Decided to get back a little will share: Made it out I the first time have Dutch Master 3.9 / 60. Bought to New year in the flagship. Sheets in Cottage not brought a joy: Many complain, move small fry still not began. But it skip otchetik from Anton about fishing host at. Ah and decided to test its a field, I have. Should immediately be noted, that more-less a major fish is worth (or already goes) closer to mid-Canal. , it is a pity pute very a strong, winds wind and not all poklevki were are visible. Fielded Dutch and Picker dura-Ace. Dutch on distance 45 meters, and Picker 20 meters. With start-up zakorm not did - time was just 2 hours, yes and fell on Canal to 8 morning. Outcome - 3 plotvitsy and one podleschik. Most ridiculous - was biting, as on a near distance there is, so and on the far-: On 2 imaginations.
Ah and on stunts: Assessment of stick give until'm fixin: Has tried the ordinary cell 30 grams on really sensitive tip. Incidentally, observed (as me seems) reason breakages such a the tip of the: Water now nasty, is sailing many scale debris, which determined especially to uzelku shock. Under vymatyvanii keeps clogging up tulip and suddenly goes the crease between a tulip and the first ring. A sharp, even undetectable the eye. On the first time the tip survived, I deserted vymatyvat, brushed my and the tip's through. And near in those same conditions worked Picker dura-Ace and this problems not was nor before, nor today. Although tulip packed so same. Difference vershinok, as me it looked in is, that have dura-Ace distance from tulip buds. Walnut sideboard until first rings very small, and have Datca much more. Here is me and it occurs to: And can add additional a ring on this the tip between a tulip and the first ring? Parameters the tip of the hardly shrinkage of, and durability of add.
Ah and in conclusion: Derzhitsya not did - fish she and there is fish. Yes, and fed quite simply: Otvaril kilo pea plants, have put the on thresher, added a third part of as much as answered and whup-gender kilo FishDrim Crucian-garlic. No moths or oparyshey not inscription.