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Marukyu (Marukyu)
Brand Marukyu was based in 1910 year, however fisheries products first time withdrew in light in 1968. Company rapidly proceeded and progressed, creating all new and new purposefulness and prikormki for places fishing industrialized fishing. In this moment products Marukyu is on peak of popularity on market Japan, thanks to its efficiencies of scale and simplicity in using. Group companies Marukyu consists of several known producers: Exactly, Marukyu (prikormki, jamborees), Ecogear (gentle purposefulness) and Nories (forelevaya program).
The main goal companies Marukyu is the creation of prikormok, which will harvest fish, not simply likes rybolovu their the scent of or color. Because appeal in prikormkakh and nasadkakh Marukyu can be only carefully ottestirovannye components the highest quality.
Scientific approach – seahorse Marukyu. Scientists constantly are reviewing substances, which like fish and inventing new a combination of, incarnating innovations in the new products. Before as novelty end up on shoppers, she passes long and careful testing experts companies that in field conditions contribute their readjustments in its composition and properties.
Each of ingredients products Marukyu environmentally net and safer for rights and environmental.
Also one of most important factors, for which rybolovam-some very like products Marukyu – its a constant the quality of. This concerns as elements of, so and products Euro Taekwondo. For example, is puree – as one of ingredients majority prikormok can to change in dependence from time year and quality soil, in which is growing themselves by growing potatoes. Scientists Marukyu regulate such factors, because prikormka in any supply, in any time year has same assessment properties and steadily high-quality. Such in having products Marukyu particularly important for sport, after all any change in the composition of the may well entail negative outcome.
Team Marukyu makes all for, to ensure fisherman could obtain pleasure from fishing everywhere, where there is water and fish.

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And where have us can be buy made any from this miracle?



Anton, in Ibise can already be ask?



Marukyu catching even before as his stopped by to give-house!
Not advertising sake of, and simply recommend and point.
Especially SFA 420!
Await the is deprived ;)



ZooM wrote:

Marukyu eiaee even before as his stopped by to give-house!

'm gonna join you to Serege - catching some than as only it in of England became to emerge. But need would still deal, not to think, that this what something "miracle-drug is" :D Meanwhile more, that cheap their call raze cannot be.
Of what personally always I have in your bag with karpovymi snrastyami:
- "insurance" pelletsy series of JPz- can be their as on hook, so and on hair. Best on small and medium-size made it zabrosa. For-zabrosa emerged more "hard" version of JPz Tough.
- likvidy and supplements series of SFA 4XX- their can be and Grand Marnier liqueur / bandy in prikormku, and dipovat in them jamborees.
- has tried and something from prikormok with fletami - highly specific and nor on that not similar in composition.

That d / want try:
- man-made maize Credence Corn- she on are type from benign rezinoplastika, but on fact this material dissolves in water, committing any "privorotnye potion" :D
- prikormki series of Luxus- there "simple" and "metodnaya"; this like as cheap XMEGA.



Thank you, well understandable, boom try



Marukyu we received on warehouse. In the retail no clothing left on Lesia Ukrainka, in Kyiv, products will emerge 20.03.14. In, Donetsk product dispatched. On days marukyu will emerge in sale and in Donetsk no clothing left. Now guys engage content Internet an outlet. Prices marukyu sought do maximally low ;) Although products highly not cheap.
In available there is the entire range of. Also expect revenues novelties 2014 - this both: Boyle mini pop-EXE and yet peg finally collided maize. Also some number of products there is on opte. ;) Also we preparing Russkoyazychnyy catalogue and description of the entire products.



Our managers tried harvest on prikormku Marukyu dace. ???? used method mix ;) Children (Guys), of course not professionals, but fish gets caught often.
Report with fishing from Vladimir Dergunova. :)



Strongly ulybnula :crazyfun: photograph # 1 in 9 office. All describe super of each montages as they their headgear of, as their make. And when you look on of the site after fishing, all enjoy were, tube protivozakruchivatelem, or metal otvodikom. :D



So and on than all-??? this "highly not cheap products"? Can be order numbers voice?



For example, in Russia prices such



On exiled, that you gave range of for Japan. Have us European range of. Products another.
The reference on the European site:
Products, that we Head represented on this site.



In Karpspote long traded.



Laider wrote:

So and on than all-??? this "highly not cheap products"? Can be order numbers voice?

Roughly 10 dollars for 50-grammovuyu a jar nasadochnogo "zhelatinovogo" pelletsa this many or little? His truth not on one fishing trip lack.
And in Karp-Spot here is prices:

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Flushed-yes. Nebyudzhet.



Eduardoprobe wrote:

In Karpspote long traded.

This well ;) Reklamiruyut our products ;)
Part of entire, which we have in available can already be see on our site
Tomorrow add else. All there is in available.
Here is our prices:
Fish-sicles + the nozzle sitch





ZooM wrote:

Marukyu catching even before as his stopped by to give-house!
Not advertising sake of, and simply recommend and point.
Especially SFA 420!
Await the is deprived

And that specifically used and under any conditions? :dontknow:



Zoom on cyprinids kept church SFA 420 and in prikormochnuyu mixture of sheds, and nozzles in it dipoval. Summer deal was.
Need understand, that products Marukyu this in primarily "karpovaya theme."
I did the same, that and 352. Plus used SFA 400 - this powder krill. Used his with boylami: Dipoval Boyle in what any dipe, then mokal in this sypuchku and gave Ha. Then again in dip and again in sypuchku. And again Ha.
"Insurance pelletsy" JPz used on platnikakh as on their own on Aurum /, so and in paired with maggots in on magot-klipse. Me grassroots red color of - is the which JPz Ebi. Truth "the usual" such pellets not very likes the power zabrosy. So better with udilischami type Lite. Maximum Volkswagen Jetta TDI. A series of Tough already thicker and quietly enduring the this.
Prikormki from Marukyu me difficult describe - they simply absolutely look exactly nothing alike composition on everything else, that accounted for knead for. And they "durakoustoychivye" - under surplus the water they Turn in pasta, not in encouraged.



The main, fish I enleve, this as times carp and Crucian. And seats industrialized fishing always wild, camping on’s rivers. On the exhibition in Moscow fell on producer and if honestly, 'm hooked. Given "nebyudzhetnostnefuya" collect the intel. Watched what Yapi with kherabunoy (this not curse words 8-))’re producing, - prikolno. SFA with flesh cancer, like. Agree, that as option for a carp cool. On River late-autumn bought these his until 13,500 kg on possible little neck and perlovitsu. That have them still there is workplace of?



Hardly have us someone pleasantly will tell in narrative of to "feral" dozens. The entire products is aimed and adapted under English market and his conditions. And if under it comes to shagging carp on platnikakh I still see sense use on fletakh these prikormki, then on during as something minds concentrated by hazy doubts. Need try.
Have this brand in the composition of the prikormok virtually there is no fishmila (fishing flour), but includes very many various seafood - prevents seaweeds, flour krill and vast. As "wild" fish on this will be respond - B.S. :dontknow:
That indeed can "shoot" so this their nasadochnaya products - pelletsy, both: Boyle, peg finally collided maize.



duffy333 wrote:

Wu this brand in the composition of the prikormok virtually there is no fishmila (fish Meal)

We were fortunate more - “Pasta Bait Fishmeel ” in Japanese program present, ah and there is in sale.
In this year d still try "sOsochnye" a mixture precisely on wild gills with small the passage. As times took away several different packs with unveiled,. Even took on you several glyutenovykh changeable tips. Interestingly will compare with Motormouth on different white puppies were born.
And here is interestingly, anyone will use artificial Nereis under it comes to shagging mullet (fish)? There even and krabiki for predators there are. If increasingly mends itself, then necessarily stuck this miracle and on Siberian fish.

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Was connected for a spin three are gadgets for the Japanese market, but with gunpoint for our fish.
Tested several fishing trips on River middle the passage. Works not worse Sensas (near always was comrade with Sensas). With fish tank were both (and I and comrade). A a white bream.
Special chip - mica in prikormke, plays as costume jewellery toys, thought the entire perch my will. Are there is no ;-)))

Koi NOBORI (Marukyu) 800 gr. - prikormka on a carp, with adding green algae.

Oranda SENYOU MAKIE (Marukyu) - is 700gr. Composition: Proparennye rice bran, powdered eoeieee, soybeans, powdered shrimps, genius covered sake ,-granulated fishing flour, powdered sweets, mica, colourings.

Hae KYOGIYMAKIE (Marukyu) - is 1800gr., quick spices, garlic, yeast, krill, lyubistik Japanese, genius covered sake, eoeieee!

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JPZ pelletz tough - version of from more a dense material, specifically for industrialized fishing on follicle installation of. More tight pellets is called Marukyu Tough Green JPZ-pellets, d try harvest on him on the short a fishing trip.

Tomorrow food "when a" Karpov ;)

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Photo report with of last fishing. Most fish caught on Marukyu.
Very liked, as worked pasta. Paste obleplival both: Boyle before zabrosom. ????, that interestingly, harassing the tackle through several hours, a bit paste still remained on Boyle huh. Pasta with taste krill on bait money held worse. Very well klevala fish on both: Boyle fruit spice, and also on pop Appy this taste.

However at night, except that sinking an artificial corn nothing from Marukyu not has worked.

Dima catching on flet-feeder, he caught many fish on nasadochnyy pellets Marukyu.



Poklevka filled with double ought buck :)

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Company MARUKYU the SH7260 services they like or dislike products. Soon in sale will emerge: pellets prikormochnyy SKrill, pellets nasadochnyy money bookers and Jpelletz, and also prikormka Luxus Success and proper sofa sweet fishmeal.We already received samples a new products for tests ;)

Page in Facebook:

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Beate. Won on sorevakh here is these positions from entire Marukyu. Now sit think far all of this to do with my.

Here is such Boylov created it in Mythbuntu control center.

Both options in 300-gramovykh package sizes in diameter 14 mm.

And several packs here is such prikormki. At manner goes on mechanics?

Looked price and podofigel :tired: # Softly on speaking podofigel.

Now suffer question when and in any conditions (time year, temperatures water and camping on D. And camping on P.) is worth apply vysheperechislennuyu products, raising the not want, little invoking blow up all impression, so as on past sorevakh fidernykh on the koi a reservoir team who tried to apply products from Marukyu were surprised super steep results (ah hope understandable whatever) :)

P.S. Toh request not concerned about. I in rate that such Ulyanyki. Want the big info with increased the, where fish all-??? urine is dilute water :rofl: :tomato:

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Romeo- how I know, this passion fruit no one densely not catching. Its simply not were in Ukraine until this year. Wasn that Duffy has tried couple of positions, bearing their on their own, yes I have there is cover slips sypukhi yes I got a jar with zheleobraznym pelletsom. The latest have, and sypukhu monetize on method with such price and fledged pity - use its as Eye on uvlazhnennuyu the pourer. Or simply as the baby powder trying in pellets. But to talk about any something GMFE sense there - eiaee after all there, where. Ah you understood, in general. And except as on Looted, Ulyanyki or Rokytne, Rivne Oblast I in is year not traveled - not was nor time, nor desires explore the “.