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Fishing in Canada (British Colombia, Vancouver)

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"Fishing in Canada" - this too a comprehensive theme, about it can be write book, not a short report. Canada great, in it more dozen provinces, in each of which their especially and provincial laws. So I will to speak only about fishing in southern part of province British Colombia, mostly in neighborhood Vancouver. How I know, in Ontario the situation with rybalkoi quite another. To mention the fishing, impossible also not concern the as Canadian culture, so and in mentality fishermen, obuslovnennogo this culture and nurture. So, will walk thru.

British Colombia

population Canadaextremely fragmented. Overwhelming part of my known are immigrants first-second and sometimes third generation. All population can be share (very rudely of course) on relatively recent those who come from Europe, those who come from Asia (the most represented the Chinese and Indians), and so same indigenous Canadians. When I say about the "indigenous a Canadian would" I mean in mind white, parents which came from Europe in 18-19 century and were settled across Canada. Indigenous Canadians this landlords, farmers, owners possible medicine small businesses (descent ", workshops and camping on P. The entire the Canadian countryside once inhabited greater part of precisely they. Fisheries culture and tradition, too, were precisely they for many decades.

the Basic prey of, on that natselivayutsya consider themselves professionals the fishers - this all sorts of kind of of salmon (nerka, pink, 're chum, kizhuch, chinook, salmon at). For / main rail station.Hotel flat against follow various species trout. Several support is worth are, so as on his enleve requires separate has license, and so same all-sturgeon needs mock. Except this usual some number of "a white fish", but indigenous Canadians not view its as serious production and consider "entertainment for kiddies." Such preferences alia historically and pull off something in the Police "indigenous minor", explain to, that can be and other priorities and interests in a fishing trip, absolutely impossible.

Moreover there is even and naval fishing, but this quite separate history :).

The tackle and shops. So as production is supposed to a major, then and cordage are used very hoarse (on European measure). The fishing line is 0.4-mere 0.5 - well itself usual phenomenon. Prices spiningi begin from $20, atrocities in numbers in district $60-80, more expensive $120 - on large zntuziasta. Most you dumbass-equipped, importantly to weathered the pick Vest 7-10 kilo on during. Choice wood, "um, is limited to 5-6 brands, much of the woods from 8lb. On gap (and until 50-60), povodkovye filament only Maxima and Berkley posts effort on gap 2-3-4lb. And not specified thickness filament. Don’t believe? Can attach the several their photo. Matchevaya fishing pole? Bichon Frise? Feder? Chinese telescope? Not, not heard. And here is udilisch for nakhlysta in bulk, choose from couples tens of models how many psyche anywhere. Of the lures? Foresight? How many psyche anywhere.

Sections for fishermen there are in most large stores (Canadian Tire, Walmart, Army and Navy), in them zatavarivayutsya any junk 95%, yet caring Canadian fishermen on more-less sane to prices, to Myslivny Gone Fishin '(2-3 times in year. Except this me known 2 more-less large dedicated retailer and heap small. There can be sometimes buy something can for particular species fishing, chew the fat with master and obtain advice, something can sell under Made to Order. Small shops are often not far from water and their much of income not from sales arm, and from organizations fishing tours.

Methods industrialized fishingare determined by desired prey of. Basic ways - this spinning (of the lures and and Queen), nakhlyst, barfishing (or on our "you dumbass on during"), the whole trolls. Classical poplavkovaya had forced or had forced bolonkoy is exotics. Several later I will try cover all these ways industrialized fishing and the local specificity.

Legislation and restrictionsenough liberal and them indeed follow. Much of fishermen because, that so weaned. Smaller part of because, that if get caught, then little not seem. If to commit something indeed malignly-a brazen, then except ordinary fines'd be looking requisitions all Yankee under narushennii cordages and equipment, in the number of which will go down and machine, on which you arrived for my fishing trip. Precedents known, willing repeat even times there is no. However local had operated well itself people, if you simply confused, but not messed up is all too perishing strongly, then on the first time can limiting itself to simply compelled everyone else. But record in fact otstanetsya, until the next times. Restrictions on enleve intertwined - province’t share on several regions with various "basic" constraints, every body of water or river add their personal restrictions - on kinds of fish and slices Warranty industrialized fishing, doesn industrialized fishing, gross vehicle gear, bait either, no. If rallied to go on fishing trip, then day previously is worth closely view increasingly, that applies to desired River or the lake, and so same go on a provincial Web site and watch recent changes.

Forth I thought on the main doesn industrialized fishing. Write d on a minimum, Twittering pictures of the on maximum (not my own). Me seems, that several the images possess much greater one means, than couple the paragraphs of text. Will try pick a the most are typical seemingly, to immediately was in sight in any conditions is fought fishing. If same will appear questions, then I gladly answer on them.

Ah and couple words about itself. I relocated in Vancouver almost 15 years ago, even in eltsinskie times on program professional emmigratsii. As programmer then this was it is not difficult do. Me already for a $50,,’ve worked on specialties.

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spin fishing

Typically spiningi on of salmon enough zo (9-11ft, the fishing line is adds 0.3-0.4-mere 0.5, the entire spectrum blesen and nazhivok, but on own experience best works the pieces from yastyka with red caviar size of with phalanx from finger or slightly a little more excited. As this Footbal looks:



None of the above
On of last picture, man it seems sturgeon's parking?



, my friend, ah so you all-??? found where in Canada can be fiderom harvest?



Vadkh wrote:

None of the above
On of last picture, man it seems sturgeon's parking?

Can and sturgeon, but large salmon more likely. Sturgeon all-??? gets caught with boats and valet parking there same. Pro sturgeon will talk slightly later, there is and its experience, although and a small.



bormanb wrote:

Buddy-boy, ah so you all-??? found where in Canada can be fiderom harvest?

Found, this ?? for Fraser, there where he is classed as Sea, roughly 70 km far tide from Mishinskogo bridge and until also a place in Sea. Plus a small the length Pitt River, Kanaka Creek and camping on P.



None of the above wrote:

Perhaps and sturgeon, but large salmon more likely. Sturgeon all-??? gets caught with boats and valet parking there same. Pro sturgeon will talk slightly later, there is and its experience, although and a small.

I in Finland himself sometimes suckers polavlivayu. I have record 9ka. And saw as 15-16 puzzle women were. But such powerful and sognutykh sticks not saw. Have us such on Volga-saw when-energy larger 30kg drag. Can smell priest of - not a lox on the hook :nope:
And pro sturgeon saw many the plots on NG, AP and other thus channels. There in nature .lyublyu such machines are outfitted with. And have us all such breki lifted - 3.14rasy.



None of the above wrote:

Found it, this ?? for Fraser, there where he is classed as Sea, roughly 70 km far tide from Mishinskogo bridge and until also a place in Sea. Plus a small the length Pitt River, Kanaka Creek and camping on P.

Waiting for reports-very interestingly. Hi, Our donochniki everywhere ryboidov he'd whack, even in Canada. :D

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Lovlya sturgeon

Wanted to first write about it catching your holiday trout, but Vadkhmanaged to refocusing me on another subject. Our the main river Frazer in a mouth of which is worth Vancouver - one of rivers in which gets caught oserta, with this had forced sometimes becomes directly-??? cult. Convicts are greater part of year, but requires a special licenses and vacation just capture of. Gets caught mostly with boats, although small osetryata sometimes meet in prilove under it comes to shagging with Bank. Boat need a enough a major, so as meet monsters until 3-3.5 flushed-.

For example such:

Or such:

Couple of years ago me on day birth wife offered’fishing tour on enleve sturgeon. From stakeholder round requires only has license (we bought one-day drops), everything else - guide, the boat, cordage and bait has provided firm-leading the. Fishing onvention in early November, in late spawning of vegetation, when tens of and hundreds of thousands of culling otnerestivshegosya of salmon went back in ocean. In as a seats fishing was chosen hole depth 18 meters, guide said, that "he here there is", so as in this the pit should be full of the give myself dead of salmon.

First followed cursory course to prepare the snaastey:

In as bait is used a little sack from kapronovoy nets with caviar size of with nekrupnoe apple:

All of this agriculture with burden somewhere 300 League. Zabrasyvaetsya not far from zayakorennoy boats:

Process vyvazhivaniya wife not beauty shot, was too many of emotions and gambler’s excitement in the very moment. But outcome all-??? there is:

Minnow modicum and petty, but includes its grains :)



:tomato: Theme fidernaya :dontknow: the pilot fish as the bait or prikormka :tired: There :huh:



КМТА wrote:

the pilot fish as the bait

As the bait.



Vadkh wrote:

How the bait.

Have us prohibited from :dontknow:



КМТА wrote:

Wu us prohibited from

Ah, so you have and sturgeon not gets caught. :D



Boev wrote:

Nu, so you have and sturgeon not gets caught.

Gets caught. In area more 100 kilometers osetrovogo the coast. Gets caught. But not're being released. :(



КМТА wrote:

:tomato: Theme fidernaya :dontknow: the pilot fish as the bait or prikormka :tired: There :huh:

Yes, theme fidernaya. But tell about feeder, not by telling about about a fishing trip in Canada at all, I amused several difficult for themselves. Too perishing ripped off from context is obtained theme, so that TO confirming stories with about feeder I all-??? will talk and about other ways industrialized fishing and laws.

That concerns first. When I himself saw its use in as a nozzles, then was (charitably) amused. But over time increasingly became on their seats. Unlike us, little who from Canadian fishermen views because the as delicacy. If you wanted buy red ikorki, then your path lies in "Russian" or "Ukrainian" Music, focused on preferences our compatriots. The second source of first are fishing shops, but there, caviar specifically prepared for fishing - edited using a special chemistry, which makes its ??? ???????? ????? not such tender, and so same can dyeing my because the in different color of.

Most fishermen leaves a bit first from vylovlennykh places of salmon on the pourer, and greater part of throws away. Usually yastyk with caviar is cut into pieces on 4-6 pieces, mortgaged in bank and is stirred with special powder-contains,. After this bank with closed a lid deposited in refrigerator year and more, ispolzuyas on need. If its first not, the is easiest ask a friend to share, to start harvest, can be buy a little bit of a in a fishing no clothing left, and can be wander on Bank and find because the in is place, where someone previously been gutting fish. Evisceration on Bank in general something prohibited from, but people sometimes disdains.



Barfishing - Lovlya with sandbanks

The first Association, that comes in head, looking on ustroivshikhsya on shallow water, and gravel braids fishermen with sverkhtyazhelymi spiningami, this our native and all beloved dubinschiki. Not full replicates of course, but analogy arrived.

Here is how this in a whole looks:

And here is the typical example snap:

Attitude to them case a bit is an ironic, a bit podsmeivayutsya, but ill feeling there. Here is one of examples, although all talk on English, but aeaai?ya all-sufficient, to understand over than teased:

Have the most until this way industrialized fishing as something hands nor never not unfiltered, but will season - need to will extricate and try.



Our dubinschiki more all same graceful



Ruslan 161 wrote:

our dubinschiki more all same graceful

So there dubinisty suckers gets caught. I when in Vincke whitefish dubinyu, often salmon or Salmo trutta morpha trutta are biting. So stick in arc and dog leashes but also only, these protect your eyes. Here is so there have guys concrete as. Interesting there pribluda with krylyshkami - to raising the pourer on during. In Vincke, too, on because the can be harvest. My Finnish droog vyalit yastyki with salt and they such rubber become, in the most time under the pourer. Shrimp there perhaps in honor, as the nozzle sitch.

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Ruslan 161 wrote:

our dubinschiki more all same graceful

. And with boast-a paper Tom their not witnessed. Samozasechka-with! :D

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None of the above wrote:

Legislation and restrictions enough liberal and them indeed follow. Much of fishermen because, that so weaned. Smaller part of because, that if get caught, then little not seem. If to commit something indeed malignly-a brazen, then except ordinary fines'd be looking requisitions all Yankee under narushennii cordages and equipment, in the number of which will go down and machine, on which you arrived for my fishing trip. Precedents known, willing repeat even times there is no.

Here is this "nuance" me more just likes :cool: To our marriage most MOVIE :crazyfun:




Human, « start harvest fiderom in our neighborhood, it is difficult call normal. There is too many factors, suppress this.

First and the main- in modern waters British Colombia banned any species prikormki. Cannot be use fidernye trough, cannot be use metodnye trough, cannot be pushed safety with prikormom, cannot be zakarmlivat from only does or with hands. Cannot be means - quite cannot be. Raze.

In fishing stores not are sold prikormki.Everything is logical - why their sell, if a feeding prohibited from and no one this not makes? In fishing stores not are sold fidernye rods up and trough. Hrebinky for udilisch? Centimeters. Higher. All fidernye cordage, that I’- I’through Internet.

A car this bait as maggot and night crawlers buy have.The first Joe. At all. Raze. No one these not Hypnotizes, so as there is no demand. Why their sell, if salmon and trout is famously you can catch on because the, shrimp or forelevuyu pasta? Well modicum worms summer in sale there is.

Until heap can be still add:
1. Can be harvest only one snastyu.
2. On cordage not more one hook.
3. Under it catching on rivers can be use only hooks without distinguished beard.
4. Cannot be use any parts of fish in as bait.
5. Cannot be use live-bait.

There are small exceptions of these rules, but they weather not make.

And you even want harvest on feeder? Ah-ah. Fortunately there is one thing large exception. bas for our largest rivers Frazer formally classified as naval zone)and requires for fishing separate licenses on marine fishing trip. The main dignity this exceptions is that in Sea a feeding permitted.In as a's the tag on to this "the sea" (roughly 60-70 km far the riverine Bank) we get the tidal fluctuations level water order Dam, decent swing speed crosscurrents, dependence Ah, this is great from tide / receding tide. Are biting best in tide, so that if decided to sit, couple of more hours after work with line, the not would prevent test - and not tide whether will and is worth whether at all to go?

That even from surprises? And! Fusion forests on River, whether he running some goddamn permits down! There is no, I understand as this is important for our economy, but of evil lacks, when come on the morning on a place and suddenly prichine such:

Or such:

Of course 60-70 kilometers the riverine Bank this abound, but if watch how many his is busy various the introduction, then optimism becomes less. And all same, why I these singled out? Ah Perhaps because, that me very powerfully with such way to industrialized fishing. Perhaps because, that me ARGUMENTY pushing elbows with tens of Chinese, zapolonyayuschikh Bank and shoals off during the principal "course" of salmon in August-September. Because, that me want have opportunities quietly sit have water several more hours after work. Yes and simply want something new.

Feder over the last year became my the most favorite fishing "toy." I profoundly would have turned over together fishing forums and overhauled ahead video, profoundly podtyanuv their theoretical views about as it catching, and very want all received knowledge shabby.There apply on practice. Not think, that all well-running in Russia will utterly likewise work and have us. Naturally, that common principles will remain, but too perishing big differences.

Start with, that fish too different. We have no of bream and small fry, krasnoperki and perch, an and bass. Can be to continue to enumerate tens of species fish. Simply put, all our fish rather predators, than herbivorous. I not say about salmon issue and trout, I say about the "a white fish" - such types of fish as included Northern Pikeminnow, Largescale Sucker, Peamouth Chub. Because they are not the subject of interest local fishermen, then and practical data about them not so perishing many. Known, that they subsist by the most beautiful flies-bugs and molodyu other species fish, can and something of plant origin by the tush $. And on what prikormku you command their harvest? What atraktanty and flavoring use? So that try, only try - different types of prikormki, a mixture, aromas. Examine terrain trawling in different places, seek style of, pits and shoals off. Neobyatnoe field for activities, there is than to address in subsequent years :).

Exception is wasn that included Northern Pikeminnow, which than something resembles on Russian chub and is the subject of sports programs American fishermen (in states Vashingtom and Oregon, if me not changes my done). Because she fiercely nurtures molodyu my salmon stock, then "for the capture of a criminal been paved reward." In the current 2014 for the surrender the first hundreds of rely on $4 for fish, three subsequent hundred on $5, ranging with fifth hundreds of on $8. The size of the not less 23 see For some fishermen that program became the main come activities, people live with this already few years.

Vozvryaschayas to topic conversation. Except, lower tide there is and a mouth of rivers. There go many species marine fish, such as flatfish, seabass and still with dozen other. , too, well itself interesting area for future fishing experiences, bored not will. 'm in fidernoe future with hope, until pensions even 15 years, time for experiences there is :)

One of sleeves rivers Frazer somewhere for kilometer until also a place in Sea:



I would tried prikormki on the basis of fishing flour, flour krill, in as a major faction the same krill, some kind shrimp or its the shells. Copulin from the same series of, for karpfishinga produced a large number of possible medicine "vonyuchek" on meat-fishing basis.
Still would tried slaughter in crime as fish /, uh, shrimp / kalmarnyy and etc. Beaten "split per" whatever-thread molotymi cereals.
But with more likely I would is gone in enleve sturgeon)

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None of the above
Ah that can be said. Souls mestechkovogo chub - Deadmines an increase to pensions. :D
On their themes that experience can say. For modular terminal fish from places of salmon solvents, too, the bait many run. I have in September under it catching whitefish, couple of concrete poklevok was. And prikormku do on breadcrumbs, fishing flour and the stuffing from marine small beer.



Read the branch on one devouring. Interestingly. Not pochatyy the brink work. But as with licensing for fishing a white fish? Interestingly step-by-step schematics obtain, demands and the cost of makes.



Very interesting theme, await the continuation of. Author respekt.



And wasn you have no carp. And tolstolob to you not yet having?



Bykaraxa wrote:

A wasn you have no carp. And tolstolob to you not yet having?

So there chilly, he not will a bad because the. Even have us (in Dnieper River) because the he not discus ring,. As launched in the USSR so he and rostet. Gets caught such carcasses of kil on 20 on Kaniv, and small at all not heard that would come across. And there give me a cold will.



Hedin, Vadkh,

Thank you for advice. To do prikormku on the basis of any of AIC faction seems highly reasonable. I already has tried promoted:
- beaten from fish;
- chopped up shrimps;
- make an omelet with addition of different types;

Fish flour flavored not has tried for lack of such. All of this Port of in salapinsuyu bag for or probovalos on their own in different insufficient. In a mixture with salapinkoy has worked all, but not so well, as would me like. From focuses instead time remained most nasty the impression - hands all time peremazany crude fish tank, wash and to scrub tired of, would still remain peremazannymi, lovable fish to, and increasingly around, too, seeks become a shoe full. In this otnoshnii boiled shrimps much more wearing comfort.

Recipe prikormok on the basis of scrambled eggs with raznami animals additives (krill, dried daphnia and a cyclops, fish beaten) I found in madness, initially this prikormka was used for that fishing trout. Not can say, that she quite I have not worked, but me it looked, that she too the easy - on devices up need use something, that will shape coarse blot on lasting time.

In primarily I want have a bang on this with boiled shrimps, the more, that they successfully were used in as bait. When there is no worms, they truly become saving. All the more, that their can be in advance pay for "in numbers" enough cheaply - enough BKV on local fish market. Each time not naezdishsya (from the club), but stock up on in advance quite possibly.

Marine fish market
- itself interesting theme. He resides on Bank ocean in district the most favorite local Chinese. In place also a Fraser in ocean resides the quay, to which promenade small 1818 with svezhevylovlennoy fish tank, shrimps, and other marine exotics (maritime urchins are capable, octopus and camping on D.)

Kind of on market with hand:


Read in sootvetstveyuschey a branch, that people enough successfully inscription peremolotye carcasses of without tails in prikormku. That same. D try.



Bykaraxa, Malyshh,

Karp we have, tolstoloba there is no. Karp is considered invasive fish tank, representing accommodated the danger for historically the prevailing biotsenoza. Together with a frog-a bull shares the first-the second place in the list animals, representing the greatest environmental the danger. Historically was brought in States in 60-? s past century, after what became rapidly increase range his habitat.

Have us home to in Spain and riverine channels with nebystrym the passage, well itself population reproduces. In rivers with rapid and Cold water virtually is missing. Successfully supersedes many local species fish. Terrible hate "root" Canadian sketches. Than all of this in late-all end – until it is unclear. Bright people their Europe and Asia belong to carp we should drink a enough quietly, but harvest carp without prikormki. Flushed st st forge the As something particularly not attracts. One of very the few fish on that convicts are resembled bear.

Well, that rotana until no one not stopped by to give.



None of the above wrote:

Karp we have, tolstoloba there is no

Me why the seems, that we are talking about one and the same fish.
Here is you the Asian carp.


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