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Heady days rybatsyugi Donbas

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Line for reports guys with Donetsk area.



Igor with you the first report :D



What otherwise promising name. :cool:



The end of the winters very aren its weather, - I feel warm and still weeks mucus ago was is scheduled trip on Starobeshevo. Friends not wait to oblovit chair and the table. And here still Light with APPLES zaruboy simply poored oil in the fire. Simply fiercely debated like been and to go in Kyiv, after all a mixer simply plush had. Ah okay, we and themselves with the mustache, decided so say also we ambush mini-contest the so say green against green. Thanks to Light sedated ties with Mothballs (huge thank you him) and his help food in flagship of the for mounted, but in no clothing left as something skudnovato with choice and instead the table solve the buy khevik choice fell on Daiwa Windcast 390 until 120 "grape"., camping on K. From weaponry only a medium and Lite rods up. Morning Sundays drama and we No one forced to the reservoir. To go decided on the old beach, but and there the depth of simply not produce garment. Are starting lot with prikormkoy not shoot simply you are unreal paketische remained with 2014 Winter for travels on Beshevo, there and traper and Italian fishdrim and what there only there is no. Proseyav the remnants of dosypali fresh fisherman land art and added aromy. Uring on points, prepared seats, him have divided very and in battle. On the morning fish simply fiercely debated rioted on, fishing was tempovoy poklevki on falling nozzles. The presentation of the one the boot and three, four very. After couple of hours fishing on point has become Bleak (fish) and become even more interesting. Harvest accounted for virtually without feed, yes would not cool appetite have zverstvuyuschey uklei, Pinku so same was removed with the presentation bait. Fishing has passed on cheers, fish active, lovilas the entire day with small failures in Cleves. Comrade under curtain even an prevailed. Outcome our battlefield 33 tail for forgiving 28. Pozitiv and mass joy, yes and not outcome, and himself fact such a pastime simply perepolnyal relish. No handsome, just tugged up your with zabrosom subject. Vindkast oblovil, truth still not until the end of his have. Ah-buying all OK exasperated for their money is famously. Now course on the next weekend, hope to us to join still heady days rybatsyugi Donbas and will be far more more interesting.
Hyah, on such expression of love, fish answered a slap in the face. No, you not in its taste.



As the so. There is things over whom work and work. The first that needs - boost pace of, many poking around and time moves away on recharge before firing, still not modified until of automatism, plus is missing all necessary equipment. Ah nothing - we over these are working and think soon all will be much better.



But as was road tolls on beach? And on fix you there zzaekhali?



benderr wrote:

But as was road tolls on beach? And on fix you there zzaekhali?

Road tolls was macabre, dirt on knee was. But Renault Logan Igor has coped on cheers! For traffic was professional) Hehe)

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The road cha not very, but get can be, if hood not less 160.



Igroyok, 're a brick! Report the, that need to! Forgot add: "The entire fish was not")



___L___ wrote:

Proezd was macabre, dirt on knee was. But Renault Logan Igor has coped on cheers! For traffic was professional

Understandable. Means on the next weekend roll over you terminally: '(
On besedkakh not are they biting. Through pipe clothes carrying, there where Romeo but, a bummer.
It seems remains wait weather :dontknow:

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To the next weekends think three again on Beshevo, are happy let us to see all who pleases join. Talk to you soon,re familiar. Closer to the end of weeks accurately inconspicuous externally day, place and time conducting stingy arrangements. Also brewing presence photographer (novice), which promises feed delicious pancakes!




By the next weekends think three again on Beshevo

So on "liquid water" bolshshe and have nowhere :dontknow:



benderr wrote:

I see, I see. Means on the next weekend roll over you terminally

Ah I would not said that there very in rock-star place! The depth of small, Bleak (fish) not gives passage, she there simply bristling with! Ceasing not has time be on bottom! His tore apart petty bleak even in flight! From this implementation poklyovok very suffers and this not can not piss off! Poklyovki as if now. Maybe, you your cast drag, and podsekaesh Bleak (fish) sdit. Or at all nothing! Podlesch curious to a rare a guest, compared with pavilions!



Ah if even with transiently will not the best drawer, think there can already be will we go a bit Pesci - all same not through pipes crawl. Ah, and if already quite poorly will, then good companies and on besedkakh will right on, and fish we that I touch their hearts don't we!



___L___ wrote:

Depth small, Bleak (fish) not gives passage, she there simply bristling with!

On the beach there is lipn construction, this in water. So here is slevaa from it the depth of on distance there is 35-40 flushed already normal. Order 3 meters.
And than further left than that facto standard, those deeper ;-) Quite sval very substantial. Keep in view.
But on casualties strongly affects direction wind. Priboynoy waves of she very not likes.

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There where you sat further left than that hole meters on 7



FC Volzhanin Kineshma
48.241 :writing:, thank you for hint. MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7% OK, we still green and on Beshevo only on besedkakh and Villas, a.



So say for flooding the content, with another resource
Yesterday decided to to go on Voznesenku (14.02.2014), on disposal of test as there with cool.
In during two hours received one poklevku nutrition

Then decided to to go on starobeshevo, test as there with fish tank.
Throwing good in side haze, point as current not broke a
Was on the beach, not like strongly on dirt toward nutrition

Fish quite quickly has become on blot :crazyfun:
Outcome 1.5-hour fishing, quite triviality topilas immediately nutrition



benderr wrote:

. But on casualties strongly affects direction wind. Priboynoy waves of she very not likes.

Thank you for a unique insight now advice!! And pro ukleyu truth. Themselves this noticed. As only wave of priboynaya begins. Bleak (fish) moves away!



Harryan excellent report! :cool:

Site conditionally and not gives plyusonut. :suspicious:

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The good fishing, a good report



Ad here!
22.02.2014 are going spend some time fishing on Starobesheve vdkh. All willing to join are happy let us to see. Friends, not be shy boys and come to communicate, spend some time fishing and conduct output in companies associates. Meeting will mark on against refuelling "" ", Avdotino. Time meeting 4 :3 0 - 4 :4 5, there and choose with accurate venue for meeting. Are happy let us to see all willing. Hope that Gleb "Light" also prognoses.
On anyone case phone - 095-336-38-19



Here is and over weekend and here is a new report with our recent rybalochki.
On invitation Myslivny with us on Kurland accepted little people, very it's a shame that so . But all same there is comrades, which supported this venue. So, as in fist bumps was, meet in the indicated place, in given this hour. Arrived vecherinok Efiop and Gleb Light, glad was to see guys. Still on darkness profits on body of water, with jobs problems no, have a foothold closer to dam, in searching for more acceptable depth. After choice seats all razlazhivayut its stuff to, prepare seats and inmineaza to workshops with prikormochnykh mixtures. All prepared their feed, think if interestingly, every state that US. Morning was warmest, virtually That beautiful soft summer. As usually uring on points. Virtually all have become harvest on the border silt and stone. As me it looked this the most is it apt point. After a small launch zakorma all freeze, freeze in anticipation and in upgrading applying and the presentation bait. Fish lovilas not uniform have someone well has become on the table, have someone very akkuratnichala and refused boldly borrow bait. But guys not hang average brawlers and all same wooed fish. With the sunrise sun wind became intensify, have ascended small waves of and with the passage time all of this coterie of nature only has escalated. Not despite all of this we working hard continued harvest, after all as the saying goes best fighters are raised in the Spartan conditions. Fish lovilas steadily, with small failures, as and last time. Very, it is a pity that children had to leave so sooner. And we continued stubbornly fight with-and under this harvest fish. When already waves of have become simply okatyvat its feet, had to flock home. Very cognitive and healthful withdrew rybalochka. Olegs organs is Ls organs is tried themselves under lyutom wind is southerly, and Id say that Cepelevska. Vecherinok Efiop oblovil new some tackle, pro the impression and work which let will reveal himself. Gleb Light for family, with friends and obtain very a new coil. I same continued familiarity with Diawa Windcast, worked over speed. On the stern inimical Rybolov his dark bream and Sensas. Yes, in as a aromy stood sypukha from CarpZoom Caramel Bream, perishing very she me liked and smells simply damaging. On bait either, no as and usually from 5 until 3 moths, in the feeder which packed a butterworm and peas Tyres. Ah and in conclusion photo from of our novice photographer.



)) Now we're are starting the hang of this in as it comes to shagging! Increasingly gradually) Getting ready to competition newcomers. Path on My month!!



Yes fishing + communication with good co-players! But had to sooner leave - with work summoned, yes and weather was quite a while!
Managed a bit for a spin new stick Colmic Kronos 360-420 and Daiwa Tournament Pro Feeder 12 / 13 (the old), can say one thing stick lungs and very broskovye - until exasperated, and everything else in the process further exploitation :D
Glad was all to see! :cool:

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___L___ wrote:

)) Now we're are starting the hang of this in as it comes to shagging!

Can be only sphere good industrialized fishing on open water.



Super busy briefing :flag:



Efiop wrote:

Yes fishing + communication with good co-players!!

And what, me not called, not Hey,, Hey,, :dontknow: A FC Volzhanin Kineshma truth said with let Mrs. Girdleson take, further left than that sval, but :dontknow: will whether he work :question: and this chief shades of, on fat circumstances.
Fish saw, respekt, and these, pensioners face, entrusted, sit on couch and drooled monetize :P



Dima excuse in next time necessarily I'll call you :yep:
But any time soon perhaps meet only in Mariupol :cool:



We a all, all who pleases. Are happy let us meeting, new suits. Necessarily to the next technitians dam announcement and as the saying goes - mercy of ask. 'll be in a minute a small pause - 're getting ready to "Winter feeder 2014." Think after 15 March score still Kurland.
Yes, about svala - indeed better idea was and fish bigger than others and small beer not was, not believing bulls and point fishing not so far from Bank.


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