sector. Right from me unknown for me guy, for him 2100mm, for him template: User ru, further not see. Here I began already specifically pass through. Feel easy jitters. Not cater raskladyvayus. I'm taping up fidernuyu system the flagship of the sherman in length of his 3 Dam with vershinkoy 0,5oz, accommodating fighting Main judge Igor Volkoff, and. Give coil Shimano nexave 4,000. Balance Mr. Picker here and reel have ideal. Even a few zabrosov. Mr. Picker for me a new, is allowing, as is abandoning, what comfortable weight and camping on D. Until I did these manipulation I zadolbalsya brush your rings and the cord from down. Fearing for integrity vershinok and for the speed industrialized fishing, solve the to move on as such. To the same with the fishing line, from which I imposed leashes are, with fishing line in as a the main d feel pouverenee in case, if will get a bite Crucian. Until signal about starter zakorme remains 10 shadowing 'm panicking. Suited Max Nikolaevi4. Couple of words, like'm calming down. Quickly give shpulyu with fishing line smart multi band. Exhale, managed.
Hooter. With start-up zakorm.
Neighbor right throws on eye meters on 30-40. 2100mm like also. Template: User ru not see from-for reed, but on sound, like,, too, not close. I same, you know, bung on 18 gather steam; coils, and this about 13 meters!
Through 10 Golden repeated hooter. All, began.
Here I have already zatrusilis hands. Some as wear my wartime ceasing from fishing line of yours same SLR 0.07 in length of his 90sm with crocheted email to the Owner sode 50282 # 16. The first same impose brings casualties somewhere on fifth, old Pudge after the fall of the trough. The second, the third zabrosy also bring quite not bad sizes ukleek. Hands trusyatsya, grapple-grapple sticking my boner in property Pinku on still punier when one realizes hook. For more better implementation, sticking my boner in 1 Pinku with a stocking. Classic genre: Adding kicks in the feeder bring more confident poklevki and more a major casualties. Fearing you overfeed fish, I would still almost in every crime as modicum a bit, but leave kicks. Sometimes nips petty plotvichka and krasnoperka, but this rather exception, than rule. Neighbor right works and sits. 2100mm and template: User ru also rarely perezabrasyvayut, means were zeroing on an. I continue to keep pace of. Perezabros every 20 seconds since of touching trough the surface water. All like goes not poorly, himself wonder. Long whether I hold on much longer in such a pace? Hear, as teski are discussing the absence of here fish, cursed all the time body of water and director the ground, camping on E. Rowing Canal. I, finally, 'm calming down, means tactics I chose the right. Continue to keep pace of. Good news come from judges: Have poplavochnikov bleak still smaller sizes. Means all sit on ukleyke. So passes while,, have rivals emerge the first Crucian carps. I tactics not remont,, continue to sit on ukleyke. Importantly not be tempted and not sit down wait an. Not know as have rest, but I observed, that when the boot slightly-slightly a worn-out poklevki accounted for wait slightly longer and the size of the was less. So, almost each time I drive the money changers Pinku on fresh. Perhaps, I a bit lose in speed, but I clearly elected in weight. Somewhere to mid-I observed, that very well works traperovskiy koriandrovyy dip and that this fish you overfeed not perhaps. Every perezabros is accompanied by zabitiem kicks in the feeder and dipovaniem nozzles. Literally on fifth, old Pudge after of touching trough trawling and out the window a small karasik, then two gusterochki. Not know, worked all-??? dip or not, but deal and inspect not was time yes and not like. With him are biting, as me seemed, faster, so I so and capturing the until the end of.
Periodically blows very a strong wind, vershinku almost have the most the surface water. Yes, not envy your position now poplavochnikam.
Somewhere for and a half hours before the end of began to appear failings in Cleves, perhaps, bream was becoming on point :). The sponsor support college of says, that not have one me failings. Can fish perekormil? Yes there is no, through time become petty plotvichka on point, ukleyki there is no, under this I not see poklevok! 'm considered. First began considered until 20 after of touching trough the surface water. Perezabros. Continue to considered until 20. Perezabros. Then 15 and camping on D. So I defined time the serif small fry. Time this it took quite not many, but implementation was on perform well. So, not seeing poklevok, I you totally got me stuff 15 plotvits on 12, old Pudge since of touching trough the surface water, of which 5 seconds there's gravy basket reached trawling. Then again has become bleak. Its on expense so simply not take. She the are biting on 5, old Pudge, then on 20, and sometimes even and on 30, old Pudge. From such a rabid and nots officials for me pace I became tired when. The latest hour I excruciating the with zaputyvaniem tug ropes, then with zakhlestyvaniem the main fishing line of yours for tulip, when gave take during nailing trough or nasazhivaniya jamborees. Accounted for Still Rise unravel. Why something increasingly became to cling hook the for clothes, then for grass. For tour took 20 tug ropes. In short, fatigue and the absence of experience tempovoy industrialized fishing gave about itself know. Ah, when same already hooter? Finally coveted hooter. Whew, thank God. I so not alors nor on one a fishing trip! Suited weighing up the. , I take it out a hatchling pond from water. I in of shock! So much harvest, and so little fish, literally zhmenka. Weighing up the shows 1090g. Normally whether this? Not know, if anything more, than it looked with the outset.
Announcement results. I fifth! Super! I simply that was teflon. He's, for sign, please, and here fifth! Day worked! Tactic chosen the right. All, who sat on an, flew. Paralympic also sat on ukleyke. As say importantly not victory, and participation? But not in my case, after all for me this was the most the real victory!

All NKhNCh! With respect.



Thank you for luxury sheets. Automobile and originally many secrets in tactics. Thank you :cool:



Fiestvod wrote:

Thanks for luxury sheets. Automobile and originally many secrets in tactics. Thank you

Thank you! Not thought, that open any sektety :dontknow: :)



Gave a talk on one devouring :cool:.



semaga wrote:

Prochyol on one devouring.

Super, I very glad, that not for good reason sought to! :cool:



Only today having until phones and have read report. Is famously! Detail and informative! Carries! :cool:



central Summer the Asian SA-N-
Tragically, for Family circumstances I not was able enter nor on one retreatments, that could not in thereafter not diminish its on final outcome my speech. And after all I never still not eiaee the carp fish in platnikakh. But, family there is family.
I tour. Whether accursed that day, when I learned of existence of so-called salapinskoy porridge! Me seems, that only thanks to it I leaked the first tour. But, about everything on order.
Composition prikormki: 1 cover slips VDE Supercarp Fishmeal, 1 cover slips Flagman monster carp + 1 a bottle of XL Liquid strawberry from dynamitebaits + 1 bank corn + maggot about 150g + about 250ml rasparennykh enough cannabis. The idea was do with start-up zakorm on 10-15 feeders on two distance there is and then every fifth crime as the trouble of displaying salapinskoy porridge, to was, that food goldfish. But, when I dumped the in advance cooked bag for in build, I found, that she quite-quite not stuck. From-for nedovarennogo some dried bread and barley and large numbers of of the dry components its impossible was would continue to cast until, she simply would failing out from trough. And here I do first mistake in the first round: I take and mix delicious, stinky rose composition from VDE and dynamitebaits with this galimoy gave, iai?i killing the mechanics prikormki. She simply sleep stumbling on bottom. The second my a mistake was that I long dubinil in one point, seeking to as can be more precisely bombarding in one point. But as it turned out in the second round fish not worth on point and in one place, its need to was seek. In short, leaked I the first tour oninexperience, by taking over about 9-10 fish weight 2670g.
After round that is an awesome Okroshka and still obaldenney plov, evening sit-round gathering, the overnight had forced with with the winners of the Open goblet Ukraine zapechatlilis in my memory, leaving the most positive emotions.
When in 4-00 from of screaming Ogooo, cute! and grapple-grapple prodrav eyes after yesterday's (and if more precisely, then still todays) gabfests, went knead for prikormku. In this time decided to mixing accurately such same composition, as and yesterday, only without adding porridge. Leader, Grizzly Sanctuary so and not went to sleep, and been caught entire night. Thank you Vova Leader, helped zamesitsya, under this fully and criticized my composition! Not grassroots him nor smells, nor mechanics my feed. Fortunately have him was even one cover slips G.Stream premium feeder, which modicum as something saved situation. But more he nothing not was able do, and underbid not favorite him smells prikormki, and restore the mechanics was already simply not than. Will have harvest those, that there is. But thank you and on this.
II tour. Full extension of my lift sector near aggregations-and. - artificial spawning, 7,000 have the most Bank. Logic and foreboding in me suggests, that harvest need to on a near distance there is, not far from these., in the hope on still not just otnerestivshegosya carp. Even not promeryayas, klipsuyus on 25 scandisk. Quickly crafting its workplace, sit, await the launch signal, until which still a host hour. Suited Vladimir and, too, confirms my theory, but with one the clause. Instructor gives facility feed two point: Round 6 and far and seek fish between these two spots by gentle valley potyazhek after two minutes besklevya.
With start-up hooter. I allow 5 full feeders with nobody and corn on round 6 distance 25 gather steam; reel. Give ceasing Guru 0,13 60cm, hook email to the Owner chinta # 14. The nozzle sitch one maize, closed one nobody. Await the, poklevok there is no. Turn on far 35 gather steam;. I allow 5 full feeders with nobody and corn. Await the two minutes. Poklevok there is no. Do potyazhku. Vymatyvayu take filament, and this three turnover reel. Await the still minute, do another continuous potyazhku, vymatyvayu still three turnover reel. Thus, I for three potyazhki could move with the far-point on round 6. On negotiate yet another zabrose and another potyazhke enleve hard dace. Suited coaches 8-), says, that Marrying Demidenko already three karpikov took on potyazhke, that tactic works and to I continued in the same vein, but under nasazhivanii corn was clenching its for allocation juice. Another impose. After another expectations poklevki in for 2 minutes do potyazhku. Not mellow vamatat take fishing line of yours, as happens clear karpovaya poklevka with zagibom rods up in ancient! Zoink! This same not a dace? I take second fish and first karpika. Tactic potyazhek works on cheers! Poklevki follow on the first potyazhke in for one minutes, ostentatious on the second potyazhke. I in of shock, carp are biting as a dace! My opinion, that there's gravy passing on beneath the, tried lifting suspended matter, which has been attracting carp. Suited instructor and says, to I periodically, somewhere times in hour feeding round 6. I implicitly nurturing all instructions a trainer. Three-four trough complete moldy worm and corn on round 6 and again would leave on far. So I successfully polavlival without failures in Cleves, but with faint speed vyvazhivaniya. So broke a, that in my sector on distance there is podsachivaniya the depth of accounted for not more 5-10cm. This very just made inconvenience under podsachivanii, and also took away much time, when I tried to zacherpyvat another karpika. If would the apparently bonus, I it comes, perhaps, and not took would his, after all: Diving go cannot be. Have become bleed through. Idle sweep (martial arts). Can hook got dull? Remont, ceasing. Through times idle sweep (martial arts). Ukorachivayu ceasing until 45cm, implementation being established. Emerge skhody, again idle sweep (martial arts)! Yes that OK such? A small hook? But after all yesterday big hooks not worked, and today at night men a by small hooks somewhere 14 numbers. Can form of hook? Remont, hook on Drennan wide gape # 14. Ceasing 50sm. Like all well. Are biting is famously. Suited instructor, have Sani Davydenko already about 35 tails,, too, works tactic potyazhek. I have without ceremony about 25-30 tails. Another my a mistake was that I left counter in your bag. Knowing accurately how many I have tails, I it comes could navigate on what place I of walking and in case need ?? in the same vyvazhivanii, which I have took away very much time. Need to was remove karpika on our ride, and I unnecessarily little hinky with telling me. So I and capturing the until the end of round with confident poklevkami. Fish, seemed crawling with on point. In the second half of round I routinely received poklevku already on the first minute with point and without potyazhek, one rabku even took for open! If would only the depth of 500m podsachivaniya was slightly deeper, not on their ankles.
Weighing up the. I have slightly more 9kg.
Skhodov and unmet poklevok was where something else half, one poklevka with breakage shtekernoy rubber.
Announcement results and I sixth! Given, as I leaked the first tour, the result more than hawk. A good experience, an amazing weapon personally! My second contest in life and me tightens all more and more!
Thank you organizers, thank you participants for competition and fun fight! :cool:
Thank you trainer ! Instructor you cool! :cool:
Until meeting on reservoirs!



Long nothing not wrote
Fishing yesterday at night: With 19-00 07-00.
Yesterday at night have extricated themselves with colleagues eggs pomorozit.
Fish-sicles: 1 cover slips flagship of the big Roach and bream + 1 cover slips megamiks multi-purpose device + 0.5 packs large tables pea plants.
The distance industrialized fishing: 45 meters
Tooling: Noose+ footnotes fidergamma drennan-bulb each 10 cm + ceasing the fashion 0,13-70sm + hook abgeholt sode # 12.
The bait: 5-7 oparyshey, the worm almost not worked.
Was biting, until 01-00, further until the most morning only a few ladoshechnykh podleschikov.



Very like have time closefishing season a good cool autumn small fry. Forecast weather on weekend and entire the next week not promised nothing good for as industrialized fishing, so been decided was chosen in Friday the latest warm oriental tunes on which promised 0 Since on the morning and + 4 Since day, but wind from seventh Film Studio films With colleagues on work (Igor and Vyacheslav) decided test sandy careers, on which inspired the latest report Feduarda. Format industrialized fishing decided do the next: 3 hours industrialized fishing with the consequent weighing the results and kind outcome of (rock on), and further simply had forced in its pleasure. Agreed to. But here I recall, that there is such the kid the amateur fiderist, very an ambitious and announced a promising reform agenda fisherman, which very seek to to learn how to fish. With his aspiration can be and champion Ukraine become. 'm calling. That one takes? Gone Fishin '(like it or? Of course, wants! We are butchering throw a switch on 5-30 on the Right Bank.
Friday. All junk already produced with the evening and packaged in machine. A cup frank coffee and forward!
Get out on streets and in a bit in of shock from forces wind. Ah yes okay. Desire to swim in pace dace above forces wind.
To stop to for Alexei and in path. On moving us already await Igor and Vyacheslav.
Come on place. On Bank just 2 rights. Wind simply tin. Wind eastern, camping on E. In face. If be more more precisely, then in rightist eye. A small priboynaya wave of. I even and not thought, that wind from seventh / with such a strong. And can he and more was? Aspirations accurately until 10m / with reached out. As spare option was Solovinka, where now was would be far komfortnshim sit. But times already have gone down, let us try. And the, as big deal how many there on sand yes still and in mountain housing Figured we'd first muster place it and prostuchat bottom along Bank. Alexei brought together place it Volzhanka Pro Sport 3.6 / 60 + I gave him brick cargo and let's roll. Brovka 500m for 70 gather steam; cargo shampoo fell 21 of seconds, then brovka somewhere on 42-45 scandisk 12 seconds, and already under Bank somewhere on 15 scandisk still one brovka, cargo fell on 15, old Pudge. Over to the left-its impending election , too, most. Three promising point. But 500m 70 gather steam; under such a wind very problematic will harvest, next of quite like close. Decide what's stop on 42-45 scandisk. Still couple of zabrosov for affirming their observations and suddenly on a near point DEAF zatsep markernogo weight. That this? Did such a abrupt brovka? Alexei raises place it maximally upward, couple of twitching....... Usually, when cargo unless in brovku, from doing such procedures goes. But, not today. In head come thought about existence of somewhere here ostensibly any cable slot. Just brick cargo, decide what's all-would still set. Vyacheslav drive on beach, Alexei further left than that from plyazhika in the early after cultivation of the, I for Alexei, then some local fisherman, and for him Igor. Have become raskladyvatsya. Igor to participate in batle not diary, faced have neighbor-the fishing trainer, that are biting on ottomans, decided not wait us and became harvest on ottomans. I, Vyacheslav and Alexey even loaded timer on three hours and let's roll.
Forgot to tell couple of words about prikormke. Pure G.Stream premium sport, involved - with the evening and perebityy through 2 mm a sieve.
So, rock on. The distance 43 turnover. Fall trough vegas 56g on 15, old Pudge. Do with start-up zakorm from 5 fringes feeders, 3 of which with zhivotinoy vytrushivayu on 12 seknde fall of. Do the jimmying ceasing 0.1 ? let the reflo power-1m, hook maver Katana 1090 # 16. The bait one maggot and one motylik. Meanwhile have Alexei there are already poklevki, but conduct fish through round 6 brovku not can, srezaetsya ceasing 0,12mm. Alexey Crosses on ceasing 0,16mm and the same picture. Ceasing through times srezaetsya about hold a shell up. I continue to keep pace of 30 seconds after the fall of the trough. Here is and I have the first plotvichka there is.
For moreover, to remove fish on such a longest tight leash need was very quickly cut to disco coil and highly bully udilishche upward. Sometimes worked conduct fish, and sometimes and there is no. Appeared snapshots defence wakes up aggressivity and I have. As only will get a bite plotvichka slightly larger hands immediately slice defence wakes up aggressivity about round 6 brovku. Give and I ceasing from fishing line of yours $0.16 tubertini dragon, hook abgeholt sode # 14. I some as polavlivayu, and Alexey simply not can to withdraw fish. Poklevki already have become stable, but implementation have Alexey simply're screwed. Lucas! He already linked the ceasing from fishing line of yours 0,2mm! Poklevki all-would still there is! A dace has become on point and it already absolutely all-would still what the thickness of the the leash. Finally! Dragged through brovku dace.
But happiness Alexey their Muslim not long, again have become through times srezatsya leashes are. The trouble full: The leashes are srezayutsya, then trough have become stuck and fade!
And wind not gave contemplated, then buckets transports are away, then course still leaning pretty bad. Obmerzayut rings. On another leapfrog take shortcuts roughly 30 fringes meters twist are spaced.
Alexey reaches Udilische Pro Sport 3.9 / 80 + in the hope on dragging imaginations with the feeding trough expense of length rods up. Not here the was! Nor more is a long place it, nor high-speed vyvazhivanie standing still, nor dog leashes but also 0,2mm nothing not POMAGALO Alexey. Ah, think, Alexei on ascriptive reasons considered for full stakeholder battle not makes sense, let us fight only with experience. But, Alexei not fell spirit of and shown indeed Fite character! Not when surrendering, and despite the, that until the end of battle remains 1.5 hours, he rearranges its platform for experience on beach, have which for and a half hours not was nor one cliff! Quickly's gaining on catch up, puts pace of 30 seconds and very nice became us to get.
Vyacheslav, who until podsazhivaniya to him Alexei more or less polavlival, became harvest all less and less, until Alexei fully not put them on so tight have him entire fish on its point. I, have faced had he stayed on same place,, too, not poorly polavlival, but, as on evil with departure Alexei, began to appear precipices I have! As only fish bigger than others social with breakage defence wakes up aggressivity, perevyazyvaniem and loss of time (in povodochnitse I have were forced upon dog leashes but also only from fishing line of yours 0,1 mm). I at all not remember, to I someday vyvazhival fish with such speed of rotation of coils! Later with Alexei we have made conclusion, that there, likely, aside from the angry style of still and the remnants of confusing nets. Move on new place for hour the end of the battle and sitting alongside Alexei was senseless idea. Alexey already fish put and despite its he had would very not simple task. Solve the remain on its place already before the end of battle. Think, after weighting winds and'll sit alongside Orthodox. 'm, hymalayan kicking rush,! Slavik in next to ya with Alexei as something poorly, pace of not holds, hence and poklevki ostentatious. From Left Igor on their ottomans sits dubinit with low pace, but a dace markedly harder enclosed, under this have him nor one cliff! So and over rock on with fulfillment I have in the first and a half hours somewhere 60-70% and subsequent and a half hours somewhere 40-50%. Weighing up the. Vyacheslav 1386, I 2500g, Alexei 3800g, for interest who and Igor 3500g.
Alexei shown their please quality and for half staffing time was able had wrenched victory, not for good reason same he champion!
After weighting a bit all the animal, just had a cup Seagul and again harvest. Peretaskivayu all its junk to Alexey. Klipsuyus on his distance there is. And poklevok the and no! Lech penetrated in Raj, is into pumping one for one. Keep high pace of, but all that effort for nothing. Aren only one thing breakages and zatsepov at all no! Nor I have, nor have Vyacheslav poklevok there is no, despite what we in next to ya sit and throw, too, almost in next to ya! Yes that I do not so! So and not talismanic nor one imaginations, I adopted decision change back on its previous place. Let there precipices through times, but modicum fish there is. Took me. And imaginations the already and there is no. Became anew raskarmlivat. And imaginations the until now there is no. Turn on round 6 distance. And there imaginations there is no. And Lech meanwhile's feeling crook one for the other, with the size of the already clearly bigger than others. That to do? Move on far distance under such a wind with kormushkami vegas simply not realistically and not here and pulled fanned out your turn. Questioning leave trough? Can be try, but sling a their through cable will not realistically. Change nor shift to the nor to the left to Igor already not make, people began to to be tightened and borrow all few seats. Modicum pack your bags. Solve the modicum as something harvest, despite loss of cordages. Give metal the feeder bullet and'm leaving on 75 gather steam;. With such strength wind this has ever managed oops as not easily! Point markedly scratching away with. But includes appeared poklevki!
Put patch fidergamma, to modicum as something break your fall tugging imaginations under such a requires strong vyvazhivanii. Fish the entire clearly bigger than others went! This and well and poorly in my situation. Accounted for with such unreal speed spin the handle coil simply a scribe! Sometimes this POMAGALO, but only sometimes. From 4-5 fringes fish me has ever managed to withdraw only one! And so each time with perevyazyvaniem tug ropes! After all in advance-imposed rigidities tug ropes from fishing line of yours $0.16 I have simply not was. And were two such klevaki, that coil grapple was twirling. Such fish already be standing and little by little vyvazhivat need, perhaps, even with vykachivaniem, and I'm gonna spin, that there is forces! Naturally and, unfortunately, such fish me not has ever managed to withdraw. A dace has become on point simply Raging half a joint. From for lack of experience industrialized fishing in such weather conditions I loosely Soil Room poklevki and simply bought these fish on expense 15. As I love such a enleve! You look on sides and you pull it, fish simply on expense 15!
Vyacheslav, not surviving a challenge competition alongside Alexei took me to Igor, some as umostivshis, and became polavlivat. When sitting alongside Alexei reduce leverage to reduce leverage virtually impossible someone harvest, Alexey simply not leaves no one a chance.
Fishing trip I graduated, when I have already simply not remained likely except 18 th numbers. The outcome weighting have shown have Alexey about 10-11kg, I have 4800g, have Vyacheslav 3000g, have Igor on ottomans 6500g.
And if it comes not was skhodov, breakages and the deaf zatsepov
So over my fishing season with almost full lack of likely and feeders.
All NKhNCh!



Not zhdannoe, not gadannoe warming, contributed their readjustments and instead of, to be left lying around on couch, we with Alexei pugachem adopted strategically the right (as later it turned out) decision able Gone Fishin '(on one of bezizvestnykh and most picturesque bays of Dnepr in drying Propulsion Zaporizhia. The remittances have planned on Sunday, camping on K. In Saturday Alexey go anywhere after bachelor party, of organized in Friday one of close him friends in run-up to her. Ox perishing this youth 'going through every major, that in the Gulf itself has gone a dace and getting caught in very large quantities. To not wetting the hands in Cold water, prikormku zamesil in Saturday on the evening. In separating the form of sifted through yet through a sieve 2mm G.Stream premium sport and G.Stream a dace the Cold water, otseyav entire a major faction, then, hydrating in four phase, still times U.S. through a sieve 2mm. As it turned out, in Sunday very even benefits walk Gone Fishin '(, anyone from friends can to remain harvest in night with Saturday on Sunday and take seats. So and happened, one of friends accommodating agreed rein in us on morning seats (as later it turned out, not only us). Riding out from homes about three hours night, I with horror discover that in place constant stationing twenty-four-hour sellers fishing goods and changeable tips no one there is no. And I without moldy worm, without very more honorable on place about 4-20, I was in of shock. Such a number of people-anglers in one place I still not saw! All Bank in lanterns and fireflies, with-their accounts for every meter-and a half! In head came different thought: And suddenly Feduard not Pippo from intrusive and brazen fishermen? And suddenly fell asleep and man all our seats? And suddenly fell asleep and man even its place? And suddenly Yes as I could such think? Feduard said - Feduard made! Drawn and see, that us expect alone of the most any kosher seats. As it turned out, he kept seats not only us! Ay yes Feduard, ah yes brilliant! In short, ranked seats, broke up the things and have become expect dawn. And weather the grace! 's nice and quiet yes murmured. Temperatures about 0 degrees. The first zabrosy began about 07-00. By taking over ????? on schepotke kicks and very, became harvest and I. T. K. The width of Gulf accounts for 40-50m, I used the easy place it Lite class Flagman Sherman in length of his 3,3m. Coil Shimano nexave with puffed sunline FINE away. The distance industrialized fishing 22-24 Fencer-C. The depth of in place industrialized fishing 1,2 m-1.5 were found (a metal there's gravy mesh with Alpo stagnated 2 of seconds). Enleve began with standard for themselves length defence wakes up aggressivity in studies claiming one meter ? let the reflo power 0,1 mm. Keep pace of 30 seconds. Poklevok there is no. A bit has reduced pace of, somewhere until 40-50 seconds. Began to appear rare poklevki, which quite not in sight, but on expense and vlet fish raze not wanted become. Plus to everything constant struggle with obmerzaniem rings not ready normally relax. A dace of solidity with trawling, when ceasing slide on bottom, so, a bit ukorotiv ceasing until 70-' 10 "or above, became wait poklevok. Under this I continued keep pace of, but not such high, as initially, and about 2 minutes. Poklevki have become to express themselves a bit better, but would still, sometimes on the brink of intuitions.

I never scrimped so very, as in this day. Got laid on one, maximum two whereas dead, with entire the odd, which remora to absolute negation, I very be standing used to have to escort on place. A all! Was biting, on all! We were fortunate with neighbors sketches: From both left and right sat adequate fideristy, can bombarding in one point. Company fidristov gathered not small, man ten, which abandoned almost on one distance with Braggs from each other maximum meter. Mesivo was concrete! From Left and right from us poplavochniki with several udilischami ?????, with location poplavkov from each other in 30sm! Feduard couple of times perekhlestnulsya with fisherman-pruzhinschikom on the opposite Bank! Me was lucky slightly more, contrary me sat poplavochniki, which also sat reduce leverage to shoulders to each other.

And suddenly, where not of a sudden there, fall Gulf emerges rubber boat with two neadekvatami in it, and challenge anchor!

How many many new words I heard!
Closer to 10-00 on my head struck begun. Mizzling on branch lines over my head has become thaw and Grand Marnier liqueur dirty to boot mega drops on me, in my boxes with nozzles, in prikormku Makes you takes guts climbing back takes guts climbing back the boot. Because jamborees I have was not so something perishing and many, accounted for constantly open-turning a blind lid firmly, and this strongly freak me out. Rain sheds not less hours. I the entire adhesive and dirty little, the entire in prikormke, all chair in prikormke Ponyo On has become and klevala in for one-1.5-minute. I became in such a pace became perezabrasyvat, creating a permanent cloud from prikormki. I only can to imagine No, I cannot to imagine, that there was going on on bottom under such a a fishing press-gangs! After, as me terminally ARGUMENTY constantly turning a blind-open lid firmly on box with pinkoy, I simply, rearranging its in the pelvis with prikormkoy. Think, let climbs out, additional beast / in your bowl me not would prevent (until this I not inscription in crime as Pinku in mind its defetsitnosti I have), in a result what I have decreased time expectations poklevok, they occurred more often and increases. But, soon prikormka and the nozzle sitch has become come, and, not despite the ongoing nibble, about 13-00 have become flock home. Outcome: 67 plotvits with common weight 7kg.

Thank you companies associates for pleased conducted day, Alexey for megaotlichnye and under this budgetary prikormki. And clarity as well lasting gratitude I want express Feduardu for at all opportunity swim in this day fish!



I such a presinga not vidil still never.
PS. A cap highly fashionable have Comrade)



shameta wrote:

I such a presinga not vidil still never.
PS. A cap highly fashionable have Comrade)

This you not on Pechenigy bream to bash. :D



Peppy time days, a respected Crazy.
Question a bit not on topic but. Saw on one of your photo a long podsak with red head resembles on Flagmanovskuyu 50kh60 format with netting from fishing line of yours. Want itself such a take and his on as she in work? What there is remarks? What to it better the handle take? The disobedient on the flagship such ended (Internet Music), but there is similar the Blue 45kh55, too, from fishing line of yours with petty yacheey.



TonyTer wrote:

peppy time days, a respected Crazy.
Question a bit not on topic but. Saw on one of your photo a long podsak with red head resembles on Flagmanovskuyu 50kh60 format with netting from fishing line of yours. Want itself such a take and his on as she in work? What there is remarks? What to it better the handle take? The disobedient on the flagship such ended (Internet Music), but there is similar the Blue 45kh55, too, from fishing line of yours with petty yacheey.

Yes, this flagmanovskaya head 50kh60 format. Head, as head. As all lesochnye. Quickly dries, the easy. A similar blue, think, will be nothing not worse. Here I have the most simple. Here is this. For their money - many run here. For starters - 100% be appropriate. And at all, launching the contestant, on that budget allows, but not less 3m. Good in the flagship their now abound. Thisa cool



've their 5 kopecks.
2 season'm using Flagman impulse Common Address Redundancy Protocol. About friend / best version until not begin to wonder. The price same now on it - simply's free.


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