Decided open season in Saturday 08.01.10. Participants: Dima and I, and also our permanent satellite Dimyn father (. Instructor).
So report from Dima, and I'll interject.
Had gone in 03-30, to take place on water feature. Entire a path'm hanging tight a. What same was our eyebrows, when on arrival on place discovered utterly free place, which usually smaller fishermen 24 hours a day :tired: A in during days pressure changes several times - the dense a, then the sun proglyadyvalo.
But joy proved premature. It turned out, that on water feature toppled, decent number of water% -) roughly 2.5-3 Dam
Feed decided every different composition (samodelom and from two various producers). Turkic what Id say, that better served an IED, the only - with him was problem: He poorly the in balloons for zakorma fucking slingshot. Dima - an IED on the basis of biscuits over black bread, I and. Instructor - prikormki different producers, one the domestic and one Import.
The nozzle sitch: Night crawlers. Moldy worm not managed to purchase on reason his full absence of in Khartsyzske, with normal coarse Motyl, too, released a bummer, so had to in at the pet store sent urgently to the borrow several) remain-cream :canthearyou:.
Some tackle: Mikado Golden Lion 3,9m. Until 100 Propulsion (raskosami), Mr. Picker Trabuco 3 forge the Until 35 Propulsion (the cord), ostnastka - Pater Noster (disambiguation). Hooks: Abgeholt and Gamakatsy # 18-16. I catching 2-are Shimano Best Master 3.6 and 3.9 flushed, and on both stood the cord, trough 20 and 40 gramscompletes his turn with distance fishing (about 20 and 43 flushed, launched his rocket anyway a small with start-up zakorm fucking slingshot. To not stretch fish, using excellent broskovye opportunities their udilisch baited in the distance roughly 35m and 50m
. Passed about 1.5 hours, but poklyovok not was, began been running experiments with-defence wakes up aggressivity (from 35sm. Until 150 centimeters) and to change distance industrialized fishing.
On Picker managed extricate a boilermaker (ceasing 50 centimeters, then began with small refreshed in the interval to do 1-2 turnover reel, and in a result on this same ceasing deal on Picker vytyschil a small sudachka. Then under such a same method industrialized fishing was even several strikes on bait either, no, not fomented apprehending fish. Forth on Mikado dragged her up a small a white bream (ceasing 1.5 flushed). Father, too, caught a white bream on ceasing 1 forge the
After this even these rare poklyovki disappeared didn't DO: '(
. Somewhere in 10-30 decide what's change place and to go on depth. New place war has improvements outcome not brought. All managed to capture small podleschikov.
Rewarding for one thing - in such conditions all managed withdraw from 0, have three different prikormki and open season 2010 :cool:. And still perfectly for a holiday in companies friends for's favorite sport from viewing, seat sofa and a celebratory a value

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