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Open DTEK fidernaya League (ODFL) - 1 phase 2007

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In our region until recently basis that is fish on feeder was a kind of exotics. Most fishermen even not knew that this such. The first step for propaganda this species fishing made Donetsk Domestic Federation Amateur and sporting fisheries, and in 2006 were conducted the first contest in personal Monster on it catching fish on feeder. In July 2007 Donetsk Domestic Federation Amateur and sporting fisheries has carried already command contest, in which adopted participation more twenty athletes. Baton of conducting ?????? on as it catching caught on to forum DonetskFishing and in August 2007 under support administration Forum was held festival, which helped fit in to get in in fidernoe movement new participants, and they organized new team. On numerous opened in September 2007 Donetsk Regional Federation must be negotiated Amateur and sporting fisheries was held autumn phase.

In these for competitions was born united and a close-knit the collective, which it looked that two contest in year this little. Was taken decision about creating Open Donbass Strategic as League. In designing this ideas adopted participation fly fishermen Luhansk areas that came on contest in 2007. The main idea League this holding a kind of the tournament in personal Monster in just year. Was been decided, that championship will consist from eight competition on two contest on every time year. ???? one thing a competition be held in Donetsk area, and another in Luhansk and seats conducting will just take turns thus, to two contest were held on stagnant water and one thing on during. This will allow rybolovam try their forces in various conditions fishing, on unfamiliar reservoirs and in term significantly to increase their prowess. Counting results be held on the sum seats balls earned in each of eight competition, with in laps. Will go five best results. This will allow many rybolovam fit in to get in in the League of gradually, therefore, to on the results of year fall into rating needs to accept participation least in five for competitions.

Admit honestly no one expected, that this idea so quickly will latch so much fishermen, and already 14 October was taken decision conduct the first contest. The Luhansk side passed on themselves troubles to prepare the first competition League and has dealt is famously. Venue for chose the river Seversky Donets not far from of the village Beautiful Gore. The organizers carefully prepared the assistant Bank for competition. Admit honestly for Yanukovych fishermen conditions fishing on strong during were from unfamiliarity with, but in is the and idea League, to learn to harvest fiderom in any conditions. Donetsk side arrived on place 13 October, to conduct retreatments and reconcile all organizational questions. Weather participants not the bones. Was chilly. But all same on train, managed to capture several plotvits and podleschikov, and group support, consisting of spinningistov, catch many perch and pikes on ear. On the evening was ukha, was feast can be, fishing that and assertion basic provisions and rules conducting competition League.

Morning 14 October began with of building and solemn discoveries League. Then on regulations began contest. I’d say immediately, that Donetsk hotels athletes fought, how could, but in that have been strangers for themselves conditions failed to claim prize seats. On the results of competition the best outcome from representatives Donetsk hand showed Saprykin, Vladimir, separate local duke occupying sixth place. And here is among become possible fishermen developed a is very struggle. Fish was maloaktivna, catches were minor, and do outcome was very not be easy. On the results of competition first place policies--and Parshin Vladimir, the second place Mikhailov Yevgeny and third place Andreyko case Andrei. Aside from cash situation winner received prize from fishing retailer The tackle # 1, and all participants swept with a different mood and Fighting into cannon fodder on the next contest.

Educating the outcome, can say, that opening the as League toss fact. Participants League began to active training on designing symbolism and material parts of for conducting competition. In basic Engineering League so same is worth aid in conducting command competition Donetsk Regional Federation Amateur and sporting fisheries and festival Forum DonetskFishing.




You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Sports arrangements » Open DTEK fidernaya League (ODFL) - 1 phase 2007